17:03:57 <dweikle> #startmeeting
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17:04:35 <dweikle> #topic Updates: How are things going?
17:05:17 <stoney> Do you want us to report synchronously or asynch?
17:05:42 <dweikle> Why don't we go in order... stoney: want to start?
17:05:46 <stoney> sure
17:06:02 <stoney> I've been very busy with classes and learning to be a chair
17:06:13 <stoney> so... I haven't had time for MouseTrap this semester
17:06:25 <stoney> I also don't have any classes this semester directly using it.
17:06:26 <dweikle> I understand.
17:06:42 <stoney> although I reference it sometimes in my SE course
17:06:52 <stoney> that's it from me :)
17:07:04 <dweikle> I can go next.
17:07:19 <dweikle> I haven't had time to work on the actual software or website.
17:07:43 <dweikle> But, I have put a capstone request in to my department chair
17:07:59 <dweikle> That course would have a project component that I hope to be HFOSS
17:08:00 <stoney> ooo, that's cool :)
17:08:26 <dweikle> Also, I have had a student meeting of our ACM club and recruited a couple interested students
17:08:26 <kbuffardi> Honestly, haven't spent any time on Mousetrap either since we were in Raleigh. However, I'm happy to keep working on the VM.
17:09:01 <dweikle> Kevin: I think it makes sense...that is the point of these meetings to remind us to do some little thing.
17:09:08 <stoney> kbuffardi did you ever find out if you were supposed to have a particular tool from VM Ware?
17:09:24 <dweikle> Kevin: I think it would be a idea if you could work on the VM
17:09:32 <kbuffardi> I don't have any classes that could incorporate it well for the time being, but might be able to incorporate in my Software Engineering class in Fall 2016
17:10:02 <kbuffardi> I discovered that VMWare and VirtualBox virtual machines don't convert as easily as advertised
17:10:26 <kbuffardi> I will probably have to create separate VM's for each, but I should be able to do that
17:10:40 <dweikle> kbuffardi: I am teaching OS and operating systems. If we could determine which way to go I could as our admin to create one...
17:11:02 <dweikle> Perhaps I could be the test subject for the VMs ... and my OS students
17:11:31 <dweikle> I don't feel comfortable doing this on my own, but happy to learn and try to make things work
17:11:38 <stoney> a VirtualBox VM would be awesome
17:11:45 <dweikle> with some help
17:11:47 <stoney> we've been stuck on that for a while
17:12:12 <stoney> I've had students try, but never got it working
17:12:13 <dweikle> should we work on the virtual box first then?
17:12:27 <stoney> I think I've tried... but ran into some strange driver issues with my OSX
17:12:38 <kbuffardi> I think I can handle it… it's just a matter of finding the time. But at the latest I should find some time before end of the calendar year
17:12:59 <dweikle> kbuffardi: I can't remember where you got us to in Sept.
17:13:45 <dweikle> I have downloaded one VM from Cam on my machine and one from you on a USB
17:14:13 <dweikle> I think the one from Cam is Virtual Box, and the one from Kevin VM Ware - is that right?
17:14:22 <stoney> I think kbuffardi got MouseTrap working under VM Ware
17:14:28 <stoney> right?
17:14:41 <kbuffardi> right
17:14:44 <dweikle> That was my memory as well
17:14:46 <stoney> and VM Ware has a free version for Windows, but not OSX
17:15:06 <dweikle> OK - I remember
17:15:28 <kbuffardi> the one I made was from a VMWare Fusion (OSX version of VMWare)
17:15:33 <stoney> so if your school is primarily a Windows shop, you've got a reasonable free solution
17:15:52 <dweikle> stoney: what are the benefits of getting Virtual Box to work?
17:16:17 <stoney> kbuffardi do you think the same VM would work under the free Windows version of VMWare?
17:16:29 <kbuffardi> hypothetically, it should
17:16:47 <stoney> VirtualBox is FOSS and for any platform (I think)
17:17:08 <kbuffardi> I'm pretty sure VMWare uses the same file format for any platform
17:17:16 <stoney> cool
17:17:30 <dweikle> We are primarily a Windows shop, so I will ask our admin about getting me a machine with the free VMWare and try to put kbuffardi's usb download on it
17:17:42 <stoney> awesome
17:17:55 <kbuffardi> but I agree, if I can get a VirtualBox VM set up, then it'd be more portable since that would work on basically anyone's computer… and can do so with free (VirtualBox) software
17:18:15 <dweikle> #action Dee to get kbuffardi's usb of VMWare working at EMU
17:18:30 <stoney> :)
17:18:35 <dweikle> kbuffardi: can I put in an action that you will work on that?
17:18:47 <kbuffardi> sure
17:19:14 <kbuffardi> do you have VMWare Player (I think that's what the free version is called) installed on those Windows machines?
17:19:36 <dweikle> #action kbuffardi to work on getting Moustrap to work on a VirtualBox machine
17:19:48 <dweikle> kbuffardi: I don't know I will have to ask
17:20:15 <dweikle> mostly I work on my laptop - I live an hour away from work and so being there and getting into a lab is tough
17:20:25 <dweikle> we do not have our own CS lab at this point
17:20:53 <dweikle> as a matter of fact much of my semester has been spent learning that my office is inhabitable (mold)
17:21:08 <dweikle> took way too much time making someone understand this was a problem for me
17:21:18 <stoney> if my student-lab-staffs' schedule slows, I'll consider asking them to do the same here
17:21:20 <dweikle> sorry UNinhabitable
17:21:33 <dweikle> that would be great
17:21:52 <stoney> eeew mold
17:22:12 <stoney> that can be some bad stuff
17:22:20 <dweikle> I think at least one interested student is very good and I will likely ask him to help me
17:22:49 <dweikle> stoney: re mold ... yes and I am trying not to be in there much, hopefully have convinced everyone we need to move out
17:23:18 <dweikle> In the end it might be good, one idea would get us out of the basement and my office right outside lab
17:23:33 <dweikle> And, the lab would have a window or two... Yeah!
17:23:50 <stoney> sounds like an improvement :)
17:24:47 <dweikle> #topic Plans for coming two weeks...
17:24:47 <stoney> so I need to complete that doodle poll
17:25:24 <dweikle> #action All to complete Doodle poll
17:25:30 <dweikle> :)
17:25:32 <stoney> there you go :)
17:26:20 <dweikle> #link http://doodle.com/poll/yknwxf36nfceffgq
17:26:22 <stoney> I can't commit to much else right now... except if my lab students get some time
17:26:28 <stoney> very nice :)
17:26:40 <dweikle> I understand and I expect that is true for all of us...
17:27:06 <dweikle> I wrote my dissertation while my kids were preschool age - my husband gave me a book
17:27:18 <stoney> oh wow!
17:27:22 <dweikle> The book was "How to write your dissertation in 15 minutes a day"
17:27:31 <dweikle> The big take away was
17:27:37 <stoney> I've heard of it... is it good?
17:27:52 <dweikle> "One year of doing 0 work everyday - is 0 work"
17:28:03 <stoney> (my wife just started a Ph.D. program... so very relevant for us)
17:28:09 <dweikle> "One year of 15 minutes a day is actually an accomplishment"
17:28:19 <stoney> very true
17:28:31 <stoney> I should buy it for her
17:28:35 <stoney> hi Jeannie
17:28:38 <dweikle> I thought it was good and very motivational at the time. I can't remember the author and think I loaned it out.
17:28:47 <Jeannie> SORRY I AM LATE!  I had a student in here.
17:28:52 <dweikle> Hi Jeannie!
17:29:13 <dweikle> No problem. We have just talked about the Virtual Machine
17:29:30 <dweikle> kbuffardi is going to try to get a VirtualBox version working
17:29:41 <Jeannie> Hi, everyone!  Okay.  I have a student seeing what he can do as well.
17:29:41 <kbuffardi> sounds good
17:29:48 <dweikle> and dweikle is going to test the VMWare machine from Sept.
17:29:59 <Jeannie> I have yet to do anything more than what I did at the conference.
17:30:21 <dweikle> Jeannie: Can you be more specific about what your student is trying to do?
17:30:35 <dweikle> Jeannie: None of us have done much since the conference
17:31:18 <Jeannie> haha - just told him to try to get it working.  We are meeting tomorrow.
17:31:31 <dweikle> stoney: If your wife every wants to talk to someone who has been there feel free to give her my email address
17:31:56 <stoney> dweikle thanks!
17:31:58 <dweikle> Jeannie: I plan on doing something similar to a student of mine...
17:32:14 <dweikle> What about website work? We had talked about that before
17:32:57 <dweikle> Perhaps I can get a student and/or ask Karen and Linda if they would at least look at it and make a problem list?
17:35:21 <Jeannie> I showed MouseTrap to my students.  They have to pick a project to work on.  Some might pick the website or even documentation... I will know tomorrow in class who wants to do what.  Of course, only 5 weeks left, so not much time.
17:35:47 <stoney> but that's great :)
17:36:00 <dweikle> Jeannie: That sounds awesome. We were just talking about how baby steps add up. Every little bit helps.
17:36:14 <stoney> absolutely
17:36:42 <dweikle> Jeannie: So you have a student trying to make Moustrap work and potential of student project on website.
17:36:56 <dweikle> That sounds pretty good to me - much more than nothing.
17:37:00 <Jeannie> I am teaching the capstone next semester, so I will definitely start in January pushing this.  Right now, I'm just trying to see what little bits might be related to my multimedia class.  Some might do Leap Motion and other things instead.  Next semester will be the good one.
17:37:18 <Jeannie> d - Yes
17:37:32 <kbuffardi> what specifically are we trying to do with the website? Mostly update documentation?
17:37:47 <Jeannie> I gave them a list of approved projects to pick from for their group work.  Some are mousetrap related, some not.
17:37:52 <dweikle> kbuffardi thought that he could probably get the VirtualBox working by start of calendar year
17:38:01 <Jeannie> K - the website has outdated information
17:39:09 <dweikle> kbuffardi: yes the website is outdated, and once we do get a way of getting started using Mousetrap figured out... that should be documented
17:39:22 <kbuffardi> ok :)
17:40:00 <stoney> all true
17:40:29 <dweikle> I can email Karen and Linda about looking at the website more
17:40:49 <dweikle> Is there anything else we should be looking at right now if we can?
17:41:08 <stoney> There are always the bugs in bugzilla
17:41:45 <stoney> there are a couple (?) patches that were submitted, and reviewed, but the original authors never polished them off (including me)
17:41:54 <dweikle> #action Dee email Karen and Linda about problems with website.
17:42:16 <stoney> I know most are not thinking about something so deep... I'm just throwing it out there just in case :)
17:42:39 <dweikle> Once I get a version of Mousetrap running at EMU, I could ask this good student to check into them...
17:42:52 <dweikle> First I have to have something for him to use though
17:42:56 <stoney> yup :)
17:43:33 <dweikle> Also, I am going to try to get my NCWIT folks to start trying to work on it. Again, need to get a place for them to work.
17:43:54 <dweikle> Preferably without mold. I think this is a bit much to download on a personal laptop.
17:43:58 <stoney> lol
17:44:22 <stoney> laughing at the mold comment
17:44:29 <stoney> not the laptop part :)
17:44:34 <dweikle> Yes... :)
17:45:20 <dweikle> It is usually not a problem for me to get a wiped older desktop machine or two from Information Systems
17:45:41 <dweikle> They don't like me playing with their machines - I break stuff too much - so they are willing to give them to me.
17:46:03 <stoney> excellent
17:46:15 <dweikle> Actually - that gave me another idea. If I could get a couple of my old students now working for IS interested, they could probably help a bunch!
17:46:52 <dweikle> #action Dee to get TWO machines set up at EMU and try to interest wider audience from IS, NCWIT club, in addition to ACM
17:47:15 <stoney> wow... talk about synergy
17:47:52 <dweikle> stoney: It is actually a very small number of people - hopefully it will work though.
17:48:20 <stoney> as you say... a very small number is a lot more than none :)
17:48:46 <dweikle> okay is that enough for now? I seem to be giving myself more to do so maybe I should be quiet
17:48:53 <stoney> lol
17:48:55 <stoney> right
17:49:04 <dweikle> kbuffardi jeannie what do you two think?
17:49:42 <kbuffardi> I think we're on track
17:50:23 <kbuffardi> are there any bottlenecks holding anyone up from those actions we listed?
17:50:31 <Jeannie> Just a comment - We just have our students put things on their laptops.  We won't give them any other space.
17:51:05 <dweikle> Technically that is the same for us. Although we do give them a bit of disk drive they can access from lab machines
17:51:28 <stoney> if anyone gets stuck anywhere, let me know and I'll try to help or find someone who can
17:51:31 <dweikle> There are only two labs on campus though and everything is deleted from them every time someone logs off
17:51:51 <dweikle> stoney Thanks!
17:52:09 <kbuffardi> hate to come late and leave early, but I have class in just a few minutes so I have to run
17:52:14 <dweikle> Ok - I think we can end then. We each have a task to work on and then we can meet again in two weeks.
17:52:35 <dweikle> kbuffardi: Bye - thanks for making the time - it is good.
17:52:39 <kbuffardi> Thanks, take care and I'll "see" you next time
17:52:47 <stoney> kbuffardi bye
17:52:51 <stoney> too slow :)
17:53:13 <dweikle> Okay I think I will end the meeting now unless anyone else has something to add?
17:53:20 <stoney> I move to adjourn the meeting :)
17:53:35 <dweikle> #endmeeting