00:10:15 <Maxwell> #startmeeting
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00:10:34 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object
00:11:40 <James> Testing is done for the plugin, just need to clean it up and then it will be ready to submit
00:11:51 <James> That is what I'll be working on
00:13:43 <Maxwell> I still need to test the plugin with a better light, but it's not my highest priority.
00:14:30 <Maxwell> #topic voice recognition
00:15:21 <Maxwell> I'm still playing with googles API I mentioned last week.
00:16:07 <Maxwell> I know that googles api's have limitations so I'm still looking at other options.
00:17:07 <James> I haven't been able to do any research since the last meeting but if I have the time to, I will
00:17:24 <Maxwell> Your welcome to join the search James if your light on work.
00:18:12 <James> If I have the time, I will definitely look for something
00:18:58 <Maxwell> #endmeeting