00:38:23 <Maxwell> #startmeeting
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00:38:38 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object plugin
00:40:29 <James> I have made progress in switching the plugin to a joystick style of movement, it just needs to be tested and fine tuned a little
00:40:44 <James> Maxwell, if you could help with testing that would be great
00:43:03 <Maxwell> Definitely.
00:43:57 <Maxwell> do you have any suggestions while testing?
00:45:09 <James> I would like to make sure that it is easy to control and that it is not difficult for someone to move the cursor around the screen, that is mainly what I am looking for right now
00:46:40 <Maxwell> Ya, that is the whole point of this right? Sounds like a good plan.
00:47:44 <Maxwell> #topic voice recognition plugin
00:49:53 <Maxwell> I have been researching and playing with voice recognition api's in python.
00:52:54 <Maxwell> A really interesting one uses googles voice recognition api. I have been using it on my local machine. Its really accurate and impressive.
00:52:56 <Maxwell> #link https://pypi.python.org/pypi/SpeechRecognition/
00:53:53 <Maxwell> One thing that is concerning is that it requires a Google api key.
00:56:06 <Maxwell> But I'm still looking at what else is available and what other projects have done.
00:57:27 <James> reading into Google's terms of use documentation would be important if you are thinking of continuing to use this api
00:57:43 <James> I know Google limits what you can use their api's for
00:58:15 <Maxwell> I'm working on getting a spike implementation going for clicking the mouse. I want to get familiar with the api before staring the plugin.
00:58:57 <Maxwell> That's a good point. I will definitely look into that.
01:01:34 <James> I will also help look into other resources we can use
01:03:14 <Maxwell> #endmeeting