00:27:49 <Maxwell> #startmeeting
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00:28:07 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object plugin
00:28:26 <James> nothing really to report, still working on this
00:28:59 <Maxwell> I still need to get a better flashlight.
00:29:46 <Maxwell> I'm focusing on my other plugin
00:30:00 <Maxwell> #topic voice commands
00:31:09 <Maxwell> Wasn't too active last week. I hope to get more research in soon.
00:32:48 <Maxwell> If you have any ideas of how to tackle voice commands in python It would appreciate it.
00:33:03 <Maxwell> I*
00:33:13 <Maxwell> excuse me.
00:34:15 <James> I don't but I can help with research for that
00:36:03 <Maxwell> Cool, sounds good.
00:36:23 <Maxwell> #endmeeting