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00:01:49 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object
00:02:03 <James> Still working on the plugin
00:02:46 <James> making progress toward a joystick movement for it to see if it will be any easier to control the cursor
00:03:16 <James> will continue to work on this
00:04:21 <Maxwell> I still need to get a better flashlight to test properly.
00:05:14 <Maxwell> I posted a bug ticket on Bugzilla for mouse clicks via voice commands.
00:05:44 <Maxwell> I'm researching into api's for voice recognition.
00:06:16 <Maxwell> will also get around to getting a good flashlight to test.
00:07:24 <Maxwell> What kind of flashlight is best?
00:08:01 <James> any flashlight will do as long as it is bright
00:08:59 <James> covering up most of the surface of the light so that only a small amount of light it coming out of the flashlight gives the best results while using the plugin
00:11:10 <Maxwell> good to know. Thanks
00:11:25 <Maxwell> #endmeeting