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00:56:35 <Maxwell> #topic Brightest Object Tracking
00:57:13 <James> Testing has gone well
00:57:54 <Maxwell> I still need to get a better apparatus for testing.
00:58:33 <Maxwell> Have been using the led on my phone but I want to try with a finer light.
00:59:17 <James> i made the light that I use much finer and it has improved the performance of the plugin
01:00:39 <James> I do want to try changing the algorithm to a joystick style of movement instead of a coordinate system to see if this makes controlling the cursor easier
01:00:54 <James> this is what I am going to work on
01:12:02 <Maxwell> I'm going to get a better light and test with it on my machine
01:12:57 <Maxwell> Also going to look into clicking the mouse with voice commands.
01:13:35 <Maxwell> #endmeeting