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00:13:36 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object
00:14:34 <James> I updated the movement algorithm so that it reaches all edges of the screen
00:16:07 <James> needs more testing
00:16:20 <Maxwell> Is your code committed and pushed up?
00:17:14 <James> yes, it can be pulled down and tested
00:17:34 <Maxwell> I will test it on my local machine
00:20:03 <Maxwell> Seems like we are getting close with this plugin. Next I would like to create a plugin for voice activated mouse clicks. I do not think this has been implemented yet.
00:21:04 <Maxwell> Just a thought, but we should definitely iron out this plugin.
00:25:46 <James> we will continue to work on and test this plugin
00:34:16 <Maxwell> #endmeeting