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00:25:57 <Maxwell> #topic brightest object
00:27:08 <Maxwell> We have a working plugin that needs refinement
00:27:46 <Maxwell> We have been testing the code and the peripheral used as the bright object.
00:32:24 <James> It seems that the smaller the source of light used, the more accurate the mouse movements were
00:36:33 <Maxwell> How easy was it to move the mouse around accurately when you used a small source of light?
00:39:04 <James> I was able to hover over text and buttons easily
00:39:42 <James> I was unable to get close to the edges of the screen but that seems to be a problem with our algorithm and not the bright object
00:42:00 <Maxwell> We are going to refine the algorithm so all of the screen is easily accessible.
00:50:56 <Maxwell> #endmeeting