17:01:57 <hjackson> #startmeeting
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17:02:04 <hjackson> #chair kevin-brown
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17:02:15 <hjackson> #topic updates
17:02:36 <hjackson> I've got a lot...
17:02:43 <hjackson> I've typed them into an editor...
17:02:55 <hjackson> so I'm going to try to paste them in and see how that goes...
17:03:11 <hjackson> starting small...
17:03:34 <hjackson> hm... not what I expected...
17:03:40 <hjackson> #info I updated the priorities and severities of tickets.
17:03:40 <hjackson> #info committed patch for 750077, closing this bug
17:03:40 <hjackson> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=750077
17:03:40 <hjackson> This fixes the issue that MouseTrap was not releasing the camera...
17:03:40 <hjackson> and not shutting down properly when it received a SIGTERM or SIGINT.
17:03:49 <hjackson> (ooo... that worked)
17:04:27 <hjackson> #info committed patch for 751066, closing this bug
17:04:27 <hjackson> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=751066
17:04:27 <hjackson> `make check` was not using the python version given to autogen.sh...
17:04:27 <hjackson> if coverage was installed.
17:04:27 <hjackson> that's because coverage was always using python2
17:04:27 <hjackson> this was a problem because you wouldn't be testing against python3...
17:04:27 <hjackson> even though you thought you were developing for python3.
17:04:50 <hjackson> (let me know if I should slow down or stop pasting, etc.)
17:05:18 <hjackson> #info I'm stuck on bug 748639, so I removed myself from the ticket.
17:05:18 <hjackson> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748639
17:05:52 <hjackson> that's a Travis-CI/OpenCV compilation issue
17:06:08 <kevin-brown> #action I will review the patch for 710769 tonight so it can be accepted
17:06:23 <hjackson> #info Patch for 710769 is ready for review
17:06:23 <hjackson> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=710769
17:06:23 <hjackson> You might consider it a partial fix
17:06:23 <hjackson> It adds a move_multiplier to the config...
17:06:23 <hjackson> and a new Pointer.move() method that uses it.
17:06:23 <hjackson> Existing plugins use Pointer.set_position()...
17:06:23 <hjackson> which warps the pointer to a given position.
17:06:23 <hjackson> Existing plugins need to be reworked to use move()...
17:06:23 <hjackson> which adjusts the pointer by a given amount...
17:06:23 <hjackson> times the move_multiplier, which is where you get the speed control.
17:06:24 <hjackson> So, until plugins start using move(), this bug isn't fixed...
17:06:24 <hjackson> from the user's perspective.
17:06:31 <hjackson> (thanks kevin-brown!)
17:07:22 <hjackson> #info consider "wip/consolidate" on github a spike
17:07:22 <hjackson> I learned a lot from it
17:07:22 <hjackson> It helped me get clear about where we might want to go (and not go)...
17:07:22 <hjackson> with the infrastructure
17:07:22 <hjackson> I don't think I'll delete it for a while because there is a lot to mine from it
17:07:22 <hjackson> Just don't go merging it or copying code from it wholesale without lots of testing
17:07:56 <hjackson> and that's my update
17:07:58 <hjackson> :)
17:08:16 <hjackson> I guess I should say want I plan to work on though...
17:09:11 <hjackson> #action I will post a cleaned up patch of the new bus system
17:09:50 <hjackson> things get a bit more messy when I try to integrate the bus system with the existing system
17:09:56 <hjackson> it's hard to do in small steps
17:10:33 <hjackson> #action create a plan for integrating new bus
17:11:03 <hjackson> also... i'm not entirely sure i'm implementing it the "right" way...
17:11:19 <hjackson> with respects to python and for unittesting
17:11:45 <hjackson> so feedback is critical
17:11:57 <hjackson> (I'm just not that smart :) )
17:12:30 <hjackson> I suspect I will slow down some...
17:12:43 <hjackson> I need to get a few things done for school before July
17:13:12 <hjackson> In July I'm officially on vaccation
17:13:45 <hjackson> so, I won't be doing a lot during that month
17:13:54 <hjackson> then I'll be back on during august
17:14:24 <hjackson> kevin-brown: did you want to add anything before I change topics to release schedule?
17:14:35 <kevin-brown> hjackson: I think I'm all set for now :)
17:14:50 <hjackson> #topic schedule
17:15:14 <hjackson> so our roadmap looks up-to-date
17:15:19 <hjackson> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/MouseTrap/Roadmap
17:15:48 <hjackson> #info next Monday (day after father's day) is 3.17.3
17:16:14 <hjackson> I know I'll be busy during the day, but I think I'll be able to meet that deadline
17:16:55 <hjackson> #info the following release is 4 weeks after that: Monday 7/20/2015
17:17:57 <hjackson> #topic goals
17:18:09 <hjackson> still looking at the roadmap
17:18:40 <hjackson> #info Port to OpenCV 3.0.0 is stalled
17:19:07 <hjackson> Travis-CI is choking on the compilation of OpenCV 3.0.0
17:19:35 <hjackson> something to do with FFMPEG and some ACodecID (going off of memory, could be wrong)
17:19:58 <hjackson> what information I have is on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748639
17:21:35 <hjackson> #info Bug 748708 - Need a better command-line interface has progress
17:21:52 <hjackson> MouseTrap now responds to SIGTERM and SIGINT
17:22:10 <hjackson> It still needs to respond to SIGHUP
17:22:47 <hjackson> Maybe that should be the first application of the new bus
17:23:11 <hjackson> that is... bus.fire('reconfigure')
17:23:46 <hjackson> still needs thought
17:24:21 <hjackson> #info Bug 741136 - Replace observer-pattern with event system.... partial
17:24:52 <hjackson> The bus needs review but is (imho) relatively solid
17:25:11 <hjackson> what's needed is a plan for how to integrate it into the rest of the system...
17:25:44 <hjackson> it's relatively simple to have Loop fire a loop event and have all the plugins to listen for it and react...
17:26:04 <hjackson> maybe that's a good next step too
17:26:21 <hjackson> Bug 710774 - Restart is needed to update preferences ... again partial
17:26:58 <hjackson> #info Bug 710774 - Restart is needed to update preferences ... partial
17:27:02 <hjackson> (forgot the #info)
17:27:35 <hjackson> These last three all seem related. They all depend on that bus
17:28:03 <hjackson> I should say... a restart will still be performed, but it will be done through a SIGHUP
17:28:48 <hjackson> later, a GUI interface could adjust the configuration on disk and then issue a SIGHUP to mousetrap which will cause it to reload its configuration
17:29:06 <hjackson> #infor Bug 748542 - Travis-CI: remove sudo dependencies ... no work
17:29:13 <hjackson> haven't started
17:29:29 <hjackson> #info Bug 745057 - Need automated test strategy for feature detection and plugins ... unexplored
17:29:46 <hjackson> #info Bug 710769 - Implement cursor movement speed as a setting ... done-ish
17:30:26 <hjackson> as mentioned before there is a new Pointer.move() method that uses a new move_multiplier configuration
17:30:59 <hjackson> all plugins that use this new method will allow the user to control the pointer speed
17:31:19 <hjackson> so, I guess this bug isn't done until the main plugins are updated to do so
17:31:30 <hjackson> sounds easy, not sure if that's true though
17:31:47 <hjackson> #info Bug 737326 - Cascade for Detecting Open Eyes to Click ... unknown
17:32:14 <hjackson> #info Bug 667183 - Request for new algorithm: following the brightest object visible ... max and james are working on this
17:32:25 <hjackson> they reported in a separate IRC meeting
17:32:46 <hjackson> #info Bug 710771 - Implement frame rate as a setting ... not started
17:33:03 <hjackson> #info Bug 748545 - Update End User Plugin Documentation ... partial
17:33:41 <hjackson> I don't think there has been any new work on this since kevin-brown reviewed it
17:34:01 <hjackson> I think that's that
17:34:03 <hjackson> :)
17:34:19 <hjackson> #topic discussion
17:34:29 <hjackson> Anything else we should discuss?
17:35:26 <hjackson> OK... I'll take silence as a motion to adjourn
17:35:45 <hjackson> #endmeeting