17:01:42 <stoney> #startmeeting
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17:01:43 <kevin-brown> away by default
17:02:00 <stoney> We are live!
17:02:12 <stoney> #help
17:02:24 <stoney> #chair heidie
17:02:24 <GNOMie> Current chairs: heidie stoney
17:02:28 <heidie> :-)
17:02:32 <stoney> #chair kevin-brown
17:02:32 <GNOMie> Current chairs: heidie kevin-brown stoney
17:02:47 <stoney> This is a small meeting
17:02:48 <stoney> :)
17:03:11 <heidie> Yes, it is.
17:03:13 <stoney> So, how should we proceed?
17:03:39 <heidie> Seems like we need an agenda.
17:03:48 <heidie> We should also discuss the summer plan.
17:03:56 <stoney> #topic summer plans
17:04:54 <stoney> #info I jumped the gun releasing 3.17.2 … that wasn’t supposed to be until 5/25
17:04:56 <heidie> What are the milestones for summer?
17:05:01 <heidie> Ah, OK.
17:05:16 <stoney> #info the next release will be 3.17.3 on 6/22
17:05:50 * stoney looking at bug list
17:06:06 <stoney> #link bugs https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&bug_status=NEEDINFO&bug_status=VERIFIED&list_id=32211&product=mousetrap&query_format=advanced
17:07:09 <stoney> I would like to see 748708 done
17:07:19 <stoney> bug 748708
17:07:27 <stoney> #748708
17:07:34 * heidie looks
17:07:43 <stoney> I thought there was a cute way to link to a bug in irc
17:07:55 <heidie> There is, but don't know it.
17:07:58 <stoney> bug #748708
17:08:06 <stoney> oh well
17:08:09 <stoney> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748708
17:08:22 <stoney> moral of the story: don’t be cute
17:08:24 <heidie> The bug #74708  line works.
17:08:33 <stoney> ah ok
17:08:59 <heidie> But links to the bugzilla bug, not the gnome bug :-)
17:09:37 <stoney> ok… not sure what happened
17:10:10 <stoney> don’t click on things that start with a pound… that opens a new channel (at least in colloquy)
17:10:45 <stoney> anyone opposed to 748708?
17:12:16 <stoney> heidie kevin-brown anyone there? (I got disconnected… and I’m wondering if I’m successfully reconnected)
17:12:29 <heidie> :-)
17:12:35 <stoney> ah, ok :)
17:12:39 <heidie> I'm here!
17:12:43 <stoney> thanks
17:12:53 <stoney> very lonely feeling :)
17:13:30 <heidie> :-)
17:13:43 <stoney> fixing that bug is important for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=710774
17:13:58 <heidie> So are max and James working on this? Have you met with them?
17:14:47 <stoney> nope… haven’t heard from them
17:14:53 <heidie> Ah, OK.
17:15:10 <heidie> Did you have a "getting started" meeting with them.
17:15:16 <heidie> ?
17:15:18 <stoney> not really
17:15:29 <stoney> not sure how to… this was supposed to be how we were going to work
17:15:38 <stoney> but max has a full time job
17:15:40 <heidie> Ah, OK.
17:15:47 <stoney> not sure about james
17:16:00 <stoney> they should be connected to the listserv
17:16:17 <stoney> I’m hoping they read these minutes too
17:16:23 <heidie> Ah, OK. So should we send them an email that they need to coordinate with us befoe starting to work?
17:16:39 <stoney> sure
17:17:07 <kevin-brown> (I'm still floating in the background, not on a stable connection)
17:17:28 <heidie> Ah, OK.
17:17:35 <heidie> stoney: you or me?
17:17:46 <stoney> I was debating that too
17:17:57 <heidie> :-)
17:18:03 <stoney> again… how will they coordinate… email?
17:18:11 <heidie> You have a better picture of what needs to be done.
17:18:23 <heidie> To start.
17:18:41 <stoney> sure… how about I point them to these minutes (assuming they are automatically published correctly)
17:18:42 <stoney> ?
17:18:56 <stoney> then they will have a better picture of what’s going on
17:18:57 <heidie> Sure, makes sense.
17:18:59 <heidie> Right.
17:19:30 <stoney> I just added 748708 as a depency for 710774
17:19:35 <stoney> there are others… I
17:19:50 <stoney> I’ll make a sweep and try to link the dependencies.
17:20:02 <stoney> (after the meeting)
17:20:31 <heidie> Saw that. :-)
17:20:38 <stoney> I also want https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741136
17:20:45 * heidie looks
17:21:09 <heidie> Yes, this would be a good one to fix.
17:21:15 <heidie> :-)
17:21:26 <stoney> that one is also a prereq for 748708
17:21:52 <stoney> low hanging fruit: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748639
17:23:17 <stoney> I’d like this by the end of the summer… but it is non-trivial: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=745057
17:23:28 <stoney> (I think)
17:24:01 <heidie> Right. This makes sense.
17:24:23 <stoney> I kind of want to close https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737756 and https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737314
17:24:27 <heidie> Do we want this laid out on a wiki so that we can point people to it?
17:24:28 <stoney> they are rather vague
17:25:06 <heidie> Just a prioritized list of bugs to be solved by the end of the summer?
17:25:12 <stoney> yes, that should be a roadmap for 3.17
17:25:17 <stoney> or is it 3.18
17:25:23 <stoney> not sure how to label it
17:25:30 <heidie> YOu're the release maven  :-)
17:25:43 <stoney> maven?
17:26:07 <stoney> ah… yiddish for “accumulator of knowledge”
17:26:10 <stoney> interesting
17:26:11 <stoney> ok :)
17:26:20 <heidie> :-)
17:26:36 <stoney> #action stoney will create a roadmap for 3.17-3.18
17:26:57 <stoney> I’ll anounce it to the email list when I’m done
17:27:31 <heidie> Super!
17:28:11 <stoney> #info created a project on github for rapid hacking on things: https://github.com/Mousers/mousetrap-3.17
17:29:19 <stoney> what else?
17:30:25 <stoney> I’ll be hacking during June. July I’m on “vacation”. I’ll be back again in august
17:31:11 <stoney> that’s about it on my end
17:31:16 <stoney> (i think)
17:31:18 <heidie> Should we move the IRC time to the evening so that Max and James can attend?
17:31:42 <stoney> could… but I’ll be less likely to make them
17:31:49 <heidie> I'm less likely to be able to mke them
17:31:52 <heidie> Right.
17:33:14 <stoney> could open a trello board :)
17:33:41 <stoney> but then, they should probably just communicate through the mousetrap listserv or here
17:33:55 <stoney> and bugzilla
17:34:21 <stoney> other ideas?
17:36:10 <heidie> YEs, we should use existing MouseTrap communication channels.
17:37:14 <stoney> they could run their own meetings here and use GNOMie
17:37:24 <heidie> Right! Good idea!
17:37:29 <stoney> (thinking about how to get status reports from them)
17:37:37 <heidie> I like that idea.
17:38:03 <stoney> so, maybe i could skype them first time around to get them started, and then they could go from there
17:39:18 <stoney> #action stoney will email max and james, point them to the IRC logs and set up a startup meeting with them
17:39:50 <stoney> can anyone run a meeting using GNOMie?
17:39:54 <stoney> or is there an ACL?
17:40:08 <stoney> I guess I can try that out with them
17:40:08 <heidie> Well, you made me and kevin-brown chair.
17:40:17 <stoney> right… that’s for the session though
17:40:25 <stoney> whoever starts it is chair
17:40:25 <kevin-brown> Anyone can run a meeting I believe
17:40:31 <heidie> Right.
17:40:32 <stoney> awesome
17:40:52 <stoney> ok… that sounds like it will work… we’ll need to remember to review the logs ourselves
17:41:22 <stoney> anything else for summer plans?
17:42:00 <stoney> I’ll take silence as a “no"
17:42:19 <heidie> I'm good.
17:42:23 <stoney> any other topics (give a quick “yes”)?
17:42:38 <stoney> ok then
17:42:42 <stoney> adjourn?
17:43:10 <stoney> this time silence means “yes” :)
17:43:40 <stoney> #endmeeting