14:02:02 <heidie> #startmeeting
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14:02:15 <heidie> #topic Updates
14:02:31 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: Are you familiar with meetbots?
14:02:44 <JuliusHigiro> i am not, i’m looking it up
14:02:50 <heidie> Services is a meeting bot that we use to keep track of our meetings.
14:02:50 <Services> heidie: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
14:03:12 <heidie> And clearly I gave Services a command without knowing it :-)
14:03:49 <heidie> The meetbot uses commands that start with hash marks.
14:04:16 <heidie> The meetbot will track not only everything that is said between the #startmeeting and #endmeeting, but also will produce readable notes in HTML format.
14:05:08 <heidie> The MouseTrap meeting notes are kept here:
14:05:11 <heidie> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/MouseTrap/Meetings
14:05:21 <JuliusHigiro> oh ok i understand now
14:05:35 <heidie> Summaries look like this:  https://meetbot.gnome.org/mousetrap/2014/mousetrap.2014-09-29-13.27.html
14:06:00 <heidie> So the hash "topic Updates" creates the "Updates" topic at the top of the notes.
14:06:19 <heidie> And the #info provides the letters.
14:06:36 <heidie> So to update us on what we've been doing:
14:06:46 <heidie> #info  We had a hack with five folks here at WNE.
14:07:19 <heidie> #info We have discovered an alternative Haar point representation for the nose that appears not to crash MouseTrap
14:07:46 <heidie> #info We also pushed a minor change to the gnome3-wip branch which fixes the core.py and Makefile.am files.
14:08:20 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: what progress have you folks made?
14:08:39 <heidie> And what are you working in?
14:08:41 <heidie> "on"?
14:09:07 <JuliusHigiro> #info we are working on the click function
14:09:13 <heidie> ah, good!
14:09:29 <heidie> What exactly are you doing?
14:10:02 <JuliusHigiro> #info we are training haar cascade on a small sample size, using a closed left eye as positive image
14:10:14 <heidie> Oh, cool!
14:10:21 <heidie> How is it going?
14:10:41 <JuliusHigiro> should i keep using #info?
14:12:05 <heidie> So the stuff that follows #info shows up in the formatted notes
14:12:10 <JuliusHigiro> #info there are not that many databases with images of someone closing their left eye, i have the FERET database and we are considering photoshopping a closed left eye. The alternative is to build a database at MIAMI
14:12:21 <heidie> Ah, right.
14:12:36 <heidie> kevin-brown: Did you say that you had found a resource for images of closed eyes?
14:14:00 <heidie> Hmm, thought we might have found another database for that, but not sure
14:14:30 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: If you email me, I'll track down that information and let you know (ellis@wne.edu).
14:14:42 <heidie> And what is your timeline?
14:14:45 <JuliusHigiro> I will thank you
14:15:25 <JuliusHigiro> We want to complete the function by the first week of December if possible
14:16:38 <heidie> Ah, OK, good.
14:17:03 * heidie looks at the bugs for Mousetrap
14:17:55 <heidie> I'm assuming that you're working on this bug:
14:17:57 <heidie> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737326
14:18:08 <Services> 04Bug 737326: normal, Normal, ---, mousetrap-maint, UNCONFIRMED, Cascade for Detecting Open Eyes to Click
14:18:08 <heidie> yes?
14:18:27 <JuliusHigiro> #info yes we are working on that bug
14:18:46 <heidie> Ah, OK.
14:19:00 <heidie> have you or anyone on your team signed up for Bugzilla?
14:19:20 <heidie> In other words, have accounts on GNOME Bugzilla?
14:20:52 <heidie> If so, I can assign that bug as yours.  This will make it visible that you are working on that bug.
14:21:06 <heidie> You'll also need an account in order to upload the patch, once you get the code running.
14:21:44 <JuliusHigiro> #No, but I will sign up now. So the bug requires that the user closes both eyes and opens both eyes to generate the mouse event? We thought it was close and open left eye
14:21:47 <kevin-brown> Hello everyone, I completely forgot about this meeting
14:22:02 <JuliusHigiro> #info  but I will sign up now. So the bug requires that the user closes both eyes and opens both eyes to generate the mouse event? We thought it was close and open left eye
14:22:21 * heidie looks
14:23:08 <kevin-brown> #info The current haar cascades used by MouseTrap for the nose and individual eyes cause crashing in OpenCV 3
14:23:10 <heidie> Ah, so the bug report is not clear.
14:23:29 <kevin-brown> #action I will create a ticket in the opencv-contrib tracker about that
14:23:40 <heidie> kevin-brown: The bug report appears to indicate that both eyes were going to close to detect clicks.
14:23:57 <heidie> Is that right? I thought we were doing left and right eyes for left and right clicks?
14:24:12 <kevin-brown> Left eye closed = left click, right eye closed = right click
14:24:52 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: OK, so once you have your Bugzilla account, please update the bug to reflect the above.
14:24:56 <heidie> Does this make sense?
14:25:54 <JuliusHigiro> I will do that now
14:27:42 <heidie> Ah, good.
14:28:03 <heidie> Note that it is likely that you'll want all of your team members to sign up for accounts. '
14:28:26 <heidie> This way the contributions of individuals in your team are public.
14:28:34 <JuliusHigiro> Yes, they will all have accounts.
14:28:37 <heidie> For instance, if you wanted to identify your contributions for a prospective employer.
14:28:38 <heidie> :-)
14:28:40 <heidie> Wonderful!
14:31:03 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: Do you need help with anything?
14:32:15 <JuliusHigiro> #info just wondering if the photoshop option is a viable solution because we havent found a database with left eye close or right eye close
14:32:52 <heidie> Hmm, I'm not sure!
14:33:01 <kevin-brown> Usually, when training the cascade you pass in the full image with the coordinates and size of the object you are tracking
14:33:20 <heidie> Another option is to ask the A11y community for help.
14:33:23 <kevin-brown> So you can likely get away with using an image of both eyes closed, and just using the coordinates of the individual eye
14:33:36 <heidie> They may know of resources. Are you on their listserv?
14:34:04 <JuliusHigiro> #info I’m not on their listserv
14:34:13 <heidie> #link https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-accessibility-list
14:34:30 <heidie> So you likely only want to use the #info tag when you have information that should go in the summary meeting notes.
14:34:46 <heidie> For instance, if you're updating your status, providing information that everyone should know, etc.
14:34:47 <JuliusHigiro> sorry
14:34:54 <heidie> :-) Not a problem.
14:35:19 <heidie> Just thought I'd fill you in on the subtlties of IRC.
14:36:24 <heidie> And i would definitely suggest either joining the a11y IRC channel (#a11y on irc.gnome.org) or sending the list an email if you have questions.
14:36:41 <JuliusHigiro> ok
14:36:49 <JuliusHigiro> the bug report is updated
14:36:57 <heidie> Super! Thank you for doing that.
14:37:02 * heidie looks
14:37:54 <heidie> If you tell me your bugzilla ID I'll officially assign you that bug.
14:38:53 <heidie> I figured it out from your bug edit and have assigned that bug to you.
14:49:04 <heidie> OK, does anyone have anything else?
14:49:54 <heidie> #info WNE teams are working on updating Haar cascades for face and nose.
14:50:00 <heidie> and I think that's it!
14:50:20 <kevin-brown> I'm pretty sure that's it :)
14:50:28 <kevin-brown> Oh actually
14:51:43 <kevin-brown> #info A developer noticed that the colors of the image in the window were wrong, a ticket has been created
14:51:45 <kevin-brown> #link https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=739540
14:51:56 <Services> 04Bug 739540: minor, Normal, ---, mousetrap-maint, UNCONFIRMED, Incorrect color in GUI
14:52:41 <heidie> Oh, right! Good catch.
14:52:53 <heidie> JuliusHigiro: we've been calling it the "smurf effect" :-)
14:53:30 <JuliusHigiro> that’s a good description
14:55:05 <heidie> :-)
14:55:07 <heidie> Anything else?
14:55:29 <JuliusHigiro> No, that’s it. thank you
14:56:19 <heidie> You're welcome! feel free to ping anyone on the mousetrap channel when you have questions.
14:56:20 <heidie> I'm going to end the meeting.
14:56:23 <heidie> #endmeeting