13:27:15 <heidi> #startmeeting
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13:27:26 <heidi> #topic Updates
13:27:41 <heidi> #info I'm most of the way through installing OpenCV3 using Python 3.
13:27:49 <heidi> #info I think I have a minor path problem.
13:28:09 <kevin-brown> #info I was able to get OpenCV built and installed on Fedora 20
13:28:15 <kevin-brown> #link http://blog.kevinbrown.in/programming/2014/09/27/building-and-installing-opencv-3.html
13:28:30 <kevin-brown> (and Ubuntu 14.04 as well)
13:28:51 <stoney> #info none
13:29:08 <heidi> #info
13:29:26 <heidi> #info I've been contacted by a student from Miami Ohio about problems building MouseTrap
13:29:44 <heidi> #info I sent him to the list and IRC as he hadn't fully explained what the issue is.
13:29:56 <heidi> #info So we may be seeing more students along the way.
13:30:07 <kevin-brown> We had a Brady jump into IRC yesterday, though they didn't say anything
13:30:47 <heidi> Jeffrey Raig was the student who contacted me.
13:30:57 <heidi> I'm guessing that they're just getting started.
13:31:01 <kevin-brown> Yesterday meaning Friday (my times are off)
13:31:30 <kevin-brown> But it's good to hear that they are getting started :)
13:31:30 <heidi> Ah, OK, Jeff contacted me about 8:00 last night.
13:31:34 <heidi> Yes!
13:31:38 <heidi> OK, next...
13:31:41 <heidi> #topic Roadblocks
13:32:03 <heidi> #info None other than the path isssue.
13:32:12 <kevin-brown> #info MouseTrap still segfaults with OpenCV 3 alpha
13:32:13 <stoney> #info none
13:32:47 <heidi> kevin-brown: have you logged that bug yet?
13:33:06 <kevin-brown> I have not updated the old bug with the new information yet
13:33:26 <kevin-brown> #action I'll update the OpenCV bug with the new problems
13:33:27 <heidi> Ah, OK, would you be able to do so before 8am tomorrow?
13:33:30 <heidi> Ah, thanks.
13:33:44 <heidi> #topic Next Steps
13:34:04 <heidi> #info Students will be installing OpenCV3 (and python 3?) tomorrow in class.
13:34:08 <stoney> #info none
13:34:22 <heidi> #info Goal is to get as far as reproducing Kevin's issue
13:35:39 <heidi> Does anyone have anything else?
13:36:16 <kevin-brown> Currently, no
13:36:33 <heidi> OK, I'm going to call this then.
13:36:36 <heidi> Thank you all for coming!
13:36:41 <heidi> #endmeeting