14:06:21 <heidie> #startmeeting
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14:06:43 <heidie> Welcome back everyone. We're ready to start up a new semester here at WNE.
14:07:42 <heidie> #topic Status Reports
14:07:47 <stoney> test
14:08:14 <heidie> Please use the #info tag to summarize what you've done in the past few weeks and where you are with respect to MouseTrap development.
14:08:32 <heidie> #info  I haven't done anything directly on Mousetrap.
14:09:14 <stoney> #info nothing new from me, since I stoped work on the windows pull request
14:09:56 <stoney> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/pull/44
14:10:02 <heidie> jrib, welcome!
14:10:32 <kevin-brown> #info I have looked over the pull request, but haven't done anything with it
14:11:44 <heidie> paxnovem: We're doing updates.
14:12:07 <heidie> Briefly stating what you've done over the summer and where you stand with respect to MouseTrap
14:13:28 <heidie> #topic Next Steps
14:13:36 <heidie> OK, let's talk about what we're going to do next.
14:14:09 <heidie> #info I need a set of concrete download and install directions for the current version.
14:14:28 <heidie> I've got some nine CS students who are newbies that need to get the system up and running.
14:14:41 <kevin-brown> #info I am planning on getting a Windows environment set up to test out the pull request and fix the translations
14:15:06 <stoney> #info i personally have no plans to work on this this semester, unless I find some free time
14:15:17 <heidie> They will have already read the MouseTrap and github sites as part of an assignment, but I think that there aren't download and install instructions in one place.
14:15:27 <heidie> Am I wrong? Is there such an animal?
14:15:45 <kevin-brown> https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap#download and https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap#installing may be useful :)
14:16:23 <stoney> right ^ in the READM.md
14:16:25 <heidie> Yes, helpful, but these don't list any dependencies such as OpenCV.
14:16:27 <heidie> Right.
14:16:41 <heidie> But I think that there are some other dependencies lurking.
14:16:52 <stoney> the README lists dependencies but not how to install
14:16:56 <kevin-brown> Right, OpenCV depends on the system
14:16:59 <stoney> (install the dependencies)
14:17:12 <stoney> but I think that is normal
14:17:20 <heidie> Ah, OK.
14:17:22 <heidie> Right.
14:17:28 <stoney> that is, you don’t tend to describe how to install dependencies
14:17:37 <kevin-brown> PyYAML and python-xlib should be installed through pip
14:18:31 <stoney> Maybe we could/should add a section to the README.md that give a simple example of how to install dependencies...
14:18:40 <heidie> Ah, that would be helpful for newbies.
14:18:44 <stoney> but wouldn’t be the definitive guide
14:19:13 <stoney> at least pointers like… “use pip for PyYAML”
14:19:54 <kevin-brown> We are also missing the gobject dependencies (not sure what the name actually is)
14:20:02 <heidie> Yes, right. I don't want to make the quintessential mistake of FOSS projects which is to not provide a clear onramp for newbies.
14:20:06 <heidie> :-)
14:21:12 <stoney> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/45
14:21:26 <stoney> issue created
14:22:15 <stoney> can your students work on creating that documentation?
14:22:47 <heidie> Yes, exactly!
14:22:53 <heidie> I'm going to make that a homework assignment.
14:23:01 <stoney> cool
14:23:20 <heidie> The main question is where do we put the instructions?
14:23:28 <heidie> Once we have them, that is.
14:23:35 <stoney> README.md if they are simple enough
14:23:47 <stoney> so fork, edit, pull request
14:24:36 <stoney> I like the README.md as a one-stop-shop for documentation
14:24:40 <heidie> Ah, cool! Right!
14:24:48 <stoney> if it gets too big… we’ll consider making more files
14:24:49 <heidie> But we should aim newbies there, perhaps from the GNOME page.
14:24:55 <heidie> Right.
14:25:15 <heidie> There is a balance between putting information where developers would look and having stuff visible for newbies.
14:26:12 <stoney> right… directions like that are specific to the code base, and change with the code base, so need to be in VC
14:26:18 <heidie> right.
14:26:29 <stoney> so that way if you get a particular version, you know how to install and run it
14:26:44 * heidie makes a note to add instructions to GNOME page.
14:27:08 <stoney> so on the gnome wiki… you want to tell them “here is how to download; the rest of the directions are in README.md"
14:27:25 <stoney> something very generic
14:28:08 <kevin-brown> I just realized that the installer will notify users of what dependencies are required if they are not present
14:28:08 <kevin-brown> http://git.io/ks4Lbw
14:28:32 <kevin-brown> So that may be a good starting place for whoever is doing the documentation
14:28:43 <stoney> got to love automation
14:29:53 <heidie> Oh, good!
14:30:03 <paxnovem> Sorry, for not speaking. Got caught up in something.
14:31:12 <paxnovem> #info I will be trying to work when I have time available, but my work for sds will take priority.
14:32:08 <heidie> OK, that's fine. paxnovem, why don't you spend the next month working for SDS as you're their main support.
14:32:28 <heidie> Then we can talk at the beginning of October and see whether you have time to step back into MosueTrap.
14:34:04 <stoney> When do we plan to upstream the development branch to gnome’s?
14:34:12 <heidie> ASAP :-)
14:34:25 <heidie> But the real answer is when we get a reasonably working version.
14:34:38 <stoney> what’s reasonably?
14:34:41 <stoney> and do we have it now?
14:35:59 <heidie> Umm, I don't know!
14:36:13 <heidie> What is left to do in your opinions to have a "real" version?
14:36:20 <stoney> It runs… it does stuff…
14:36:37 <stoney> Even if you don’t want it in master
14:36:52 <heidie> Which master?
14:36:53 <stoney> I think it is a good checkpoint for an alpha branch
14:37:12 <stoney> I forget.. .is gnome branch-to-release?
14:37:14 * stoney looking
14:37:28 <kevin-brown> I... don't think so
14:37:29 <heidie> "branch-to-release"?
14:38:12 <stoney> it looks like it is “tag-to-release"
14:38:27 <heidie> What is "branch-to-release" and how would I tell?
14:38:43 <stoney> so, you might want this code in a branch, like we did for gnome3-wip
14:38:51 <stoney> or maybe it should go back to gnome3-wip
14:39:18 <stoney> if we think this is where the project should be going anyway
14:39:20 <kevin-brown> I believe we're set to merge back into gnome3-wip
14:39:54 <heidie> OK, cool!
14:40:22 <heidie> Let me download it and test and then I'll contact jo@nie and let her know.
14:41:37 <stoney> ok
14:41:39 <stoney> cool
14:41:59 <stoney> I also don’t think the window PR is done
14:42:00 <heidie> And is the plan to have future development work on the GNOME repo or the github one?
14:42:04 <stoney> so ignore it for now
14:42:07 <stoney> well
14:42:13 <heidie> Ummm "PR"?
14:42:15 <stoney> not ignore… just don’t include it
14:42:17 <stoney> pull request
14:42:25 <heidie> Oh, right.
14:44:33 <heidie> And back to my question, once we move code to GNOME, do we develop from GNOME or github?
14:45:06 <stoney> I personally would prefer to leave the development line on github, just because it is so darn convenient
14:45:12 <stoney> and useful
14:45:32 <stoney> but since I don’t plan on working on it this semester :)
14:45:57 <kevin-brown> I'd prefer to leave development on GitHub
14:46:04 <stoney> I suspect it will be easier for new developers to integrate into github
14:46:27 <stoney> then there is the question of the issue trackers
14:46:36 <kevin-brown> GitHub also centralizes everything, including the issue trackers
14:46:41 <heidie> RRightt.
14:47:08 <heidie> So there is a question about merging the code back. When we do this, do the proper people get recognized in the code?
14:47:21 <heidie> Is there a record of what students have done on GNOME?
14:47:22 <stoney> yes
14:47:30 <heidie> How does that work?
14:51:01 <heidie> OK, anything else?
14:51:12 <heidie> #endmeeting