19:01:39 <stoney> #startmeeting
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19:01:45 <stoney> Wuhoo!
19:01:47 <stoney> it works
19:02:22 <stoney> Say something if you are here :)
19:03:55 <stoney> kevin-brown: paxnovem: you there?
19:04:17 <kevin-brown> Hello! Currently in a meeting but I'll be all done in a minute or two
19:04:56 <stoney> ok… since there aren’t many here… I’ll wait for you, just let me know when you’re ready
19:05:52 <kevin-brown> Alright, should be good :)
19:07:08 <stoney> OK :)
19:07:30 <stoney> I think we’ll try something slightly different in this meeting
19:08:06 <stoney> We’ll have one section were we answer all three “stand-up” questions
19:08:22 <stoney> q1: Since last time I ….
19:08:35 <stoney> q2: Now I am …
19:08:41 <kevin-brown> Should we #info these answers?
19:08:42 <stoney> q3: But I’m stuck on ...
19:08:48 <stoney> Ooo good
19:08:59 <stoney> #info new meeting plan
19:09:22 <stoney> #info we’ll do a stand-up in which we’ll answer the following
19:09:32 <stoney> #info q1: Since last time I ….
19:09:43 <stoney> #info q2: Now I am …
19:09:53 <stoney> #info q3: But I’m stuck on ...
19:10:06 <stoney> #info then we’ll go into open discussion
19:10:22 <stoney> Sound good?
19:10:25 <paxnovem> hello, sorry. I was away from my laptop for a sec
19:10:30 <kevin-brown> Sounds good to me
19:10:31 <stoney> no problem
19:10:42 <stoney> Just trying to streamline things a bit
19:10:45 <stoney> let’s try
19:10:53 <stoney> #topic Stand-up report
19:11:25 <stoney> So info up answers to any or all of  the afformentioned “questions"
19:11:33 <stoney> no need to wait for others
19:12:14 <stoney> #info Last thing I worked on was the trying to get mousetrap to run on windows; I was successful
19:13:14 <stoney> #info It exists in a `windows` branch in on the github repo https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/tree/windows
19:13:26 <kevin-brown> #info Since last time I haven't done much
19:13:36 <paxnovem> #info q1: Since last time I have worked on an email to send to the mailing list to ask if anyone knew more on detecting if an eye is closed or not.
19:13:44 <stoney> #info The gettext stuff is broken for windows branch
19:14:09 <stoney> #info that’s where I’m stuck (gettext for windows)
19:15:12 <paxnovem> #info Now I need to make it flow better as it can definetly be written a lot better.
19:15:15 <stoney> (i’m done; let me know when you have finished info’ing everything; when everyone is done, I’ll open the discussion)
19:15:30 <kevin-brown> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/tree/windows
19:15:39 <stoney> (ty kevin-brown )
19:15:53 <kevin-brown> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/43
19:16:00 <paxnovem> I think I am done
19:16:02 <kevin-brown> There we go, both of those are relevant
19:16:06 <kevin-brown> And I'm all set
19:16:19 <stoney> #topic Open Discussion
19:16:58 <stoney> paxnovem: I’m not sure I understand your status… are you working on an email?
19:17:16 <kevin-brown> stoney: I responded to the initial ticket for windows, anything else there?
19:17:51 <paxnovem> Yea, heidi wanted me to write an email to send to some mailing lists to inquire about blink detection.
19:17:53 <stoney> kevin-brown: I saw that, I haven’t had a chance to respond… but in general I agree
19:18:02 <stoney> kevin-brown: now I’m just trying to figure out how
19:18:21 <kevin-brown> stoney: want to make a PR for windows support?
19:18:35 <kevin-brown> stoney: also, what operating systems are we looking to start off with?
19:19:25 <paxnovem> why doesn't gettext work for windows?
19:19:31 <stoney> paxnovem: if you want feedback on the eamil, feel free to send your draft to Heidi and I and we can review it for you… if you are not worried about it, then just send it :)
19:19:55 <stoney> kevin-brown: I was working on my wife’s laptop which is running windows 8
19:19:56 <kevin-brown> Windows is missing a few environment variables by default which gettext relies on
19:20:39 <stoney> paxnovem: no idea why gettext is failing on windows… it couldn’t find the .mo file… which was generated and in the “right” place
19:20:49 <stoney> kevin-brown: AAAHHHH!
19:21:09 <stoney> so we need more directions about setting environment variables on windows
19:21:11 <stoney> ?
19:21:21 * kevin-brown gets the link from the ticket...
19:21:36 <kevin-brown> https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bialix/gettext-py-windows/trunk/view/head:/gettext_windows.py
19:21:36 <kevin-brown> as a starting place
19:21:45 * stoney looking
19:22:12 <paxnovem> I think you just need to add it to your path? I had similar issues when working at SDS though I have no idea if they are related...
19:22:12 <stoney> kevin-brown: ok… i’ll start a PR for windows
19:22:40 <stoney> add what to the path… gettext?
19:22:46 <stoney> or the .mo file?
19:23:12 <kevin-brown> windows is missing the `LANGUAGE` environment variable I believe
19:24:06 <kevin-brown> And becuase of that, gettext has  no idea what language to pull translations from and fails
19:24:33 <stoney> ah
19:24:41 <stoney> that makes alot of since
19:24:47 <stoney> (just created the PR)
19:25:25 <kevin-brown> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/pull/44
19:25:50 <stoney> I don’t know why I keep forgetting to put up links :)
19:25:54 <stoney> thank you kevin-brown
19:26:41 * stoney looking at the windows issue again and kevin-brown’s responses
19:27:12 <stoney> ah… regarding testing
19:27:43 <stoney> I think testing will still be made dfficult because we’ll need to test multiple operating systems before we can consider any issue resolved
19:28:11 <stoney> but I’m still ok with merging
19:28:30 <stoney> (not now.. but once the major kinks are worked out)
19:28:57 <stoney> ah… and I still haven’t tried it on OSX (although I run OSX :))
19:29:18 <stoney> I guess that should be an easy quick test
19:29:26 <stoney> assuming I have autotools
19:30:01 <stoney> Anything else we need to discuss?
19:30:18 <stoney> Heidi is away for the next couple of weeks
19:30:41 <paxnovem> I am good
19:30:44 <stoney> but we’ll keep running the 3’oclock meetings
19:30:55 <stoney> … on Tuesdays
19:31:07 <stoney> I think my calendar is wrong… need to update it
19:31:24 <paxnovem> I am going to be in montreal next week, so I am iffy for next weeks meeting
19:31:37 <stoney> OK, enjoy
19:31:40 <stoney> :)
19:31:54 <stoney> OK… motion to adjourn?
19:32:33 <stoney> I’ll take silence as a motion… and a second :)
19:32:49 <stoney> Thanks all!
19:32:52 <stoney> #endmeeting