19:03:48 <heidie> #startmeeting
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19:03:52 <heidie> #topic Updates
19:05:00 <heidie> So what have folks been doing?
19:05:35 <kevin-brown> #info I found quite a few face databases we may be able to use for generating accurate haar cascades
19:05:45 <heidie> Saw the email. Good!
19:05:52 <kevin-brown> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/22#issuecomment-49757994
19:06:24 <heidie> And how do we "train"?
19:06:55 <kevin-brown> Haven't gotten that far yet :)
19:07:07 * heidie laugs
19:07:22 * heidie "laughs"
19:07:29 <heidie> So one step at a time.
19:07:45 <heidie> #info I'm still working on the paper and haven't done anything
19:07:55 <heidie> #info I have started to learn python :-)
19:08:15 <kevin-brown> got any updates paxnovem?
19:08:54 <paxnovem_desktop> No, this week got really busy with class. So I didn't complete my actions from last week :/
19:09:09 <kevin-brown> Should I put in Stoney's updates?
19:09:22 <heidie> Yes, please
19:09:35 <heidie> paxnovem, no fuss. Classes come first!
19:09:43 <heidie> paxnovem, Did you timesheet show up again?
19:09:49 <heidie> I haven't seen the approval email yet.
19:09:53 <kevin-brown> #info Stoney has started working on getting MouseTrap to run under Windows
19:09:57 <kevin-brown> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/43
19:10:48 <heidie> Oh, hadn't read that he got it to run, with some constraints!
19:10:51 <heidie> That's cool!
19:12:45 <paxnovem_desktop> Yea, I just checked. It is there :)
19:12:56 <heidie> Good!
19:13:14 <heidie> #topic Roadblocks
19:13:19 <heidie> What are the roadblocks?
19:16:30 <paxnovem_desktop> Other than class, there isn't much in my way.
19:16:42 <heidie> :-)
19:19:38 <heidie> OK, anything else?
19:19:46 <heidie> Oh, I've got one thing.
19:20:00 <heidie> #info I will not be here next week. I am hopeful that Stoney will run the meeting.
19:20:13 <heidie> #info and I'm not sure about the first two weeks in August as I'm onvacation.
19:21:01 <paxnovem_desktop> #info I will be gone from the 3rd to the 10th
19:21:12 <heidie> OK.
19:21:21 <heidie> kevin-brown: are you taking any vacation this summer?
19:21:32 <kevin-brown> #info I will be gone for the about the same time as paxnovem
19:22:23 <heidie> ah, OK, so probably no meeting on August 5th it looks like.
19:24:33 <heidie> OK, so I'll end.
19:24:36 <heidie> #endmeeting