19:01:55 <heidie> #startmeeting
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19:02:06 <heidie> #topic Updates
19:02:10 <heidie> What have we all been doing?
19:04:42 <paxnovem> #info looked into the alternatives for openCV...
19:05:23 <paxnovem> #info the field was a bit thin. kevin and I put some information in the bug tracker
19:05:46 <heidie> Ah, good. By bug tracker do you mean a gist on github?
19:06:38 <paxnovem> no, https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/42
19:07:06 <paxnovem> Iam working on a gist for blink detection. Finishing it now
19:07:31 <heidie> Ah, good1
19:07:34 <heidie> Got it.
19:08:15 <heidie> Can you summarize what you've learned about alternatives to OpenCV in one sentence? Are there alternatives that make sense to explore?
19:11:27 <paxnovem> Not really, OpenCV is the most mature and most documented software available right now. There are some other projects that make things easier (ie SimpleCV), but they are just a wrapper for opencv so they still lack python3 bindings.
19:11:55 <kevin-brown> > Can you summarize what you've learned about alternatives to OpenCV in one sentence?
19:11:55 <kevin-brown> OpenCV is the most widely used CV library and there is a reason for it.
19:11:55 <kevin-brown> > Are there alternatives that make sense to explore?
19:11:55 <kevin-brown> No.
19:13:53 <heidie> OK, so we've eliminated other options.
19:13:56 <heidie> Where does that leave us?
19:14:21 <heidie> #info There appear to be no reasonable alternatives to OpenCV.
19:15:00 <kevin-brown> Unfortunately, it leaves us waiting for OpenCV 3 to be released before we can switch to Python 3
19:15:16 <heidie> OK.
19:15:47 <heidie> paxnovem: Do you have a brief summary of what you've learned on blink detection?
19:16:40 <paxnovem> It is not completly polished, but here is the gist: https://gist.github.com/paxnovem/1be86dc8108e826682b9
19:16:52 * heidie looks
19:18:13 <heidie> I'm assuming you're still working on "Eye detection"?
19:20:11 <paxnovem> Yea, though I don't think it is the greatest of options. It could work, but I ony found cases were it used both eyes. I don't know how it would act trying to find only one blink
19:20:35 <paxnovem> as in one eye open and the other closed
19:21:56 <heidie> Any thoughts on what might be best?
19:22:36 <paxnovem> training haar_cascades look like they would work the best, they will also be the hardest to do...
19:24:09 <heidie> Any idea where we'd get the photos to train it?
19:24:17 <heidie> Are there libraries of photos?
19:26:48 <paxnovem> I don't remember the urls right now, but yes there are libraries. Though we would have to go through the pictures and check if the fulfill the case or not and put them in text file.
19:28:41 <heidie> So would take some effort.
19:28:52 <kevin-brown> http://docs.opencv.org/modules/contrib/doc/facerec/facerec_tutorial.html#face-database
19:28:54 <heidie> I think it might be time to ask for some help.
19:29:28 <kevin-brown> http://coding-robin.de/2013/07/22/train-your-own-opencv-haar-classifier.html this may also be useful
19:30:41 <heidie> #link http://docs.opencv.org/modules/contrib/doc/facerec/facerec_tutorial.html#face-database
19:30:55 <heidie> #link 	http://coding-robin.de/2013/07/22/train-your-own-opencv-haar-classifier.html
19:31:24 <heidie> I'm wondering if it might be time to put a question out on both mousetrap and a11y lists.
19:31:36 <heidie> to see if others have any possible solutions.
19:31:53 <heidie> Point them to the gist that summarizes the solutions that we've found so far.
19:32:14 <heidie> paxnovem: why don't you do that. Send me a draft of the email that you'd like to send first and we can discuss.
19:32:35 <heidie> #action paxnovem will send heidie a draft of letter requesting help for the eye blink issue.
19:32:47 <kevin-brown> I'm not sure what lists it should be sent to, but yeah this is definitely a time to reach out
19:37:33 <heidie> OK, I think we should start with mousetrap and a11y.
19:38:58 <heidie> OK, so what are folks working on next?
19:39:02 <heidie> #topic Next Steps
19:41:14 <heidie> #info I'm still working on papers for the grant.
19:49:56 <paxnovem> #info I will be writing the draft of the email and finishing up the gist
19:51:29 <heidie> Ah, good.
19:51:33 <heidie> OK, anything else?
19:51:37 <kevin-brown> #info I will be looking into face databases to see what ones are available
19:51:47 <heidie> Yes, that would be helpful.
19:51:57 <heidie> Does everyone have enough to do?
19:51:59 <heidie> :-)
19:53:22 <heidie> OK, I'll call it.
19:53:24 <heidie> #endmeeting