19:05:31 <heidie> #startmeeting
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19:05:40 <heidie> #topic Updates
19:05:56 <stoney> #info I’ve done nothing on MouseTrap this last week
19:06:15 <heidie> #info  I got the permissions on Services worked out so that I've got full power. i.e., I can kick people off if needed.
19:06:25 <stoney> wuhoo!
19:06:35 <kevin-brown> #info I've tested out MouseTrap on Python 3 and found out that it mostly works
19:06:52 <stoney> heidie: who can start and run meetings?
19:06:55 <heidie> Super kevin-brown !
19:07:04 <heidie> Anyone can start and end meetings, or so I've been told.
19:07:14 <stoney> greate
19:07:17 <stoney> - e
19:07:20 <stoney> :)
19:07:23 <heidie> But I'm the only one who has admin power over the channel, I think.
19:07:25 <heidie> :-)
19:07:38 <heidie> paxnovem: Have you worked on anything?
19:07:40 <stoney> yes.. you appear as an admin to me
19:07:58 <paxnovem> #info I have researched blink detection and found that we should probably train our own cascades
19:08:52 <paxnovem> pupil detection could work also, but would probably not be as accurate
19:08:57 <heidie> paxnovem: And why do you say that? I'm just curious about the rationale?
19:10:31 <paxnovem> Most methods I found were generally inaccurate unless you had a high quality image of the eye. Generally discussions implied that it was the proper way as well
19:11:07 <paxnovem> If we want to try some of the other methods that didn't require training cascades I have some of those as well
19:12:40 <heidie> Could you please create a gist on github that summarizes what you've learned , including all of the alternatives and your opinion of the liklihood of them working?
19:13:06 <heidie> #action paxnovem will create a github gist summarizing blink detection.
19:13:20 <heidie> And then let us know that it is available?
19:14:36 <paxnovem> Sure, I will definetly do that.
19:14:55 <heidie> Great, thanks.
19:15:19 <heidie> Also, let me know if your timesheet stops showing up.  I got a message from HR, but I don't know what it means.
19:17:15 <heidie> kevin-brown: what parts of Mousetrap aren't working in Python3?
19:18:08 <kevin-brown> heidie: I've got an OpenCV segfault (https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/41#issuecomment-47844906)
19:19:07 <heidie> ah, good!
19:20:11 <stoney> can’t tell when OpenCV 3 will be ready :(   http://code.opencv.org/projects/opencv/roadmap
19:20:42 <stoney> they haven’t updated their milestone deadlines
19:20:52 <paxnovem> heidie: Yea, I just checked and it wasn't in my connect2u
19:21:07 <heidie> Ah, OK. I'll re-add you.
19:21:34 <heidie> #topic Roablocks
19:21:42 <heidie> So shall we discuss what is standing in our way?
19:22:03 <kevin-brown> Roadblocks...
19:22:09 <stoney> #info vaccation, preping, … :)
19:22:09 <kevin-brown> OpenCV 3?
19:22:24 <stoney> definately OpenCV 3
19:22:31 <heidie> :-)
19:22:53 <stoney> we can’t finish porting to Python 3 with out OpenCV 3
19:23:18 <kevin-brown> Have we considered any pure python CV libraries?
19:23:24 <kevin-brown> A few exist that are OpenCV compatible
19:23:38 <heidie> Not that I know of. Stoney?
19:23:43 <stoney> nope
19:23:46 <stoney> but let's
19:24:59 <stoney> so we need someone to start an issue, and start listing alternatives, and start analyzising them
19:25:41 <heidie> Ah, OK.
19:25:50 <heidie> An issue on github I assume
19:25:55 <stoney> yup
19:26:16 <heidie> paxnovem: would you like to create the issue?
19:26:26 <paxnovem> Sure
19:26:30 <stoney> https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/42
19:26:38 <stoney> sorry… just did :)
19:26:51 <stoney> but that was the easy part
19:26:55 <heidie> Stoney types faster tthan I :-)
19:27:00 <paxnovem> haha, yea I was about to say :)
19:27:23 <heidie> So go ahead and start exploring.  paxnovem do the gist on the blink detection first please.
19:27:46 <heidie> #info New bug to explore CV libraries in Python
19:27:56 <heidie> #link https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/42
19:28:30 <heidie> #action Document whatever Python CV options you find on the bug https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/42
19:30:14 <heidie> OK, any other issues?
19:30:27 <stoney> paxnovem: can you comment on the issue?
19:30:45 <stoney> (i.e., do you have the capability to comment on the issue?
19:30:46 <stoney> )
19:31:04 <paxnovem> yea, I do
19:31:07 <stoney> great
19:32:04 <heidie> good
19:32:18 <heidie> stoney: you are going to be away next week?
19:32:21 <stoney> yup
19:32:38 <heidie> But back the following week?
19:32:50 <stoney> physically yes
19:33:01 <stoney> I’m not sure how that’s supposed to play out at home
19:33:13 <stoney> wife is demanding 2 weeks!!! :)
19:33:19 <heidie> OK, :-)  ah, OK. I definitely don't want to intrude on vacataion.
19:33:24 <heidie> Oh, I understand that!
19:33:44 <heidie> I'm gone the first two weeks in August and may not make those meetings.
19:33:51 <heidie> So we will soldier on without you next week.
19:33:59 <heidie> Does anyone have anything else?
19:34:10 <stoney> not i (said the cat)
19:34:21 <paxnovem> I'm good
19:34:36 <kevin-brown> I'm all set
19:35:39 <heidie> OK, so let's see you next week!
19:35:47 <heidie> #endmeeting