19:01:09 <heidie> #startmeeting
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19:01:18 <heidie> Hmm, so far, so good :-)
19:01:30 <heidie> #topic Updates
19:01:37 <heidie> So what have folks been doing?
19:02:05 * kevin-brown is checking GitHub
19:02:19 <heidie> #info I've been working on getting Services up and running.
19:02:25 <heidie> #info seems to have been successful.
19:02:51 <kevin-brown> #info MouseTrap now passes all of the AutoTools checks and should be ready for releasing (when the time comes)
19:03:25 <heidie> Right.  Stoney was talking to me about merging into the main branch.
19:03:32 <heidie> Let's hold that conversation until he arrives.
19:03:45 <kevin-brown> Right
19:03:51 <kevin-brown> Just giving out the general info for now
19:03:55 <kevin-brown> :)
19:03:58 <heidie> Yup :-)
19:05:18 <kevin-brown> Pretty sure that's all for the main updates
19:06:13 <paxnovem> I have yet to really get started for the summer, but I can help where needed
19:06:25 <heidie> OK, same here. I've been amused to see the notifications fly by.
19:06:40 <heidie> paxnovem: you've been doing excellent work with SDS.
19:10:15 <paxnovem> heidie: Thanks! I try my best
19:11:49 <heidie> From what I've seen, you've done a great job finding technical solutions for SDS which requires not only understanding the technical parts, but also the student needs.
19:14:06 <paxnovem> Yea, it has been a great learning experience.
19:15:11 <heidie> Good, I'm glad
19:16:53 <heidie> Stoney must have hit traffic.
19:22:41 <kevin-brown> ping me when the meeting starts back up again
19:23:16 <stoney> hi
19:23:23 <heidie> Hey!
19:23:27 <stoney> sorry
19:23:30 <heidie> We were waiting for you stoney
19:23:42 <heidie> We've just done "Updates", except for you. :-)
19:23:43 <stoney> fedora refused to recognize my wifi for some reason
19:23:51 <stoney> ah
19:24:15 <stoney> #info finished most of the issues… have been working on unit tests
19:25:04 <heidie> #info Cursor moves and clicking via left eye blink sort of work.
19:25:12 <heidie> I have not been able to get the left blink to work as a click.
19:25:46 <stoney> left-eye click hasn’t worked for me for a while now
19:25:57 <heidie> kevin-brown:  Does it work for you?
19:26:00 <kevin-brown> There's an issue opened about it I believe
19:26:05 <kevin-brown> No, it doesn't
19:27:01 <heidie> Ah, OK
19:27:10 <heidie> Any idea how difficult it would be to fix?
19:27:34 <kevin-brown> I believe we should be looking into other algorithms (one is already included in the ticket, hasn't been tested)
19:27:42 <heidie> Ah, OK.
19:27:45 <stoney> i think the proposed idea was to detect the pupil
19:27:58 <stoney> that would help us detect open-closed
19:28:08 <stoney> i think the other idea was to train our own haars
19:28:15 <stoney> no idea how difficult that would be
19:28:17 <heidie> paxnovem: If you wanted to jump back in, this would be a place to start. To figure out what algorithms are out there to detect things like eye open and eye closed.
19:29:08 <paxnovem> okay, I will look into that
19:29:41 <heidie> Sure. Please document everywhere that you look and what you find so that we can all see.
19:29:49 <heidie> On your github account if you have one.
19:30:28 <stoney> https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/22
19:30:47 <heidie> Stoney, shall we talk about merging with the gnome3-wip branch?
19:30:54 <stoney> sure
19:31:21 <stoney> i’m not sure if gnome3-wip is the right name for the branch...
19:31:31 <stoney> since this is not gnome3 compliant yet
19:31:44 <stoney> still waiting on opencv3 to move to python3
19:31:54 <stoney> then I think that would make us official?
19:31:57 <heidie> Ah, OK.
19:32:02 <kevin-brown> is the rest of the code Py3 compatible?
19:32:17 <heidie> But is the version on github closer to gnome3 than the current gnome3-wip?
19:32:55 <stoney> @heidie, not really closer
19:33:09 <stoney> no other movement towards gnome3 could be done
19:33:19 <heidie> So are you suggesting that we continue development on github?
19:33:22 <stoney> @kevin-brown not sure
19:33:25 <heidie> And if so, when should we merge.
19:33:43 <heidie> One reason for asking is that I'm thinking ahead to fall courses.
19:33:49 <stoney> heidie: I’m not saying don’t merge
19:34:06 * stoney thinking
19:34:56 <stoney> I think it’s fine… that’s the goal of that branch… and this is the most recent incarnation of it
19:34:59 <stoney> so sure :)
19:35:05 * stoney had to think
19:35:11 <heidie> Ah, Ok.
19:35:16 * stoney (and that’s hard for him sometimes)
19:35:26 <heidie> I'm not pushing one way or the other. Just teasing out the options and thinking things through.
19:36:00 <kevin-brown> Opened an issue for Py3 compatibility @ gh#41
19:36:00 <kevin-brown> https://github.com/GNOME-MouseTrap/mousetrap/issues/41
19:36:17 <heidie> Would it make sense to wait until we get the eye click implemented?
19:36:32 <stoney> kevin-brown: cool
19:37:15 <kevin-brown> I personally think we should wait until clicking is fixed
19:37:38 <heidie> OK.
19:37:50 <stoney> i’m more inclined to say go
19:38:09 <heidie> Either way, we should merge by the third week in August.
19:38:13 <stoney> I think we have stable… although experimental…. code
19:38:21 <stoney> ah
19:38:32 <stoney> well if we have a deadline… then we are timeboxed :)
19:39:01 <heidie> :-)
19:39:12 <kevin-brown> Deadlines are good :)
19:39:14 <heidie> "Do I stay or do I go"?
19:39:18 <stoney> definately
19:39:31 * stoney doo-pah doo-pah doo-pah doo-pah
19:40:14 <heidie> :-)
19:40:27 <stoney> once merged… what happens to the github clone?
19:40:28 <heidie> OK, so lets talk about this again next week and see how far we've gotten.
19:40:47 <heidie> It becomes your experiment environment for CS 390
19:41:25 <stoney> does “experiment environment” mean “development environment” ?
19:41:55 <heidie> sure! :-)
19:41:59 <kevin-brown> I don't think using both Bugzilla and GitHub Issues concurrently will work well (if we do continue using it for development)
19:42:47 <stoney> difficult issue then
19:43:08 <kevin-brown> stick with GitHub issues... or stick with Bugzilla...
19:43:32 <heidie> kevin-brown: Are you saying we need a main development branch and that we shouldn't develop on both git.gnome and github simultaneously?
19:43:37 <kevin-brown> We could probably use the PR system/everything else without many issues, but the tickets...
19:44:08 <heidie> Umm "PR"?
19:44:11 <kevin-brown> heidie: I'm saying we shouldn't be using two ticket systems at once
19:44:15 <kevin-brown> PR = Pull request
19:44:32 <heidie> ah, OK.
19:45:08 <heidie> OK, let me think about this.
19:45:23 <heidie> Let's continue working on github until I've thought through the ramifications.
19:46:17 <heidie> So are there roadblocks?
19:46:49 <heidie> #action Decided to table the decision to merge to gnome3-wip branch for at least a week.
19:46:56 <heidie> #topic Roadblocks
19:47:27 <stoney> have we decided what we are going to work on?
19:47:35 <stoney> I guess that’s the eye blink thing
19:47:38 <stoney> anything else?
19:47:52 <heidie> Yes, that would be good.
19:48:05 <stoney> python3 compatibility issue that kevin-brown just added
19:48:33 <heidie> yes, good.
19:49:01 <stoney> is there anything else that needs to be done before “merge/release"
19:49:03 <stoney> ?
19:49:44 <kevin-brown> settings GUI?
19:49:52 <stoney> before release?
19:50:17 <heidie> Ah, GUI would be good before release, but not necessarily before merging with gnome3-wip
19:50:17 <kevin-brown> Throwing it out there, should be make one before releasing?
19:50:37 <heidie> I might get the CS 490 students to do this as part of the class.
19:50:47 <heidie> Also don't know when the next GNOME release is.
19:50:50 * heidie looks
19:51:32 <kevin-brown> feature freeze looks like August 18th
19:51:42 <heidie> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/Schedule
19:51:44 <heidie> Yes, it does.
19:51:54 <heidie> thoughts? Should we try for this date?
19:52:27 * heidie thinks that if MouseTrap actually gets used, we may get flooded with bug reports.
19:52:53 * heidie and also thinks that people are likely to file those on Bugzilla unless we make it clear otherwise.
19:54:00 * kevin-brown thinks we should sleep on it until next meeting
19:54:37 <heidie> OK, sure.
19:54:41 <heidie> Add it to the agenda :-)
19:56:30 <stoney> btw
19:56:34 <stoney> I’m not here next week
19:56:40 <stoney> I might be able to get on
19:56:42 <stoney> but I’m not sure
19:56:52 <stoney> oh wait
19:56:57 <stoney> that’s the following week
19:57:00 <stoney> never mind :)
19:57:18 <stoney> summer  gets confusing
19:57:47 <stoney> ok… call it for today?
19:57:58 <heidie> Sure.
19:58:09 <heidie> #endmeeting