19:24:11 <benzea> #startmeeting
19:24:11 <moggi> benzea: or we hand out action items to anyone who did not show up
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19:24:16 <benzea> moggi: go wild!
19:24:24 <benzea> #info thanks to moggi for joining!
19:24:44 <benzea> ah, there are people joining :)
19:24:49 <benzea> moggi: not quick enough, I guess …
19:25:07 <mms> hey, hey, sorry, we are a bit late
19:25:31 <moggi> benzea: for the next conference we need to practice that ;)
19:25:50 <benzea> moggi: next???
19:25:53 <benzea> :-P
19:26:02 <benzea> well, actually, a lot would be easier if you do it again
19:26:24 <benzea> mms: should wo go through the foodstuff?
19:26:51 <mms> you mean the shopping list?
19:27:25 <mms> I don't think so, I am not prepared well to structure that here on the chat and think it would be best to do that on Sunday / Monday when meeting
19:27:31 <benzea> mms: already told muelli there mayb be some sharing of the kitchen on sunday; but I don't expect that is a big deal
19:27:53 <mms> ok, that is no big deal on Sunday it will be easy
19:28:08 <mms> I have finalized the big schedule (on syncthing)
19:28:24 <mms> maybe each of us should read through it and add task that are missing
19:28:25 <benzea> mms: alright, I guess that is OK
19:28:38 <mms> I count on adding how many people we need for each task
19:28:41 <benzea> had kinda hopped to have a better idea of the shopping by now :)
19:28:57 <benzea> hoped
19:29:12 <mms> I can give you numbers but I dont think that going through the shopping list here is appropriate
19:29:18 <benzea> mms: I don't think we will have a shortage of volunteers
19:29:25 <mms> ok great
19:29:53 * benzea listed potential volunteers on https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-volunteer-tasks
19:29:57 <benzea> and the list is not complete
19:29:58 <mms> ok, great
19:30:31 <mms> I will take the items from the list into the spreadsheet
19:30:37 <benzea> mms: ok, cool
19:30:38 <mms> did you have a look at it?
19:30:43 <benzea> spreadsheet?
19:30:51 <mms> the one on syncthing
19:31:01 <benzea> oh, nope
19:31:20 <benzea> where does it live?
19:31:33 <mms> in our shared guadec folder? :-)
19:31:36 * benzea doesnt see any
19:31:46 <benzea> didn't sync to me then yet
19:32:09 <benzea> mms: is that muelli's copy? or maybe I need to add you?
19:32:11 * muelli doesn't see benzea being connected.
19:32:19 * benzea doesn't see anyone being connected
19:32:27 * benzea restarts
19:32:29 <muelli> right.
19:33:02 <benzea> hrm
19:33:08 <benzea> mms: is that just volunteer stuff?
19:33:12 <muelli> version issue, I guess. 0.13 is not backwards compatible.
19:33:15 <benzea> or also shopping planning?
19:33:21 <benzea> ehh
19:33:22 <benzea> stupid
19:33:42 <mms> no for the moment just the planning - I will also put the shopping list there in a few moments
19:34:10 <benzea> mms: ok, so not really missing much then :)
19:34:17 <benzea> muelli: I have 0.14.3+dfsg1-3
19:35:12 <benzea> #info we have tables iff ther eis no exam on saturday which needs them
19:35:26 <mms> ok, cool
19:35:32 <benzea> a bit stupid, but sometimes there are exams that block the whole canteen and festsaal even, and the tables are from the festsaal
19:36:20 <benzea> voc stuff is in order, if bastianilso_ gets his stuff done
19:37:00 <benzea> we have 4 poser tables (the old square ones that are there anyways), i think tht is enough, agreed?
19:37:11 <afranke> Poser table?
19:37:23 <benzea> standing tables?
19:37:47 <mms> yes, but can we bring them on thursday to the info building?
19:38:10 <benzea> mms: i eould try get other ones, preferably from the cs deprtment
19:38:24 <mms> that would be good
19:38:34 <muelli> hm. yeah, the more, the better, I guess
19:38:36 <muelli> for outside.
19:38:39 <benzea> mms: i can ask thm next week only (the guy is on holiday)
19:38:43 <mms> also, could you check that we get access to AKK on wednesday as we said on saturday
19:39:01 <mms> ok
19:39:06 <benzea> mms: that should work, i think
19:39:36 <mms> also, could you check if there is a hose (and water) at the main venue for the green space behind the venue?
19:39:37 <benzea> mms: if cs deprtment fails i cn ask the ee department...
19:39:51 <benzea> mms: puh
19:39:55 <mms> ah and we ordered the lay bags
19:40:05 <benzea> mms: ah, you did that :)
19:40:18 <benzea> mms: tbh. hose probably not
19:40:35 <muelli> :-\
19:40:37 <mms> ah bummer :-)
19:40:46 <benzea> mms: there is a sink in the room behind the smal lecture hall
19:41:21 <muelli> it's more about getting 700L of water to the garden area...
19:41:31 <benzea> welllb .. i mean we could ask tid for stuff, they have everything
19:41:48 <benzea> mms: i guessed that :p
19:42:01 <benzea> muelli even
19:42:06 <mms> :-)
19:42:13 <benzea> muelli: only once?
19:42:48 <muelli> if all goes well.  I hope that water will be stable for 2.5 days.
19:42:51 <benzea> i woud say it i possible to pull off, but we eed to oing the right people at tid
19:42:54 <muelli> I was told that it's on the edge.
19:43:18 <benzea> right, so needs replacing on sat
19:44:11 <muelli> nah. Sunday earliest. But I doubt that we'll have to replace the water.
19:44:29 <benzea> muelli: is it a pool?
19:44:55 <benzea> muelli: my suggestion istonphone "our" janitor on monday about it
19:44:58 <muelli> it's nothing yet. But we could make it a pool for 20 EUR or so :)
19:45:14 * afranke imagines GUADEC attendees drinking with a straw from a swimming pool.
19:45:29 <muelli> yeah afranke :) We got the laybags already. So we're almost there.
19:45:35 <benzea> afranke: then it needs to be sourced from another building :p
19:45:42 <muelli> just need some cool water and tiny baby pools for the drinks and a bigger pool for the people
19:45:46 <benzea> alo, stale
19:45:46 <afranke> muelli, prima.
19:46:04 <muelli> of course, we order sunshine, too.
19:46:23 <benzea> #action get into contact with janitor/TID about water outside
19:46:33 <benzea> sure
19:46:49 <muelli> benzea: the problem with monday is that it's probably too late to ensure that the pool gets delivered in time.
19:46:51 <benzea> muelli: we should kno exactly where we want the hose to end
19:47:05 <benzea> meh
19:47:10 <muelli> it's an investment of 20 EUR. We might as well take the risk.
19:47:29 <muelli> 20.50 to be exact
19:47:31 <muelli> http://www.ebay.de/itm/Bestway-Family-Pool-Blue-Rectangular-262-x-175-x-51-cm-54006-/172200936686?hash=item2817f9c4ee:g:G5EAAOSwbsBXn3g5
19:47:35 <benzea> i am pretty sure we'll maage to fill it somehow ...
19:48:04 <benzea> (akk build theirs using pallets and foil)
19:48:05 <muelli> yeah, we have volunteers right? And 500ml water bottles :>
19:48:11 <benzea> in the past
19:48:17 <benzea> muelli: exactly!
19:49:02 <benzea> what do people think, just buy that thing?
19:49:31 * benzea thinks it is a fun idea and pretty cheap
19:50:04 <moggi> sounds fine, especially if it becomes really hot
19:50:13 <afranke> benzea, +1 from me.
19:50:31 <benzea> muelli: lets order it
19:50:44 <muelli> ja
19:50:44 <afranke> Should we add an info to the website about bringing a swimsuit? :)
19:51:23 <benzea> hah, afr	blog it :p
19:51:29 <benzea> arghs
19:51:35 <benzea> afranke: blog it :p
19:51:47 <afranke> Oh boy.
19:52:03 * afranke needs to put his blog in a decent shape first, then add it to the planet.
19:52:15 <benzea> what has a spool have to do with guadec? you can sit in it and watch the stream from inside :p
19:52:48 <benzea> alright
19:52:53 <benzea> next thing
19:52:57 <benzea> room names
19:53:29 <benzea> the officisl names are "grosser hoersaal"shortened to gr hrsl. and kl. hrsal.
19:53:53 <benzea> schedule has Room 1 and Room 2
19:53:57 <benzea> any good suggestions? :)
19:54:16 <benzea> just wondering if we can come up with something more appropriate
19:54:29 <benzea> like DBus and Corba :-P
19:54:29 <muelli> If we're free to choose then what about "Delhi" and "Gothenburg"?
19:54:40 <moggi> something about karlsruhe maybe
19:54:49 <benzea> muelli: I would just put a note over the normal signs, they are small anyways
19:55:06 <benzea> Delhi and Gothenburg are neat ideas really
19:55:08 <afranke> moggi, Castle and Zoo?
19:55:28 <moggi> afranke: more like construction site 1 and 2 ;)
19:55:46 <benzea> Lotenspunkt 20 and Lotsenpunkt 10?
19:56:24 * benzea would go for Delhi and Gothenburg if no ones has a better suggestion
19:56:28 <muelli> XFCE and KDE ...
19:56:34 <muelli> Windows and Maccle
19:56:34 <afranke> Ada and Grace?
19:56:46 <benzea> hehe
19:57:08 <muelli> emacs  and  vim
19:57:33 <afranke> Miguel and Federico.
19:58:29 <benzea> afranke: isn't that awkward as federico is coming? :)
19:58:51 <afranke> You mean it's awkward that Miguel isn't coming?
19:58:53 <afranke> :)
19:59:02 <benzea> exactly!
19:59:09 <afranke> I'm still rooting for Ada and Grace anyway.
19:59:25 <benzea> it is a fair suggetion, i think
19:59:51 <benzea> should i flip a coin between tht and the cities? :)
20:00:21 * benzea finds both suggestions good
20:00:32 <muelli> yeah.
20:00:37 <afranke> I'm -1 on the cities as they already have release names.
20:00:47 <benzea> ah, alright
20:00:49 <afranke> But apart from that it's a fine suggestion too.
20:01:15 <muelli> that makes it an even better suggestion because then people can relate to it ;-)
20:01:45 * muelli thinks that afranke is just jealous that it's not Strasbourg ;-)
20:02:03 <afranke> muelli, but people want the bleeding edge stuff, so everyone will go to Delhi and not Gothenburg.
20:02:11 * benzea has thrown a coin :p
20:02:15 <muelli> good.
20:02:18 <afranke> muelli, TBH I'm not. :)
20:02:21 <benzea> it said ada and grace ;)
20:02:27 <muelli> good choice
20:02:36 <afranke> I'm jealous for the releases though. :)
20:02:49 <benzea> hehe, true
20:02:51 <afranke> And I refer to 3.16 as Strasbourg. ;)
20:03:04 <benzea> afranke: it is acually great marketing for he events
20:03:06 <afranke> I mean 3.14?
20:03:25 <benzea> ok, what else?
20:03:27 <afranke> Also "I'm going to Gothenburg" is ambiguous. :P
20:03:39 <benzea> *shrug*
20:04:18 <benzea> moggi: what is the status on last minute webite info and a sheet for the hotel?
20:04:46 <moggi> benzea: working on it
20:04:51 <benzea> #agreed name the rooms "Ada" and "Grace" as the german rooms are just technically "small" and "big" lecture hall
20:04:56 <mms> The sheet for the hotel, we can also do on Sunday together maybe?
20:04:57 <benzea> moggi: neat!
20:05:08 <moggi> benzea: publishing the website stuff most likely tomorrow evening
20:05:24 <benzea> mms: sure, I would say we just need to bring it there by thursday noon
20:05:37 <benzea> mms: I'll mention the idea when I update them on the bookings (which I am waiting on kittykat on)
20:05:46 <benzea> but I suppose it shouldn't be an issue
20:05:58 <benzea> moggi: perfect, that should be good
20:06:29 <benzea> muelli: if you are not too bus; I think we still need a codethink and redhat announcement
20:06:32 <benzea> maybe google even
20:06:32 <benzea> on twitter
20:06:46 <muelli> aye.
20:07:29 <benzea> btw. most shippings are arriving; PIA, redhat, gnome box, izettle; next up: t-shirts, voc cases,
20:07:44 <benzea> fsfe stuff
20:07:55 <benzea> and who knows what I am forgetting now :)
20:08:31 <benzea> well, I think that is it from my side
20:09:06 <benzea> I'll need to poke puiterwijk some time about registration
20:09:24 <benzea> #action benzea to remove the ability to print a receipt about local payments through the registration website
20:10:09 <benzea> they are not to the GONME foundation, so that would be incorrect …
20:10:16 <benzea> yay for legal crap
20:10:22 <afranke> When does flock end?
20:10:29 <benzea> tomorrow?
20:10:37 <benzea> oh, could be friday only, not sure
20:11:35 <benzea> we are now at 103 registrations
20:11:40 <benzea> Total registrations: 103 (male: 70, female: 12, other/empty: 21)
20:11:46 <afranke> 🙌
20:12:02 <benzea> moggi: minus one for sgtreamer, plus one for oopen source
20:12:24 * benzea would close the meeting unless someone else needs to discuss something
20:12:30 <benzea> and would say, lets meet on saturday again …
20:12:41 <benzea> muelli: if you are coming
20:12:57 <muelli> sure. we only arrive lateish. like 19:00 or so.
20:13:08 <benzea> ah, then maybe just sunday lunch or so?
20:13:15 * benzea notes his biggest action item is tables
20:13:16 <benzea> is that correct?
20:13:16 <muelli> yeah, we just text or call, I guess.
20:13:24 <benzea> sure
20:13:24 <moggi> saturday is kamuna (so moggi is out)
20:13:46 <benzea> ahh
20:13:49 <benzea> right
20:14:20 * afranke is curious what kamuna is.
20:14:31 <benzea> well, doesn't need to be long, I think; just thinking a quick sync so that we are on track on monday is perfectly enough
20:14:46 <benzea> but, if that fails meeting on monday morning is probably fine too
20:14:50 <benzea> afranke: karlsruher museums nacht
20:14:59 <afranke> Ah nice.
20:15:02 <benzea> afranke: the museums open over night with a number of special events
20:15:25 <afranke> (We have that as a national event once or twice a year)
20:16:05 <benzea> neat
20:16:21 <benzea> #endmeeting