19:19:04 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:19:06 <dperpeet> sure
19:19:32 <benzea> mms: do you have open questions with regard to AKK/kitchen?
19:19:53 <benzea> #action benzea to contact janitor tomorrow and meet with him
19:20:14 * benzea guesses that will both happen tomorrow, he simple hasn't gotten around to it since monday
19:20:55 <benzea> #info we'll probably have a second AP in the foyer thanks to bene
19:21:09 <benzea> (there are 3 event APs that can be setup anywhere with a lan connection basically)
19:22:14 <benzea> #info hotel payment has been send over to LinuxTag
19:22:34 <benzea> hotel seems fine with the situation, we'll probably have some more updates later (one person dropped out already)
19:22:49 <benzea> we might just fill the rooms with people paying for themselves
19:23:59 <benzea> hrm
19:24:10 <afranke> Hrm indeed.
19:24:47 * benzea wonders what urgent things there are to discuss; I don't think we can talk about catering today in any way (and probably will on saturday)
19:25:01 <benzea> the important venue stuff is basically blocking on me, I think
19:25:23 <benzea> #info the CCC VOC people have been in contact about shipping the equipment
19:25:40 <benzea> what would be good would be some marketing/blog post to tell people to register
19:26:17 <benzea> it isn't that important, but we really don't want to end up having everyone register on site
19:26:56 <benzea> ohh
19:27:00 <benzea> #topic Artwork
19:27:04 <benzea> we need signs, and stuff
19:27:11 <benzea> can anyone come up with a list of what would be useful to have?
19:27:44 <dperpeet> list of artwork? stuff that's missing?
19:28:20 <benzea> well, we'll want a couple of signs to point to the venue and (workshop and main)
19:28:42 <bastianilso_> last year we had signs for the rooms and signs for the toilets
19:28:53 <bastianilso_> we also have a banner from last year i presume?
19:28:57 <benzea> then we also need to print at least large schedules
19:29:05 <bastianilso_> the big one with the sponsor logos on
19:29:08 <dperpeet> a couple of signs around the KIT campus would probably be nice
19:29:12 <benzea> bastianilso_: it is currntly hanging at the canteen
19:29:22 <bastianilso_> benzea: wow already?
19:29:23 <bastianilso_> :)
19:29:27 <benzea> bastianilso_: uhm, for weeks!
19:29:41 <bastianilso_> benzea: wow awesome
19:30:12 <benzea> dperpeet: yep, shouldn't be bad really
19:30:25 <benzea> but preparing that stuff would probably go a long way in the week before the conference
19:30:45 <bastianilso_> do we have time to make proper signs or are we just planning to print on A4
19:31:04 <benzea> with regard to printing and stuff; I did a little bit of work on a script to generate a schedule
19:31:07 <benzea> https://github.com/benzea/guadec-stuff/tree/master/schedule
19:31:41 <benzea> it is rather rough, but my thought was to merge the descriptions/presenters from the website with an ODS spreadsheet that has the slot times
19:31:59 <benzea> and, it is not done yet; we really need the schedule.xml file for the streaming
19:32:36 <bastianilso_> nice :)
19:33:23 <benzea> muelli: btw. there are android apps that can you can feed the schedule.xml, so if we put the URL + qr code on the website people can use that
19:34:03 <benzea> #action Complete script to generate schedule.xml and maybe HTML for the schedule
19:34:30 <benzea> #action Create a list of signs/printouts that we want
19:35:16 <benzea> for setup in the venue the main missing thing are tables and chairs ;-)
19:35:30 <benzea> but, I guess that is my problem to sort out … (as said before, I have backup plans)
19:35:44 <benzea> #topic Misc
19:35:49 <benzea> eh, that doesn't fit anymore slowly …
19:35:55 <muelli> yes
19:36:07 <muelli> that's why I was nagging for the schedule.xml :o)
19:36:50 <benzea> ohh, wireless microphones
19:36:50 <bastianilso_> the overlays for the videos is more or less done
19:37:12 <benzea> bastianilso_: what about a simple theme for the streaming site?
19:37:27 <bastianilso_> yea that would be nice although i havent wrapped my head around doing that yet
19:37:32 <benzea> bastianilso_: my guess is we should just create a pull request when it is, but I can ask
19:37:39 <bastianilso_> but if it's just some css then it shouldnt be a problem
19:37:47 <marina> benzea: did you see my e-mail about the agreement? I'd like to get Red Hat listed as a sponsor as soon as possible, and it's blocking on having an agreement for GUADEC (or being able to state that there is no agreement)
19:38:00 <benzea> marina: I have listed redhat on the main page
19:38:15 <benzea> marina: I didn't receive a blurb from redhat yet, which is why they are not listed on the sponsors page yet
19:38:41 <marina> benzea: I don't think that's ok because Red Hat didn't yet approve the agreement
19:38:46 <benzea> marina: I was thinking the board was sorting that o and I wouldn't need to comment
19:39:10 <marina> benzea: could you remove Red Hat for now please
19:39:24 <dperpeet> who's following up with Red Hat?
19:39:35 <marina> benzea, dperpeet: I am
19:39:37 <benzea> afranke?
19:39:46 <dperpeet> marina, do you need help with contacting people there?
19:39:46 <benzea> could you comment?
19:40:30 <marina> benzea, dperpeet: (I work for Red Hat) Red Hat has sponsorship lined up, but the process here is that legal needs to review the agreement for sponsorship first (if there is an agreement)
19:41:04 <marina> benzea, dperpeet: I updated the exact agreement used in the last two years, and sent it to you and GNOME Board
19:41:29 <benzea> marina: I know listing redhat isn't really correct … unfortunately things got delayed on both sides repeatedly :/
19:41:29 <marina> benzea: as long as you are ok delegating it to the GNOME board to approve it, that is fine, but I wanted to keep you in the loop
19:41:31 <dperpeet> I got that e-mail, I wasn't aware you work for Red Hat - I offered my help because I also work for Red Hat
19:41:41 <dperpeet> :)
19:41:42 <benzea> marina: yeah, that is fine with me really
19:41:50 <marina> benzea: I know... that's why I stepped up to update the agreement...
19:42:16 <marina> benzea: but please remove it for now - it will look bad if someone is reviewing the agreement and it's already listed
19:42:28 <marina> (as much as I would love to have it listed as soon as possible)
19:42:34 <benzea> marina: removed
19:43:00 <benzea> ehh, html comments don't work there
19:43:13 <benzea> now
19:43:19 <marina> dperpeet: oh, hi :) no, it's all arranged, but blocking on the agreement that GNOME Board needs to ok
19:43:24 <marina> benzea: thanks!
19:43:32 <benzea> it has been aranged for at least two months or so …
19:43:35 <dperpeet> great, thanks - let me know if I can help
19:43:45 <marina> benzea: yeah...
19:44:04 <marina> dperpeet: thanks!
19:44:11 * benzea wonders wh /me wonders what happened to afranke
19:44:35 <benzea> arghs, that happens when the connectivity hangs
19:44:52 <afranke> benzea: dehydration happened.
19:44:58 * afranke catches up.
19:45:04 <benzea> afranke: ah, not good! hydrate!
19:45:08 <marina> benzea: also, I checked with a few more women coming to GUADEC, who have been to the women's dinner before, and majority would like to see an official women and genderqueer people only dinner
19:45:14 <benzea> afranke: long story short, will th eboard ack the agreement?
19:45:29 <afranke> We did.
19:45:36 <marina> benzea: at this point, it's me, zana, Meg Ford, and Adelia Rahim
19:45:42 <afranke> I mean we voted in favor yesterday at our meeting.
19:45:47 <benzea> afranke: that means we don#t need to do anything?
19:45:51 <marina> benzea: would that be ok with you?
19:45:53 * benzea wonders why this didn't get through to marina then
19:46:20 <afranke> benzea: let me get the minutes to check out the details.
19:46:39 <marina> afranke: great, could you send a quick response to my e-mail letting me know about the vote
19:47:20 <afranke> zana will get back to marina.
19:47:42 <benzea> alright, that should resolve that then
19:47:47 <marina> afranke: ok, thanks
19:48:04 <benzea> the womens dinner stuff hasn't really be discussed; I think I'll talk to mms about it a bit on saturday
19:48:26 <marina> benzea: ok, thanks!
19:48:36 * benzea doesn't see much of a point discussing it here now; it is too likely to end in flamewars and misunderstandings unfortunately
19:49:12 <marina> benzea: I found two examples of women only events at large free software conferences with strong codes of conduct
19:49:14 <marina> https://us.pycon.org/2016/events/pyladieslunch/
19:49:14 <marina> http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/archive/2015/linuxcon-europe/attend/women-attendees
19:49:14 <benzea> marina: but my general idea with opening up wasn't that everyone would come; it is just not having an explicit lits of "sanctioned" minorities (LGBTIQA+ or whatever …)
19:50:12 <marina> benzea: I understand, but really should be up to the minorities to decide on the format
19:50:15 <dperpeet> wouldn't it be easier to just say "everyone except hetero men"?
19:50:47 <benzea> marina: I fully understand the idea and I can even relate to it somewhat; the problem is that I am *very* much anti discriminatory in any way, and this does include positive discriminiation in most cases
19:51:01 <marina> benzea: LGBTQ event would be a separate event, if there was a group that wanted to hold it
19:51:41 <dperpeet> ah ok
19:51:48 <dperpeet> I thought it was one
19:51:52 <benzea> marina: and it is also a delicate question of how you define the goal of the dinner itself
19:52:29 <afranke> dperpeet: hetero men would be welcome if they were not cis.
19:52:44 <marina> benzea: I understand that an idea of positive discrimination is more prevalent in Europe, but really a supportive event for a minority group is not discrimination
19:52:47 * dperpeet has to google
19:53:26 <benzea> marina: heck, germany has laws saying the state can only positively discriminate if there is a proven negative discrimination
19:53:26 <marina> benzea: the preferred goal is for women to be able to connect and talk in a comfortable environment
19:54:15 <benzea> that includes gender, race, age, and some other things
19:54:16 <marina> benzea: I think there is proven negative discrimination in a larger technology context
19:54:45 <afranke> benzea: I think it's time for me to close this window. Anything left to tell me before I leave?
19:54:57 <benzea> hmm, lets see
19:55:14 * benzea isn't quite sure
19:55:33 <benzea> it always feels like I am forgetting stuff; but then GUADEC isn't that complicated …
19:55:44 <benzea> (compared to a large party for example)
19:55:53 <dperpeet> benzea, I agree with marina that there is proven negative discrimination in a larger context here
19:56:09 * afranke notes that benzea invites us to a large party next summer.
19:56:23 <dperpeet> oh nice, benzea is throwing a party!
19:56:39 <benzea> i never said that!
19:56:59 <afranke> You should have.
19:57:31 <benzea> afranke: you could have come here last weekend!
19:57:46 <benzea> mms, muelli: do you want to talk about something?
19:58:03 <marina> benzea: another way to think about it is if we were doing an event with men, it would put women a lot more on the spot to talk about the problems they face and represent, and not just be themselves and have a more relaxing conversation; I absolutely think we need events with allies and we will have a diversity BoF, but for a particular dinner format, where people can't moved around very much, many of the women I talked to would li
19:58:03 <marina> ke to keep it smaller and maximize an opportunity for women to meet each other
19:58:04 <muelli> hm. nope.
19:58:31 <benzea> oh, really?
19:58:37 <benzea> I guess it can wait till saturday?
19:58:52 <afranke> marina: please stop now.
19:58:55 <marina> benzea: yes, sure, I think I shared all my updates on this :)
19:58:57 <benzea> afranke: please kick me tomorrow evening around 19:00
19:59:09 <benzea> marina: cool
19:59:14 <afranke> benzea:  about what?
19:59:20 <benzea> afranke: Z10 equpiment
19:59:24 <afranke> Ok.
20:00:00 <benzea> ok, well
20:00:02 <benzea> #endmeeting