19:17:55 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:18:03 <benzea> #topic T-Shirt
19:18:15 <benzea> hm, bastianilso doesn't seem to have made it
19:18:21 <benzea> have people looked at the design suggestion?
19:18:34 <benzea> ah
19:18:36 <benzea> there he is
19:18:45 <afranke> Speak of the devil.
19:18:59 <bastianilso> hi
19:19:03 * bastianilso just put a pie in the oven
19:19:05 <bastianilso> :)
19:19:33 <benzea> #url https://blogs.gnome.org/bastian/files/2016/07/free-the-desktop-solidversion.png
19:19:40 <benzea> that is the design
19:19:45 <muelli> #link  https://blogs.gnome.org/bastian/files/2016/07/free-the-desktop-solidversion.png
19:19:47 <benzea> his suggestion was to use those two colours
19:20:54 <mms> the grey is really a good choice
19:22:07 <benzea> I like both; would expect the blue to be more popular
19:22:36 <benzea> bastianilso: do you know what other colours we can choose?
19:22:59 <bastianilso> benzea: at the moment im looking at the same tshirt model as last year, these are the available colors http://www.graphywest.com/t-shirt_21_t-shirt-homme_imperial__imperial.html
19:23:16 <bastianilso> we can choose other tshirt models but then the color availability become limited
19:23:24 <benzea> right
19:24:02 <benzea> just wondered, it is probably fine with not using red for volunteers; it has a bit of a tradition for a couple of years though
19:24:59 <benzea> should we decide on this?
19:25:09 <benzea> it would be a t-shirt that is not at all conference specific
19:25:24 <benzea> i.e. not even a reference to e.g. karlsruhe
19:26:03 * benzea considers silence approval in the sense that it would be fine to adopt bastianilso suggestion without changes
19:26:14 <afranke> Hmm no reference to the city last year either.
19:26:22 <benzea> yep
19:26:34 <benzea> kittykat always suggested having a small print "GUADEC 2016" or similar somewhere in the design
19:26:35 <afranke> It's easier to sell the leftovers afterwards.
19:26:38 <benzea> but others disagree on that
19:26:42 <benzea> yep
19:26:43 <bastianilso> yea
19:27:05 <benzea> I am not sure how easy it would be to sell with a small note about the year
19:27:12 <bastianilso> well, maybe graphy west could print a reference on the inside, so guadec 2016 becomes the brand, next to the tshirt size :)
19:27:23 * muelli shrugs and thinks that whoever is actually doing the work gets to decide
19:27:42 <benzea> haha
19:28:22 <benzea> #agreed the suggested design and colours are fine
19:28:34 <muelli> also: I think that trying to make a guess about what people will eventually buy is not a good idea. I remember very well that we sold many old shirts, even conference ones, at FOSDEM a couple of years ago.
19:29:04 * benzea has no clue how easy it was to sell conference t-shirts in the past
19:29:22 <benzea> I would have found some sort of reference nice, but it might be hard (other than adding a string)
19:29:24 <zana> I have heard people grumble when there are no conference specific shirts
19:29:54 <afranke> Yeah but then they don't buy the leftovers…
19:30:29 <benzea> hehe, deadlock :)
19:30:36 <bastianilso> i think it could be cool with a reference inside the shirt http://compete-tee-tion.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/gryphony-insidecollar.jpg
19:31:09 <afranke> "I’m sure whatever defaults I choose will mortally offend someone." -- Richard Hughes
19:31:22 <mms> the inside logo sounds like an interesting idea
19:31:25 <benzea> so, lets say this: we go ahead with this t-shirt but if people have a good idea for something that contains a reference we reconsider?
19:31:38 * benzea wonders what the inside logo would cost extra
19:31:44 <afranke> bastianilso, probably costs extra, worth asking.
19:31:53 <bastianilso> definitely worth asking
19:31:56 <benzea> it might not, if it can be printed in the same step
19:31:56 <mms> for sure it does, but if it is not a lot, we should really consider that option
19:32:23 <benzea> "GAUDEC 2016 limited edition"
19:32:30 <benzea> :D
19:32:37 <mms> I like that :-)
19:32:56 <benzea> anyone feels the need to bikeshed on the t-shirt for longer?
19:33:19 <bastianilso> im still wondering about the volunteer thing
19:33:28 <mms> no, but I really think we should consider the inside logo option!
19:33:38 <mms> red for volunteers you mean?
19:33:47 <bastianilso> if we say fx blue is only volunteers, maybe people want to have the blue anyway..
19:34:25 <zana> I always thought red was chosen for volunteers because that is easiest to spot in a room
19:34:29 <benzea> bastianilso: hah, guadec 2007 the blue for volunteers was much nicer than the beige for everyone else :)
19:34:41 <afranke> bastianilso, people always want what they can't get.
19:34:43 <benzea> zana: yeah, I think that is the argumetn
19:34:57 <mms> I agree with zana that red would be good to spot volunteers
19:35:12 <afranke> benzea, yellow? :)
19:35:19 <afranke> (A.k.a. told you so)
19:35:21 <bastianilso> heh yea, question is how dealbreaking/useful it has been to spot in practice :) - but i think its a good argument to either change color or add it as a third color
19:35:49 <mms> red and yellow are the colours of Karlsruhe and they are easy to spot
19:35:50 <benzea> not sure, it doesn't seem like it should be a huge issue
19:36:33 <bastianilso> long-time volunteers must have quite a few red shirts by now... :P
19:36:49 <benzea> hehe
19:36:51 <muelli> hrhr
19:37:28 <benzea> mms: I don't think anyone would actually understand that reference :)
19:37:42 <mms> true indeed
19:38:12 <benzea> the 2011 was kinda neat, I think it is supposed to be the berlin tv tower
19:38:51 <benzea> with a face or something (with a "Desktop Summit" on the sleve)
19:38:58 <afranke> Team Ketchup vs. Team Mustard?
19:39:05 <mms> hihi
19:39:23 <mms> perfect for the soccer match :-)
19:39:23 <benzea> hehe
19:39:32 <benzea> volunteers against everyone else!
19:39:35 <benzea> that sounds evil
19:39:48 <benzea> ok, I don't want to keep discussing this now (it is kinda fun though)
19:40:16 <bastianilso> :p
19:40:45 <benzea> would be nice to check the option for the inside (or maybe sleve) print
19:41:16 <benzea> and if someone has other ideas for other ways to reference karlsruhe, feel free to voice them :)
19:41:16 <bastianilso> i'll e-mail pterjan and make sure he asks about that
19:41:25 <benzea> bastianilso: thanks!
19:41:54 <benzea> #action bastianilso to check whether an inside custom label can be printed as a customization
19:42:04 <benzea> #topic Jam Session
19:42:11 <benzea> so, I was considering doing a jam session at Z10
19:42:20 <benzea> the problem with that is organizing instruments
19:42:38 <benzea> I have called Musikhaus Schleile and Rockshop, and it seems that only Rockshop would actually rent e.g. guitars
19:42:53 <benzea> but it appears to be quite expensive; that means I would expect like 500-1k€ if one wants to do that
19:43:13 <benzea> which is similar to what I would want to spend on drink vouchers already …
19:43:37 <benzea> to be honest, I am not sure whether it is worth to follow up on that with the current budget
19:44:30 <benzea> probably not, unless we figure that we don't need rental instruments; I think there is one semi broken drum set, a bad e-guitar and I might be able to organize a stage piano
19:44:44 <benzea> s/bad/cheap/, no idea how good it is
19:45:28 <afranke> That's really minimal.
19:45:36 <benzea> well, yes
19:45:48 <benzea> afranke: you can bring a bass maybe? :P
19:46:01 <afranke> Apart from the White Stripes and Blood red shoes, I don't know many bands that only do guitar + drums. ;)
19:46:05 <benzea> (other audio equpiment isn't an issue)
19:46:23 <afranke> I don't have a bass, and it'll probably be tough for me to bring anything.
19:46:34 <benzea> oh, you are biking? :)
19:46:43 <afranke> I'm training.
19:46:44 <afranke> ;)
19:46:50 <afranke> But I may bring the bike.
19:47:05 <benzea> hehe
19:47:26 <benzea> anyway, I might ask around a bit, but will probably not unless people keep poking me about it …
19:47:35 * afranke pokes benzea.
19:47:42 <benzea> hehe
19:47:46 * benzea moves on
19:47:49 <benzea> #topic Keynotes
19:48:02 <benzea> muelli: I saw you updated the wiki; are you going to put it on the website too?
19:48:03 <mms> no, just one last question on the last topic
19:48:09 <benzea> #undo
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19:48:12 <benzea> mms: sure
19:48:23 <mms> do people know already that there is a jam session?
19:48:33 <afranke> NO.
19:48:37 <benzea> well, there is none right now
19:49:01 <benzea> there is just the theory that we have much of the required equipment there and it should be possible to pull off
19:49:09 <mms> ok, but if instruments are a problem, we should figure out if people that are not coming by plane (but auto or train) might bring there own
19:49:22 <benzea> yeah, then it would likely work
19:49:34 <benzea> but I don't know who might be interested
19:50:17 <afranke> There are pages with past jams and lists of names.
19:50:30 <benzea> but they must have had intrustments from somewhere!
19:50:38 <benzea> afranke: I haven't seen them
19:51:04 <afranke> Your wiki search fu is weak.
19:51:23 <benzea> afranke: ok, how about you contact a couple of people? :P
19:51:32 <muelli> would it be an option to metnion the availability of the stage and that interested people shall bring their equipment?
19:51:44 <afranke> benzea, ok.
19:51:46 <muelli> IOW: do we need to know right now whether people bring stuff and make some music?
19:51:57 <benzea> muelli: well, I need to know in advanced, because we need a person to handle the audio equipment
19:52:00 <benzea> muelli: a Z10 person
19:52:14 <muelli> I see.
19:52:40 <benzea> muelli: the usual chicken and egg problem …
19:52:49 <muelli> right.
19:53:11 <benzea> #action afranke to ping a few people on whether they would be interested in a jam session and music instruments can be organized
19:53:14 <benzea> :-P
19:53:29 <benzea> #topic Keynotes
19:53:32 <benzea> muelli: now :)
19:53:52 * muelli updated https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Keynotes but it looks awful :-/
19:53:55 <muelli> v
19:53:56 <muelli> so it'd be great if anybody could fix it :-\
19:54:00 <muelli> oops...
19:54:08 <muelli> My intention was to have that interview style post with the keynote speakers, but currently I don't think I have the capacity to pull that off.
19:54:13 <benzea> muelli: nobody cares about how the wiki looks :)
19:54:13 <muelli> I should be able to put it up on the Web site somewhere, though.  I take suggestions as to where to put it.  Also: If anybody gets around to do it faster than I do: great.
19:55:10 <benzea> ok, maybe moggi can also do it, he has been updating the website quite a bit
19:55:16 <benzea> #action publish the keynotes on the website
19:55:34 <benzea> #action muelli to look into interview style keynote anouncements
19:55:44 <benzea> first one hopefully moggi :)
19:56:04 <benzea> muelli: have they booked their travel?
19:56:11 <benzea> what about accomodation?
19:56:22 <benzea> also, any idea which one we allocate on which date?
19:57:01 <muelli> bradley sent an email to the hotel.  I don't konw about Werner, but he seems to have a proficient knowledge of Karlsruhe, so I have no doubt he will get around well.
19:57:27 <benzea> yeah, I am not really to concerend with Werner
19:57:33 <benzea> bradley also needs to book is air travel obviously
19:57:38 <muelli> sure.
19:57:52 <muelli> he's got another engagement in Berlin just after GUADEC. I'm not concerned at all.
19:58:01 <benzea> hehe
19:58:27 <benzea> fair enough; I assume it shouldn't be a big issue to figure out a scheduling and stuff
19:58:41 * benzea leaves it at this
19:58:46 <benzea> #topic Sponsors
19:58:53 <muelli> I don't know about allocation. Currently, I don't think it matters much. For now, I think we can randomly assign either day.
19:59:10 <benzea> hrm, I have the feeling that not much has happened last week
19:59:16 <benzea> (except dperpeet looking up some info)
19:59:33 <benzea> which is both kittykat being busy, and me assuming she would reply to centricular and codethink
19:59:45 <muelli> we have perpared replies.
19:59:52 <benzea> hah, everyone has?
19:59:54 <muelli> in fact one is in the outbox waiting to be sent.
19:59:59 <benzea> lol
20:00:04 <muelli> We'll also cook smth up for centricular.
20:00:05 <kittykat> same here, but mine was missing the amount for the party
20:00:06 <benzea> yay, I think kittykat also has something prepared …
20:00:42 * kittykat is off home now
20:01:01 <benzea> maybe just make sure guadec-organization is CC'ed to any reply?
20:01:15 <benzea> it is rather sad that we didn't reply quicker :-/
20:01:19 * benzea feels bad for not poking more often
20:01:40 <muelli> it depends a little on the available options for getting drunk, of course.  We intend to call Hoepfer tomorrow to confirm the price they mentioned.
20:01:56 <benzea> oh, right Hoepfener
20:02:03 <muelli> but we intend to trying to talk them into Bronze first and then take it from there.
20:02:04 <benzea> muelli: dperpeet was saying 20-50€ per person
20:02:08 <muelli> O-o
20:02:26 <benzea> yeah, bronze would be financially better for us, and we have an alternative for the social event
20:02:42 <muelli> nah. of course the party goes on top of Bronze ;-)
20:02:46 <muelli> with a discount, of course
20:02:51 <benzea> right
20:03:11 <muelli> so yeah, we'll be cooking smth up.
20:03:15 <muelli> lemme pastebin the current draft
20:03:42 <muelli> http://paste.ubuntu.com/18654934/
20:03:45 <benzea> ok, I will send it out tomorrow evening if you don't :-P
20:03:56 <muelli> fair enough.
20:04:33 <benzea> ah, pretty short of a reply, but could fine for a start
20:04:38 * benzea wonders what kittykat has written
20:04:46 <muelli> we're still writing -.-
20:04:52 <benzea> right :)
20:05:01 <benzea> no point in talking about this further then, I guess
20:05:03 <benzea> #topic Venue
20:05:16 <benzea> #info the SCC has patched the network for video streaming
20:05:26 <benzea> hm, anything else?
20:05:44 <benzea> apparently people are on holiday or so, so the contract will take more time
20:05:53 * benzea has poked and got an away notification
20:06:12 <benzea> I don't think I have anything with this regard
20:06:21 <benzea> #topic Volunteer Schedule
20:06:31 <benzea> nothing happened so far, but I think we are getting close enough now
20:06:42 <benzea> that we will need to start with more detailed planning soon
20:06:56 <benzea> i.e. I really should create a first draft of all the different tasks we have
20:07:07 <benzea> #action benzea to create a draft volunteer schedule
20:07:17 <benzea> #topic Pasteries
20:07:23 <benzea> mms: any news on this front?
20:07:31 <benzea> oh, I think I forgot to forward the email to you
20:07:49 <mms> i called neff and meier
20:08:23 <mms> and i have now good estimates...but I also think that we should not order all the items for the coffee break from one place
20:08:53 <mms> I will send (latest on Monday) a detailed suggestion with detailed costs for everything so that we can take a final decision
20:08:56 <mms> is that ok?
20:09:40 <benzea> mms: sounds perfect!
20:09:43 <mms> I have for instance a second call tomorrow with Edeka and they might be an alternative option (and a cheaper one) to some of the stuff we need for the coffee breaks
20:10:36 <mms> ok, so email on Monday and final approval on Wednesday, ok?
20:10:46 <benzea> sure
20:10:58 * benzea is already happy that there is some progress
20:11:04 <benzea> it is not that urgent yet
20:11:11 <benzea> #topic Pending Action Items
20:11:16 <benzea> so, looking at my list:
20:11:24 <benzea> * I have to talk to the studierendenwerk about lunch
20:11:41 <benzea> (also about tables/chairs maybe)
20:12:08 <benzea> * we'll want an update from the TC about hotel some time, but not time critical at this point
20:12:26 <benzea> bastianilso: what is the status on the video intro/outro?
20:12:50 <benzea> * we need a utility for schedule creation (printing and machine readable)
20:13:01 <benzea> * we wanted to do some press work
20:13:16 <benzea> * water for attendees (bottles? dispenser?)
20:13:28 <mms> I am looking into that we edeka tomorrow
20:13:32 <mms> (the bottle part)
20:14:37 <benzea> the worst case option is probably ordering drinks from somewhere including a refrigeration trailer
20:14:56 <benzea> though I can probably be find some (non-refrigated) storage
20:15:32 <benzea> ok, that seems to be the list of important old stuff that I found
20:15:48 <benzea> (and some stuff more stuff for myself …)
20:15:54 <benzea> #topic Misc
20:15:56 <benzea> anything else?
20:16:17 <benzea> mms: we talked about having a call some time, should we do that?
20:16:43 <mms> I guess it can be handy for doing the detailed planning
20:16:46 <benzea> (as a more efficient way to coordinate some local organizational stuff)
20:16:51 <mms> exactly
20:17:01 <benzea> yeah, just asking whether we should start sooner or later :)
20:17:40 <benzea> e.g. end of this week (friday?) or maybe only in one or two weeks
20:18:02 <benzea> baedert: BoFs annoucement ;-)
20:19:10 <benzea> oh, I phoned up the city earlier today about whether one should get a permit for picnic/games in the park
20:19:26 <benzea> she was like "good question" couldn't really answer but then decided it shouldn't matter
20:19:36 <benzea> as long as one doesn't try to kick other peoples out
20:20:02 * benzea will end the meeting in a bit
20:20:06 <benzea> 5
20:20:10 <benzea> 4
20:20:14 <mms> cool that means all fine for picnic and game in the parc?
20:20:17 <afranke> C-C-Combo breaker
20:20:25 <benzea> mms: yeah
20:20:41 <benzea> mms: I am still considering the fasenengarten (no football area)
20:20:54 <mms> cool stuff! (do you also want then a prepared detailed budget / item list for picnic while I am at it?)
20:20:58 <benzea> mms: alternatively, around the schloss gettausau there are two "fields"
20:21:11 <muelli> that could be good.
20:21:13 <benzea> mms: fine with me
20:21:23 <benzea> mms: which probably requires planning on what one wants to prepare
20:21:33 <benzea> but yeah, if you think about that, I would be happy
20:21:41 <mms> i have a few ideas
20:22:25 <benzea> same for thursday, the bbq idea …
20:22:32 <benzea> mms: but I can also ask someone else for that
20:23:10 <mms> I let you know by the weekend whether I need help with that, ok?
20:23:16 <benzea> sure
20:23:44 <benzea> yay
20:23:53 * benzea continues his countdown ;-)
20:23:55 <benzea> 3
20:24:08 <mms> night night :-)
20:24:11 <benzea> 2
20:24:16 <benzea> 1
20:24:20 <muelli> cool. gn8!
20:24:20 <benzea> #endmeeting