19:15:35 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:16:09 <benzea> kittykat, afranke, are you around?
19:16:16 <afranke> Yes.
19:16:27 <benzea> #topic Sponsors
19:17:36 <benzea> muelli: hm, cool about having a coffee sponsor; what confuses me a bit is the drink voucher thing as that means we cannot move away from a Z10 event which includes vouchers (and there seemed interested to do just that)
19:18:24 <muelli> benzea: that's what I could offer them as we didn't have anything else.
19:18:35 <muelli> benzea: but I'm confident that we'll find an arragement if things change
19:18:50 <benzea> right, so basically they are happy to do the coffee stuff if we add some sort of small extra?
19:18:56 <muelli> I mean, we can probably easily produce vouchers of some form no matter what we end up doing.
19:19:55 <benzea> yeah, it is just that kittykat asked me basically the same thing whether we have other social event options that are good for a sponsored event
19:19:57 <muelli> heh. the party thing used to be the main thing with the presence during the workshops being a little extra ;-)
19:20:26 <benzea> hm, is this workshop or core days then?
19:21:06 * benzea is just trying to understand what kind of agreement there is and how to move forward on it
19:21:11 <muelli> the workshops are during workshop time, last time I've checked ;-)
19:21:37 <benzea> ah, I should read
19:22:08 <benzea> you are actually saysing 1.5k just for a proper coffee break during the workshops and some vouchers at a social event?
19:22:10 <muelli> it's simple and there not significantly more information than what is in that email.   I hope we can provide some space during the workshops and that we can put up some catering. Maybe coffee with some pastries.
19:22:16 <muelli> I actually don't know whether they intend to organise the catering themselves.
19:22:46 <muelli> and, at least as of now, we can hopefully provide some $thing that materialises into beer with their logo or text.
19:23:15 <muelli> benzea: yeah. well. and an interview on the web page. They were keen on that, too. And I am happy to provide that.
19:23:21 * moggi is here for 10 minutes
19:23:50 <muelli> and we need to go forward by ensuring that we can provide them a space during the workshops.
19:24:13 <benzea> muelli: right
19:24:24 <muelli> and by checking who will get the catering, i.e. us or them. I assume us, but it's not very clear as of now (and it's okay, we've just sort of getting into an agreement there).
19:24:29 <benzea> muelli: to be honest, I am still a bit confused, but it is getting clearer now :)
19:25:09 <muelli> and then we need to actually extort the money. But my feeling is that this has some time. But I might miss details there.
19:25:39 <benzea> muelli: well, we need some sort of formal agreement, i.e. either money or a signed contract
19:25:45 <muelli> sure
19:26:06 <muelli> so for me it's unclear where exactly the space during the workshops shall be. And what exactly we do reg. beer vouchers.
19:26:38 * muelli hopes that with the design work around the videos and the signage, we also get an idea of how to produce well enough looking paper with some custom content.
19:27:17 <muelli> and.. on a related note, I think Z10 is a fine thing to do. We won't get drunk any cheaper than that.
19:27:40 <andreasn> do you know all signage that is needed already?
19:27:43 <benzea> yep, and I still have hope to include a small jam session (afranke, kick me!)
19:28:06 <andreasn> I can build upon bastians work and put together those next week if you have a list
19:28:07 * afranke kicks benzea.
19:28:13 <benzea> afranke: thanks :)
19:28:17 <afranke> Sure.
19:28:47 <benzea> muelli: ok, if you want to move forward on this, then could you please draft some sort of text what exactly they get
19:28:51 <muelli> andreasn: hrm. good point. I've sent a few examples of what I think will be needed. But I don't know, e.g. what we put on for room names. Or how to naviagate between the rooms.
19:28:57 <benzea> muelli: and if it is so we figure out what we need to do
19:29:17 <andreasn> last year we did them just a couple of days before the conference
19:29:22 <andreasn> but the earlier the better I guess
19:29:41 <benzea> tbh. I am not that concerend with most signs right now :)
19:29:56 <afranke> Side note: it's good to have "virgin" ones for the unexpected.
19:29:57 <muelli> benzea: I don't think I can make it more precise than what it is right now. Presence incl. catering during workshops and some form of presence (currently logo on vouchers) for beer during some event.
19:30:01 <benzea> andreasn: maybe a design for a workshop certificate?
19:30:19 <andreasn> benzea: sure! I'm happy to do that
19:30:29 <benzea> muelli: but not in the sense that they actually have a person there?
19:30:56 <andreasn> brb
19:31:16 <muelli> benzea: they seem to be wanting to send someone.
19:32:20 <benzea> aha?
19:33:17 <benzea> alright
19:33:46 <benzea> I don't think it makes sense to talk about this more right now
19:34:34 <benzea> but if we want an actual presense of them during the workshops or more complicated catering that might require a ping with the faculty
19:35:06 <benzea> muelli: though I think the reserveration includes 5 rooms right now and we only need 4, which might come in handy (one of them was for the foundation meetings, which are elsewhere now)
19:35:44 * benzea is not entirely convinced about this though for some reason
19:36:17 <muelli> does it cost us money to also take the other room..? if not that I'd just take it also...
19:36:30 <benzea> nope, shouldn't
19:36:53 <benzea> but would be the nice thing to do to return it if we dno't need it
19:37:33 <benzea> ok, anything else with regard to sponsors?
19:38:03 <benzea> nekohayo: any idea what is going on with regard to google?
19:38:27 <benzea> nekohayo: I know marina got involved, but have not heard anything since
19:38:43 <benzea> ok
19:38:50 <benzea> #topic BoFs
19:39:10 <benzea> baedert: are you up to maybe send a short call for BoFs to foundation-list and desktop-devel-list?
19:39:31 <benzea> #action baedert to send out a call for BoFs
19:39:34 <benzea> there :-P
19:39:47 <benzea> #action Merchandise
19:39:53 <baedert> I can do that, do we have a link or something to previous mails so I know what to include?
19:41:29 <benzea> mms: so, it seems like last years t-shirts were just under 6€
19:42:23 <benzea> mms: so it might not be worth following up with your place
19:42:25 <muelli> would make sense. The ones I had printed for FOSDEM a few years back were about 2 EUR each. Plus another EUR for the printing.
19:42:51 <benzea> baedert: hmm, don't have anything at hand right now tbh
19:43:02 <benzea> muelli: 3€?
19:43:35 <mms> ok :-) the price I mentioned was anyway for the top-edge tshirts ... cheaper is always possible, but I don't know what we want ...
19:43:45 * benzea just calculated 5.87€/shirt with last years place including taxes
19:43:51 <benzea> and shipping
19:43:54 <muelli> that's good.
19:44:17 <mms> then we should not think too long and just go for something without waiting too long
19:44:27 <benzea> and it seems like the quality was OK, so don't see a point in searching around much
19:44:50 <benzea> yup, so as discussed earlier, pterjan can handle it :)
19:45:00 <benzea> #topic venue
19:45:12 <benzea> so, no contract yet, I hope to hear back soon (I have pinged KIT again)
19:45:46 <benzea> baedert: haha, did you just ping the GTK+ people about bofs? :)
19:46:25 <benzea> one thing I still need to consider right now are where to get tables/chairs
19:47:03 <benzea> best case is some other room in the building, alternative plan would be to first ask the studierendenwerk and then maybe check whether we can raid some other rooms
19:47:12 <benzea> just so you know that I am on to that …
19:47:29 <benzea> ah, networking for video streaming should be fine
19:47:55 <muelli> cool.
19:48:11 <benzea> wifi wise I am not sure if we should try to get them into providing more APs temporarily
19:48:20 <benzea> there is currently 1 in the lobby, and 2 in each lecture hall
19:48:29 <muelli> do we need mics?  At opensuse con there were no hands-free mics. So maybe the VoCCC people don't bring them
19:48:32 <benzea> (as said, we already have the passwords)
19:48:45 <benzea> muelli: ah, mics, good point
19:49:30 <benzea> muelli: the lecture halls have two mics each (one large one and one headset) but I am not sure if you can use them at the same time
19:49:42 <dperpeet> benzea, isn't wifi at the venue good enough? it seems to serve the students well enough if I remember correctly
19:50:07 <benzea> dperpeet: I am not concerend abotu the coverage; only about the load :)
19:50:09 <dperpeet> but if they can set up more without problems, that might not be bad
19:50:18 <dperpeet> yeah, I meant load
19:50:24 <afranke> benzea, if they can add APs then I'd ask for that.
19:50:27 <benzea> and really, only for the foyer
19:50:31 <dperpeet> it surely can't hurt
19:50:43 * benzea thinks ideally we had a second one there
19:51:18 <benzea> muelli: so, mics, I also have 1 sound mixer and 3 wired microphones
19:51:53 <benzea> muelli: we might get the audio case from the VOC people, then we would have two additional wireless microphones (which we checked will not interfer with the existing ones) and another sound mixer
19:52:01 <benzea> muelli: in that case I think we would definitely be set
19:53:05 <benzea> but, it would be good to talk to someone who knows the audio system there better before asking for the VOC audio case
19:54:05 <benzea> (btw. the audio equipment also includes cables, 2 speakers and a subwoofer; not that we need that)
19:54:30 <benzea> and tripods for the microphones
19:55:34 <benzea> OK, don't think there is much to discuss with this regard
19:55:40 <benzea> #topic Football game
19:56:03 <benzea> so, moggi noticed that KSC will be playing one of the days 12.-15. (probably during the core days) against Bochum
19:56:23 <benzea> which means we'll get plenty football fans running over the campus on one of these days
19:57:01 <benzea> I don't really think this should be a big issue for us, might be a good idea to inform attendees about though
19:57:32 <benzea> #topic Press
19:57:45 <benzea> just saw this again, are we going to ping anyone else other than LWN?
19:58:00 <benzea> sri was supposed to look into it, but I haven't heard much (at least with regard to GUADEC)
19:58:10 * benzea waves at sri
19:59:06 <benzea> hah
19:59:16 <benzea> ok, lets see if sri says anything later :)
19:59:25 * benzea is happy if we have at least LWN around
19:59:35 <benzea> #action social events
19:59:37 <benzea> #undo
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19:59:43 <benzea> #topic Social Events
19:59:48 <benzea> now, for me …
20:00:06 <benzea> #action benzea to ask about rental equipment for a possible jam session
20:00:18 <benzea> #action benzea to ping KSC again
20:00:22 <benzea> (they didn't reply)
20:00:57 * benzea would like to sort the football/picnic out soon
20:01:31 <benzea> hah, both mms and muelli are gone?
20:01:58 <benzea> is anyone up to phone a couple of places for an alternative (comercial/sponsored) social event?
20:03:21 <benzea> this is because of the one request we had for this; basically just needs to be some rough idea that one can pass on (and they can decide whether to explorer that further or not)
20:03:40 <dperpeet> benzea, if you give me some parameters, I can call places
20:03:55 <benzea> dperpeet: not sure; there are not many parameters
20:04:16 * moggi has to run
20:04:18 <benzea> dperpeet: though we would probably want to do saturday, which might be hard
20:04:26 <benzea> moggi: and I thought you were long gone :)
20:05:22 <baedert> benzea: hmm? no
20:05:53 <benzea> dperpeet: maybe P10; another idea was simply e.g. Vogelbräu Durlacher or Kühler Krug
20:06:04 <benzea> but then a more party location would be a good alternative too (Stadtmitte?)
20:06:20 <dperpeet> hm
20:06:39 <dperpeet> Vogelbräu et al would be good to offer a sponsor, expensive otherwise
20:06:49 <benzea> not sure what kind of events are usually done; it is just I never really looked into it and now someone is asking; so ideally one would generate a few suggestions :/
20:07:11 <benzea> Lago?
20:08:10 <benzea> parameters, well depending on how much is interested in spending some light food I suppose and maybe 120-150 people actually showing up?
20:08:14 <sri> benzea: hah
20:08:25 <sri> benzea: I did do some stuff on twitter with the gnome account.
20:08:37 <benzea> baedert: ah, mclasen and Company just edited the BoF wiki pages
20:08:39 <sri> benzea: I don't have the guadec twitter account so I couldn't do much ther.e
20:08:59 <sri> benzea: I also have a curated list of press folks that we can use
20:09:03 <benzea> sri: nah, I was interested in press coverage of guadec itself, i.e. if they might want to send someone
20:09:11 <sri> benzea: I can do that :)
20:09:42 <sri> benzea: I can try to formulate something, but I'm kinda focused on las gnome  - fundraising and the like.
20:09:46 <benzea> or if we maybe have someone who could write for them?
20:09:57 <benzea> sri: sure, I fully understand that
20:10:01 <benzea> dperpeet: does that make sense?
20:10:10 <sri> benzea: schedule time iwth me, and we can work on it.
20:10:12 <dperpeet> yeah, makes sense
20:10:16 <dperpeet> saturday?
20:10:17 <benzea> I know it isn't really very specific …
20:10:43 <benzea> dperpeet: that would be ideal, but we could probably also shuffle things around with friday right now
20:10:56 <benzea> dperpeet: but I guess sunday isn't prefered as then people start leaving again
20:11:21 <benzea> (not sure what else there might be; Cantina Majolika?)
20:11:44 <dperpeet> let me take a look tomorrow
20:11:45 <benzea> but really, any one or two ideas that might work would be completely sufficient
20:11:50 <benzea> dperpeet: thanks!
20:11:56 <dperpeet> feel free to ping me on friday if you haven't heard from me by then :)
20:12:07 <benzea> #action dperpeet to look into a possibilities for a sponsored social event
20:12:13 <benzea> dperpeet: cool!
20:12:46 <benzea> #action Misc
20:12:50 <benzea> arghs
20:12:51 <benzea> #undo
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20:12:52 <benzea> #topic Misc
20:13:03 <benzea> #action andreasn to create a template for workshop certificates
20:13:43 <benzea> hm, I don't think I have that much pressing stuff right now
20:14:07 <benzea> I'll probably work on some draft volunteer schedule (primarily non-core days) sometime soon for afranke
20:14:17 <afranke> 👍
20:14:32 <benzea> basically a first more specific draft on what needs to get done around the guadec dates
20:14:49 <benzea> oh, does anyone feel a need to discuss the Visa stuff?
20:15:14 * benzea simply hopes that the whole "send scanned copy" works out really …
20:15:51 <benzea> ah, btw. with regard to accomodation
20:16:15 <benzea> as I understood it the contingent we have booked will be fully used; but we need to shuffle around the dates slightly for some
20:16:35 <benzea> and good that I remembered now, because that really should happen tomorrow!
20:16:54 <benzea> #action benzea to ping kittykat about hotel usage/dates and call achat
20:16:58 <benzea> hah, those two are back again :)
20:17:17 <benzea> muelli, mms: anything you want to discuss? otherwise I think I am good to call it a day
20:18:16 <muelli> hrm
20:18:20 <muelli> stupid o2.
20:18:32 <muelli> 60 minutes for the keynotes, right?
20:18:38 <muelli> Werner is (rightfully) asking.
20:19:12 <benzea> muelli: yup
20:19:19 <muelli> k.
20:19:29 <benzea> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/schedule_sketches
20:19:44 <benzea> at the top is kittykat's draft
20:20:20 <benzea> ok, then …
20:20:29 <benzea> see you next week!
20:20:33 <dperpeet> bye!
20:20:35 <afranke> Thanks!
20:20:39 <benzea> #endmeeting