19:17:58 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:18:19 <benzea> #topic Status
19:18:32 <benzea> or, what should we discuss today? :)
19:18:49 <afranke> Meeting over, let's have a beer?
19:18:51 <afranke> \o/
19:19:06 <benzea> afranke: ok, how long do you need? :P
19:19:08 <benzea> to come over
19:19:15 <afranke> 5hrs.
19:19:28 <benzea> are you biking?
19:19:37 <afranke> In that time, yes.
19:19:54 <benzea> btw. we we have 29 registrations by now
19:20:24 <benzea> meh, I think best to just go through the different topics
19:20:27 <benzea> #topic marketing
19:20:47 <benzea> #topic christoph has updated the poster to include the KIT logo and prepared a letter which can be send out
19:20:53 <benzea> eh
19:20:55 <benzea> #undo
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19:21:01 <benzea> #info christoph has updated the poster to include the KIT logo and prepared a letter which can be send out
19:21:05 <benzea> better
19:21:14 <christoph> for sending the posters during the weekend, I need an ok to order the stamps and envelops
19:21:27 <benzea> plan is to send that out to 100 locations, I was going to strip the list of addresses down a bit to meet the 100 quota
19:21:39 <benzea> christoph: yup, you have that now :)
19:22:02 <benzea> christoph: would it make sense to include some locations outside of germany?
19:22:06 <christoph> ok, 158,69 € for 100 letters
19:22:32 <benzea> plus some printing costs, I assume?
19:22:48 <christoph> don't know yet, guess not
19:23:01 <benzea> oh well, won't break us if we have that
19:23:32 <benzea> christoph: can you put additional stamps on those envelopes for swiss/austria?
19:23:52 <christoph> hmm, I'll check
19:24:06 <benzea> (no need to answer now, but would proabably include those universities then instead)
19:24:29 <benzea> this will probably mean stripping about 20 more remote "hochschulen" from the list
19:24:52 <benzea> #info We can put up the GUADEC banner at the canteen here from 11.07-11.08
19:25:16 <benzea> I have talked to baedert, and he might help with that in the morning (shortly before 9)
19:25:53 <benzea> however, I still need a solution to include some GUADEC details on the existing banner
19:26:09 <benzea> easiest might be print it out, laminate it and stick it on using duct tape
19:26:24 <benzea> if anyone has ideas :)
19:26:43 <benzea> #info we should put posters up over the campus on that day too
19:27:16 <benzea> baedert might help with that in the evening, basically requires us getting the posters then walking around campus (from the AStA) with a shopping cart and putting one up on everywhere
19:27:37 <benzea> muelli justs writes that he will be here in 15min
19:27:44 <benzea> anything else with regard to marketing?
19:28:29 <benzea> #topic workshops
19:28:41 <benzea> don't think we need to discuss anything; I noticed I haven't really defined the starting time
19:29:04 <benzea> are there any opinions on this? open desk at 9:00, start workshop at 9:30?
19:29:37 <moggi> how long are the supposed to go
19:29:38 <benzea> (people need their badges for the wifi passwords)
19:29:43 <benzea> day long
19:29:48 <moggi> I would even be fine with 10
19:30:02 <benzea> it probably depends a bit on the workshop :/
19:30:16 <benzea> maybe we should suggest something and ask the peoples?
19:30:57 * benzea has the rooms reserved between 9:00 - 18:30 right now
19:31:20 <moggi> or make it officially 9.30 and leave us some room if something goes wrong
19:31:28 <benzea> with regard to workshops, it probably would make sense to at the minimum suggest lunch options
19:31:44 <benzea> but my guess is we should get vouchers from the studentenwerk (and sell them)
19:31:58 <benzea> moggi: yeah
19:32:10 <benzea> afranke: yep, it is important …
19:32:23 <afranke> Hmmm?
19:32:27 <benzea> food!
19:32:36 * afranke didn't say anything.
19:32:52 <benzea> afranke: you tried to get me to look into it 3 months ago I would say
19:33:01 <afranke> Ah.
19:33:23 <afranke> Failed to connect the dots.
19:33:24 <benzea> anyway, should be simple, but someone (me?) needs to ask what the options are with regard to the canteen
19:33:46 <benzea> #action ask studierendenwerk about lunch options for attendees during week days
19:34:03 <benzea> basically, my guess is that two types of vouchers (student/non-student) can be created
19:34:15 <moggi> we should at least have something for the workshop organizers
19:34:24 <afranke> I don't think we usually go through the pain of having two options.
19:34:46 <afranke> But if it can be done without too much work, why not.
19:35:25 <moggi> students get cheaper food at the mensa
19:35:32 <benzea> afranke: we can still sell them at the same price, but students are cheaper because the state pays a part
19:35:50 <afranke> Well does it work for foreigners?
19:35:54 <afranke> This can be tricky.
19:36:01 <benzea> I think it should be, but one should ask
19:36:14 <benzea> should work for foreigners; it definitely works for all of germany
19:36:19 <afranke> Also the rules don't always apply outside of regular times.
19:36:27 <afranke> I.e. when students are on holiday.
19:36:31 <benzea> but the weekdays are regular time
19:36:36 <benzea> nah, that isn't the case here
19:36:40 <afranke> Ok.
19:36:47 <afranke> Well I'm just being cautious. :)
19:36:52 <benzea> hehe
19:37:12 <benzea> it could be that there is something with regard to german/non-german student
19:37:25 <benzea> asking will tell :)
19:38:15 <benzea> btw. I think that if we sell the lunch, we should probably give it for free to anyone who paid the 200€ registration
19:38:47 <benzea> #topic merchandise
19:38:56 <benzea> bastianilso has been working on some t-shirt designs
19:39:04 <benzea> my guess is that we will order through the same print shop as last year
19:39:27 <benzea> is anyone interested in actually creating e.g. mugs?
19:39:57 <zana> will there be kids' sizes for shirts?
19:40:14 <benzea> hehe, I don't think we have the final order numbers yet
19:40:25 <bastianilso> zana: i remember that last time kittykat thought about this, she wanted to speak with some parents first
19:40:52 <benzea> zana: maybe add a note on https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Merchandise ?
19:41:06 <zana> benzea: ok
19:41:45 <benzea> bastianilso: you are aware of the ordering/shipping times and can make sure that this gets done early enough?
19:41:53 <benzea> including figuring out how many we order
19:42:05 <andreasn> bastianilso: do you have designs somewhere?
19:42:10 <bastianilso> benzea: i wasnt aware that i was going to do that, but sure :P
19:42:22 <andreasn> mostly curious about how they look :)
19:42:23 <bastianilso> andreasn: let me send you what i have so far 2 sec
19:42:28 <andreasn> thanks
19:42:28 <benzea> bastianilso: nobody was doing that yet, I am asking you because you seem to be informed already :)
19:43:00 <afranke> pterjan might be a good person to get in touch with the supplier.
19:43:01 <benzea> bastianilso: the ntoes from earlier meetings say to aim for 140 t-shirts
19:43:23 <bastianilso> last year i didnt order them, i dont know french unfortunately
19:43:43 <benzea> afranke: ah, good point
19:44:03 <benzea> lets note him down for this ;-)
19:44:21 <benzea> #action pterjan to check with t-shirt supplier and ensure that the order happens
19:44:48 <benzea> bastianilso: btw. already ideas with regard to the intro/outro? ;-)
19:45:35 <bastianilso> benzea: havent begun on that part yet no
19:45:39 <bastianilso> i can have a look by tomorrow
19:45:51 <bastianilso> i need to get a proper overview of what we want there
19:45:52 <benzea> was just curious :)
19:46:16 <benzea> bastianilso: feel free to ping me if you have technical questions
19:46:31 <benzea> #topic sponsors
19:46:56 <benzea> OK, who is getting back with codethink and centricular?
19:47:22 * benzea realizes that muelli is still not here
19:48:01 * benzea guesses none of the people around right now are the ones to assign this too :)
19:48:41 <benzea> #action reply to requests from potential sponsors ASAP
19:48:50 <benzea> ah, muelli!
19:48:56 <muelli> hey hey
19:49:00 <muelli> sorry... :-|
19:49:03 <benzea> muelli: are you (or maybe mms) planning to reply to codethink/centricular
19:49:04 <afranke> Looks like that's a yes from him!
19:49:33 <benzea> muelli: no worries, we just talked about t-shirts, workshops, and some marketing (banner, posters) so far
19:50:14 <muelli> hrm. yeah, I can add that to the list. But.. if anybody else feels like doing it, please go ahead.
19:50:40 <benzea> alright, would probably ping kittykat and maybe reply myself; I guess those are relatively uncomplicated sponsors
19:51:07 <benzea> muelli: do you have anything to discuss about sposnors?
19:51:27 <muelli> hm. not more than last week.
19:51:42 <benzea> heh, yeah; kinda expected that …
19:51:52 * muelli got mugged by that potential Swiss sponsor because he didn't manage to respond to their email :-/
19:52:04 <muelli> so that's top priority for me now.
19:52:16 <benzea> right, good point
19:52:43 <bastianilso> andreasn: http://i.imgur.com/1yegbKW.jpg this is what i have so far. approach so far has been like last year ie. go for something new but generic we can potentially sell after guadec.
19:52:58 <bastianilso> the message is ofc up to discussion
19:53:02 <bastianilso> (suggestions welcome)
19:53:03 <andreasn> makes sense
19:53:06 <andreasn> looks good
19:53:19 <muelli> but.. with codethink we have more companies willing to sponsor a party. So I think we should find smth...
19:53:40 <benzea> muelli: and I still think the best option would be to create something new in that case :-/
19:53:45 <muelli> (and I still think the beer is a good idea :P )
19:54:00 <muelli> yeah benzea.
19:54:18 <muelli> that'll probably result in calling Vogel, KAP, etc.
19:54:53 <benzea> muelli: you want larger places :)
19:55:10 <benzea> christoph: didn't you or kira have a couple of good suggestions?
19:55:14 * benzea can't remember right now
19:55:19 <muelli> I don't understand benzea. By "larger" you mean "larger" than what?
19:55:41 <christoph> Vogel Durlach
19:55:52 <muelli> but any place for the expected 150 guests.
19:55:55 <benzea> muelli: depending on the kind of event, and what you offer you need to consider that almost everyone shows up at the same time
19:56:12 <benzea> while with Z10 and no food I am not expecting that to be the case
19:57:37 <benzea> ok
19:57:41 <benzea> #topic keynotes
19:57:46 <benzea> muelli: what is the status?
19:57:57 <muelli> I've conversed with Bradley and he'd book travel himself and get reimbursed by GF later. He's waiting for my confirmation. I'll say yes unless anybody speaks up.
19:58:08 <benzea> alright
19:58:13 <benzea> seems good to me
19:58:19 <benzea> i.e. to go forward on that
19:58:19 <muelli> I'm waiting for feedback from Werner reg. a title and abstract to put onto the schedule.
19:58:35 <benzea> cool
19:58:42 <muelli> I'll hopefully probably ping him after the weekend.
19:58:44 <benzea> did you forward the achat info to them?
19:59:02 <muelli> nope. Are we having informatoin on the Web site?
19:59:05 * muelli hasn't checked.
19:59:10 <benzea> yeah, it is on the website actually
19:59:13 <muelli> cool.
19:59:20 <muelli> then I'll forward that to both, Werner and Bradley.
19:59:24 <benzea> moggi added a lot of stuff to it
19:59:33 <muelli> cool.
19:59:39 <muelli> thanks, moggi.
19:59:52 <benzea> #url https://2016.guadec.org/accommodation-information/
20:00:20 <muelli> perfect.
20:00:26 <benzea> #topic venue
20:00:45 <benzea> so, don't really have any udpates on that since last week
20:01:00 <benzea> feel free to kick me about it :)
20:01:04 <muelli> are we waiting for anything?
20:01:18 <benzea> yeah, me pinging the KIT to create the contract
20:01:22 <muelli> ah. right.
20:01:39 <benzea> also, I need to ping bernie about getting access to the AStA during the conference
20:01:46 <benzea> then we would have some fallback offices
20:01:54 <benzea> and some storage space
20:02:23 <benzea> #topic social-events
20:02:42 <benzea> right, that is the football thing right now; I was going to write a mail to KSC but didn't do that yet :-/
20:03:26 * benzea hits send considering it is already written
20:04:11 <benzea> with regard to checking about a permit for some games, I was wondering whether they would want to see toilet options …
20:04:31 <benzea> though best way is probably to just send it out and see what happens
20:05:12 <benzea> (it is not uncommon for people from the Ordnungsamt drop by on a nice evening in the Fasenengarten to check people are not doing a bbq)
20:05:51 <benzea> anyway, nothing to discuss about …
20:05:53 <benzea> #topic misc
20:05:58 <benzea> anything I forgot?
20:06:16 <muelli> any chance the FSGHK (?) received any letters..? (reg. Bildungsurlaub)
20:06:19 <benzea> muelli: I think we need to look into pasteries soon, I think mms was saying she wanted to do that
20:06:21 <benzea> FSGK
20:06:27 <benzea> letters, could be
20:06:32 <muelli> ah, I wired 75.50 to Hamburg because of the Antrag...
20:06:34 <benzea> muelli: I can check, I didn't check though
20:06:38 <muelli> cool.
20:06:48 <muelli> schedule.xml.. is anybody taking care of generating it?
20:06:56 <benzea> nope, not yet
20:07:15 <benzea> muelli: uh, are you expecting to do more expenses like that?
20:07:32 <muelli> anybody here volunteering?  It should be a relatively simple data transformation task.
20:07:39 <christoph> I'd like a list of talks for validating invitation letter requests
20:08:16 <muelli> hm. I was thinking of getting a room in the achat, also.
20:08:18 <benzea> heh, christoph either kittykat should just send you a copy, or you need the bits in the system
20:08:36 <benzea> muelli: can you do that through the TC?
20:09:18 <benzea> or does it make more sense to reimburse through GUADEC?
20:09:43 * muelli shrugs.
20:10:04 <muelli> it's probably less hassle for everyone if we take the money from Germany rather than wiring it out of the US.
20:10:13 <benzea> hmm, I can ping the TC about it, or you can do that yourself
20:11:03 <benzea> my guess is that if we go that way it is easiest if you two book yourself and then reimburse it
20:11:08 <benzea> either through linuxtag or foundation
20:11:27 <muelli> yeah.
20:11:47 <benzea> but it still seems sane to at least ping the TC about how to handle it
20:12:27 * benzea notes that there is nothing in the budget for this outside of the normal reimbursements
20:13:23 * benzea decides to finish then
20:13:25 <benzea> #endmeeting