19:18:27 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:18:53 <benzea> ah, hey stefw
19:19:00 <stefw> hey benzea, hey guys
19:19:12 <muelli> hey!
19:19:20 <benzea> so, just a quick update from my side
19:19:27 <benzea> #info we have a permit, however the sofas were not accepted
19:19:51 <benzea> so, unless we find some fire proof nice seating, we probably can't do it that way
19:19:59 <benzea> but this isn't really a blocker
19:20:00 <muelli> hrm.
19:20:15 <benzea> yeah :/
19:20:23 <muelli> can we allocate some tables for sponsors already..?
19:20:25 <benzea> it is simply not permissible in areas that have flight paths
19:20:30 <benzea> oh, tables isn't an issue
19:20:41 <benzea> we have 6 tables for sponsors in the plan, and another 3 for us
19:21:18 <afranke> benzea, that's no sofa even on the outside?
19:21:24 <benzea> and the prof who is responsible for the building says no alcohol selling (for consumption) and no alcohol consumption in the building :/
19:21:29 <benzea> afranke: outside would be fine
19:21:34 <afranke> Cool.
19:21:37 <benzea> afranke: well, I would simply just do that without asking :-P
19:22:14 <benzea> muelli: what is the status with the keynotes?
19:22:22 <moggi> hey
19:22:26 * moggi is here
19:22:59 <muelli> benzea: fine. both are happy to come.  Bradley will book himself. Werner probably, too.
19:23:23 <benzea> muelli: ok, cool
19:23:32 <benzea> #info both bradley and werner have confirmed
19:24:02 <benzea> ah, I have pinged the SCC again
19:24:14 <benzea> btw. but video stuff shouldn't be a big issue anyway :)
19:24:30 <benzea> ok, lets move on maybe?
19:24:34 <benzea> #topic social events
19:24:58 <muelli> the schedule says we're doing a bbq. Is that cruft or current?
19:25:34 <benzea> ah, that is current
19:25:44 <benzea> muelli: the AKK is reserved on the evening and open for us
19:26:19 <muelli> hrm. that's interesting information. We could probably put up banner et al. there..?
19:27:03 <benzea> and it is OK to BBQ as long as we don't sell the stuff
19:27:13 <benzea> (i.e. we give it out for free only to conference people)
19:27:18 <benzea> banner, would need to ask
19:27:37 <benzea> muelli: I just asked
19:27:42 <muelli> cool.
19:27:55 <benzea> now, the main issue I see is the football game that I had kinda planned for friday
19:28:07 <benzea> as neither me nor anyone else did look into an alternative place to do that
19:28:44 <benzea> we could try to get a permit for fasanengarten (forstamt), we could ask hochschulsport, I guess, or the city for another park
19:28:49 <benzea> what do you think?
19:30:10 <benzea> or said differently, could anybody ask for a permit from the forstamt at the lustschlösschen maybe; this requires for formless request to them (I can find an example)
19:30:33 <benzea> or, if you prefer for one of the city parks with the city
19:31:27 <benzea> meh, looks like I will have to do it; unless stefw is up to it :)
19:31:40 <stefw> i can give it a shot
19:31:45 <stefw> i haven't done anything like that before
19:31:48 <stefw> but there's always a first time
19:31:59 * stefw was looking where the lustschlösschen is
19:32:20 <benzea> stefw: ok, I'll check after the meeting, I should have some documentation for the o-phase of what to do
19:32:32 <benzea> #action stefw to ask for a permit for fasenengarten
19:32:51 <benzea> muelli: anything else we need to discuss for social events?
19:32:52 <stefw> aha fasanengarten makes sense
19:33:01 <benzea> well, that seems like a sane idea
19:33:15 <muelli> hrm. we need to come up with smth that we can offer to the sponsors...
19:33:17 <benzea> stefw: we would like to do some sports/games and give out food
19:33:49 <benzea> muelli: well, there we could do anything put up banners as we please
19:34:07 <benzea> stefw: ideally allow some alcohol, but I think they might be alergic to that :)
19:34:27 <benzea> muelli: right, and I still haven't asked the Z10; sorry :-/
19:34:52 <benzea> muelli: right now it is Unifest, so unlikely to get much of a response till after that from most people
19:35:41 <benzea> #topic venue
19:36:02 <benzea> stefw: a few weeks ago were talking about childcare possibilities (I think we have at least one 8 and 10 year old)
19:36:10 <benzea> stefw: did you see that?
19:36:16 <benzea> zana: ^
19:36:25 <stefw> nope hadn't
19:36:47 <benzea> stefw: so, we were wondering what makes sense, though right now we don't even have a separate room for such purposes
19:36:51 <stefw> for the whole days or specific times?
19:37:31 <benzea> well, I think for zana it would be enough if someone else can keep an eye on the children when they are both in meetings/talks
19:37:40 <benzea> but nobody knows what exactly may be needed :)
19:38:27 <benzea> but, if there some ideas on where they could stay or if there are enough parents to help each other that might help
19:39:06 <benzea> anyway, you now know; I don't think we need to resolve this now
19:39:18 <benzea> but if you have some ideas about it, that would probably be appreciated
19:39:34 <stefw> yeah, i'll think about it, maybe dominik has some idea too
19:39:35 <benzea> dperpeet said he might now people who could volunteer to actually do childcare
19:39:40 <benzea> yeah
19:39:57 <benzea> ok
19:40:01 <benzea> muelli: is mms around?
19:40:12 <muelli> benzea: nope.
19:40:19 <benzea> muelli: we might want to start looking into pasteries soonish
19:40:23 <benzea> not time critical at all though :)
19:40:45 <benzea> #topic Marketing
19:40:50 <benzea> aha! before I forget
19:41:47 <benzea> ah, christoph can send out some of the posters
19:41:54 <benzea> to student councils
19:42:24 <benzea> hm, what else
19:42:56 <benzea> I wanted to ask the stuwe about hanging up the banner, but never did :/
19:43:04 <benzea> #action benzea to ask the stuwe about banner
19:43:21 <benzea> #action christoph to send out posters to fachschaften
19:43:38 <benzea> putting up posters on campus has to be done later
19:44:27 <benzea> #topic Press
19:44:37 <benzea> I don't think much has changed, but we have lwn at least
19:44:53 <benzea> hrm, we sould maybe ping andreasn again about golem
19:45:10 <benzea> #topic misc
19:45:12 <benzea> ok, what does anyone else have?
19:45:20 * benzea is done with the most pressing stuff, I think
19:46:04 <benzea> heh, ok, we can talk about sponsorship maybe
19:46:11 <benzea> #info igalia has confirmed
19:46:33 <benzea> I haven't heard about google, but marina might help poking them
19:46:46 <benzea> redhat should happen, but I haven't heard anything again
19:47:09 <benzea> well, I hope that we'll have more info next week
19:48:15 <muelli> cool. let's update the budget spreadsheet so what we know how much money we can burn.
19:48:42 <benzea> muelli: I fear not much right now, I *hope* this will change in two weeks
19:48:47 <benzea> muelli: we have lost intel :/
19:49:14 <muelli> heh. for some value of "lost".
19:49:14 <benzea> (no details from me though)
19:49:33 <benzea> well, I put it into the spreadsheet that you saw, I think :)
19:50:26 <benzea> my spreadsheet currently says: -$2.866,33
19:50:53 <benzea> oh
19:51:07 <benzea> #action benzea to ping kittykat about sponsored accomodation utilisation
19:51:15 <muelli> time for updates then. $2,584.96 is what I see.
19:51:28 <benzea> yeah
19:51:40 <benzea> hm, interesting :)
19:51:54 <benzea> muelli: I am told that outside of AKK should be possible for a banner
19:52:37 <benzea> muelli: and we can grill, so giving out some other freebees (to people with badges) should be fine
19:52:39 <benzea> I think :)
19:53:16 <benzea> s/grill/bbq/ german leaking through :)
19:53:37 <benzea> ok, from my point of view we might as well finish a bit early today
19:53:56 <muelli> hm. My guess is that a 150 ppl BBQ is complicated to execute
19:53:59 <benzea> nah
19:54:03 <benzea> muelli: it is pre-registration
19:54:08 <afranke> muelli, was done in Berlin, wasn't it?
19:54:17 <benzea> muelli: I would count with maybe 50-75 people wanting some food
19:54:20 <afranke> At the beach at the box.
19:54:26 <muelli> afranke: by that club on the spree who specialise in that
19:54:33 <benzea> ah, hehe
19:54:40 <muelli> so yes, but they are pros. and it was a bit shit nonetheless.
19:54:43 <afranke> And on the island too.
19:54:55 <afranke> The island was less well organised.
19:55:01 <muelli> we did it in .nl, too. It was better because there were many opportunities to have your meat cooked
19:55:04 <afranke> I didn't have any problem at the beach.
19:55:30 <muelli> but yeah benzea. I had Friday in mind. But then it's thursday and it shouldn't be complicated.
19:55:54 <benzea> yeah, actually properly feeding everyone on friday is not really my plan
19:56:06 <benzea> or do you expect a full meal for everyone at the picnic?
19:57:08 <muelli> as a misc blurp: I've sent a good hand full of Bildungsurlaubsantraege. Rheinland-Pfalz looks good, but they want a schedule. Pretty much like Berlin.  So I'm producing a spreadsheet mimicking a schedule.  But I doubt that this is interesting for anyone of us, but rather employed people who don't get to attend GUADEC on company time.
19:57:35 <muelli> Also, I think we're good with the news items. Feel free to review the current pending one.  There is more to come. Unfortunately, it has taken a significant amount of time to get this going :-|  But we also try to sync it up with the Twitter now.
19:57:41 <benzea> yeah, that is the only people really interested in that
19:57:53 <benzea> yay
19:57:58 <benzea> muelli: that is really neat!
19:58:13 <benzea> muelli: so, inside at the AKK is probably not possible
19:58:30 <benzea> muelli: now, if you actually find money, we could also get professional catering, I suppose
19:59:09 <muelli> let's see. A pre-event BBQ is probably not what they envisioned.
19:59:17 <benzea> yep
19:59:33 <benzea> muelli: right, true
19:59:35 <muelli> but I'll get in touch. I've been not responding for a good week now, waiting for things we could offer.
19:59:53 <benzea> muelli: you now, worst case alternative might be to skip on the current friday plan (leave that empty)
20:00:01 <muelli> they've even poked me -.-  but I'll tell them what we have and we see what's going to happen.
20:00:01 <benzea> muelli: and do something on sunday evening as a post event
20:00:12 <benzea> muelli: in that case it is probably possible to find comercial locations
20:00:27 <muelli> ah, as for the beer: The brewery guy doesn't respond :-/
20:00:42 <benzea> but, no football game then, unless we combine it with thursday evening
20:00:48 <benzea> hehe
20:01:31 <muelli> I'll be in nuernberg next week though for OpenSuSEcon. maybe I'll meet him...
20:02:23 <benzea> muelli: also, we can still move the Z10 to some other location
20:03:29 <benzea> stefw: I am just considering some other possibilities, will ping you about the permit stuff
20:04:29 <benzea> muelli: ok, I am going to end the meeting now if that is fine for you :)
20:04:59 <muelli> sure
20:05:02 <benzea> #endmeeting