19:21:03 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:21:10 <benzea> #topic Status Reports
19:21:48 <benzea> #info benzea has organized old sofas from K1 bar
19:22:04 <afranke> (Thanks to me kicking his butt)
19:22:07 <benzea> #info benzea has asked for stuff from FS-ETEC, they agreed
19:22:25 <benzea> #info we might get sofas from FS-ETEC, which would be much closer
19:22:31 <benzea> that would be neat, no car needed :)
19:22:57 <mms> great
19:23:56 <benzea> #info benzea has gotten some rentals from AStA
19:24:15 <benzea> oh, I applied for a 100€ grant from the student förderverein :)
19:24:25 <mms> cool stuff
19:24:34 <benzea> #info we have the KIF snail mail address DB for contacting student councils
19:24:51 <benzea> I think that is mostly from my side with regard to status updates
19:25:11 <benzea> anything that happened?
19:25:55 <benzea> #info the VOC cases need to be moved from Berlin to Karlsruhe; if someone is driving this then we could save on shipping
19:27:08 <benzea> hm, should we go through the open action items then?
19:27:30 <benzea> #topic Keynotes
19:27:35 <benzea> I think this is somewhat pressing
19:27:45 <benzea> #info Cory declined but seemed interesting in keynoting next year
19:27:53 <benzea> thanks to karen for asking
19:27:59 <benzea> do we have any news with regard to bradley?
19:28:05 <benzea> mms: do you know?
19:28:22 <benzea> ah, muelli any news from bradley?
19:29:17 <muelli> nope. but I've only written the day before yesterday.
19:29:35 <muelli> but.. I mean. The only question we have is whether he's fine with CC-BY. And my guess is that he is.
19:30:43 <benzea> ah, but even that we could work around by just modifying the license
19:30:46 <benzea> so, who do we contact next?
19:32:09 <benzea> guys!
19:32:18 <muelli> nobody. We said we contact Werner and Cory.  I took the liberty to contact Bradley after Cory declined.
19:32:20 <benzea> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Keynotes
19:32:29 <benzea> sure
19:32:39 <benzea> but we need two, if we assume bradley comes
19:32:44 <benzea> we still need one, which could be Werner, yes
19:32:54 <benzea> but I am not sure we really decided on that
19:34:12 * benzea wants a name and someone to ping them
19:34:36 <benzea> and the person who steps up can probably decide the keynote ;-)
19:34:40 <kittykat> did anyone contact Werner already?
19:34:51 * benzea thinks that muelli was in contact
19:34:59 <benzea> the main concern was that he didn't seem the best speaker
19:35:34 <kittykat> anyway, if I remember correctly, Allison Randal is a decent speaker, even if she was a late submission
19:36:31 <benzea> kittykat: any idea who could ping her?
19:36:34 <benzea> marina?
19:36:54 <muelli> we said smth like "20:24:49 <benzea> if you don't consider the late additions, then it seems to me: (Cory), Bradley, Werner". And it makes sense to me.
19:38:06 <kittykat> muelli: can you confirm that you have contacted werner? if you have and he didn't reply, can you follow up? same for bradley
19:38:29 <benzea> if someone actually steps up to look into getting those, then I am fine with considering them
19:39:22 <muelli> benzea: I've mentioned several times that I did contact them and that I've followed up. So we're good.
19:40:25 <benzea> as I see it, we have an agreement on bradley and we should start the booking process with him
19:40:53 <benzea> and with werner, there was somewhat of a consensus that it seemed like a decent suggestion, but no decision
19:41:00 <benzea> I am fine with generating that decision now
19:41:50 <mms> I would be in favour of a decision now too
19:42:11 <benzea> but if there is a case for allison, then I would be fine with deciding an order if we set a deadline for e.g. this weekend for her
19:43:18 <benzea> from a pure financial pov werner is interesting and allison might already be quite similar to bradley topic wise maybe?
19:44:18 <benzea> muelli: do you think that we should just vote/get everyones opinion on werner?
19:45:27 <muelli> benzea: sure.
19:45:45 * muelli notes that we didn't have a vote on Bradley, so there's a bit of confusion in his head.
19:46:14 <benzea> yeah, but nobody raised concern ...
19:46:39 <mms> could someone remind me of the concern about Werner?
19:46:42 <benzea> while with werner we had one person saying that he didn't seem a great speaker
19:46:46 <muelli> neither did anybody for Werner
19:46:50 <mms> ah ok
19:47:00 <benzea> that was the only concern
19:47:17 <benzea> anyway, i am fine with werner
19:47:22 <mms> me too
19:48:13 <benzea> kittykat, muelli?
19:49:36 <benzea> meh
19:49:46 <benzea> alright, looks like we have an agreement due to no disagreement :)
19:50:01 <muelli> aight.
19:50:01 <benzea> #agreed muelli to invite werner for a keynote and follow up about travel
19:50:02 <benzea> sounds good?
19:50:03 <kittykat> I haven't seen Werner speak, but as long as there's active progress on acquiring two keynote speakers, then I'm happy
19:50:13 <benzea> yeah …
19:50:37 <benzea> in the end it'll be gpg related in some way
19:50:51 <benzea> ok, anything with regard to keynotes?
19:51:19 <benzea> #topic Registration/Cancellation policy
19:51:38 <benzea> ok, I already send an email, zana had a point, we should have a cancelation policy because of the workshops
19:51:39 <muelli> Do we want to make them buy the flight and hotel and reimburse later or shall we buy everything upfront?
19:52:12 <muelli> I think the former is easier for us but the latter is nicer.
19:52:23 <benzea> muelli: reimbursing later might be easier
19:52:38 <benzea> muelli: but we could probably do the hotel directly
19:52:50 <benzea> muelli: ask him whether reimbursement is fine, if not we reconsider?
19:52:59 <muelli> yep. sounds sane.
19:53:03 <benzea> ok
19:53:07 <benzea> so, about cancelation
19:53:12 <benzea> we should just codify some policy
19:53:36 <benzea> what seems to be done in general is a policy of reimbursing 50% up to e.g. a week ahead
19:54:05 <benzea> though, sri noted, that 1.5 weeks might be a bit chaotic if someone actually cancels right before the suggested deadline of 1. August
19:54:28 <benzea> so, that would mean setting it to 25th Juli and no reimbursements after that
19:54:47 <benzea> does that seem OK? should we reimburse more or less?
19:54:51 <benzea> for cancellations
19:55:40 * benzea considers the modified suggestion with 25th accepted unless someone speaks up within 30s
19:56:05 * moggi is late for the meeting today and blames benzea for not pinging on useful media
19:56:28 <muelli> facebook next time? ;-)
19:56:43 <benzea> #agreed the cancelation policy is 50% before 25th Juli and no reimbursements afterwards
19:56:50 <benzea> he wants skype
19:56:51 <benzea> seriously!
19:57:05 <benzea> moggi: ok, we decided muelli is inviting werner officialy
19:57:13 <benzea> and the cancelation policy with a slightly earlier date
19:57:28 <moggi> or IRC on a different network (like freenode ;) )
19:57:31 <benzea> #url https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-2016-reg-annoucement
19:57:37 <benzea> seriously?
19:57:37 <benzea> meh
19:57:55 <benzea> anyway, that should go really soon, stupid cancellation blocked it
19:58:00 <benzea> whats next?
19:58:14 <benzea> #topic t-shirts
19:58:19 <benzea> we still have no one to work on this!
19:59:19 <benzea> hm, well, I guess this means someone should ping bastianilso and maybe others whether they are willing to do a t-shirt design for us
19:59:23 <moggi> is there a design already?
19:59:26 <benzea> nope
19:59:41 <benzea> there was the idea of running a contest with a forced submission from someone we know will produce something sane
19:59:58 <benzea> but, someone would need to announce that in addition to getting that forced submission
20:00:51 <benzea> moggi: could you ping bastianilso maybe?
20:01:47 <benzea> whatever, just did
20:02:01 <benzea> so, this is kind of open still for now …
20:02:04 <benzea> hm, what else?
20:02:06 <kittykat> eh, was about to say that I could as I'd been bothering him all day
20:02:18 <benzea> hehe
20:02:57 <benzea> #topic website
20:03:01 <benzea> we *really* need the hotel information there
20:03:14 <benzea> and dperpeet, andreasn were supposed to do that weeks ago, but this hasn't happened
20:03:22 <benzea> could someone else please pick up that mess?
20:03:39 <moggi> do we have the information somewhere?
20:03:54 * muelli can have a look...
20:03:55 <benzea> well, it is the info about achat, and other than that just listing a few that are sane public transport wise
20:03:59 <moggi> so that it is just placing them on the website and making them beautiful?
20:04:02 <benzea> or adding a small warning about walkability
20:04:11 * moggi can do it as well (during the weekend)
20:04:15 <benzea> basically yeah, just a few suggestions that are known to work fine
20:04:27 <benzea> and gives people the security of not picking something totally out of the way
20:05:01 <benzea> moggi: shouldn't be too much work, just suggest a few places on the travel page for the start
20:05:10 <benzea> and include the mail info for achat
20:05:19 <benzea> #action moggi to place hotel information on the website
20:05:32 <benzea> #topic workshops
20:05:54 <benzea> for the gstreamer and Flatpack workshops we need to handle proof of people being students
20:06:09 <kittykat> moggi: you can get some info from https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-accomodation
20:06:10 <benzea> this goes to a separate alias workshops@guadec.org right now, which points to me …
20:06:20 <benzea> ah, good point kittykat
20:06:23 <benzea> #undo
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20:06:30 <benzea> #url https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-accomodation
20:06:35 <benzea> #topic Workshops
20:06:50 <benzea> I can do some work on this, but it would be good if someone else could help
20:07:03 <benzea> (it should be a maximum of 32 transactions in theory)
20:07:26 <kittykat> if it's a matter of receiving mail and ticking it off in the system, I can do it
20:07:37 <kittykat> but it's probably not a good idea to rely on me for much more than that
20:07:57 <benzea> basically, and check online wether new registrations showed up
20:08:00 <benzea> but yep
20:08:02 <benzea> ok
20:08:17 <benzea> #info kittykat can help with processing workshop registrations
20:08:28 <benzea> does anyone have something we need to discuss today?
20:08:41 <benzea> press?
20:09:13 <benzea> #topic press
20:09:14 <kittykat> nate from lwn will come
20:09:28 <benzea> neat, does he need sponsorship, is that handled through the TC?
20:10:03 <benzea> I pinged keywan, but he didn't reply
20:10:10 <benzea> andreasn doesn't seem to have found the golem contact
20:10:26 <benzea> and I haven't heard anything from sri :)
20:10:49 <benzea> #info Nate from LWN will come
20:11:10 <benzea> could someone ping andreasn about golem and maybe keywan about heise again or directly someone else?
20:11:55 <benzea> #action ping/find contacts for Heise, golem, and maybe others
20:12:03 <benzea> ok, doesn't seem like we have anyone stepping up right now …
20:12:34 <benzea> #topic sponsors
20:12:46 <benzea> who needs to be pinged, who hasn't been pinged already?
20:12:47 <muelli> hrm. reg. social events. Z10 seems to be a suboptimal thing for sponsors. So we sort of might want to look into alternatives. How much would the university cost if we stay longer?
20:12:56 <kittykat> benzea: through TC
20:13:03 <benzea> kittykat: ok
20:13:06 <benzea> #topic social events
20:13:47 * muelli thought it's sort of both. like sponsors and social events. That's why I brought it up.
20:14:40 <benzea> heh, fair enough
20:14:43 <benzea> #undo
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20:14:44 <muelli> an option I could envision is to stay in the university until $late and have some entertainment, drinks, and snacks there.
20:14:46 <benzea> there :)
20:14:54 <muelli> but that's only because I don't know where else to go...
20:15:05 <benzea> muelli: foyer is 10€ per hour, janitor 39€
20:15:19 <muelli> benzea: lecture room?
20:15:22 <benzea> (excluding vat)
20:15:42 <benzea> ah, sorry
20:15:50 <benzea> janitor is 37
20:15:54 <benzea> the big lecture hall 36
20:16:06 <muelli> for as long as we want?
20:16:10 <benzea> the small one 27
20:16:31 <benzea> well, I would need to ask what we can get, and I will need to tell them what we wan to do there
20:16:49 <moggi> and the university building is quite unsocial
20:17:10 <moggi> I don't like the idea of staying there longer than for the presentations + a bit
20:17:47 <muelli> moggi: fair enough. any suggestion as to where to put up snacks (buffet, maybe?) and beer?
20:17:52 <muelli> hrm. maybe the FZI *thinking*
20:17:58 <benzea> not sure, if we really want something sponsored, wouldn't it make more sense to e.g. get the P10 or something like that?
20:18:00 * muelli is contacting loeschi..
20:18:02 <benzea> (a for profit bar)
20:18:11 <moggi> muelli: schlosspark?
20:18:37 * benzea would much prefer talking about this if we had a concept
20:18:40 <moggi> muelli: or do you mean a professional one
20:18:57 <benzea> nobody will be hurt if we cancel on the Z10 (well, maybe afranke if we cannot do a jam session then)
20:19:11 <moggi> personally I like the idea of Z10 and schlosspark for our 2 main social events
20:19:33 <moggi> keep in mind that we basically only have two main social events (friday and saturday)
20:19:36 <benzea> it is just not very sponsor friendly :)
20:20:00 <moggi> yeap, but all the sponsor friendly places are at the same time quite unsocial
20:20:05 * benzea wonders if all companies from the gnome ecosystem have been contacted
20:20:08 <benzea> and previous years sponsors
20:20:13 <benzea> owncloud (ok, they are having trouble)
20:20:38 <moggi> nextcloud?
20:21:42 <benzea> dunno, I am just not sure what the status is
20:21:45 <mms> I would suggest that we keep z10 if we don't have any particular sponsor. But if we have a sponsored social event, we could potentially ask to rent the Karlshochschule - it's friendly / cool / social enough
20:21:52 <benzea> i.e. has the GNOME board followed up on the adboard members
20:21:54 <benzea> etc.
20:22:26 <muelli> I would keep Z10 in any case. It's a good deal. But if we want to be able to extort some more money, then we need to be able to provide some value.
20:22:45 <benzea> right
20:23:01 <benzea> muelli: sorry for not following up with Z10 yet …
20:23:25 <kittykat> benzea: not consistently or recently for the most part
20:23:26 <benzea> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Sponsors
20:23:38 <kittykat> I'll poke the board to do some more followup
20:23:43 <muelli> we have a company being really keen on having their logo on beer bottles. I'd really like that to materialise.
20:23:45 <benzea> that is what I thought, but it seems like nobody has a cloue about the status for different possible sponsors
20:24:18 <afranke> "a cloue" sounds very French.
20:24:29 <benzea> hehe
20:26:03 <benzea> muelli: the fs-etec might buy leftovers of for like 8€ per crate
20:26:07 <benzea> or less
20:26:39 <muelli> woot
20:27:02 <benzea> muelli: lets discuss this separately?
20:27:32 <benzea> kittykat: cool
20:27:41 <muelli> sure.
20:27:50 <benzea> kittykat: would be good if we can get the wiki updated maybe
20:28:03 <benzea> I am not sure if e.g. the companies on the top were ever contacted
20:28:51 <benzea> hmm
20:28:53 <benzea> what else?
20:28:57 <kittykat> I'll see what I can do
20:29:06 <benzea> (one more topic, then finish for today, I guess)
20:29:15 <muelli> let's pick schedule.xml
20:29:33 <benzea> anyone can think of something?
20:29:37 <benzea> #topic misc
20:29:39 <benzea> schedule.xml
20:29:54 <benzea> right, we need to create both a printable and machine readable schedule
20:30:12 <benzea> and the machine readable one needs to be updated on a short notice to reflect the unconference talks
20:30:41 <benzea> I am thinking this is a "fun" little script to write if someone wants to do some xml/whatever programming ;-)
20:31:00 <muelli> who has a bored GSoC Student? ;-)
20:31:18 <benzea> you read my thought
20:31:43 <afranke> Well moggi is a student, right?
20:31:54 <benzea> lol
20:33:00 <benzea> hah, looks like it'll just stay as not assigned for now
20:33:05 <moggi> afranke: you missed the "bored" part ;)
20:33:33 <benzea> moggi: do you know anyone who could update an impress template?
20:33:38 <afranke> moggi, you seem pretty bored.
20:33:59 <benzea> or does anyone have impress slide templates from last year?
20:34:38 <moggi> benzea: no, I only know people who open impress when they need to (and fix the most important regressions preventing the presentation going smoothly)
20:34:46 <moggi> benzea: not even LibO devs use impress
20:35:03 <benzea> hehe
20:35:12 <afranke> benzea, try asking aday.
20:35:21 <benzea> i think it would be nice to have
20:35:36 * benzea updated the latex template
20:35:39 <benzea> afranke: alright
20:36:07 <benzea> #action aday to provide impress guadec slide templates
20:36:10 <benzea> :)
20:36:17 <benzea> anything else?
20:36:20 <afranke> I won't take the blame for that!
20:36:45 <benzea> otherwise i'll close the meeting
20:37:25 <benzea> #endmeeting