19:18:06 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:18:17 <benzea> #info Status
19:18:34 <benzea> so, registration isn't open yet, but we had some last minute changes (we need some statistics)
19:18:55 <benzea> everything *should* be running, but it might not be open yet
19:19:21 <benzea> so, will happen very soon, thanks for puiterwijk and zana to get it to work
19:19:59 <puiterwijk> benzea: I'm only waiting for your word to open it
19:20:25 <benzea> aha!
19:20:37 <benzea> puiterwijk: I think that would OK, we'll announce it properly a bit later
19:20:45 <puiterwijk> So as said this morning: please test and ack/nak
19:20:53 * afranke wonders what the word is.
19:21:05 <benzea> puiterwijk: alright, will do
19:21:07 <benzea> afranke?
19:21:23 <puiterwijk> benzea: he's referring to my "waiting for your word" :)
19:21:29 <benzea> ah
19:21:42 <benzea> ok, so we finally have that up … almost :)
19:21:55 <benzea> right
19:22:06 <benzea> #info moggi should have the visa letter ready very soon (likely tomorrow)
19:22:17 <benzea> #info registration will open later this week
19:22:50 <benzea> hm
19:23:16 <benzea> I think we haven't moved forward much on the keynote issue
19:23:42 <benzea> baedert: so, did you want to coordinate bofs?
19:23:51 <benzea> (I still have it unassigned, I think)
19:24:17 <benzea> sri: is there any news about press?
19:24:37 <mehdi__> Hi, I wrote a message on the list today, about the posters.
19:24:38 <baedert> benzea: what does that mean? I just keep a list of bofs and assign them some slot?
19:24:39 <benzea> #info video has been sorted mostly
19:24:45 <benzea> ohh, hey muelli!
19:24:55 <muelli> aye
19:25:10 <benzea> muelli: any news? just trying to see what happened since last week righ tnow
19:25:22 <benzea> if not, lets move to marketing, as mehdi__ is there for it
19:25:25 <muelli> hm. we have news
19:25:43 <muelli> we need to inform the marketing people to spread them.
19:25:51 * muelli hasn't contacted anybody just yet.
19:25:54 <benzea> ah, news items :)
19:26:00 * benzea meant status updates :)
19:26:22 <muelli> there's more to come. I initially wanted to setup a few etherpad to produce the content but I haven't managed to do it yet :-|
19:26:39 <benzea> muelli: still great stuff!
19:27:16 <mehdi__> I printed the poster and put it on a wall in our institute, I will put one on the board in University of Offenburg.
19:27:18 <benzea> muelli: haven't pinged tab (Z10) yet :-/
19:27:28 <benzea> #topic Marketing
19:27:34 <muelli> we have a potential sponsor being interested in at least two things: specifically beer with their own logo and an interview on the Web site.
19:27:45 <benzea> #undo
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19:27:50 <benzea> right
19:27:51 <muelli> ah. hrm. it's going to be all public, right..? hm. yeah, then lemme say that that's about it
19:28:04 <benzea> sure, fair enough :)
19:28:18 <benzea> just send it on the organization ML then
19:28:41 * benzea wonders if anyone is following up with google sponsorship, but has no idea
19:29:01 <benzea> #action benzea to ask what happened with google sponsorship
19:29:20 <muelli> IIRC we explicitly said that we wouldn't care about these sponsors.
19:29:29 <benzea> #action benzea to ping Z10 (tab) about social event sponsorship
19:29:39 <benzea> yeah, but still …
19:29:40 <muelli> s/wo/sh/
19:30:10 <muelli> FWIW: 10 weeks to go. It's not much.
19:30:16 <benzea> yep :-/
19:30:34 <benzea> we need keynote speakers!
19:30:40 <muelli> ah. I'll hopefully send a few Antraege for Bildungsurlaub.
19:30:41 <benzea> two of them
19:30:48 <benzea> hehe
19:30:54 <muelli> benzea: we are a HSG right?
19:30:58 <benzea> yep
19:31:05 <benzea> well, we have one who supports us
19:31:07 <muelli> so we can send it in their name, right?
19:31:09 <muelli> ah.
19:31:18 <muelli> I thought it's "ours". Like you founded it.
19:31:21 <benzea> yep
19:32:09 <benzea> well, if it is for guadec, then we can do a lot
19:32:36 <muelli> cool. Let me try to prepare some by the end of this week.
19:32:52 <benzea> cool
19:33:04 <benzea> #action benzea to ping jens about studierendenschaft money
19:33:10 <benzea> we might get 100-200 eur or so
19:33:13 <benzea> not much, but maybe worth it
19:33:51 <benzea> ok, I think I have everything covered
19:33:53 <benzea> for now
19:33:57 <benzea> #topic Marketing
19:34:21 <benzea> mehdi__: do you have some ideas on how we could market it at more universities?
19:34:39 <benzea> oh, right; I remember, I wanted to ask KIF for addresses of Fachschaften
19:34:43 <kittykat> eh, I'm here, got distracted
19:34:49 <benzea> hehe
19:35:19 <mehdi__> I know students who study at Uni Freiburg, I can ask them to put a poster on the board there.
19:35:41 <kittykat> benzea: I asked nekohayo to follow up with google
19:35:48 <benzea> kittykat: thanks!
19:36:16 <kittykat> but I'm not totally sure if he did, so will remind
19:36:49 <benzea> the question is whether we should send out posters
19:36:55 <benzea> which involves first printing them and such
19:37:24 <muelli> Ideally: yes. But I doubt we have capacity for that kind of work.
19:37:52 <benzea> yeah, and then it might make sense to just tell people to print it on A3
19:37:53 <mehdi__> benzea: I can color print some posters
19:38:28 <benzea> mehdi__: but would you also want to stuff them into envelopes and just mass-mail them (e.g. to CCC branches)
19:38:34 <benzea> ?
19:38:35 * muelli tried to get hold of the KIF database with all the (email) addresses, but I failed.
19:38:48 <benzea> muelli: hm, ok, let me try :)
19:38:54 <muelli> cool.
19:39:03 <benzea> we could also ask the GPN people where they send them
19:39:08 * muelli used to have it as he sent stuff for the HAmburg KIF. But that data has waned.
19:40:16 <mehdi__> benzea: I can't mass-email, it is a public printer, I can print only a few.
19:40:23 <benzea> mehdi__: sure
19:41:09 <afranke> Maybe an idea would be to have posters locally printed for those who can.
19:41:11 <benzea> ok, so christoph says he would be fine with e.g. sending 50 out
19:41:21 <afranke> I may be able to get one printed for SXB for instance.
19:41:24 <benzea> so we could also spam some people :)
19:41:41 <benzea> yeah, lets upload the PDF poster to the material section on the guadec website
19:41:43 <benzea> so that people can use it
19:41:45 <afranke> In any case, we need a design. :)
19:41:50 <benzea> afranke: we have!
19:41:54 <afranke> Oh do we?
19:42:23 <benzea> #url  https://github.com/gnome-design-team/gnome-marketing/blob/master/guadec/2016/poster.pdf
19:42:47 <benzea> #action benzea to ask info fachschaft about KIF database
19:42:49 <mehdi__> benzea: I can print large ones for two universities in Freiburg and Offenburg that I know.
19:42:58 <benzea> #action benzea to drop by entropia to ask about GPN addresses
19:43:05 <benzea> mehdi__: cool!
19:43:11 <muelli> we could go big http://www.plakat-verkauft.de/neueinsteiger ...
19:43:26 * benzea starts https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-marketing
19:43:28 <benzea> hehe
19:44:26 <benzea> anything else?
19:44:51 <muelli> hm. Let me use the opportunity to ask for content to be put up as a news item.
19:44:57 <benzea> sure!
19:45:04 <muelli> we have "registration is opening" rather soon, right?
19:45:11 <afranke> muelli, billig!
19:45:13 <benzea> yep, basically ASAP
19:45:18 <baedert> benzea: ...? :) You didn't answer my earlier question
19:45:25 <benzea> baedert: what was it?
19:45:43 <baedert> benzea: what does that mean? I just keep a list of bofs and assign them some slot?
19:45:46 <muelli> what else would we possibly have?  It's not a super urgent question so we might as well move on. But it might help scheduling things a little bit.
19:45:53 <benzea> baedert: basically, yep
19:46:01 <benzea> baedert: just make sure that the teams put their bofs on the page
19:46:39 <baedert> benzea: ok
19:46:40 <benzea> baedert: and announce it
19:46:57 <benzea> muelli: keynotes, once we have those
19:47:06 <muelli> benzea: good catch. We're looking for two, right?
19:47:11 <benzea> bof announcement
19:47:12 <benzea> yes
19:47:17 <benzea> lets talk about that next :)
19:47:33 <benzea> I think marketing is fine for now
19:47:35 <benzea> #topic Keynotes
19:47:46 <benzea> #url https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Keynotes
19:48:12 <benzea> maybe it would be best if people look over it now
19:48:21 <muelli> are we having a list of accept talks?
19:48:31 <benzea> muelli: there is already on on the website!
19:48:55 <muelli> cool
19:49:06 <muelli> perfect.
19:49:26 <benzea> so far nobody stepped up to actually handle the keynotes unfortunately (i.e. ask people whether they want to come, ensure they have the hotel, etc.)
19:49:37 <muelli> is "and many more�" not to be taken literally then? ;-)
19:49:50 <mehdi__> I will email poster to a few university professors and a startup that I know as well.
19:50:10 <muelli> well. I think the process is to first shortlist a few candidates and then to arrange the stuff.
19:50:55 * afranke would love to have Cory Doctorow.
19:51:41 <afranke> benzea, all suggestions look good, I have a few personal favorites. How do we proceed to make a selection?
19:52:16 <benzea> dunno, to be honest, if someone wants to handle it all I personally would be happy if they also just suggest a selection that can be acked
19:52:47 <benzea> kittykat: there wasn't anything that was worthy to promote to a keynote this year, right?
19:53:24 <muelli> benzea: if there any candidate you would not ACK?
19:53:28 <muelli> s/f/s/
19:53:32 <benzea> don't think so
19:53:51 <muelli> cool then ;-)
19:53:54 <benzea> werner koch seems weird to me, but might well be a good keynote
19:54:02 <afranke> Is he a good speaker?
19:54:11 <muelli> It's the best candidate on the list!
19:54:12 <muelli> !!1
19:54:17 <benzea> is there a video?
19:54:35 <afranke> I don't know him at all, but the description on the wiki got him and my short list. :)
19:54:42 <muelli> (also, as he's based in Germany, we can spend the travel money on getting us drunk)
19:54:47 <benzea> yep
19:55:00 <benzea> muelli: I think someone should look at a talk from him and decide then :)
19:55:16 <afranke> muelli, do you happen to have a link?
19:55:30 <muelli> afranke: nope. I'm looking for one though
19:55:41 * muelli volunteers to organise getting both Werner and Bradley.
19:55:50 <christoph> Werner Koch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teGI-wjdClY
19:55:50 * benzea has happy with Bradley
19:55:55 <afranke> Yep, Bradley is on my short list too.
19:56:07 <muelli> probably http://gemmei.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/2015/debconf15/GnuPG_Past_Present_and_Future.webm
19:56:12 <muelli> ye
19:56:12 <muelli> p
19:56:13 <benzea> #action muelli to follow up with Bradely about a GUADEC keynote
19:56:15 <afranke> If I had to choose three, it would be Werner, Bradley and Cory.
19:56:15 <benzea> ok?
19:56:26 <afranke> We have three slots, right?
19:56:38 <benzea> afranke: two are planned right now
19:56:48 <benzea> hrm, kittykat hasn't send out her notes yet!
19:57:29 <muelli> I wouldn't be happy with three. I'm barely happy with two. It's keynotes. They are meant to be special, guiding the conference. Having many is diluting that.
19:57:31 <afranke> My fourth would be jrb although we already had an Endless keynote not too long ago.
19:57:37 <kittykat> benzea: not really anything worthy of keynote… only cornelius schumacher's talk possibly
19:57:40 <benzea> muelli: so, maybe tell Werner that we are considering him, but try to figure out what the topic could be?
19:57:50 <kittykat> apparently he's a good speaker, although I haven't heard him myself
19:58:21 <benzea> christoph is saying that werner isn't the best speaker :)
19:59:21 <muelli> benzea: I think it should work a little bit differently. We are considering him for a reason. I would mention these reasons and ask for something around that. But yeah, I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle.
19:59:35 <benzea> true
19:59:36 <muelli> and we need something to put onto the schedule anyway.
20:01:39 <benzea> hm, cory sounds interesting
20:01:46 <benzea> and isn't the usual FOSS centric talk
20:02:41 <benzea> who suggested cory?
20:02:56 <marina> I'd like to suggest karen and Allison Randal
20:03:04 <marina> I can add them to the wiki
20:03:58 <muelli> benzea: dunno. It's probably in an email somewhere.
20:04:02 <benzea> hm, I like the idea of having something who isn't core GNOME community
20:04:08 <benzea> yep
20:04:13 <muelli> I also like Cory. We can ask if he'd be willing to come.
20:04:15 <benzea> hoboprimate
20:04:31 <benzea> ok, anyone up to do that?
20:04:46 <benzea> topic, anything as long as it has some relation to free software ;-)
20:05:00 <muelli> "Cory Doctorow has something to say" ...
20:05:06 <muelli> yeah, I can do it if I find contact info
20:05:47 <benzea> hm, the email didn't have contact details
20:06:24 <muelli> then I don't. But I have Bradley's address ;-)
20:07:01 <benzea> ok, lets try to find some and get them forwarded to you :)
20:07:03 <karen> oh hi! I am in touch with Cory
20:07:10 <benzea> oh, karen, hey!
20:07:26 <muelli> cool.
20:07:29 <benzea> karen: do you think that the idea is good? could you contact him?
20:07:40 * afranke points out that Cory's child is named Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow.
20:07:47 <afranke> That can't be a coincidence!
20:08:04 <karen> hang on am on a phone call right now, but yes, I can make contact if you want
20:08:09 <karen> haven't read background
20:08:16 <benzea> karen: keynote search
20:08:25 <marina> fwiw, here is a video of Cory's OSCON keynote this year - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxN_c5AZDX0
20:08:55 <benzea> marina: I have to admit, I know pretty much nothing about Allison right now
20:09:06 <benzea> but might also be missing some context
20:09:21 <marina> benzea: she is amazing - she keynoted LibrePlanet this year and OSCON last year
20:09:32 <muelli> okay. so we're approaching Werner and Cory and hope that they are (still) interested, right?
20:09:45 <benzea> well, Cory doesn't know yet .)
20:09:46 <benzea> :)
20:09:51 <benzea> seems sane to me personally
20:10:00 <muelli> yes. Hence we're approaching them.
20:10:04 <muelli> let's hope to have an answer by next week.
20:10:08 <benzea> sounds good
20:10:19 <benzea> #action karen to make contact with cory doctrow about a GUADEC keynote
20:10:40 <muelli> btw: what days are we looking at..?
20:10:47 <benzea> friday and sunday
20:10:51 <muelli> cool.
20:10:56 <benzea> I think both were the slot right before lunch
20:11:27 <benzea> #action muelli to keep in contact with werner about a possible keynote
20:11:33 <muelli> hrm. I'd open the conference with a keynote.
20:11:34 <benzea> though my guess is that cory would be preferable
20:11:35 <karen> sorry off the phone now
20:11:51 <benzea> muelli: lets not bikeshed about the schedule now :)
20:11:56 <muelli> sure.
20:11:59 <karen> and on the phone again now :)
20:11:59 <benzea> karen: no worries :)
20:12:24 <benzea> hehe
20:12:30 <karen> benzea, allison keynoted LibrePlanet
20:12:48 <muelli> are we intending to get the achat for them, too?
20:12:51 <afranke> benzea, muelli, Werner and Cory? I thought we were on Bradley and Cory?
20:12:54 <benzea> muelli: yes
20:12:58 <muelli> cool.
20:12:59 <muelli> afranke: no.
20:13:20 <benzea> well, we don't really know whether either cory or werner would agree
20:13:24 <benzea> as I understand it
20:13:31 <karen> I think it's unlikely cory will agree
20:13:34 <karen> but it's worth asking
20:13:38 <muelli> yep.
20:13:39 <afranke> "<benzea> christoph is saying that werner isn't the best speaker :)"
20:13:53 <kittykat> benzea: I think right after lunch
20:14:04 <benzea> ah, maybe
20:14:18 <kittykat> but yeah, it can be rearranged
20:14:22 <benzea> afranke: are you saying we might not want to contact werner for now?
20:14:34 <afranke> I know nothing about him at all.
20:14:38 <karen> so still on the phone, but I see there are only 2 keynoters?
20:14:52 <afranke> I'm just noting someone (Christoph) said it might not be a good idea.
20:14:53 <benzea> karen: that is the current schedule plan, afaik
20:15:05 <muelli> yes. we are not having more than two.
20:15:05 <benzea> afranke: true
20:15:34 <benzea> I am not sure, I find that werner could be kind of interesting topic wise
20:15:41 <muelli> and we do pay travel, hotel, and all, right?
20:15:42 <benzea> but would probably prefer others
20:15:49 <benzea> muelli: yep
20:16:01 <benzea> muelli: there are at least 3.5k for that in the budget
20:16:06 <muelli> yep.
20:16:36 <muelli> good. shall we talk about a backup for Cory already? Or do we rather wait until next week and hope to have heard back by then?
20:16:42 <benzea> not sure what the policy with regard to the possibility of payments are for GUADEC
20:16:51 <benzea> my feeling was that generally that is not the case
20:17:01 <muelli> well. we make it up. And we don't pay.
20:17:10 <benzea> muelli: not sure, we are low on time, and initial contact will take a while anyway
20:17:29 <benzea> (which would count if e.g. people want to consider allison)
20:17:37 <muelli> yes, that's what I'm thikning, too. But then again, things get too complicated if we have three people in the queue then ;-)
20:17:38 <marina> I'd also like to propose Carrie Anne Philbin and Dawn Foster - will add to the wiki too
20:17:58 <marina> you can read about both here - https://www.redhat.com/en/about/women-in-open-source
20:18:06 <marina> they are both in the UK
20:18:21 <benzea> marina: maybe try to order them a bit? :)
20:18:29 <karen> Dawn Foster would be great
20:18:31 <muelli> yeah, by time added.
20:18:35 <muelli> ...
20:18:47 <benzea> fair enough …
20:19:06 <muelli> so I'm torn. Waiting until next week is easiest.
20:19:09 <karen> Cory is now based in LA btw
20:20:06 <marina> benzea: I have been to many talks by karen and allison - they are fantastic, but they are in the US; I've been to one talk by Dawn - she is in the UK and doing PhD research on open source communities
20:20:14 <benzea> well, could we at least e.g. contact cory and someone else who is unlikely to cave in?
20:20:17 <benzea> :)
20:20:45 <benzea> marina: the opendemocracy person?
20:20:50 <marina> I don't know a lot about Carrie Anne beyond the facts on the page, but she seems great
20:21:27 <karen> Cory is high profile enough that he's worth the ask, I think
20:21:40 <muelli> benzea: yeah, we could... But then we can only decide on a third person to contact who is likely to not come -.-
20:21:48 <marina> benzea: is this what you are referring to? https://www.opendemocracy.net/author/dawn-foster
20:21:55 <benzea> yeah
20:21:57 <marina> I haven't been following her closely
20:22:03 <muelli> yes karen, please ask Cory. And it'd be great to have feedback by next week :-|
20:22:13 <benzea> yep
20:22:56 <muelli> what does your "yeah" and "yep" refer to? -.- to my comment?
20:23:03 <marina> benzea: interesting; I actually had no idea she writes about feminist issues - the talk I attended was at the metrics meeting on Gource :)
20:23:14 <benzea> yeah was to marine, yep to you ;-)
20:23:31 <marina> benzea: what do you think?
20:23:37 <benzea> I have no clue
20:23:47 <muelli> benzea: yeah. but that's not good. I'd rather not be limited to people who are unlikely to come ;-)
20:23:48 <benzea> I am a bit stumped by suddenly having 4 more suggestions
20:23:50 <christoph> marina: her? https://twitter.com/geekygirldawn?lang=de
20:23:59 <benzea> muelli: true
20:24:03 <muelli> yeah, I'm not considering any of the late additions.
20:24:08 <marina> christoph: yes
20:24:09 <benzea> ok
20:24:41 <muelli> so I guess we wait until next week then and take it from there.
20:24:49 <benzea> if you don't consider the late additions, then it seems to me: (Cory), Bradley, Werner
20:24:50 <muelli> anybody not happy with that?
20:25:02 <muelli> yep, that's also my impression.
20:25:05 <benzea> where we could probably wait for Werner in case we have a better idea
20:25:19 <benzea> yep, could you #info it or similar ;-)
20:25:51 <muelli> #info we wait for having Cory's response until next week then and take it from there.
20:26:10 <benzea> ok, perfect
20:26:11 <benzea> thanks
20:26:17 <benzea> lets leave the topic for now then
20:26:18 <benzea> #topic misc
20:26:22 <marina> I'd recommend considering Karen (if Bradley is not keynoting), Allison, Drew, or Carrie Anne ahead of Werner
20:26:24 <benzea> is there anything we need to discuss today?
20:26:51 <muelli> hm. not necessarily today. But will we do badges? Do we know how?
20:26:57 <benzea> marina: could you please only suggest one person (who ideally is relatively like to come)
20:27:01 <muelli> like for the participants. Name badges
20:27:04 <muelli> or anything
20:27:06 <benzea> marina: I don't want to enlarge the scope too much at this point
20:27:09 <kittykat> muelli: yeah, same as before
20:27:32 <benzea> muelli: we still have enough lanyards
20:27:38 <benzea> muelli: though there was the idea to buy pins
20:28:03 <marina> benzea: I'll add them all to the wiki; consider them in this order + any other constraints you want to have, such as being based in Europe
20:28:16 <benzea> ok, works
20:28:17 <afranke> benzea, oh we should totally do a "Bring your own lanyard" campaign!
20:28:24 <afranke> I think zana suggested it to me.
20:28:30 <afranke> I think it's brilliant.
20:28:34 <muelli> benzea: cool. So we need to produce paper with ink printed on it. Are we set up to handle that? Like with a printer? And with PDFs or smth to hand to the printer?
20:28:39 <benzea> it is just complicated if you are already half set on people and suddenly the mix of choices changes a lot
20:29:21 <benzea> muelli: printer is sorted
20:29:56 <benzea> afranke: hehe, that is a fun idea, but you would still need backup :)
20:29:57 <muelli> cool. does it work? :D With CUPS?
20:30:18 <muelli> do we also know how to generate the page to be printed?
20:30:27 <benzea> muelli: yes, same as last year
20:30:32 <benzea> muelli: the registration system spits out a PDF
20:30:33 <muelli> cool.
20:31:05 <muelli> can we modify it if we wanted to? I.e. include a map or smth.
20:31:10 <benzea> ok, I am done for today right now, please everyone remember your action items!
20:31:24 <benzea> I'll try to collect the ones from the previous meeting when I get around to send the minutes
20:31:34 <benzea> muelli: it is an SVG
20:31:37 <afranke> benzea, sure. Idea is to not run out after this year.
20:32:05 <benzea> well, we have just about enough for htis year
20:32:13 <benzea> as you know
20:32:18 <afranke> I do.
20:32:41 <benzea> we asked everyone to return them last year, which has worked quite well (I would guess at least half were returned)
20:32:49 * benzea ends the meeting
20:33:05 <benzea> #endmeeting