19:19:07 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:19:21 <benzea> #topic CoC discussion
19:19:30 <benzea> oh, moggi!
19:20:10 <benzea> ah, no, he said he wouldn't join …
19:20:53 <cosimoc> so is it just me and you? marina also said she would join for this topic
19:21:03 * marina is here
19:21:09 * dperpeet is here
19:21:18 * kittykat is here
19:21:34 <benzea> hrm, I fear there is not much of a point in actually talking about the CoC, the only person who wasn't who wasn't there before is dperpeet
19:21:37 <benzea> oh, and kittykat
19:21:38 <cosimoc> oh hi! :)
19:21:56 <marina> hi! :)
19:22:15 * karen waves
19:22:25 * benzea was hoping that we could have a Q&A after people have read stuff
19:23:09 <dperpeet> I haven't had time to read up on everything, to be honest
19:24:08 * marina can answer any questions
19:24:44 <marina> the two proposals I sent it are 1) CoC similar to the one used in previous years and now used at PyCon UK, with some edits that came up during our call
19:24:55 <benzea> yeah
19:25:21 <benzea> ok, how about I ping everyone on the local team again, and make it clear that marina can answer questisons about it?
19:25:22 <marina> 2) adapted CoC from EuroPython, which is softer and less specific, but still calls out unacceptable behaviors in more general terms
19:25:46 <benzea> and if there is need, maybe have a quick q&a on friday/saturday?
19:26:00 <marina> by softer, I mean in language (which is what came up as one of the concerns), not in intent
19:26:09 <benzea> oh, friday evening doesn't work for me at all …
19:26:22 <dperpeet> saturday won't work for me
19:26:34 <benzea> right
19:26:36 <benzea> fun!
19:26:41 <dperpeet> but I can forward my opinions to benzea :)
19:27:09 <benzea> yeah, either way should work (replying directly shold be fine too, I suppose)
19:27:54 <marina> I have pretty good availability this week, and can pop on IRC or respond to questions via e-mail whenever works for people
19:27:55 <benzea> well, soft language doesn't all mean a weak coc
19:28:12 <benzea> and really, my feeling is you are actually looking for a statement of enforcement (which doesn't need to be part of a CoC itself)
19:29:10 <marina> benzea: CoC needs to make it clear what the unacceptable behaviors are which those enforcing it will stand up against
19:29:30 <marina> benzea: enforcement is more about procedures for people leading the event and preparedness
19:29:30 <dperpeet> marina, to be fair, something can be clear without being extremely detailed
19:30:09 <kittykat> if we're meeting again about this later, can we get on with the rest of the meeting now please?
19:30:18 <dperpeet> benzea, I'm for setting an agenda for tonight
19:30:21 <kittykat> benzea: pick friday or saturday and a time
19:30:24 <dperpeet> and if we're going to discuss CoC, set a time limit
19:30:37 <dperpeet> it seems like we have a few things to go through
19:30:41 <kittykat> dperpeet: continuing with the mega review of all the remaining tasks
19:30:47 <kittykat> I think we'll finish it off today
19:30:48 <benzea> yeah
19:30:51 <dperpeet> and CoC already got a dedicated meeting
19:30:54 <kittykat> I *hope* we'll finish it off today
19:31:02 <marina> dperpeet: people might differ on that; fwiw, I included comments from the PyCon UK organizer who explained that they found their old CoC (my proposal #2) to vague, and moved to the more detailed one (my proposal #1)
19:31:19 <benzea> yeah, but there is little point in discussing today even if there is a need
19:31:26 <benzea> without people reviewing the previous information
19:31:40 <benzea> or otherwise we are bound to run in circules (which to be honest we are already at this point really)
19:31:50 <dperpeet> marina, I read your e-mail, but I'll refrain from discussing this further for now - thanks for adding that info and offering up those views
19:32:33 * benzea assumes we can move on
19:32:40 * dperpeet agrees
19:32:41 <benzea> #topic Talks
19:32:51 <marina> dperpeet, benzea: I'll keep an eye out for a different meeting time
19:33:01 <benzea> marina: ok
19:33:18 <kittykat> nuritzi and I will put together a schedule
19:33:25 <kittykat> I was kinda aiming to have it done last week
19:33:36 <kittykat> also I haven't sent the draft round
19:34:35 <kittykat> we still need someone to help chase down speakers who haven't acked
19:34:38 <kittykat> any volunteers?
19:35:09 <kittykat> meh, I'll do it
19:35:21 <benzea> hah
19:35:30 <nuritzi> kittykat i'll have time to help with the schedule tomorrow. will that work for you?
19:35:31 <benzea> #action kittykat to chase down the speakers who did not ACK yet
19:35:37 <benzea> #topic Unconference
19:35:41 <nuritzi> if so, what's the best way to get started?
19:35:47 <kittykat> nuritzi: eh, I'm supposed to be on holiday tomorrow
19:35:49 <benzea> so, kittykat had the idea of having some unconference slots
19:35:57 <benzea> i.e. they are choosen over the day on a board
19:36:01 <benzea> and proposed on site
19:36:10 <benzea> (we have never had that at guadec before)
19:36:17 <kittykat> 1× 30 minute slot per day in each room
19:36:26 <kittykat> so 6 talks
19:36:29 <nuritzi> kittykat ok, i might be able to start today... the first thing is editing all of the talk descriptions, right?
19:36:39 <kittykat> ah, I forgot about that!
19:36:51 <nuritzi> kittykat how do i start with that?
19:36:53 <karen> how is an unconference different than BoFs?
19:36:58 <kittykat> nuritzi also kindly volunteered to fix the bad grammar and spelling in the descriptions and titles
19:37:09 <kittykat> karen: unconference talk slots are for talks, not discussion
19:37:10 <benzea> karen: well, it is a talk on the main days, and it is videod, etc.
19:37:25 <afranke> Would unconferences be on core day?
19:37:26 <benzea> basically just a way to get a talk even though you completely missed the CfP deadline
19:37:27 <karen> oh I see - so they are talks where no one commits to prepare?
19:37:30 <benzea> yep
19:37:35 <kittykat> I'm not completely sure on the best thing to call them
19:38:06 <cosimoc> longer lightning talks?
19:38:07 <kittykat> but basically the idea will be put a sticky note with your talk title on the "wall" and everyone can put ticks against talks that they want to see
19:38:19 <kittykat> the talk with the most votes is stuck on the schedule about an hour beforehand
19:38:23 <afranke> "impromptu talks"?
19:38:26 <benzea> cosimoc: yeah, ~25min
19:38:35 <karen> kittykat: sorry to be just jumping in here... so there weren't enough strong submissions?
19:38:42 <kittykat> they should be used for topics which come up during discussion during the conference
19:38:47 <kittykat> karen: no, not at all
19:39:10 <kittykat> GNOME development is relatively fast paced, so it's likely that an interesting topic will come up closer to the conference
19:39:18 <kittykat> after all, the talk submission deadline was already a month ago
19:40:01 <benzea> (I guess it could actually be that people prepare talks before hand in the hope of getting in)
19:40:07 <karen> I get it, so not really unconference. Why not just have them be lightning talks? 15m or less
19:40:22 <karen> unprepared talks usually aren't very good :)
19:40:25 <kittykat> because some topics need longer for a proper overview
19:40:42 <kittykat> hmm, my experience with them is that they've worked well at other events
19:40:46 <karen> I don't really know about that, if there's no discussion
19:40:51 <karen> oh cool kittykat
19:40:55 <karen> where have you seen it work?
19:41:11 <kittykat> oggcamp, for example
19:41:13 <karen> I've seen 15m talks work ok where the sign ups were on the spot
19:41:14 <kittykat> also open help
19:41:27 <karen> but I've seen impromptu 20 minute talks which were disasters
19:41:57 <kittykat> it can be bad, but worst case is that we get an afternoon break
19:42:19 <kittykat> but the benefits of audience participation and on-topic talks is pretty high
19:42:35 <karen> people often feel trapped in a talk they don't like
19:42:39 <karen> which is why 15m is a sweet spot
19:42:55 <kittykat> karen: we have lightning talk slots as well
19:43:07 <karen> but yeah 15m talk on a topic known to be interesting followed by conversation could be interesting
19:43:12 <karen> you could do a "fishbowl" format
19:43:24 <karen> so there's some order to it
19:43:33 <karen> (that's classic unconference)
19:43:45 <dperpeet> in my experience, 15 minutes is long enough for impromptu talks
19:43:51 <dperpeet> i.e. lightning talks
19:44:05 <benzea> well, it is 25min in the draft schedule right now (i.e. normal short slot)
19:44:05 <kittykat> dperpeet: we're having 5 minute lightning talks on one of the days
19:44:26 <benzea> and really, I think the main point is that you can get talks in "late"
19:44:42 <benzea> i.e. we hopefully get like 5 people preparing something, some on the spot ideas
19:44:45 <kittykat> and there's still voting, so there should be at least reasonable quality or interest
19:44:49 <benzea> and then we can get a good seleciton overall
19:44:59 * cosimoc likes the idea!
19:45:07 <dperpeet> they could be 15+10
19:45:19 <dperpeet> if there is enough interest, that can warrant extra time for discussion
19:45:25 <dperpeet> and some buffer for the overall schedule
19:45:28 <afranke> When are regular lightning talks submitted?
19:45:28 <dperpeet> which almost never hurts :9
19:45:35 <benzea> but, I do think we need to advertise it
19:45:40 <benzea> like a month in advance
19:45:43 <kittykat> afranke: on the day
19:45:49 <afranke> Cool.
19:46:23 <kittykat> on topic, the current issues for discussion for these talk slots are: they need text for the website, they need to be mentioned during opening
19:46:33 <kittykat> the deadline for the first is somewhere end of june
19:47:04 <kittykat> I'll do it if no one else volunteers
19:47:58 <benzea> right, we need to document this
19:47:59 <kittykat> does anyone else have anything to add?
19:48:06 <benzea> and announce#action kittykat is going ##action kittykat will put information about unconference slots on the website
19:48:31 <afranke> Gesundheit.
19:48:57 <benzea> hah, that was a slow connection …
19:49:20 <kittykat> next up: lightning talks
19:49:38 <kittykat> I'm taking care of the intern ones, not all interns have confirmed so I need to remind them now
19:49:42 <benzea> #action kittykat will put information about unconference slots on the website
19:49:46 * kittykat assigns item to herself
19:50:13 <kittykat> someone needs to coordinate people on the day
19:50:15 <kittykat> that won't be me
19:50:47 <kittykat> I'll ask the GSoC people
19:50:59 <kittykat> we need same for the normal lightning talks
19:51:48 <kittykat> we can find someone closer to the time
19:51:58 <benzea> hm, anything else about this?
19:51:58 <kittykat> in terms of hardware, we need a gong
19:52:00 <benzea> lighting talks?
19:52:05 <kittykat> gooooong
19:52:07 <dperpeet> what do you mean by coordinate?
19:52:22 <benzea> well, make sure people vote on talks
19:52:36 <benzea> ah, lighting talks
19:52:44 <afranke> kittykat, the GNOME.Asia people can pack theirs in their suitcase, right?
19:52:46 <kittykat> dperpeet: for GSoC lightning talks, collect slides together, make sure interns get up on stage in the right order
19:52:57 <benzea> ah, sorry; was at unconference there
19:53:04 <kittykat> for normal lightning talks, kick people off the stage at the 5 minute mark
19:53:08 <kittykat> preferably using a gong
19:53:14 <dperpeet> I can moderate
19:53:16 <benzea> kittykat wants her gong …
19:53:31 <kittykat> afranke: it was one of the indonesians who had it, and there's three of them coming :P
19:53:31 <afranke> Do flying Mallard balls work as well to kick people off stage?
19:53:47 <kittykat> I've got a bag of those, so can bring them
19:53:47 <afranke> 👍
19:54:01 <kittykat> dperpeet: do you know anyone who has a gong? :P
19:54:02 <dperpeet> but I warn you, I'm strict about time limits :)
19:54:02 <benzea> afranke: like, go get help, you don't know how to stay in your timeslot?
19:54:09 <benzea> dperpeet: perfect!
19:54:13 <afranke> dperpeet, you mean you're German?
19:54:19 <dperpeet> that, too
19:54:20 <kittykat> dperpeet: you're now my favourite person :D
19:54:28 <kittykat> next topic: press
19:54:29 <dperpeet> heh
19:54:33 <benzea> ok, can we move on?
19:54:33 <benzea> ah
19:54:35 <benzea> #topic press
19:54:38 <dperpeet> I'll try to find a gong
19:54:43 <benzea> #chair kittykat
19:54:43 <GNOMie> Current chairs: benzea kittykat
19:54:46 <afranke> benzea, more like "- Ouch - Get off or I'll throw another one"
19:54:51 <benzea> just put the #topic on front yourself :-P
19:54:58 <benzea> afranke: they don't really hurt :-P
19:55:05 <afranke> benzea, wanna bet?
19:55:14 <benzea> afranke: lets discuss that later :-P
19:55:34 <kittykat> we need an owner for this
19:55:40 <benzea> I think muelli was starting to ask around basically
19:55:49 <benzea> because he was looking for ways to publish press releases
19:55:57 <benzea> like finding some contacts
19:56:22 <benzea> but I guess this is about inviting (and maybe sponsoring) press to come?
19:56:22 <benzea> lwn?
19:56:24 <kittykat> I've already had LWN ask me if we want them there
19:56:38 <benzea> well, obviously we want lwn there :-P
19:56:48 <kittykat> we need a contact person that I can forward these requests to >.>
19:57:24 <benzea> we had a golem person last year
19:57:47 <kittykat> there was the woman I met at FOSDEM, I'll look up who she writes for
19:57:50 <benzea> keywan wrote something for heise in brno at least (prometeus)
19:58:31 <benzea> derstandard?
19:58:45 <kittykat> keywan still writes, so we should bother him
19:59:35 * benzea can ping keywan later
19:59:50 <benzea> #action benzea to ping keywan about heise coverage for GUADEC
20:01:00 <afranke> wogue?
20:01:07 <kittykat> haha
20:01:12 <afranke> Not kidding.
20:01:19 * kittykat neither
20:01:32 <afranke> sri was arguing that bringing the guy would maybe get him to understand how we work.
20:01:41 <benzea> baedert: maybe?
20:02:01 <afranke> Bad press is still press.
20:02:01 <sri> what was i arguing about now?
20:02:07 * sri reads the history
20:02:11 <afranke> sri, inviting the wogue guy to GUADEC.
20:02:44 <sri> oh..
20:02:51 <sri> he doesn't usually come, I've done that before.
20:03:05 <benzea> ok, we need someone to do this, but I don't see anyone raising their hand right now
20:03:06 <sri> or I've tried to convince him to come also even have him join the foundation..
20:03:11 <sri> he's just a bit too erratic :)
20:03:46 <benzea> #action n.n. to contact press and see about getting coverage before and during guadec
20:03:59 <kittykat> when's the deadline?
20:04:08 <benzea> two weeks?
20:04:18 <kittykat> sounds sane
20:04:27 <benzea> that seems sane for the first round of contacts
20:04:31 <benzea> righto
20:05:39 <kittykat> Heike Jurzik <jurzik@linux-journalist.com> was interested in coming, she writes for a few websites
20:05:57 <sri> benzea: I have a PR plan if ou want to use that.
20:06:16 <sri> benzea: I can try ot help out.. since I'm doing it for las gnome.
20:06:17 <kittykat> sri: would you like to take on this task? :)
20:06:31 <sri> instead of doing it for las gnome, I can approach it holistically.
20:06:49 <sri> kittykat: I can try, the problem is that I usually own all the action items on the las gnome side too :/
20:06:51 <kittykat> sri: that would be awesome :D
20:07:03 <kittykat> sri: we can trade you some
20:07:04 <benzea> ah, yeah :)
20:07:18 <kittykat> this kinda needs to be done now and we're not great at this sort of stuff
20:07:20 <sri> kittykat: I havent forgotten I owe you and the board a budget btw.  It's been a trying two weeks :)
20:07:31 <sri> I'm meeting with HP-enterprise today :)
20:07:35 <kittykat> you've owed me a budget for a lot longer than that >.>
20:07:46 <benzea> hey, not discussing las here!
20:08:05 <benzea> #action sri to look into doing las and guadec press together now
20:08:17 <sri> kittykat: yeah, I know.  I'll get my ass in gear and get you something.
20:08:24 <sri> benzea: sorry!
20:08:27 <benzea> it should be quite some overlap
20:08:37 <benzea> sri: ah, no worries :)
20:08:42 <benzea> #topic Social Events
20:08:45 <sri> okay, so whose dealing with Intel?
20:09:01 <sri> uh oh.. looks like I"m in a middle of a meeting, carry on.
20:09:02 <kittykat> sri: erm, me?
20:09:04 <benzea> I think the biggest issue right onw is football field
20:09:09 <benzea> because the one I wanted to use doesn't eixst
20:09:11 <sri> kittykat: okay, let me know if you need help.
20:09:19 <sri> sorry for the side bar convo
20:09:21 <kittykat> sri: we're on top of it atm
20:09:27 <benzea> well, it isn't accessible by the student council anymore
20:09:37 <kittykat> booooo
20:09:45 <benzea> (from july onwards …)
20:09:49 <sri> kittykat: awesome :)
20:09:54 <kittykat> do we have a nice field somewhere in a park?
20:10:42 <benzea> well, we can probably find some space in a park
20:10:52 <benzea> (technically that should we should get a permit for that)
20:10:55 <dperpeet> might take some walking
20:11:01 <afranke> benzea, we could always go back to the park where we had the football game/picnic during GUADEC 2014.
20:11:02 <benzea> ah, but not too much really
20:11:38 <benzea> dperpeet: lustschlösschen, or even alter friedhof or the park behind schloss gottesau
20:12:00 <dperpeet> not too much, but still some walking :)
20:12:36 <benzea> yeah, but that is totally fine :)
20:12:42 <sri> kittykat: make sure you send a nice card to Thiago Maciera - I put down 2K for GUADEC, he changed it to 5k and pushed it through.
20:12:48 <dperpeet> it is, playing implies walking anyway
20:13:07 <benzea> heck, we could just do it on the forum ;-)
20:13:30 <kittykat> can we have some deadlines for each of the social events and who is taking care of it? like permits for football, for example
20:13:38 <benzea> (in that case, get the red square from the akk)
20:13:43 <benzea> right
20:13:52 <benzea> Z10, we don't need to do anything
20:14:10 <benzea> ping the person responsible for us a month in advance or so
20:14:22 <benzea> which I will have to do
20:15:00 <benzea> #action benzea to ping tab about Z10 event a month in advance
20:15:14 <benzea> bbq the main issue is that we need to go shopping for that
20:15:35 <benzea> sometime on thursday ideally, but we could put stuff in the fridge at AKK, I think
20:15:43 <benzea> if someone wants to do that on wednesday
20:15:48 <benzea> it is all booked
20:15:59 <dperpeet> that amount of food we could also get delivered
20:16:11 <benzea> benedikt neuffer is responsible on the AKK side (also for the other supplies like coffee we get from them)
20:17:14 <benzea> oh, interesting idea
20:17:14 <kittykat> dperpeet: can you take care of figuring that out?
20:17:20 <benzea> like asking rewe to deliver it?
20:17:23 <kittykat> and actually making it happen?
20:17:41 <dperpeet> do we have a list somewhere?
20:17:45 <benzea> nope
20:17:47 <dperpeet> of what to get
20:17:53 <kittykat> dperpeet: put one together? :D
20:18:03 <dperpeet> once we have an estimate, I will check out places to ask
20:18:11 <kittykat> we're expecing 100-150 people, I reckon, some of whom would have eaten already
20:18:13 <benzea> the idea is to bbq, but we also have the AKK anrichte to create some fun things (like at least prepare some veggies and cheese)
20:18:20 <kittykat> and some veggie
20:18:26 <benzea> maybe 50 people actually eating?
20:18:30 <kittykat> and vegans
20:18:53 <dperpeet> well, I know a catering service
20:19:05 <dperpeet> but that's extra spending
20:19:06 <dperpeet> so not sure
20:19:17 <benzea> yeah, more like just getting a lot of stuff
20:19:33 <benzea> and having maybe three people just spending time preparing and putting it on
20:19:55 <afranke> kittykat, do you know how many people got the sandwiches done last year?
20:19:57 <benzea> (which probably turns to people just doing it)
20:20:18 <kittykat> afranke: no, but I didn't like the sandwich idea anyway
20:20:24 <benzea> i.e. we need someone to generate the shopping list and make sure we actually have food there
20:20:33 <kittykat> I preferred what we had in strasbourg
20:20:33 <benzea> and, if we have too much, we can use up the rest on friday
20:20:35 <benzea> hopefully
20:20:44 <dperpeet> I'm happy to help looking for places, but I don't want to take care of the shopping list
20:20:50 <dperpeet> too much on my plate already ;-)
20:21:34 <benzea> hehe
20:22:21 <benzea> hmm
20:22:30 * benzea thinks it would probably best to ping a couple of the usual people at university
20:22:39 <benzea> those might also have the food saftey courses
20:22:45 <afranke> kittykat, ah? To say that I feel ashamed for not being as prepared as that…
20:23:12 <benzea> #action benzea will ping marcus (not moggi), and ask around in general
20:23:55 <benzea> that has good chances to work
20:24:03 <benzea> picnic
20:24:15 <benzea> well, we need a place mostly
20:24:23 <benzea> i.e. picnic/footbal
20:24:24 <benzea> l
20:24:59 <benzea> for picnic we can also prepare at AKK
20:25:13 <benzea> but it is planned for friday right now, and I don't expect we could actually be there (could check)
20:25:21 <benzea> but pretty sure there is another event there that evening
20:25:47 <benzea> my best bet right now would be fasanengarten/lustschlösschen (not an actual pit)
20:26:53 <benzea> anyone care to look?
20:27:08 <benzea> or should I first get a copy of one of those permits so that people have more information?
20:27:16 <benzea> which I could probably do right after the meeting :)
20:27:29 <benzea> #action benzea to get some info about permits for parks
20:27:52 <benzea> I think that needs to be sorted out at least a month in advance for processing with the city
20:27:54 <benzea> in that case
20:28:28 <benzea> ok, lets move on for now
20:28:35 <benzea> #topic Videos
20:28:45 <benzea> #info we do not have a confirmation from florolf yet
20:28:55 <benzea> he is waiting for some stuff, and cannot confirm before then
20:28:57 <benzea> however
20:29:05 <benzea> we also need someone to make sure we have:
20:29:11 <benzea> * xml schedule
20:29:20 <benzea> * intro/extro or at least a simple splash screen
20:29:25 <benzea> stuff like that
20:29:38 <benzea> my guess is logostics is something I'll have to do …
20:29:58 <kittykat> bastianilso: intro/extro for GUADEC videos? are you up for making those?
20:30:30 <benzea> ah, that sounds good!
20:31:15 <benzea> ok, lets put down bastianilso for now ;-)
20:31:23 <benzea> #action bastianilso to create artwork for videos
20:31:31 <benzea> #info http://c3voc.de/wiki/eventhowto
20:32:03 <benzea> kittykat: how are you creating the schedule?
20:32:11 <benzea> just on paper or something?
20:32:20 <kittykat> it's on paper right now
20:32:30 <benzea> well, the video team needs a specific xml format
20:32:32 <kittykat> html table on the website? I haven't really thought this through yet
20:32:44 <kittykat> we can technically get the info from regcfp, but not at the moment
20:32:52 <benzea> well, regcfp doesn't have times
20:32:54 <kittykat> I'll have a word with puiterwijk about it this weekend
20:32:55 <benzea> does it?
20:33:01 <kittykat> it can if we make it have times
20:33:05 <benzea> hehe
20:33:20 <benzea> fair enough, so we discuss later after we see what we can/should handle in regcfp
20:33:32 * puiterwijk reads back. What is it that people want me to do now?
20:33:35 <benzea> in the worst case we'll probably want a simple conversion script from a common format to HTML/video XML
20:33:50 <benzea> puiterwijk: schedule creation from regcfp …
20:34:32 <puiterwijk> Ah. Might be me, but I'm not seeing an issue for it
20:34:33 <benzea> it might make more sense to write a bunch of scripts to generate everything
20:34:58 <puiterwijk> benzea: file an issue and I can see if I can fit it in.
20:35:12 <benzea> alright, lets leave it at then for now then :)
20:35:13 <puiterwijk> And if you have a specific deadline, be sure to mark that in the issue.
20:35:19 <benzea> I'll bring it up again! :-P
20:35:47 <puiterwijk> note: this does not mean I'm committing to doing it. But if you don't file an issue I can guarantee you it won't happen
20:36:04 <benzea> yeah
20:36:14 <benzea> #topic volunteers
20:36:47 <benzea> afranke: so, we need a checkbox?
20:37:01 <afranke> A checkbox?
20:37:21 <benzea> well, "want to volunteer"
20:37:31 <afranke> I don't think that would work well.
20:37:35 <benzea> in the registration
20:37:49 <kittykat> afranke: does anything need to be done for registration to allow people to sign up as volunteers?
20:37:52 <kittykat> if not, what's your plan?
20:37:53 <afranke> Ideally a list of available slots, if we can't have that then something like a "second registration" ?
20:38:04 <benzea> and if we just use it to write a mail later with "go here"
20:38:26 <afranke> benzea, that's the worst case scenario.
20:38:46 <benzea> afranke: well, we should have *something* for opening registration
20:38:56 <benzea> just to pull people into it
20:39:10 <afranke> Ah right, it opens this weekend.
20:39:39 <benzea> i.e. just a "I want to volunteer" i nthe registration
20:39:43 <afranke> Let's go with worst case scenario then…
20:39:50 <benzea> so that we can tell people how to properly sign up later
20:40:07 <benzea> afranke: does that sound sane?
20:40:20 <afranke> Yes.
20:40:32 <benzea> well, you could stilld still setup e.g. the engelsystem
20:40:54 <benzea> ok, good
20:41:11 <benzea> #agreed we put a volunteer yes/no combobox or similar on the registration page
20:41:27 <benzea> #topic misc
20:41:33 <benzea> ok, I'll stop the meeting here
20:41:46 <benzea> unless someone has something really important that we haven't covered yet
20:42:22 <benzea> #endmeeting