19:24:04 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:24:23 <benzea> I don't think that anyone is around with regard to the visa stuff
19:24:32 <benzea> (as kat had asked someone to join)
19:25:24 * benzea is gotting lost between workspaces
19:26:12 <benzea> hrm, lets pull up the stuff that came up last week
19:26:15 <benzea> i.e. what afranke suggested
19:26:20 <benzea> #topic regcfp theme
19:26:27 <benzea> afranke?
19:27:25 <benzea> (sorry for the chaos, not quite prepared right now)
19:28:04 <benzea> eh, alright
19:28:11 <benzea> #topic BoFs
19:28:37 <benzea> this is still a bit off, but we should announce that bofs exists and that people can put them on the wiki
19:29:24 <benzea> so we need someone who will make sure the announcement goes out soon, and maybe remind teams to enter bofs
19:29:28 <benzea> then later schedule them
19:29:35 <benzea> anyone up for the task? :)
19:29:49 <benzea> (btw. I am on https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-2016-meeting)
19:30:44 <benzea> baedert: you maybe? :)
19:31:43 <afranke> benzea, sorry, missed the highlight.
19:31:49 <benzea> hehe
19:32:10 <benzea> ok, lets go back to that then, for BoF nobody is going to raise there hand for a bit I assume ;-)
19:32:17 <benzea> #topic regcfp theme
19:32:21 <benzea> afranke: go ahead :)
19:32:41 <afranke> For regcfp theme, I want to point out the work done by tomtryf for LAS.
19:33:11 <benzea> #info tomtryf has created a new theme for LAS
19:33:12 <afranke> http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c75vobnca and http://awesomescreenshot.com/00d5vobo29
19:33:18 <benzea> #url http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c75vobnca
19:33:22 <benzea> #url http://awesomescreenshot.com/00d5vobo29
19:33:30 <afranke> Pull request is in progress, should go live soon.
19:33:47 <benzea> do you think we should adopt it for GUADEC?
19:34:00 <afranke> So since this is nice, urgent but not important, I propose to ask tomtryf if he's up to do it for GUADEC too. :)
19:34:30 <afranke> I mean what's nice about it is not only that it's pretty, it's also that it fits the LAS website.
19:34:46 <benzea> sure, but we don't have that for guadec right now anyways
19:35:05 <afranke> So if tomtryf is willing to do it, we could have something that looks like the GUADEC website.
19:35:19 <benzea> hah, I am not sure that makes much sense
19:35:27 <benzea> unless you actually reconsider the guadec website theme itself :)
19:35:40 <afranke> Let me have a look at it.
19:35:54 <afranke> Ah, right, I forgot how plain it is.
19:36:09 <benzea> uh, why is the logo gone?
19:36:13 <benzea> from the top
19:36:13 <afranke> Well I can see if tom has suggestions for tweaks.
19:36:23 <afranke> Oh so it's not just me.
19:36:43 <benzea> moggi: any idea what may have happened?
19:36:57 <benzea> ok, I would say, feel free to ping him
19:37:21 <benzea> I doubt anyone has an opinion about changing the theme for either the main website or registration.guadec.org
19:38:10 * benzea assumes this is the case as no one is speaking up
19:38:23 <benzea> #action moggi to check what happened to the logo on the website
19:38:54 <benzea> #action afranke to ask tomtryf whether he could look into the theming for the guadec websites
19:38:57 <benzea> sounds good?
19:39:01 <afranke> Yep.
19:39:17 <benzea> apparently kat is having connection issues
19:39:40 <benzea> ok, lets move on
19:39:44 <benzea> #topic keynotes
19:39:45 <benzea> yay!
19:40:00 <benzea> we have a number of suggestions now, and my opinion right now is that this should be enough
19:40:24 <benzea> aha
19:40:42 <benzea> I doubt anyone has a proper overview of the keynote situation (i.e. suggested speakers)
19:41:09 <benzea> so I would suggest someone sits down and collects a summary in the wiki, maybe even suggesting a preference if they like
19:41:17 <afranke> I know there are at least two suggestions which didn't reach the org team yet.
19:41:31 <afranke> nuritzis should get back to you about that sometime soon.
19:41:43 <benzea> afranke: she send something, the e-mail I forwarded today
19:41:47 <benzea> and there was one from her yesterday
19:41:55 <afranke> Oh did she already?
19:42:02 <benzea> I think so
19:42:04 <afranke> Ok.
19:42:45 <benzea> we *really* need someone to put everything into a form so that we can decide
19:43:02 <benzea> or, someone to just suggest a decision and let it pass by consensus ;-)
19:43:03 * afranke wonders if nuritzis would be willing to do that.
19:43:27 <afranke> At least the putting things into a form part.
19:43:27 <nuritzis> afranke, today's a bit rough for me
19:43:34 <benzea> nah, not today
19:43:34 <nuritzis> i need to make sure we debut las gnome...
19:43:36 <kittykat> you can't have her, she's helping me with papers!
19:43:56 <nuritzis> and that too, but that is later this week :) meaning friday kittykat (hope that works!)
19:43:57 <afranke> kittykat, shush, you have enough minions!
19:44:11 <benzea> kittykat: suggest someone else ;-)
19:44:17 <kittykat> nuritzis: at the rate I'm going, it's going to be weekend/start of next week
19:44:20 <benzea> baedert again maybe?
19:44:21 <afranke> benzea, I think kittykat's volunteering.
19:44:33 * benzea tried to hand him the BoF announcement
19:44:42 <kittykat> afranke: nope, no and nope again
19:45:07 <kittykat> benzea: how about putting together a list of tasks that need owners and asking foundation-list for volunteers?
19:45:17 <kittykat> or posting something about it on twitter?
19:45:17 <benzea> kittykat: could do that
19:45:25 <benzea> ok
19:45:41 <afranke> But who will write that list?
19:45:41 <afranke> :)
19:46:05 <benzea> #action n.n. collect the keynote speaker suggestions in the wiki and present it/suggestions to the organization team
19:46:11 <benzea> meetbot will!
19:46:12 <kittykat> afranke: we're already writing it in the minutes
19:46:34 <benzea> hm
19:47:16 <benzea> #action n.n. to coordinate BoFs (annoucement, scheduling, poking teams if required)
19:47:48 <benzea> hm, I guess we just need to past the contract primarily?
19:48:20 <kittykat> before we move on, did you set the deadlines for when the BoFs need to be announced and the keynotes sorted?
19:48:29 <benzea> ah, nope
19:48:36 <benzea> thanks
19:48:50 <benzea> keynotes, ASAP, I would say the list needs to be there by next wednesday latest
19:49:11 <benzea> i.e. we really need someone to contact the speakers by the end of next week if possible
19:49:30 <benzea> for BoFs. my guess would be aim for mid june, get it done latest end of june
19:49:34 <benzea> sounds sane?
19:49:40 <kittykat> yep
19:50:03 <benzea> #info deadline for keynotes: ASAP, decision next week, start contacting keynote speakers at end of next week
19:50:13 <benzea> #info deadline BoF: mid June (latest end of June)
19:50:19 <mms> I can take the action "keynotes list" but won't be able to get it done before the end of the weekend
19:50:24 * kittykat wonders what's in the tea she's been given :S
19:50:33 <benzea> mms: cool!
19:50:45 <kittykat> mms: as long as it's definitely done by next tuesday, that's perfect :)
19:51:05 <benzea> #action mms to collect the keynote speaker suggestsions on the wiki this weekend
19:51:11 <benzea> oh, a big mess ;-)
19:51:18 <afranke> kittykat, stop talking about tea, or nuritzis will pick up on that.
19:51:28 <kittykat> what does nuritzis have to do with tea
19:51:30 <benzea> ok, so, legal entity
19:51:35 <benzea> that will be me or kittykat
19:51:56 <kittykat> benzea: not me, I need to catch up on papers and TC before I do anything else
19:52:11 <afranke> kittykat, we'll discuss it after the meeting. ;)
19:52:12 <benzea> yeah, but it isn't that urgent either, sure, I'll note it for myself
19:52:38 <benzea> #action benzea to put information about the legal entity/contract for GUADEC 2016 into the wiki
19:52:49 <benzea> #topic Merchandise
19:53:08 <benzea> so, I guess we need to get someone to make a t-shirt
19:53:21 <benzea> and we could also consider making e.g. some generic/guadec mugs
19:53:32 <kittykat> I kinda favour a competition with a forced submission from andreasn
19:53:32 * benzea wonders if andreasn is up for the tshirt
19:53:45 <benzea> you mean, just make andreasn do it?
19:53:58 <kittykat> no, I mean have a competition and make andreasn enter :P
19:54:17 <kittykat> we've had some really nice designs come out of the gnome.asia competitions
19:54:23 <benzea> well, as long as we don't have some stupid public voting mechanism
19:54:38 * kittykat doesn't care as long as she gets a say
19:54:52 <afranke> kittykat, a say doesn't mean final decision, right?
19:55:06 <benzea> just don't outsource the decision to the internetz
19:55:12 <benzea> you get MacBoatface
19:55:22 <benzea> :-P
19:55:23 * afranke likes Boaty McBoatface.
19:55:33 <benzea> see!
19:55:33 <kittykat> also, it would be good if it had an obvious, but subtle guadec theme
19:55:42 * benzea agrees
19:55:53 <afranke> "obvious but subtle"
19:55:59 <afranke> Piece of cake.
19:56:01 <kittykat> afranke: no, I mostly want to veto any t-shirt with a solid print across the chest because I actually want to be able to wear it
19:56:10 <benzea> #info if we print at the student print shop then the minimum feature size is 1mm
19:56:10 <benzea> iirc
19:56:29 <kittykat> anyway, someone needs to be in charge of making this happen
19:56:31 <benzea> because it is flock/flex (i.e. cut out and not printed on)
19:57:40 <benzea> hm, if we do a competition, I would say the announcement needs to go out in the next two weeks
19:57:49 <kittykat> agreed
19:58:00 <muelli> so many announcements...
19:58:03 <kittykat> benzea: what's the turnaround time for prints with the student shop?
19:58:10 <benzea> kittykat: should be pretty short
19:58:24 <kittykat> benzea: define short
19:58:37 <kittykat> for me, in t-shirt printing terms, 2 days is short
19:58:43 <benzea> #action benzea to ask for an offer and info from SSV for printing t-shirts
19:58:49 <benzea> nah, not that short
19:59:23 <benzea> if someone from them is around, then they could probably do it on a very short notice
19:59:28 * kittykat kicks herself for not getting t-shirt totals down from last year
19:59:31 <benzea> but can't assume that they are even there
20:00:04 <kittykat> benzea: ask about getting 120
20:00:07 <benzea> anyways, I can ask tomorrow or start of next week (need to check the times)
20:00:09 <benzea> OK
20:00:12 <kittykat> I think it will end up being somewhere around 110-120
20:00:34 * benzea notes that the "Unifest" t-shirts he has are from there
20:01:05 <benzea> #action n.n. to look into running a t-shirt design contest and write an announcement draft
20:01:18 <benzea> both action items by next week
20:01:21 <pterjan> (it was 130 last year but I don't know how many were sold)
20:01:21 <benzea> ideally
20:01:34 <benzea> well, we have the leftover numbers, don't we?
20:01:53 <pterjan> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/T-shirts
20:01:54 <kittykat> pterjan: basically all of them
20:02:06 <kittykat> we need more volunteer shirts, we ran out very early
20:02:16 <kittykat> so some people didn't get any :-/
20:02:17 <pterjan> indeed
20:02:38 <benzea> alright
20:02:39 <kittykat> benzea: so ask about 140 then, if we had 130 last year
20:02:52 <benzea> #info we'll ask for 140 t-shirts for a start
20:03:02 <benzea> anthing else with regard to merch?
20:03:03 <kittykat> we should have the final design by end of next month, whichever way we go
20:03:07 <benzea> muelli?
20:03:14 * benzea agrees
20:03:32 <kittykat> if we do tea and coffee, a small run of mugs might be nice
20:03:35 <benzea> and need at least a two week window for a competition
20:03:36 <mms> we thought that one useful and nice merchandising item would be suncream
20:03:43 * kittykat wonders if anyone here would get the OH reference if she made it
20:04:07 <kittykat> mms: what's the smallest batch that we can get?
20:05:04 <kittykat> anyone else has any other ideas?
20:05:14 <benzea> well, mugs is an obvious choice
20:05:30 <kittykat> benzea: do you have contacts to get those printed locally?
20:05:34 <benzea> I am thinking it should be around 10€ per mug for a larger number
20:05:39 * kittykat got a lovely mousemat at gnome.asia, now she needs to get a mouse
20:05:48 <benzea> kittykat: well, I know one of the copy shops closeby can do it
20:06:05 <kittykat> benzea: that sounds pricey, check out the shop and also have a quick look online
20:06:05 <pterjan> benzea: also for reference the cost for 130 t-shirt was 767.20 euros including 75 euros to ship to Sweden
20:06:13 <benzea> however, those do fade if run through the dish washer often
20:06:15 <mms> 100 seems the average minimum order
20:06:23 <kittykat> pterjan: can't we just ship them to afranke this year? :P
20:06:28 <pterjan> that's 5.90 euros / t-shirt including shipping
20:06:33 <pterjan> yeah would be cheaper :)
20:06:43 <afranke> kittykat, the shirts or the mugs?
20:06:47 <benzea> pterjan: oh, that sounds quite cheap
20:06:48 * afranke could use mugs.
20:06:51 <afranke> :)
20:06:54 <benzea> haha
20:07:27 <kittykat> mms: how many do you guys think we can shift at GUADEC? would be good to not have too many left over, but also they'd be super useful for gnome.asia
20:07:34 <benzea> #info price for tshirts was about 5,90€ per shirt last year
20:07:39 <kittykat> we can use harris as a pack mule, *again*
20:07:59 * muelli is a fan of beer, still.
20:08:13 <benzea> ah, the beer :)
20:08:14 <afranke> BTW I can act as a delivery spot, but someone would need to arrange for pick up.
20:08:38 <pterjan> muelli: could you arrange that?
20:08:44 <kittykat> muelli: do you have any more details right now?
20:08:48 <benzea> just throw it in the tgv for one stop, no one will notice!
20:09:06 <kittykat> benzea: can we have beer?
20:09:19 <afranke> benzea, I bet I could throw a paper plane from my window and hit the TGV.
20:09:22 <mms> Well, I thought the suncream would be given for free to every participant as a little good
20:09:27 <benzea> well, we are just selling it (not for local drinking)
20:09:32 <kittykat> mms: depends on the budget
20:09:38 <benzea> kittykat: I would say, very likely, but don't know the legal implecations
20:09:39 <mms> indeed
20:09:42 <benzea> i.e. it needs some research
20:09:50 <muelli> pterjan: yeah, the SuSE people are doing that every so often :) You're at FOSDEM, you should know!
20:09:54 <kittykat> ok, so muelli can find out the legal implications and more details about cost
20:09:56 <afranke> mms, or if you find a company that makes it and wants to sponsor.
20:10:05 <pterjan> muelli: I was asking if _you_ can arrange it :)
20:10:11 <mms> that was / is still our hope
20:10:19 <kittykat> mms will investigate sunscreen (sponsors, or cost)
20:10:30 <afranke> #action mms will investigate sunscreen (sponsors, or cost)
20:10:33 <kittykat> can we have a deadline of two weeks from now for first pass on prices?
20:10:39 <benzea> afranke: you were quicker!
20:10:46 <muelli> hrhr pterjan. yeah, by now it seems we have it in the budget \o/ I'm worried of having too many leftovers though.
20:11:12 <afranke> #action muelli to investigate getting beer brewed
20:11:17 <benzea> muelli: could you figure out what the minimum order is and stuff like that?
20:11:20 <benzea> otherwise it won't happen
20:11:31 <muelli> again, needs the PDF I sent around a few weeks ago.
20:11:50 <benzea> hm? you mean the label for the brewery?
20:12:02 <muelli> benzea: yes.
20:12:13 * benzea can look it up if you can't find it
20:12:23 <benzea> OK, we are getting somewhere
20:12:28 <afranke> ( http://lasreg.gnome.org/ new theme now online, matches the theme for http://las.gnome.org/ )
20:12:39 <kittykat> pterjan: can you sort out the t-shirts again if we can't get them done locally for whatever reason? that would make you the backup plan
20:12:57 <benzea> that sounds good
20:13:19 * kittykat suggests moving to the next item unless someone has more merch ideas
20:13:26 <pterjan> kittykat: sure
20:13:26 <benzea> fine with me
20:13:42 <benzea> #action pterjan to ping last years shop for an offer for tshirts
20:14:04 <benzea> hrm, don't have much time
20:14:05 <benzea> sponsors?
20:14:13 <benzea> #topic sponsors
20:14:32 <benzea> mms: what was the result of our call last week?
20:14:37 <mms> not good
20:14:45 * kittykat proposes visas and registration as highest priority after sponsors
20:14:45 <benzea> fair enough
20:14:47 <mms> The call was really nice and interesting
20:15:07 <benzea> #info postponed
20:15:11 <mms> but the end result is: we are not really the target audience they are after
20:15:20 <benzea> fair enough
20:15:20 <mms> so they won't sponsor
20:15:34 <benzea> #topic visas
20:15:47 <benzea> kittykat: I assume we need a (german) invitation letter template?
20:16:01 <kittykat> benzea: we need someone to take ownership and find out
20:16:08 <kittykat> in previous years it's been in english, I think
20:16:32 <kittykat> have you got the etherpad link to your TODO list? I pasted at least a link in there and possibly some info a while ago
20:16:33 <benzea> ah, could well be that the german embassies accept english
20:16:48 <benzea> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-2016-todo
20:16:56 <benzea> moggi looked into it quite a while ago
20:17:32 <muelli> hrm. wasn't it that dperpeet's wife was a lawyer and wanted to look into who is liable in case anything goes wrong?
20:17:51 <benzea> evelyn, not sure how she was related to dperpeet
20:18:02 <benzea> she is actually on the list, but never really said much :)
20:18:10 <kittykat> http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/sid_A8E8389B170297017EA5559AB2566972/EN/EinreiseUndAufenthalt/Visabestimmungen_node.html was what I found
20:18:54 <kittykat> we don't normally give any recommendations on what type of visas people apply for because we can't give legal advice, but I think many people go for tourist visas
20:19:29 <kittykat> this information might be something useful to have on the website: http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/sid_055165B978820385D90ED13D64D81AB8/EN/EinreiseUndAufenthalt/StaatenlisteVisumpflicht_node.html
20:19:38 <kittykat> aaanyway, back on topic, we need someone to deal with it
20:19:46 <kittykat> I haven't heard anything back from last year's team
20:20:02 <kittykat> and I assume andreasn isn't paying attention right now :)
20:20:09 <benzea> yep
20:20:35 <benzea> well, we need two things:
20:20:45 <benzea> * draft document that we send out
20:20:57 <benzea> * someone to actually process the requests
20:21:00 <benzea> I assume?
20:21:20 <kittykat> yep
20:21:20 <muelli> I'd add someone to actually sign.
20:21:29 <moggi> there are two kinds of invitation letters, one where we take responsibility and liability if someone overstays and one where we don't
20:21:33 <kittykat> usually the president of the foundation signs
20:21:36 <moggi> we need to use the second kind
20:21:44 <benzea> yup
20:21:49 <benzea> moggi: could you create a draft?
20:21:55 <moggi> benzea: I can
20:21:59 <benzea> cool!
20:22:03 <afranke> kittykat, I think for Strasbourg we had the president + me (as LiLo rep)
20:22:09 <muelli> that sounds good moggi.
20:22:12 <benzea> #action moggi to create a draft invitation letter
20:22:13 <kittykat> moggi: can you find out if it needs to be signed by a german?
20:22:23 <moggi> also if I understood the stuff correctly it should be from the local entity
20:22:32 <benzea> hm, I thought that doesn't matter at all
20:22:45 <moggi> I think it does not work well if an US entity invites to a german event
20:22:50 <kittykat> moggi: can you have the draft done within the next couple of days? there are already requests coming in
20:22:53 * benzea thinks Evelyn might have commented on that actually
20:23:11 <benzea> yeah, but we have plenty of natural legal entities :)
20:23:30 <moggi> kittykat: I can do it during the weekend, but not earlier
20:23:50 <kittykat> moggi: cool, please send it as soon as it's done
20:24:12 <benzea> kittykat: so we have one letter that is signed by both a german and by the board?
20:24:17 <kittykat> benzea: can you figure out who needs to, can and will sign it?
20:24:26 * benzea is sure that info is on the ML
20:25:08 <benzea> yep
20:25:16 <benzea> kittykat: evelyn confirmed that a natural person is enough
20:25:19 <benzea> i.e. every german can sign
20:26:05 <benzea> ok, is that all then for visas for now?
20:26:11 <kittykat> any volunteers for the signing then?
20:26:19 <benzea> ah
20:26:23 <benzea> what needs to be done?
20:26:27 <benzea> print, sign, scan, send out?
20:26:31 * afranke wonders if he's considered a natural German.
20:26:34 <kittykat> I imagine so
20:26:51 <kittykat> we used scanned signatures in some previous years
20:27:23 <benzea> hm, could do the printing/scanning part twice a week or so, I would say
20:27:49 <kittykat> it will need to be more regular than that closer to the time, so probably better to pick someone with day-long access to a printer and scanner
20:28:23 <benzea> ah, darn
20:28:43 <benzea> it should be about 30 overall?
20:28:56 <kittykat> yep
20:29:17 <kittykat> oh yeah, also involves bothering people when they don't provide all the needed info (passport number, expiry date, etc)
20:29:34 <kittykat> gets fun when we have people who are rushing to get their first passport so they can come to guadec
20:29:37 <benzea> *sigh*
20:29:43 <kittykat> and are in a country where that takes some weeks
20:29:50 <benzea> right
20:29:59 <kittykat> anyway, it should probably be someone other than you as it will get to be a lot of work at one point
20:30:04 <benzea> so really, we need someone for the chasing part more than for the printing/signing/scanning part
20:30:10 * kittykat has said her stuff
20:30:14 <benzea> sure
20:31:18 <benzea> #action n.n. to ensure that visa letters are send out (ask for information, sign, send), need a german for signing
20:31:51 <benzea> seems like we don't have a volunteer for now :-/
20:31:57 <kittykat> can someone check if I just messed up etherpad or if etherpad is messing with me?
20:32:13 <kittykat> nope, and this has one of the higher priorities
20:32:30 <benzea> schedule lost its bullet point
20:33:01 <kittykat> ok, so it's the third option of etherpad is making me mess it up
20:33:34 <benzea> ok, so the current situation is that we will have a draft letter by next week
20:34:08 <benzea> move on?
20:34:12 <mms> yes
20:34:18 <benzea> #topic registration
20:34:27 <benzea> so, my bad for not being online yet really
20:35:03 <benzea> however, I am considering of putting that off till the 29th in the worst case because of that meeting tomorrow
20:35:46 <kittykat> is it still blocking on workshops?
20:35:51 <benzea> nope
20:36:11 <kittykat> what needs to be done to get it ready?
20:36:19 <benzea> well, there are some announcements, but they would just coincide
20:36:25 <benzea> basically profread the text
20:36:51 <kittykat> is the text ready?
20:36:59 <afranke> #info LAS registration opens today.
20:37:15 <benzea> anouncement text?
20:37:25 <benzea> right, annoucement needs to be written
20:37:33 <kittykat> whichever one you meant :)
20:37:51 <benzea> well, we should get an announcement about registration out ASAP
20:38:01 <benzea> lets say weekend latest
20:38:44 <muelli> announcements. perfect timing. Do we have yet another week? I.e. end of next week?
20:38:47 <benzea> for the reg page I just need generate the final options and get someone to look over it
20:39:13 <kittykat> benzea: ok, when will you have that done?
20:39:14 <benzea> muelli: well, would like to announce/have a note about registration up earlier
20:39:41 <kittykat> maybe we just need muelli to be our herald ;)
20:39:52 <benzea> kittykat: lets say weekend?
20:40:51 <benzea> kittykat: I find it a bit important to put some info on the website (and a date when it opens)
20:40:59 <kittykat> ok
20:41:21 <muelli> I see benzea. "Call for registrations" makes a good item in the news feed we're intending to have.
20:41:32 <benzea> muelli: registration opens?
20:41:35 <benzea> muelli: when do you have that open?
20:41:52 <muelli> but it's okay to have the actual news item a bit later than the actual opening or twitter announcement or so
20:41:53 <benzea> muelli: well, we can have some info up now, then push out a news feed item as soon as it actually opens
20:41:57 <muelli> yep
20:42:05 <benzea> or even just a bit later, exactly
20:42:17 * benzea just doesn't want anyone to get nervous about it
20:42:37 <benzea> ok, I think we should leave it here for today
20:43:11 <muelli> a
20:43:12 <muelli> h
20:43:12 <mms> Can we just have one last item point
20:43:19 <benzea> mms: sure
20:43:35 <mms> and we think it is an important one to get actually sponsors being interested in the conference
20:43:43 <muelli> Out of the 60+ companies we've contacted, a few intially responded mildly, but then declined. Currently, we have mild feedback from lengoo, a Karlsruhe company. The packages in the brochure are too expensive for them though. So we're going to follow up.
20:43:54 <muelli> we thought we'd need to make the Web site more attractive for sponsors we approach.
20:44:03 <benzea> afranke!
20:44:05 <muelli> Ultimately, making some existing sponsors visible to show prospect sponsors why spending the money is good.
20:44:08 <afranke> benzea?
20:44:12 <benzea> afranke: go ping tom...
20:44:14 <benzea> ;-)
20:44:15 <muelli> So we were thinking of first making a "Hello, World" type of post to then distribute that to news outlets, universities, and so on.
20:44:30 <afranke> benzea, actually I'm gonna first try to tweak the WP theme.
20:44:30 <muelli> We've drafted something already, basically c&p from the gnome.org site: http://pasteboard.co/11pQVgWG.png
20:44:33 <benzea> afranke: website theme :)
20:44:53 <muelli> ah, that also needs benzo's photo ;-)
20:45:08 <muelli> If there's anyone to make a German version, that'd be great. Anybody volunteering to make it Tscherman?
20:45:11 <benzea> haha
20:45:24 <benzea> muelli: is that basically for the guadec.org news feed?
20:45:28 <muelli> it's not clear to me right now how exactly it'll pan out on the web site. I hope moggi and I can investigat.e
20:45:45 <benzea> sure, sounds cool
20:45:49 <muelli> benzea: yeah. have something up on the web site that looks interesting enough for the casual visitor.
20:45:50 <benzea> what is the timeframe?
20:45:57 <muelli> hrm. ASAP ;-)
20:46:02 <muelli> We then plan to have a few posts in the queue. E.g. "SuSE as Sponsor", "Registration opens", "Endless sponsors", "sils' workshop", ...
20:46:05 <benzea> hah, for the translation, I mean :)
20:46:08 <muelli> like every week or so.
20:46:13 <muelli> ja, ASAP ;D
20:46:17 <benzea> sounds great!
20:46:31 <benzea> oh, come one, you are not going to have the newsfeed up tonight ;-)
20:46:33 <mms> and we also thought that we should use then this news item to feed the public (outside of the gnome community): universities, Stadt Karlsruhe, Konvention Center Mailing list etc.
20:46:36 <muelli> It's more or less ready in the wordpress. The article itself I mean. As I've said technicalities are not there yet
20:46:50 <benzea> mms: sounds good
20:47:18 <benzea> hrm, I guess I could look into a translation sometime over the weekend
20:47:23 <muelli> coolio
20:47:29 <benzea> if you actually get the feed up and running :-P
20:47:35 <muelli> ja :-/
20:47:43 <benzea> #action muelli to finalize the work on a GUADEC news feed
20:47:45 <muelli> but we have general consensus it seems. that's great.
20:48:02 <benzea> it is sane
20:48:18 <benzea> feeding it is a bit of work
20:48:22 <muelli> yep
20:48:28 <muelli> but we only have 12 weeks to go
20:48:32 <benzea> #action benzea to look into the news item translation over the weekend
20:48:42 <benzea> outch :-(
20:48:43 <muelli> and we do have some items prepared. but yes. We better sustain the effort
20:48:57 <benzea> ok
20:49:00 <benzea> anything else?
20:49:08 <benzea> (and thanks for bringing this up!)
20:49:43 <benzea> otherwise I am going to close this meeting :)
20:49:52 <mms> closing sounds good :-)
20:49:57 <benzea> see some of you tomorrow …
20:50:00 <benzea> #endmeeting