19:17:43 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:18:18 <benzea> so, the idea was to do a larger status review and generate all the action items that need to be done
19:18:40 <benzea> current agenda is on https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-2016-meeting which is a bit long
19:18:42 <benzea> ah, hey mms!
19:18:58 <benzea> #topic Status review
19:18:59 <mms> hey hey!
19:19:28 <benzea> #action benzea to keep pinging the KIT/aserv about the permit
19:19:35 <benzea> it seems like that might still take quite a while …
19:19:57 <kittykat> what's the backup plan if we don't get a permit? or are we definitely going to be able to get one?
19:20:15 <benzea> well, it is very unlikely not to get one
19:20:32 <benzea> and really, the only thing that might say is we have too much stuff in the foyer, I think
19:20:41 <benzea> the backup plan for that would be to grab one of the rooms on the first floor
19:21:12 <kittykat> cool, and we'll be able to get a contract for LinuxTag to sign once we have the permit, right?
19:21:18 <benzea> yup
19:21:19 <kittykat> is the permit blocking anything else?
19:21:34 <benzea> not really, I'll just pretend that everything works out and keep going
19:21:51 <benzea> I had hoped to have it before talking to the network guys again, but *shrug*
19:22:06 <benzea> #action benzea to talk to schedule meeting with SCC about networking
19:22:12 <benzea> isn't a big deal, but should be done
19:22:23 <benzea> mostly to make sure we can stream
19:22:47 <benzea> so, hire equipment list; I send something around a couple of weeks
19:23:24 <benzea> as of now we have equipment for coffee (mugs + machines) and also fridges and a room to prepare sandwiches
19:23:49 <benzea> at least 300 or so mugs, maybe even more
19:24:09 <muelli> all of which is rented and is known where it goes back to after the event?
19:24:09 <benzea> we can also get coffee/milk through the them (AKK)
19:24:16 <benzea> that is AKK
19:24:23 <muelli> cool.
19:24:24 <kittykat> if we get temporary markers, can we write on the mugs?
19:24:31 <benzea> bene just put in the request a few hours ago
19:24:35 <zana> will there be access to water for the attendees?
19:24:43 <benzea> kittykat: those are normal ikea mugs :)
19:24:52 <benzea> I think so, yeah
19:25:01 <benzea> zana: haven't figured that out yet
19:25:14 <kittykat> zana: tap water is drinkable, so shouldn't be an issue
19:25:17 <benzea> #action we need to look into water for attendees
19:25:26 <benzea> actually, I need to check that :-/
19:25:39 <benzea> some parts of the uni apparently had issues with lead in the water
19:25:39 <kittykat> ah
19:25:50 <benzea> not sure if that is fixes
19:25:51 <benzea> fixed
19:26:19 <baedert> I've only ever read about that in ... well in that building :)
19:26:20 <benzea> so we might need a dispenser or bottled water of our own
19:26:23 <kittykat> and we will need to buy bottled water to offer to speakers
19:26:26 <benzea> ah, maybe :)
19:26:47 <benzea> which we can store at AKK and to keep cool
19:26:52 <benzea> ah, hey dperpeet
19:26:57 <dperpeet> hi, sorry I'm late
19:26:59 <dperpeet> stuff to do :)
19:27:03 <benzea> sure :)
19:27:10 <benzea> figured you would appear at some point :)
19:28:01 <benzea> so, pastries, all I have done so far in that regard is check where the unifest people bought stuff (which was neff via Studierendenwerk or so)
19:28:46 <kittykat> can someone else take that on?
19:28:49 <benzea> I guess we should see about an offer from a few bakeries; but I don't see this as a really high priority
19:29:09 <moggi> I think that is a task for end of june
19:29:17 <mms> very true
19:29:18 <dperpeet> I agree
19:29:24 <benzea> hah
19:29:27 <dperpeet> if it's too early they can forget again :)
19:29:48 <benzea> #info we will need to look into pasteries sources by end of june
19:30:02 <benzea> forget, if we have it ordered it will just magically appear! ;-)
19:30:16 <benzea> so, coffee I already covered
19:30:27 <kittykat> tea?
19:30:29 <kittykat> :P
19:30:35 <benzea> that I don't have covered yet
19:30:51 <benzea> kittykat suggested some company which might offer it for free
19:31:08 <benzea> I was saying that that only makes sense if we don't have an official sponsor for the coffee breaks
19:31:20 <benzea> (i.e. they obviouly would want some flyers or so there)
19:31:32 <moggi> for tea we would also need a way to heat water, preferably in huge amounts
19:31:50 <benzea> yup
19:31:54 <kittykat> some company -> tea discoverer
19:32:07 <benzea> hm
19:32:12 <mms> For the hot water, do we have one of those big thermos?
19:32:15 <benzea> #action benzea to ask bene about kettles from AKK
19:32:22 <benzea> mms: glühweinkocher? ;-)
19:32:45 <mms> I don't know gluehweinkocheer :-)
19:33:05 <mms> but those big thermos. We just would need two of them for our event, I would say
19:33:09 <mms> And I can bring one
19:33:11 <benzea> ah, coffee at AKK is 16,40€ per kg
19:33:20 <benzea> and apparently 4kg yield 500mugs
19:33:39 <benzea> just dispenser?
19:33:43 <mms> yes
19:34:00 <benzea> ah, can also organize some here, that should be simple
19:34:13 <mms> so then tea is sorted too
19:34:26 * benzea adds 2x thermo can to rentals list
19:34:27 <kittykat> mms: how do you propose we heat the water though?
19:34:53 <benzea> which is why my action item is there :)
19:35:02 <mms> We a kettle ... takes a bit of time in advance
19:35:12 <mms> with a kettle, sorry :-)
19:35:28 <zana> do people use electric kettles there?  those don't take too long and if there are three or four of them, that might be enough for tea
19:35:32 <benzea> well, in the worst case we could use noe or two normal kettles
19:35:40 <benzea> or three to four :)
19:35:40 <mms> exact
19:36:06 * benzea made sure there is enough power where he wants them to be
19:36:14 <benzea> ah, that is also sorted
19:36:35 <benzea> ok, anything else with regard to venue/coffee/water?
19:36:40 <benzea> tea
19:36:40 <benzea> :)
19:37:05 <kittykat> did the seating still need to get sorted?
19:37:05 * benzea figures not
19:37:08 <benzea> ah
19:37:10 <kittykat> I remember you mentioned sofas
19:37:21 <benzea> oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that
19:37:21 <benzea> hmm
19:38:00 <benzea> we should ping Entropia and ask what they do for GPN
19:38:25 <moggi> can't we just ask for some normal seats from the university
19:38:28 <moggi> easier to clean up
19:38:40 <benzea> well, we need those too ;-)
19:38:58 <benzea> one idea was to have a more comfy area
19:39:24 <benzea> moggi: so yes, we could; but one can try :)
19:39:26 <moggi> my experience with sofas is that someone spills some coke or something like that and you have quite some fun cleaning up
19:39:57 <benzea> and I was afraid of the logistics :-P
19:40:13 <benzea> ok, seems like I'll need to do that
19:40:14 <moggi> we could solve the logistics part if we really need them ;)
19:40:33 <muelli> so the CCClub simply goes through kleinanzeigen for for free sofas and collects them.
19:40:35 <benzea> I think their meeting is last sunday each month
19:40:54 <muelli> of course, they are being brought to some recycling shop or smth afterwards.
19:40:58 <benzea> moggi: but do they throw them away afterwards?
19:41:06 <benzea> er muelli
19:41:29 <benzea> ah, GPN is before end of month, so probably one should ask them earlier
19:42:03 <benzea> #action benzea to check with Entropia about sofas (before GPN)
19:42:04 <muelli> but is there actual space?
19:42:15 <benzea> where?
19:42:48 <muelli> somewhere in the venue. The "foyer" or some other place.
19:43:02 <kittykat> yeah
19:43:03 <benzea> well, I had some one my sketch …
19:43:09 <benzea> so yup :)
19:43:53 <benzea> anything else?
19:44:23 <benzea> ok, accommodation
19:44:41 <benzea> I think everything is booked, however the discount code isn't there yet and we need to update the website
19:44:54 <dperpeet> I started some of the website stuff here
19:44:58 <dperpeet> for the hotel page
19:45:02 <benzea> cool
19:45:11 <dperpeet> I'll need andreasn for that though
19:45:16 <benzea> tbh I wouldn't have noticed if you already updated it :)
19:45:37 <benzea> sure, just keep reminding him ;-)
19:46:01 <benzea> dperpeet: do you know anything about the discount code?
19:46:02 <dperpeet> andreasn, you need to hack on a website this weekend
19:46:11 <dperpeet> no, it has to be booked / ordered
19:46:13 <andreasn> sure
19:46:30 <dperpeet> I can ask tomorrow
19:46:35 <zana> are there rooms for families at the hotel?
19:46:46 <benzea> ok, was going to ask you if I/LinuxTag need to do something
19:47:08 <kittykat> do we have proof of booking/confirmation?
19:47:33 <dperpeet> zana, https://www.achat-hotels.com/de/hotel/karlsruhe-city
19:47:57 <benzea> kittykat: I don't think I have
19:48:10 <dperpeet> zana, one kid <=12 can stay with the parents for free
19:48:22 <dperpeet> suite has two bedrooms
19:48:22 <kittykat> zana: are you thinking of brining your kids?
19:48:27 <benzea> #action benzea to ping Nils/hotel about booking proof
19:48:37 <zana> is this a bad time to ask about childcare?
19:48:42 <zana> kittykat: yes
19:48:56 <kittykat> zana: awesome! :D
19:48:58 <benzea> me/kittykat should be able to ask them
19:49:06 <kittykat> zana: this is the perfect time to ask about childcare
19:49:17 * kittykat was thinking about it the other day and totally forgot to put it on the list
19:49:32 <benzea> #action dperpeet to ask about discount code status at hotel
19:50:03 <benzea> haven't thought about childcare at all
19:50:15 <benzea> and I am not even sure what is expected/required
19:50:24 <moggi> we employ loeschi for childcare :P
19:50:31 <kittykat> oh god
19:50:34 <benzea> hahaha
19:50:54 <dperpeet> depending on how many kids and the ages this is not a trivial thing
19:50:58 <dperpeet> you need people, material and space
19:50:59 <benzea> yeah
19:51:00 <muelli> na we have an actual nurse as friend. We can hire him if we want to.
19:51:08 <kittykat> benzea: anything from somewhere for a parent to feed a child, to somewhere for children to entertain themselves which is not in a talk
19:51:28 <benzea> kittykat: sure, but right now we actually have nothing really …
19:51:29 <kittykat> muelli: can you check if he'd need any additional permits? that was the issue in berlin
19:51:32 <benzea> not even space
19:51:49 <dperpeet> space is the most basic decision here
19:51:56 <dperpeet> and what kind of childcare
19:51:59 <kittykat> zana: can you help us come up with a list of requirements/ideas for things to do with children at the event?
19:52:10 <dperpeet> children entertaining themselves != childcare :)
19:52:12 <kittykat> stef might have some ideas too
19:52:29 <dperpeet> that question is too open
19:52:33 <benzea> well, my guess is that if we only have a room and some toys but don't actually provide volunteers for supervision
19:52:34 <dperpeet> you need to know ages, count
19:52:40 <benzea> than we don't need much
19:53:07 <zana> Sure.  I'll do some research and see what other conferences provide.
19:53:15 <benzea> also, how far can it be away from the venue
19:53:17 <zana> but yes, we need to know how many kids are likely to be around.
19:53:30 <dperpeet> I don't want to make false promises, but stef and I could probably scrounge up a few toys for younger kids
19:53:34 <kittykat> well, we know of 2/4 already so we can figure this out with the help of their parents
19:53:51 <benzea> dperpeet: there may also be stuff from unifests and such
19:53:53 <dperpeet> benzea, it can't be far :)
19:54:11 <benzea> yeah …
19:54:41 <dperpeet> I can probably get people if necessary
19:54:56 <dperpeet> I know quite a few who work in childcare
19:54:58 <benzea> dperpeet: same building then?
19:55:12 <dperpeet> ideally one or two rooms away probably
19:55:21 <dperpeet> the younger the kids, the closer they should be :)
19:55:33 <benzea> yeah, closest sane thing is first floor
19:55:38 <benzea> everything else is too open
19:56:08 <dperpeet> easiest thing would be to provide some space, maybe toys
19:56:16 <dperpeet> but leave supervision with parents / guardians
19:56:17 <benzea> yeah
19:56:21 <dperpeet> everything else can become a mess
19:56:37 <benzea> ok, I'll check about rooms as soon as I can gauge the need a bit better
19:56:40 <benzea> does that sound sane?
19:56:48 <kittykat> dperpeet: fwiw, the older kids at debconf were quite happy to run around on their own
19:57:08 <kittykat> actually, might make sense to figure out who sorts this stuff out at debconf and ask them for suggestions maybe? their setup worked
19:57:31 <benzea> do you remember what they did?
19:58:09 <benzea> alright
19:58:27 <benzea> #action zana, stef, dperpeet to look into childcare organization
19:58:51 <benzea> #action benzea to ask about toy availability at AStA
19:58:57 * kittykat can follow up with those three later
19:59:03 <benzea> cool
19:59:07 <benzea> thanks!
19:59:11 <dperpeet> kittykat, if we need people, let me know
19:59:35 <benzea> #info dperpeet may be able to help with finding volunteers for childcare if there is need
19:59:55 <benzea> right
20:00:02 <benzea> is that it for accomodation then?
20:00:09 <benzea> well, we talked about childcare, I guess :)
20:00:37 * benzea considers order
20:00:51 * benzea picks workshops
20:01:06 <benzea> thanks to moggi we have gstreamer announced
20:01:19 <benzea> and we should get the two newcomer workshops out in the next few days
20:01:45 <benzea> also, I have implemented something so we can do registration through the normal registration system
20:01:48 <benzea> (not payment though)
20:01:49 <kittykat> who will do it? moggi?
20:02:10 <muelli> where has it been announced?
20:02:22 <benzea> well, it is now on the website and twitter
20:02:29 <muelli> twitter. hm.
20:02:33 <benzea> yeah …
20:02:45 <muelli> I'm more a fan of things on the actual web page, I guess.
20:02:45 <benzea> but there isn't a point in announcing each workshop separately
20:02:50 <moggi> benzea: I have not found any other workshops on the ml, where are the infos about them
20:02:54 <muelli> but that needs someone to do some editing.
20:02:57 <benzea> moggi: ah, the wiki
20:03:23 <benzea> moggi: but only the two newcomer ones, I would say
20:03:35 <benzea> the other one is pretty specialized about coala
20:03:49 <moggi> benzea: which wiki page?
20:03:52 * benzea refers to the mail an sils that he has written
20:04:21 <benzea> moggi: https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Workshops ContributeToAnOpenSourceProject and NewcomersWorkshop
20:04:44 <benzea> might make sense to reword the title slightly so that they are a bit more similar
20:05:09 <benzea> hah
20:05:10 <moggi> benzea: ok I might transfer them to the website tomorrow
20:05:13 <benzea> they edited NewWorkshop
20:05:18 <benzea> not NewcomersWorkshop
20:05:22 <benzea> cool
20:05:30 <muelli> moggi: fancy getting (wordpress) news items on the web page with me?
20:05:44 <benzea> muelli: we can also announce them all together with registration opening
20:05:53 <benzea> and send that to foundation-announce@
20:06:20 <benzea> #action moggi to put newcomer workshops on the website
20:06:26 <moggi> muelli: we can do that, I have however no time before the weekend
20:06:33 <benzea> #action muelli and moggi to look into news items for the website
20:06:34 <muelli> moggi: cool.
20:07:03 <benzea> hmm
20:07:06 * muelli has a larger plan of announcing sponsors on the web site, too, to make it more attractive for potential sponsors to say "yes".
20:07:08 <benzea> was that it for workshops?
20:07:22 <kittykat> when will registration open?
20:07:28 <benzea> aha
20:07:32 <kittykat> is it blocking on the workshop payments working?
20:07:45 <benzea> not sure, I was considering just stating that this has to be payed on site
20:08:32 <kittykat> hmm, I think pre-payment would be better to reduce the number of wasted slots
20:08:39 <benzea> hmm
20:08:52 <benzea> can we do paypal payments separately from the normal registration?
20:09:07 <kittykat> how do you mean?
20:09:24 <kittykat> paypal supports itemised payments afaik, wouldn't that be enough?
20:09:45 <benzea> well, I think we'll either have one payment for everything
20:09:54 <benzea> or something entirely separate
20:10:07 <benzea> (just being realistic about what we can get going quickly)
20:10:46 <zana> benzea: we can create a separate key for it.  If puiterwijk has time to do it, he can explain to me again how to create another key
20:11:16 <benzea> sure
20:11:42 <benzea> the question is just how to handle it during registration, as we need a relatively complex logic to add the amount
20:12:00 <benzea> and will probably need to manually check the entered information
20:12:21 <benzea> also, if we want advance payment it doesn't work with the current system which allows payment on site
20:13:04 <zana> what's the logic of the workshop payments?
20:13:19 <kittykat> hmm, that would delay registration
20:13:32 <benzea> (gstreamer or xdg-app) and not (student or foundation member)
20:13:47 <benzea> I think
20:14:05 <moggi> benzea: why not just make the workshop payment completely separate and send out normal mails
20:14:21 <benzea> moggi: yeah, I was suggesting that
20:14:32 <benzea> display a message and handle it manually
20:14:52 <benzea> btw. this is what it looks like right now: https://benjamin.sipsolutions.net/reg-text.png (not pushed)
20:16:09 <benzea> kittykat: do you think that would be alright?
20:16:21 <dperpeet> nitpick: "Preferred" instead of "Prefered" :)
20:16:54 <benzea> hehe
20:17:09 <zana> benzea: you're not collecting email addresses in order to have a way to contact all the attendees in case something important needs to be shared?
20:17:32 <kittykat> zana: at that point we already have their email addresses
20:17:34 <benzea> ah, not all fields are there, but that wasn't on my list so far
20:17:44 <kittykat> but maybe we need to ask if they want to be contacted?
20:17:44 <benzea> except for people with gnome account but not an alias :)
20:17:53 <benzea> well, then there is the git.gnome.org alias, right?
20:18:14 <zana> kittykat: ah!  that's right.  =)
20:18:45 <zana> regardless, if there's an emergency and the venue is shut down, we'd need to email everyone.
20:19:12 <benzea> sure, and I don't see why we would need any ack for emergency mails
20:19:25 <dperpeet> or if there are great news that every attendee would like to have :)
20:19:36 <benzea> it is more of the "do you want to receive a few news items before guadec"
20:19:56 * benzea is totally fine with adding
20:20:22 <muelli> or if sponsors at their booths scan the barcode of the attendee ;-)
20:20:53 <kittykat> afaik we're not having attendee barcodes, so…
20:21:05 <zana> *whew*
20:21:19 * kittykat remembers the last time they tried to have barcodes
20:21:30 <benzea> huh?
20:21:31 <benzea> oh well
20:21:37 <benzea> so, extra fields
20:21:43 <benzea> * want to receive news by e-mail
20:21:52 <benzea> * the accomodation thing
20:22:06 <benzea> * workshop selection (with separate payment note)
20:22:16 <benzea> should we have anything else?
20:22:28 <benzea> t-shirt size is estimated from last year, right?
20:22:36 <kittykat> yeah
20:23:01 <kittykat> what will the fees be? do we know already?
20:23:21 <benzea> do you mean how much shirt printing is?
20:23:34 <kittykat> sorry, the workshop fees
20:23:36 <zana> the accommodation thing is just to help people find roommates, right?  or is it booking the room too?
20:23:37 <benzea> ahh
20:23:51 <benzea> zana: yeah, just to help them
20:24:34 <benzea> kittykat: yup, we haven't actually voted on it
20:24:58 <kittykat> is it something we can decide right now?
20:25:09 <benzea> IIRC last time we had 100€ (including tax) for the non beginners workshops
20:25:26 <benzea> or was it a bit more expensive?
20:25:28 * kittykat would propose €100 for half-day or €200 for full day
20:25:45 <benzea> we only have full day, I think
20:26:41 <zana> benzea: do we need a disclaimer that says we're not responsible for bad roommates and that it is just meant as a convenience for the attendees?
20:26:58 <dperpeet> I don't think so
20:27:03 <dperpeet> they contact each other
20:27:15 <dperpeet> right?
20:27:19 <kittykat> yup
20:27:23 <kittykat> we don't do any processing at all
20:27:33 <kittykat> only list their contact details, or not
20:27:35 <dperpeet> then it should be fairly obvious
20:27:44 <benzea> yeah, if it isn't clear that this is only a semi-public contact exchange
20:27:51 <benzea> then we need to re-word
20:27:57 <dperpeet> we can ask them to let us know if they found a room-mate
20:28:02 <dperpeet> then we can take them off the list
20:28:09 <benzea> they can actually update their registration :)
20:28:19 <kittykat> dperpeet: yeah, they should be able to update it themselves
20:28:24 <dperpeet> great
20:29:54 <benzea> right, only thing I find is that 100€ was the lower limit in my opinion
20:29:59 <benzea> and we wanted to revisit with more ifno, which we don't have
20:30:58 <benzea> is there something we can vote on?
20:31:17 <benzea> (and then I guess we should end this meeting soon for time reasons)
20:31:29 <benzea> anyone has a strong opinion?
20:31:55 <benzea> hah
20:32:04 <benzea> should I just throw 150€ in the room and see how people vote?
20:32:20 <kittykat> go ahead :)
20:32:45 <benzea> hah, valid answers are 150/other/abstain :)
20:33:06 <benzea> other/discuss further
20:34:09 * benzea goes for 150€ as that seems sane to him
20:34:16 <benzea> brb, hope you all said something by then :-P
20:34:25 <benzea> muelli, mms, dperpeet, afranke
20:34:28 <benzea> who else?
20:34:30 <dperpeet> discuss further
20:34:35 <kittykat> moggi?
20:34:50 <mms> quick question:
20:35:04 <moggi> is that something that should be decided by the local team? I have no opinion on the amount
20:35:10 <mms> we are still saying: 150 for "professionals"? (not students etc..), right?
20:35:28 <kittykat> mms: it's free for students and foundation members, everyone else would pay €150
20:35:38 <dperpeet> I don't know how many people usually attend and what/if the person doing the workshop gets
20:35:45 * kittykat actually has no idea who has voting powers here
20:35:59 <kittykat> dperpeet: the person doing the workshop gets our eternal gratitude
20:36:09 <benzea> moggi, yeah
20:36:11 <dperpeet> :)
20:36:14 <kittykat> or in the case of gstreamer, their travel paid for by their employer, who gets to advertise
20:36:25 <dperpeet> then >150 seems too much
20:36:47 <kittykat> dperpeet: so for the gstreamer workshop, ocrete does it professionally at work and we charge *a lot* more than that for it
20:37:00 <dperpeet> yeah, I know
20:37:22 <kittykat> afaik, he's going to be delivering higher quality as well as there'll be two tutors rather than one
20:37:24 <dperpeet> I've been to quite a few professional workshops and organized a few myself
20:37:47 <benzea> mms: the logic would still be (xdg-app || gstream) && !(student | foundation member)
20:38:07 <mms> ok
20:38:17 * kittykat is approaching this from the point of view that GUADEC is *supposed* to bring money into the foundation to fund hackfest, etc
20:38:35 <dperpeet> right
20:38:40 <dperpeet> it's an all-day workshop?
20:38:49 <benzea> yeah
20:38:49 <dperpeet> you said
20:39:13 <dperpeet> well, I abstain then
20:39:21 <moggi> me too
20:39:24 <dperpeet> no idea what usual practice is for guadec
20:39:36 <benzea> there is no usual practice …
20:39:44 <benzea> there is no precedence
20:39:45 <muelli> I was about to say the same.
20:39:57 <zana> What y'all decide becomes the usual practice.  ;)
20:40:28 <dperpeet> for a professional 150/250/500 won't make a big difference if they're staying at a hotel and spending days there anyway
20:40:32 <benzea> zana: yeah, a random decision begin set into stone
20:40:43 <benzea> being
20:41:37 <dperpeet> do the people holding the workshop have an opinion on this?
20:42:02 <benzea> hm, haven't really asked a question along those lines
20:42:21 <benzea> ocrete?
20:42:48 <benzea> we are cluless about workshop pricing …
20:43:14 * benzea figures there is no strong opinion
20:43:14 * moggi has to leave
20:43:20 <benzea> can we agree on this:
20:43:34 <benzea> 150€ and I ping ocrete again and see what he thinks?
20:43:50 <dperpeet> with the funding background 200 doesn't sound too bad either :)
20:43:59 <dperpeet> especially if some people get in for free anyway
20:44:12 <benzea> yeah, I really expect most people getting in for free
20:44:12 * moggi still has to finish the exercise sheet and it seems the important stuff has been discussed
20:44:15 <dperpeet> precedence to people who pay?
20:44:29 <benzea> dperpeet: we never had workshops like this at guadec
20:44:41 <benzea> it was an idea that kittykat had at the start, and it seems nice so I followed up on it
20:44:48 <dperpeet> well, the people holding the workshops should state a limit
20:44:50 <dperpeet> for number of people
20:44:51 <kittykat> actually, we did, but it was so far back that none of us can remember it
20:45:04 <dperpeet> or asked if they have one
20:45:06 <benzea> ok, not in the past couple of year
20:45:07 <benzea> s
20:45:09 <kittykat> but I seem to remember the charges being somewhere in the €500-1000 range
20:45:13 <muelli> that's not entirely true.
20:45:26 <benzea> dperpeet: the attendee limit is there :)
20:45:29 <muelli> there is precedence with the 2011 GUADEC in the Hague.
20:45:56 <benzea> kittykat: well, sils said a number of 1k€ for a 1 day workshop with up to 12 people
20:46:19 <benzea> muelli: yeah, but that is different enough that it doesn't really match to what we are doing here
20:46:21 <zana> the one in the Hague had a workshop for government people though.  That's a very different audience.
20:47:02 <dperpeet> for 1k€ I would have very different expectations
20:47:18 <benzea> ah, 12 people as a group for 1k€ overall
20:47:27 <benzea> which seems pretty cheap :)
20:48:12 <dperpeet> well, for 200 or even 150 I don't think anybody would complain
20:48:22 <benzea> fair enough
20:48:37 <dperpeet> above that I would start feeling bad about many others getting in for free
20:49:08 * benzea isn't sure how to generate a decision and it seems like he might just do it
20:49:47 <dperpeet> go with 200 and see if anyone complains before you make it public :)
20:49:54 <benzea> haha
20:49:56 <dperpeet> or 150 if you're feeling charitable
20:50:05 * benzea doesn't really care :)
20:50:34 <dperpeet> make it 200
20:50:38 <benzea> ok, I'll put 200 in the meeting notes and see what happens ;-)
20:50:41 <dperpeet> if it's too much, people will just donate less for the conference
20:50:52 <dperpeet> and if it's not too much, all the better
20:51:08 <benzea> #agreed we are setting the price for one day professional workshop attendance to 200€
20:51:08 <dperpeet> there is that one variable, so it should be fine
20:51:10 <benzea> alright
20:51:22 <benzea> ah, right
20:51:26 <benzea> not donation, I guess ;-)
20:52:22 <dperpeet> I have to go
20:52:32 <benzea> seems to much of a pain for little gain (only relevant for people who can't claim tax deductions)
20:52:35 <benzea> ok, lets stop here
20:52:43 <benzea> thanks for everyone joining!
20:52:52 <dperpeet> thanks, bye!
20:53:32 <benzea> ok, that should really be enough for today …
20:53:54 <benzea> anything urgent before I close?
20:54:18 <benzea> #endmeeting