19:20:07 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:20:40 <benzea> so, I did't get around to do that budget stuff today
19:20:42 <benzea> so lets skip that
19:20:54 <benzea> mms: should we start with sponsors?
19:21:02 <mms> we can do that
19:21:04 <benzea> #topic sponsors
19:21:33 <mms> I actually just wanted to mention that I contacted a few more
19:21:50 <mms> And so far we have: 2 negative replies and 1 interested one
19:21:54 <benzea> ah, cool
19:22:11 <benzea> mms: did you see the brochure that I worked on with kittykat last week?
19:22:11 <mms> Yes, but they would like to meet up
19:22:23 <mms> I used that new one
19:22:38 <benzea> ok
19:22:42 * benzea should put that on the website
19:22:58 <mms> So that sponsor is Senacor and it's their Munich office who wants to meet
19:23:13 <mms> My question is: is anyone in Munich to meet?
19:23:15 <benzea> they are in munich and want to meet?
19:23:27 <mms> Otherwise I would meet them in week 19
19:23:51 <mms> (I don't mind, but maybe someone in Munich can do that as well)
19:24:02 <benzea> hmm, I don't know anyone in munich off hand
19:24:20 <mms> Ok, then I will just go if that's ok with all of you
19:24:26 <benzea> maybe we could ask kat/the board about that?
19:24:27 <benzea> afranke?
19:24:29 <mms> Anyone wants to join?
19:24:39 <afranke> Hmm
19:24:51 <afranke> I think we have GNOMEies in Munich.
19:25:09 <mms> then someone could reach out to them?
19:25:11 <benzea> quite likely …
19:25:20 <afranke> Isn't Garett there?
19:25:26 <muelli> still..? /me remembers openismus
19:25:31 <muelli> I think he's in Nuremburg
19:25:33 <benzea> isn't he in nurnberg?
19:25:35 <benzea> yeah
19:25:41 <dperpeet> he isn't in munich
19:25:50 <afranke> Ok.
19:25:59 <afranke> Well that's something that needs investigating.
19:26:09 <afranke> Scott Reeves maybe?
19:26:31 <afranke> Ah nop.
19:26:42 <afranke> Well… I'll get back to you about that.
19:26:42 <muelli> not necessarily. Munich return costs 150 EUR, I guess. It may not be worth spending time on it given the expected return.
19:27:06 <benzea> yeah, it might be worth to go there (and I could probably join)
19:27:33 <benzea> depends a bit on what the meeting is about
19:27:52 <mms> I can also try to ask if we can have a call rather, but I guess that it might come across as not enough interest from our side
19:28:14 <dperpeet> not necessarily
19:28:31 <afranke> dgsiegel is in Munich.
19:28:42 <benzea> ah, yes
19:28:43 <dperpeet> being frugal isn't a bad sign
19:28:58 <mms> good pont
19:29:15 <benzea> and you can still offer a meeting later
19:29:39 <mms> We can do that
19:29:40 <mms> agreed?
19:29:44 <benzea> yup
19:30:05 <afranke> Agreed on what? :)
19:30:21 <benzea> #info we have a potential sponsor in munich who would like to meet up
19:30:33 <mms> I suggest to have a call first with the possibility of meeting up later
19:30:36 <benzea> well, my guess is see if they are fine with a phone call?
19:31:06 <dperpeet> standard would be to escalate from call to visit
19:31:11 <dperpeet> optionally video call
19:31:13 * muelli nods
19:31:14 <afranke> murrayc seems to be in Munich too.
19:31:16 <benzea> #action mms will check whether a call would work for them for a start; meeting can still happen later
19:31:38 <dperpeet> you can offer a call to better prepare for the meeting
19:31:47 <dperpeet> phrase it somehow in that direction
19:32:03 <benzea> #info we could find local GNOME people to come to the meeting
19:32:09 <benzea> yup
19:32:33 <benzea> ok, anything else?
19:32:59 <mms> Nope, just still a lot of people to contact and a lot to follow up. I will give a heads up next week
19:33:07 <benzea> cool
19:33:11 <benzea> thanks mms!
19:33:15 <benzea> #topic social events
19:33:33 <benzea> so, I think mms suggestion is good; I was mainly wondering whether it would make more sense to do that on monday or so
19:33:39 <benzea> i.e. zkm tour
19:33:54 <mms> I didn't check, but most museums are closed on Monday
19:33:58 <benzea> as the zkm closes at 18:00 usually, so that gives little time to get everyone over and have a tour
19:33:59 <mms> Let me check
19:34:04 <benzea> ah, true
19:34:14 * benzea didn't think about that
19:34:43 <mms> I think it closed at 22h most of the days ... but give me a few secs to verify
19:35:19 <benzea> http://zkm.de/besucherinfo
19:35:35 <mms> Ah no, you are right: 18h!
19:35:41 <mms> And closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
19:36:00 <benzea> yeah, I was just surprised to read that too
19:36:26 <benzea> but 18h is a bit tight, we would need to close by 15h then, I would say
19:36:48 <benzea> so, I was thinkin we could also see about organizing a walking tour of the city on sunday evening instead
19:36:51 <benzea> as that could start at the venue
19:37:47 <benzea> hm, zkm visit would be nice to have though
19:38:27 <dperpeet> tourist info has a number of tours they offer for groups
19:38:29 <dperpeet> fyi
19:38:43 <benzea> yeah, i was expecting that, and they probably are quite flexible about times too
19:39:11 <dperpeet> ~85€/group (up to 25 people), 5€ extra on weekends
19:39:45 <benzea> oh, cool, thanks for looking that up :)
19:39:46 <muelli> maybe it's worth it to ask the ZKM first about what they can do...
19:40:08 <dperpeet> http://www.karlsruhe-tourismus.de/buchen/stadtfuehrungen/gruppen
19:40:11 <benzea> sure, zkm might offer us a tour outside the normal opening hours
19:40:33 <mms> We can do that. And otherwise even maybe just suggest in on Wednesday morning
19:40:46 <benzea> it is just that lets say we are done with the closing at 17h, then we would only have everyone at the zkm at 18:00
19:40:53 <benzea> sure
19:41:10 <mms> If no one else is volunteering, I will call ZKM for next week and just ask what can be done.
19:41:49 <benzea> #action zkm tour on sunday may not work as it would need to be late in the evening. mms will call and ask about possibilities
19:41:51 <benzea> cool
19:42:02 <benzea> #info a walking tour of the city might be an alternative
19:42:07 <benzea> #url http://www.karlsruhe-tourismus.de/buchen/stadtfuehrungen/gruppen
19:42:14 <benzea> ok, that is it from my side right now
19:43:06 <benzea> #topic keynotes
19:43:18 <benzea> so, I was complaining the other day that someone needs to look into keynotes
19:43:51 <benzea> kat pinged a couple of people, and the result is that nuritzis (with the engagement team) is looking into reaching out to the community to find potential keynote speakers
19:44:22 <nuritzis> benzea we are actually in the social media planning session now
19:44:32 <muelli> bkuhn could be an option.
19:44:49 <benzea> so, this is really just fyi, unless someone wants to take that over
19:45:15 <muelli> but it's a bit... well. weird, I would say. For me, a keynote is meant to sort of guide the conference. But we don't actually konw whether we have any strong points in the conference.
19:45:15 <nuritzis> benzea we plan on blasting social media about it tomorrow
19:45:55 <muelli> nuritzis: coolio. If there are volunteers for bringing some content up on guadec.org. Like news items.
19:46:06 <benzea> muelli: yeah, in a way true
19:46:28 <benzea> note that this is only about getting suggestions for speakers in, we are still in control of it
19:47:52 <benzea> anyone against asking more publicly for suggestions?
19:49:20 <benzea> heh, seems to me like "not a perfect solution, but acceptable" :)
19:50:00 <benzea> #topic misc
19:50:09 <benzea> I assume we don't really need to discuss accomodation anymore
19:50:49 <benzea> we have two offers, and the travel committee (in the form of kat) will probably decide based on that and we tell LinuxTag to order
19:51:18 <benzea> I think the only thing missing was that moggi wanted to check whether leonardo might have offers without breakfast included
19:51:27 <dperpeet> it's cost vs. location I guess
19:51:41 <mms> I got a third offer today, but still need to forward it. It's for the B&B and it is a tiny bit cheaper as the other two, but further away.
19:51:46 <benzea> yep, which was also why I was supposed to work on the expenses stuff …
19:51:58 <benzea> mms: ah, thanks!
19:52:06 <mms> Should I forward it, or should we discard it anyway, because it is too far?
19:52:14 <dperpeet> depends on how far
19:52:15 <benzea> ah, just forward it
19:52:22 <benzea> dperpeet: it is directly behind the main station
19:52:29 <mms> exact
19:52:37 <mms> on the south side
19:52:40 <benzea> so really only interesting if it is quite a bit cheaper
19:52:57 <dperpeet> hm
19:53:03 <dperpeet> it's not much different from leonardo then
19:53:05 <dperpeet> to be honest
19:53:12 <dperpeet> many will probably take the tram from there as well
19:53:26 <mms> It is not substantially cheaper, however they are open to do also discounts for other people booking rooms for guadec
19:53:33 <benzea> leonardo is just about the distance that is still walkable, but yeah
19:54:11 <dperpeet> benzea, depends on the crowd... it's ok, but not a distance you'd want to walk a couple of times a day for a week
19:54:42 <benzea> dperpeet: yup, though with the sponsored people, I am pretty sure some will walk to save the tram ticket :)
19:55:14 <dperpeet> given the style of the conference the leonardo seems more cost effective
19:55:20 <muelli> that reminds me that we should contact nextbike and ask them about giving us bikes...
19:55:21 <benzea> ok, anyways, please forward
19:55:28 <mms> ok
19:55:57 <benzea> I think nextbike requires registering with a phone number
19:56:26 * benzea has only used the jcdecaux system before though
19:57:12 <benzea> #action mms to forward the B&B offer
19:57:22 <mms> we should also ask the KVV if they can make an offer on tickets for the core days, then the distance would not be a problem anymore
19:57:30 <benzea> #action moggi to ask about non-breakfast options at leonardo
19:57:52 <benzea> last time I called the kvv they weren't very cooperative :-/
19:57:54 <dperpeet> kvv usually only has offers for groups traveling together
19:58:09 <dperpeet> they don't like to deviate from their standard offers
19:58:17 <benzea> dperpeet: it used to be possible to get cheap "conference" tickets that you could just print on the badges yourself
19:58:26 <benzea> however, they don't seem to do that for less than 500 people these days
19:58:34 * benzea has done that for 45 people in the past
19:58:41 <dperpeet> interesting
19:58:55 <mms> but maybe we should really verify that information before ruling it out
19:59:11 <benzea> yeah, we should get back into contact with them
19:59:32 * benzea should still have the contact person there somewhere
19:59:47 <benzea> #action benzea to talk with KVV about cheap ticket options for conference guests
19:59:47 <mms> Do you want to call them, or do you want me to do that?
19:59:56 <mms> ah ok :)
20:00:00 <benzea> mms: I am fine with you doing it instead ;-)
20:00:15 <mms> perfect :)
20:00:33 <benzea> though I need to at least give you the contact info for the guy responsible there :)
20:00:56 <benzea> he actually wanted to get back to me sometime in october but never did ;-)
20:01:06 <mms> :)
20:01:13 <benzea> ok, anything else?
20:01:59 <mms> No, but I just wanted to mention: I didn't not look in detail yet at your rental list. Will do for next week
20:02:27 <benzea> ah, hehe
20:02:56 <benzea> mainly the question about what might be missing; there is a large amount of small stuff on the list
20:03:14 <afranke> benzea, the obvious easy solution is to make sure GUADEC has more than 500 attendees.
20:03:18 <benzea> but we can probably also get that stuff on a shorter notice
20:03:24 <benzea> afranke: good idea!
20:03:41 <afranke> You're welcome.
20:03:50 <benzea> afranke: will you rebook the venue? ;-)
20:04:11 <benzea> ok, that is it then
20:04:13 <benzea> thanks everyone!
20:04:14 <benzea> #endmeeting