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19:18:49 <benzea> #topic Accomodation
19:18:54 <benzea> moggi, your turn :-P
19:19:42 <moggi> so, I have checked with a&O, kaiserpassage and leonardo hotels and they are all quite expensive
19:19:56 <moggi> all of them offer different type of accomodations
19:20:33 <moggi> kaiserpassage would be 4 and  person rooms but cheap (between 16 and 20 euro per person and night)
19:21:04 <moggi> a&o is quite expensive but provides 2 and 4 bed rooms between 30 and 36 euros per night and person
19:22:02 <moggi> leonardo is a hotel and would be cheaper for the 2 person rooms (around 30 euros for 2 person rooms)
19:22:21 <moggi> so basically now the question is what type of rooms we want to book for the sponsored people
19:22:46 <moggi> numbers are also in https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-accomodation
19:23:15 <kittykat> what about location wise, which one is closest to the venue?
19:23:15 <moggi> currently I always asked for 40 people from thursday to wednesday
19:23:20 <moggi> they are all about 15 minutes walking distance
19:24:02 <moggi> kaiserpassage is a bit better located but is also the one that is a bit dirty and around the place where people are partying during the weekend (so a few drunken people, ...)
19:24:07 <muelli> surpising that A&O is s expensive :-\
19:24:22 <moggi> mandatory breakfast for group bookings
19:24:34 <moggi> a&o is located directly at the central station
19:25:02 <moggi> leonardo is located a bit closer to the venue than a&o but has a worse connection to the public transport
19:25:56 <benzea> yeah, leonardo is pretty much disconnected from the tram system currently
19:25:59 <kittykat> moggi: what's the bathroom situation? do they all have en-suite or do some have shared?
19:26:20 <muelli> Actually, we connacted also B&B. It's a bit far out. But 3 people bedrooms are 38 a night (per room). And they said, that they could check whether we can even get a better price if we have more detail about the number of people. (we asked for 40 people)
19:26:53 <moggi> kittykat: kaiserpassage is only shared, a&o is mixed (depending on when we book we might get mostly rooms in the hotel part of a&o)
19:27:13 <moggi> kittykat: leonardo is a normal hotel (the cheapest one that looked acceptable) so all en-suite
19:27:48 <moggi> one addition for leonardo: the price is for non-refundable rooms, otherwise it would be much more expensive
19:28:27 <dperpeet> out of interest, did we ask the achat?
19:28:28 * kittykat looked up distances and it's a range of 20-35 minutes walking according to the google
19:28:33 <benzea> leonardo: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=49.0002&mlon=8.4043#map=14/49.0002/8.4043
19:28:51 <dperpeet> or is that out of the price range
19:28:52 <kittykat> moggi: we've never had refundable rooms so that shouldn't be an issue
19:29:43 <benzea> moggi: did you actually phone leonardo yet?
19:29:54 <moggi> benzea: no
19:30:31 <moggi> benzea: did not manage to go there today but still on the list for tomorrow
19:30:39 <dperpeet> I can contact the achat
19:30:43 <dperpeet> it's really close
19:30:51 <dperpeet> and I know someone who works there
19:31:06 <kittykat> dperpeet: please do and add to the etherpad!
19:31:36 * kittykat goes to pull up requirements list
19:32:26 <dperpeet> we don't need single rooms, right?
19:32:33 <benzea> there is a holiday in beeing build closeby ;-)
19:32:51 <benzea> we need a couple, but not a priority (i.e. people pay extra themselves to get them)
19:33:00 <moggi> currently based on the price I think it makes no sense to pick the a&o when the 4 person room there costs about the same as a 2-person room in a normal hotel
19:33:23 <moggi> dperpeet: ah, I see why I did not contact achat: https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?locale=de-DE&chain=12677&hotel=52745&arrive=11.08.2016&nights=6&adult=2&rooms=Zimmer%2fRoom
19:33:24 <kittykat> dperpeet: pasted my notes into the etherpad about requirements
19:33:34 <kittykat> basically, mostly double rooms and 1-2 single rooms
19:34:41 <moggi> kittykat: that would currently mean that we can drop kaiserpassage (only 4 and 6 bed rooms) and that a&o is too expensive with the mandatory breakfast
19:34:50 <dperpeet> kittykat, you didn't call, right?
19:34:53 <dperpeet> only from that website
19:35:16 <benzea> #chair kittykat
19:35:16 <GNOMie> Current chairs: benzea kittykat
19:35:30 <moggi> dperpeet: I only talked to a&o and kaiserpassage directly
19:35:37 <benzea> (i might drop off, getting a really bad headache here)
19:35:41 <kittykat> moggi: kaiserpassage doesn't sound like a good fit
19:35:48 <moggi> dperpeet: leonardo would be next on the list for going by and asking them for an offer
19:36:05 <dperpeet> I will call the Achat
19:36:18 <moggi> dperpeet: ok
19:36:38 <kittykat> it generally works better to have fewer people sharing and not too many people sharing bathrooms, in our experience
19:37:03 <dperpeet> when can we expect to finalize the number of people who book?
19:37:04 <moggi> that means we will be around 30� per person and night
19:37:24 <kittykat> dperpeet: we book the rooms long before we know the actual number of people staying
19:37:40 <kittykat> I expect to have the final number around 1st of August or so
19:37:43 <dperpeet> do we want breakfast?
19:37:52 <kittykat> ask for prices with and without
19:38:20 <dperpeet> final number one week before seems late
19:38:43 <kittykat> dperpeet: welcome to the world of having to deal with visas and real people :)
19:39:28 <kittykat> we always get people dropping out a week before and people saying "I didn't book anything, have you got spare rooms?"
19:39:39 <dperpeet> but we can have a good estimate at least a month before, right?
19:39:56 <kittykat> yeah
19:40:16 <dperpeet> and the hotel can expect a few bookings from others, probably
19:40:24 <moggi> dperpeet: I would suggest that we book the 40 beds quite soon, both a&o as well as kaiserpassage mentioned that as soon as summer vacation bookings start to come in that prices might go up
19:40:47 <kittykat> but the numbers are quite consistent year-on-year so my estimate of around 37+ a few partners/stragglers/family is pretty accurate
19:41:01 <kittykat> I'd be pretty happy for us to book 40 beds now and pay
19:41:38 <kittykat> also, there was the question of whether we want to book more rooms and offer them to attendees via the registration system
19:42:48 <kittykat> #action dperpeet to talk to achat
19:43:05 <kittykat> #action moggi to talk to leonardo hotel
19:43:18 <dperpeet> so roughly 19 double and 2 single rooms, at least
19:43:34 <kittykat> yes
19:44:55 <benzea> we can oly book more rooms for others if someone handles it
19:44:56 <kittykat> dperpeet: in the past, whether we've taken breakfast has mostly depended on whether it was compulsory or not
19:45:17 <dperpeet> I think people should book for themselves
19:45:19 <kittykat> benzea: I volunteered to get people organised if we decide to go for it
19:45:33 <dperpeet> we can recommend a hotel
19:45:38 <benzea> ah, didn't remember
19:45:42 <dperpeet> or maybe negotiate a discount
19:45:50 <dperpeet> if they give the keyword or something
19:45:51 <benzea> yup
19:46:08 <kittykat> dperpeet: it usually helps if someone is available to pair people up, but the registration system can help get people in touch this year
19:46:21 <kittykat> so a negotiated discount would be preferable
19:46:32 <kittykat> less work for me is good :)
19:48:25 <dperpeet> nobody answering the phone right now :)
19:48:46 <dperpeet> ("all lines busy")
19:49:01 * kittykat got a call just as dperpeet wrote that
19:49:48 <kittykat> ah, additional point: it would be nice to get 2 or so shared rooms from the 9th
19:50:08 <muelli> moggi: would the youth hostel be an option?
19:50:30 <moggi> muelli: benzea already contacted them and they seem to be already booked for august
19:50:36 <muelli> ah. k.
19:50:36 <benzea> muelli: it is booked out lioong ago
19:50:55 <benzea> i.. was when i called in septemer
19:52:01 <kittykat> dperpeet: also ask about when we would need to book by
19:52:05 <benzea> so unless a group cances they only had 20 beds leftback then
19:52:24 <dperpeet> I called them and they gave me a number to contact during business hours
19:52:48 <dperpeet> Sunday 8/14 seems to be filling up already
19:52:56 <dperpeet> other than that they have the capacity
19:53:07 <benzea> ideally we probably want an offer written to linuxtag
19:53:33 <dperpeet> I'm pretty sure the Achat is in the upper price range
19:53:40 <muelli> ah. due to himmelfahrt oder so. some bank holiday on the monday
19:54:06 <dperpeet> their standard rates (non group) seem to be around 55/person including breakfast
19:54:31 <kittykat> a bit out of our range, you could say
19:55:13 <dperpeet> I'll check what the group discount is and if we don't take breakfast
19:55:26 <dperpeet> what would be acceptable?
19:55:57 <moggi> dperpeet: at leonardo we are currently looking at 30�/person/night
19:56:11 <dperpeet> ok, that's a significant difference
19:56:19 <dperpeet> do you have that in writing?
19:56:33 <kittykat> #info Leonardo Hotel looks like the best option based on room sizes and price (about €30)
19:56:41 <moggi> dperpeet: that is the rate on the website without any discout if we book 20 rooms through the website
19:56:57 <dperpeet> nice
19:57:05 <moggi> dperpeet: the hope was that we would get some discount if we book that many rooms
19:57:05 <benzea> well, if they offer that to us at the rate ...
19:57:21 <kittykat> moggi: can you ask them for a discount or free breakfast when you call them? also if they can give us a discount code for additional booking
19:57:34 <moggi> benzea: well, if they don't offer it directly I would just book through the website
19:57:55 <moggi> kittykat: yes, can do it
19:58:36 <dperpeet> if they make an offer in writing that linuxtag accepts, it's easier
19:58:39 <dperpeet> isn't it?
19:58:45 <dperpeet> less error-prone :)
19:58:48 <moggi> https://www.leonardo-hotels.com/NewRates.aspx?Lang=eng&In=2016-08-11&Out=2016-08-17&Region=0&Hotel=454&Rooms=6&Ad1=2&Ch1=0&Inf1=0&Ad2=2&Ch2=0&Inf2=0&Ad3=2&Ch3=0&Inf3=0&Ad4=2&Ch4=0&Inf4=0&Ad5=2&Ch5=0&Inf5=0&Ad6=2&Ch6=0&Inf6=0&cntry=Germany&city=Karlsruhe&CountryIndex=0&CityIndex=403&HotelIndex=1&page=homepage&PromoCode=&RefFrom=Leonardo+Hotel+Karlsruhe_rooms_ENG
19:58:57 <moggi> of course
19:59:14 <moggi> just that having the same on the website is already a good indicator that we can get it
19:59:44 <dperpeet> yes, I just threw achat into the mix for a comparison
19:59:52 <dperpeet> the leonardo looks good and isn't too far away
20:01:24 <kittykat> moggi, dperpeet: please also confirm that they have two single beds per room rather than a double
20:02:32 <dperpeet> of course
20:04:23 <kittykat> any other ideas or questions about accommodation?
20:04:56 <moggi> we should at some point also look into adding a corresponding section to the guadec page
20:05:15 <moggi> but that has most likely a little bit more time
20:05:16 <muelli> we need more content in general :-\
20:06:37 <kittykat> do you guys want to go over what's missing from the website?
20:06:53 <dperpeet> I think we should only add hotel recommendations once we have the rooms booked :)
20:07:17 <dperpeet> anything else could potentially turn out to be very embarrassing
20:07:42 <kittykat> yep
20:08:05 <kittykat> the other options will still be useful as some people like fancier hotels or something cheaper
20:08:41 <dperpeet> I think the achat plaza is an excellent candidate for someone traveling on a company budget
20:08:49 <dperpeet> close by and not too expensive
20:09:43 <dperpeet> I can hack together a little hotel recommendation page once we have picked one
20:10:38 <kittykat> #info ACHAT Plaza looks to be a good recommendation for a more luxurious hotel
20:10:42 <andreasn> dperpeet: let me know if you need any help with that
20:10:50 <dperpeet> andreasn, I definitely will
20:11:01 <dperpeet> I'll write the content, you can fix the style :)
20:11:09 <andreasn> sounds good!
20:12:36 <kittykat> I think that's all we're going to wrangle out of this topic today
20:12:45 <kittykat> last chance to propose any other topics
20:14:27 <kittykat> ok, thanks dperpeet and moggi!
20:14:29 <kittykat> #endmeeting