19:20:11 <benzea> #startmeeting
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19:20:15 <benzea> #topic Status Updates
19:20:24 <benzea> just add a info tagged message ;-)
19:21:26 <benzea> #info benzea has not heard back from kit about fire regulations related permits
19:21:53 <benzea> #infno kittykat has send out the CfP, deadline is April 27th
19:22:00 <benzea> eh
19:22:05 <benzea> #info kittykat has send out the CfP, deadline is April 27th
19:22:06 <benzea> there
19:22:15 <moggi> #info current numbers for accommodation are at https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-accomodation
19:22:42 <benzea> hm, what else was there
19:22:43 <benzea> ah
19:23:13 <benzea> #info we have support from the Z10 for a social event on sunday
19:23:31 <benzea> #action benzea needs to follow up on a possible event collision on their part
19:23:45 * benzea thinks
19:24:06 <benzea> #info benzea has send out requests for workshop descriptions
19:24:08 <moggi> anything related to contracts?
19:24:19 <benzea> unfortunately no progress there
19:24:50 <benzea> I pinged Nils about it on saturday and he said it should happen on the weekend, but I have not heard anything again
19:26:03 <benzea> oh, we have at least one confirmed sponsor, but everyone probably saw that
19:26:37 <benzea> ok, I think that is it from my side
19:27:09 <benzea> well, then
19:27:18 * benzea assumes no further updates will happen
19:27:37 <benzea> I don't really anything on my agenda that makes sense to discuss right now …
19:27:38 <benzea> so
19:27:39 <benzea> #topic Misc
19:27:47 <benzea> anyone else has something to discuss? :)
19:27:59 <moggi> #action moggi to contact Leonard Hotel about an offer for accommodation
19:28:42 <benzea> ah, yeah
19:28:48 <moggi> s/Leonard/Leonardo/
19:29:45 <benzea> oh
19:30:21 <benzea> #info andreasn has created badges for us
19:30:31 <benzea> might require a small fix still, but nothing big
19:31:06 <benzea> hm, should we wrap up then?
19:31:38 <benzea> moggi: I guess we are talking only between us right now anyways :)
19:31:38 <moggi> sounds good
19:31:56 <benzea> oki
19:31:59 <benzea> #endmeeting