20:22:01 <benzea> #startmeeting
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20:22:06 <benzea> #topic Status Updates
20:22:13 <benzea> so that I have a log ;-)
20:23:28 <benzea> #info Benjamin has created a floorplan for the KIT for the permit (see e-mail), lets hope that this is fine (he will send it in in the next couple of days)
20:23:47 <benzea> well, I don't expect anyone will comment on it at this point …
20:24:09 <benzea> #info Contract has been signed by the Foundation, but LinuxTag e.V. has not yet responded
20:24:13 <benzea> #action Benjamin to ping Nils about it
20:24:53 <benzea> #info Benjamin has talked to Dominik Richter, who might assist us with searching local sponsors
20:25:09 <benzea> #action benzea to send him some more information
20:25:19 <benzea> hmm, what else
20:25:23 <benzea> ahh!
20:25:41 <benzea> #info The registration system is being tested by kittykat
20:27:22 * benzea wonders if there was anything else
20:27:35 <benzea> ah
20:28:18 <benzea> #info benzea asked digitalcourage e.V. about having a privacy related keynote, and "Detlev Sieber" answered he would like to do one
20:28:35 <benzea> I have no idea who he is, and couldn't find much info about him in a quick search
20:29:49 <benzea> hmm
20:30:00 * benzea should assign random tasks to people just because no one is around
20:30:08 <benzea> ah, lol :)
20:30:11 <dperpeet> :)
20:30:22 <benzea> dperpeet: you are the only one who showed up ;-)
20:30:29 <dperpeet> oh
20:30:29 <benzea> well, sils is half there
20:30:31 <benzea> but that is it
20:30:36 <dperpeet> sorry I'm late
20:30:49 * benzea filled the meeting logs with some info, but probably will cut it short at this point
20:30:58 * sils is eating
20:31:00 <benzea> hmm
20:31:02 <dperpeet> ok, anything I should do?
20:31:26 <benzea> dperpeet: https://meetbot.gnome.org/guadec/2016/guadec.2016-03-23-20.22.log.txt
20:31:52 <benzea> hmm, not sure
20:32:16 <benzea> there is some stuff that I haven't done since last week (mainly workshop related)
20:32:30 <dperpeet> not sure how much help I can be there
20:32:36 <benzea> I don't expect you can help much with the KIT at this point
20:32:40 <benzea> yeah, exactly
20:33:02 <benzea> one thing that we should look into is making the registration system a little bit nicer
20:33:16 <benzea> which is some node.js HTML template stuff
20:33:28 <dperpeet> I'm sure andreasn can help with that :)
20:33:41 <benzea> right :)
20:34:02 <dperpeet> is it just about design or also functionality?
20:34:25 <benzea> that is design really, probably just plugging in some template/CSS really
20:34:34 <dperpeet> do you have a link?
20:34:42 <benzea> sure
20:34:43 <kittykat> dperpeet: puiterwijk is working on the functionality, he might appreciate some help…
20:35:06 <dperpeet> I can spare some time this weekend
20:35:16 <benzea> https://registration.guadec.org/ and https://github.com/puiterwijk/regcfp
20:35:17 <benzea> #url https://github.com/puiterwijk/regcfp
20:35:17 * sils whishes everyone would start writing one one super awesome conference system so when coala gets big enough to need it we don't have to write yet another one :)
20:35:36 <benzea> well, there is regcfp and frab, choose one :-P
20:35:53 <benzea> I am not sure what might be missing on the normal registration/CfP side
20:36:17 <benzea> the main feature that probably *is* missing would be some support to allow registering for workshops
20:36:19 <dperpeet> so I should start looking at issues on regcfp?
20:37:13 <benzea> with a maximum attendee limit and maybe payment (we could probably do it outside if that gets a bit complicated)
20:37:31 <benzea> due date would be in a month or so when registration opens
20:37:51 <dperpeet> ok, tight but doable
20:38:00 <dperpeet> I'm surprised there aren't existing systems to do this
20:38:09 * dperpeet looks at sils
20:38:13 <benzea> ah, well, there is frab …
20:38:25 * benzea looks at his magic etherpad (https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/guadec-2016-todo)
20:38:37 * sils looks somewhere else
20:39:04 <benzea> yay, twitter, anyone wants the account data ;-)
20:39:46 <dperpeet> well, if you want to use frab: I don't know ruby
20:39:51 <sils> is it not posible to sign up some org? It's just spreading the account data?
20:40:21 <benzea> nah, we'll be using regcfp
20:40:24 <benzea> which is node.js
20:40:24 <sils> I have used OSEM as an attendee (ownCloud uses it), it seemed ok and they seemed to actively develop it last I looked.
20:40:36 <sils> but people around here didn't like it
20:40:40 <benzea> because everyone needs their own system
20:40:43 * sils never understood why
20:40:46 <benzea> and apparently the paper tam likes regcfp
20:41:25 <dperpeet> I'll take a look at regcfp
20:41:45 <benzea> #action dperpeet will take a look at regcfp
20:41:47 <benzea> nice!
20:42:11 <dperpeet> kittykat, you already have a few open pull requests
20:42:13 <benzea> dunno, to be honest, it seems to me that there must be something wrong with my todo list
20:42:26 <benzea> as there are not really that many items on it
20:42:26 <dperpeet> how's puiterwijk with merging?
20:43:25 <kittykat1> dperpeet: file a pull request, he's responsive
20:43:56 <dperpeet> kittykat, ah, but your requests are already ancient! =)
20:44:21 <dperpeet> kittykat, if I start working on something, I'll comment on the issue
20:44:27 <dperpeet> so you know what I'm doing
20:44:32 <dperpeet> or open a wip pull request
20:44:53 * sils dislikes the commit log
20:44:59 * sils is a commit message fetishist
20:45:20 <benzea> hehe
20:45:42 <benzea> ok, I guess that is enough for dperpeet to do for now then :)
20:45:43 <dperpeet> sils, you don't think "err != error" is a meaningful commit message? =)
20:46:07 <dperpeet> benzea, yes, I'm certain that an endless amount of work is enough at this juncture
20:46:25 <benzea> yep
20:46:47 * benzea reminds andreasn about the badges :)
20:46:52 * puiterwijk dislikes the commit log as well. But then I kinda get time to work on it and I kinda don't.
20:47:37 <benzea> hm, ok, does anyone have anything they want to discuss?
20:48:25 <benzea> oh, someone should probably kick me to ping all the potential people doing workshops :)
20:48:48 <dperpeet> benzea, don't forget to ask people regarding the workshops
20:48:53 <benzea> haha
20:49:00 <benzea> I meant in a couple of days :-P
20:49:27 <dperpeet> pretend I wrote this next Friday
20:49:32 <benzea> hm, can try :)
20:50:07 <sils> benzea, just set up a cron job
20:50:19 <dperpeet> or a systemd timer
20:50:20 <benzea> oh, someone to edit the minutes would be useful, but maybe I should just get my ass down and do it myself …
20:50:52 <benzea> sils: sure, but that doesn't have quite as much social pressure to actually do it
20:51:03 <benzea> :)
20:51:22 <sils> so you want us to do a cronjob so we pressure you socially to do it?
20:51:56 <benzea> dunno, was just thinking that a cronjob is probably just a reminder but no pressure
20:52:05 <benzea> whatever
20:52:11 <sils> the pressure is if you don't do it you'll forget it
20:52:21 * benzea ends the meeting in a few seconds, unless someone speaks up
20:53:11 <benzea> #endmeeting