20:18:33 <benzea> #startmeeting
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20:18:50 <benzea> ok, so, last week I was away, and had no proper internet connection
20:19:01 <benzea> but everything back to normal again :)
20:19:14 <benzea> #topic Contract LinuxTag e.V.
20:20:36 <benzea> #info kittykat1 and me had a telko last week on friday, we discussed some things (they cost us 1.5k which covers part of their own expenses), the contract is being signed know though
20:21:21 <benzea> so, we should have that ready soon
20:21:25 <benzea> #topic Venue
20:21:35 <benzea> er, unless there a comment about the contract
20:22:03 <dperpeet> good news to have that finalized soon
20:22:10 <benzea> #info KIT still needs another permit (which they came up with when I asked them to do the contract)
20:22:20 <benzea> #info benzea has send them the information
20:22:30 <dperpeet> has sent or has to send?
20:22:35 <benzea> I have
20:22:39 <benzea> you got the e-mail in CC :)
20:22:41 <dperpeet> thanks :)
20:22:48 <dperpeet> yes, I wasn't sure if there was yet another one
20:23:00 <benzea> not really much, just saying that we use the foyer as a lounge, for stands, ...
20:23:09 <benzea> I assume they just want to know that we are not doing a party :)
20:24:01 <benzea> florolf (video team) was in the lectur halls and said that everything looks good
20:24:24 <benzea> we will probably need some long audio/network cables along the whole length of the lectura hall to the back
20:24:53 <benzea> #info benzea has also written an email to the KIT SCC with regard to networking (WIFI/Video streaming)
20:24:57 <benzea> sorry, forgot the CC on that one
20:25:20 <benzea> ok, anyways, things are moving forward
20:25:44 <benzea> questions? other status updates?
20:26:32 <benzea> yay
20:26:43 <benzea> #topic Sponsors
20:27:01 <benzea> not sure if/what needs to be discussed with regard to the sponsor search
20:27:08 <benzea> mms: do you have anything?
20:28:53 * benzea wonders if mms is around even
20:29:47 <dperpeet> doesn't seem like it
20:30:29 <benzea> looking at the notes from last time muelli volunteered to write to guadec-list/engagement-list about a "student sales pitch"
20:30:31 <benzea> hmm
20:31:53 <benzea> oops, she didn't notice we started
20:33:29 * benzea waits for mms to catch up and reply
20:34:14 <mms> sorry guys, I got a bit distracted. No, I have unfortunately no updates from sponsoring - but I have not been very active. So hopefully I can give an update next time (I have still a long to-do list regarding things I would like to do for sponsoring). No updates from the MINT proposal yet,except that they asked us to be patient while they are looking through all the applications
20:35:33 <benzea> I guess that means we don't need to discuss anything about that for now then?
20:36:20 <mms> no, not really. But I really need to start doing something very soon ...
20:37:00 <benzea> as long as you are not too overloaded with it :)
20:37:43 <benzea> ok, lets move on to workshops
20:37:47 <benzea> #topic Workshops
20:38:13 <muelli> hey hey.
20:38:16 <benzea> so, main reason I am putting that up on the agenda, is because I figure that it is relatively important to have it all up together with registration
20:38:25 <benzea> ohh, muelli, any input on previous topics?
20:38:42 * muelli is abusing the flight's DNS...
20:39:05 <benzea> neat
20:39:19 <muelli> nope. except. We've got a reaction from a company!
20:39:29 <muelli> they are going bankrut and cannot give us money.. -.-
20:39:34 <benzea> lol
20:39:45 <benzea> oops
20:40:12 <benzea> ok, about the workshops
20:40:40 <benzea> I'll need to ping all the potential people who might do workshops about getting in descriptions, etc.
20:40:58 <benzea> #action benzea to ask for titles/descriptions of workshops
20:41:29 <benzea> the other thing is, that we'll need to set the pricing at some point
20:41:55 <afranke> muelli, excellent!
20:42:02 <afranke> (That they took the time to reply)
20:42:12 <benzea> if people are fine with this, we can discuss that now
20:42:13 <afranke> ;)
20:42:34 <benzea> so far my thought was that it would be 100€ for the day, and free for students/foundation members
20:42:40 <afranke> benzea, do we have a clearly defined target audience?
20:42:50 <benzea> (lets say including VAT)
20:43:00 <benzea> well, the target audiance is quite different for the different workshops
20:43:47 <afranke> And you aim at pricing them all the same?
20:43:59 <benzea> hm, that would be the easiest thing to do
20:45:13 <benzea> maybe price them all the same, and allow exceptions within reason?
20:45:35 <afranke> Aren't you afraid some might be harder to sell?
20:45:54 <benzea> tbh, I am not quite sure what to expect
20:46:37 <benzea> I know that we need to figure it out before everyone books their flights
20:46:50 <mms> maybe we should wait to have a (not fully exhaustive) list of workshops before starting to talk about pricing? It might be easier to judge what seems reasonable.
20:46:59 <afranke> +1
20:47:09 <dperpeet> +1
20:47:13 <benzea> there is https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Workshops
20:47:44 <mms> ah, ok. give me a second to check!
20:47:49 <benzea> i.e. gstreamer (would be the first day of a 5 day workshop basically, you get to build a simple video player)
20:48:40 <benzea> the basics is an introductory course aimed at students (I expect that no one who might want to extend doesn't fall into the "student" category)
20:49:04 <benzea> can't say much about WebKit
20:49:14 <muelli> what's the resoning to put a price  tag on the workshops at all?
20:49:18 <afranke> Yeah, my point was that the "basics" one might be tough to sell at €100.
20:49:36 <benzea> sure, we could say that is free
20:49:42 <afranke> muelli, well the workshops were designed from the beginning as a source of income.
20:49:55 <benzea> muelli: just a bit of income
20:49:58 * muelli not necessarily having an opion either way. But it's probably good to talk about it...
20:50:07 <muelli> right. Fair nouhg.
20:50:10 <afranke> Of course it's nice to offer them to the community, but we shouldn't pass on a way to get income.
20:50:30 <benzea> in general, such workshops are pretty expensive in the industry, so 100€ would still be pretty cheap as I understand it
20:50:37 <afranke> Yeah.
20:51:50 <afranke> You may want input from those who are used to giving those paid workshops.
20:52:07 <benzea> tbh. I am hoping a bit that people (or companies) doing the workshop advertise it a bit to potential attendees
20:52:20 <benzea> hm, true
20:52:48 <benzea> afranke: do you know someone one could ping (I have some ideas, but asking anyways :))
20:53:02 <afranke> Olivier?
20:53:17 <afranke> Since he seems to be the one giving the gstreamer one.
20:53:38 <benzea> yeah, that was my thought :-P
20:53:42 <afranke> No idea whether alex usually does training to professionals, I guess not.
20:53:50 <benzea> probably not
20:53:58 <benzea> well, my guess is that not
20:54:05 <afranke> Maybe kittykat1 can also ask around at work.
20:54:08 <mms> But I am not sure to understand: which type of companies are going to offer the workshops? And is someone already in contact with those companies?
20:54:30 <afranke> mms, GNOME people from Red Hat, Collabora…
20:55:10 <afranke> mms, actually some GNOME people with no particular affiliation too, like Lasse.
20:55:20 <afranke> (Oh hello sils)
20:55:26 <benzea> well, ideally the deal is that if the company sponsors travel/work time they can tell people about the fact
20:56:36 <benzea> but the point is that the worst case cost for guadec is flying someone in a day earlier
20:57:51 <mms> ok
20:57:56 <benzea> mms: we have been asking people directly so far
20:59:15 <benzea> hm, ok
20:59:16 <sils> hi afranke!
20:59:57 <benzea> I guess we'll postpone a final decision for now; but it seems there isn't really a strong oppinion against moving forward with the suggested model
21:00:10 <benzea> i.e. it seems to be mostly about doing a slightly more informed decision
21:01:45 <afranke> Yep.
21:02:16 <benzea> #info no final decision on pricing, more input would be good but there is no strong oppinion against the current plan
21:02:33 <benzea> #info we will revisit it in a later meeting (hopefully with a bit more information)
21:02:37 <benzea> okidoki
21:02:43 <benzea> any other comments with regard to workshops?
21:03:13 <mms> I have to raise a concern though. For now it appears to me a bit like "people we know" are preparing workshops for students (we will need to make sure that there will be students) and other people from the community. But will there be actually professionals that will be willing to pay for the workshops? How are we gonna harness them?
21:03:36 <mms> what is your experience with this from the past events?
21:03:58 <benzea> I don't think we have any experience from past GUADECS, that is the issue
21:04:11 <mms> ah ok :)
21:04:23 <benzea> it is a valid concern, but I don't have any good ideas on how to market it more directly
21:04:28 <sils> fwiw my current client pays 1000eur per day to the speaker for a 12 person workshop, fixed rate
21:05:03 <benzea> oh, pretty similar price actually
21:05:28 <sils> plus you usually want a cut and sales tax I guess
21:05:43 * afranke has experience from non GUADEC events.
21:05:55 <benzea> yeah, if you say the 100€ is including VAT, we end up at the same price, I guess
21:06:38 <afranke> EuroBSDCon is on a weekend and there are two days of half-day workshops (two at a time).
21:06:41 <sils> also I think those kind of events will attract those professionals to the conference and might be a bit potential to actually grow the conference. Not that I have experience though.
21:07:09 <afranke> If memory serves me well, it was 100€ per half-day in 2008.
21:07:10 <mms> I do agree with you - the potential is there!
21:07:14 <sils> -> more traditional companies are more likely to pay people the visit if there's some certificate
21:07:19 <benzea> sils: hm, interesting point
21:07:31 <benzea> oh, we'll need to do certificates :)
21:07:34 <benzea> obviously
21:08:00 <mms> But I guess that we need to have a plan (and execute on it) in order to get the message about the workshops out there to people that are not usually participating, right?
21:08:18 <afranke> benzea, at GNOME.Asia you get one for attending the conference. :D
21:08:27 <benzea> lol
21:08:28 <afranke> Or was it only for speakers?
21:08:34 <afranke> muelli, do you remember?
21:08:34 <benzea> afranke: stop it, we are in europe here :-P
21:08:42 <afranke> Sure.
21:08:46 <sils> sponsors are potential customers for that, advertising on PGO, Twitter and conferences is good IMO
21:09:24 <benzea> sils: I would say we need a "I am doing a workshop" badge so people can blog about it :)
21:09:55 <mms> at fossdem there are usually certification workshops, did anyone of you attend them / have had feedback about them / have an opinion regarding them?
21:09:57 <afranke> One with "I'm giving" and one with "I'm attending" maybe?
21:10:11 <afranke> mms, those are kind special.
21:10:14 <benzea> true, we want both
21:10:19 <mms> I like the badge idea :)
21:10:34 <benzea> easy thing to do, and we can ping people about blogging
21:10:50 <afranke> It's LPI, which is a test you can prepare online.
21:11:02 <benzea> #info we need badges for workshops to get out the word in blog posts
21:11:11 <afranke> And at FOSDEM you can pass the exam at a discount.
21:11:23 <afranke> I'm pretty sure there's no training at FOSDEM.
21:11:27 <mms> aha interesting
21:11:29 <benzea> hm, anything else with regard to workshops?
21:11:50 <afranke> mms, https://www.lpi.org/certification/
21:11:50 <benzea> (feel free to add something with #info so that it isn't lost later)
21:11:57 <sils> PyCon does them, I may be attending one
21:13:08 <benzea> #info certificates for attendees are required; companies might pay for this
21:13:16 <benzea> well, that info sounds weird
21:13:22 <sils> they also do pre conference summits like this "education summit", forming some smaller groups while professional "guests" attend the workshops, that's an interesting concept, wanted to mention that
21:13:43 <mms> very interesting indeed!
21:14:02 <benzea> ah, yeah
21:14:29 * afranke wants to note that GUADEC team is small compared to PyCon one.
21:14:42 <afranke> Which means we can't implement all good ideas.
21:14:44 <benzea> we have rather few resources, yes
21:15:19 <sils> yes it's a whole other scale indeed
21:16:06 <benzea> ok, I think we should wrap up with this
21:16:14 <benzea> for today
21:16:30 <benzea> any final comments? other things that should be discussed?
21:17:31 <benzea> 3
21:17:41 <benzea> 2
21:18:00 <mms> thanks for the "meeting" guys!
21:18:07 <muelli> :)
21:18:11 <benzea> 1
21:18:19 <benzea> ok, thanks everyone for joining!
21:18:23 <benzea> #endmeeting