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Meeting started by benzea at 20:18:33 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Contract LinuxTag e.V. (benzea, 20:19:14)
    1. kittykat1 and me had a telko last week on friday, we discussed some things (they cost us 1.5k which covers part of their own expenses), the contract is being signed know though (benzea, 20:20:36)

  2. Venue (benzea, 20:21:25)
    1. KIT still needs another permit (which they came up with when I asked them to do the contract) (benzea, 20:22:10)
    2. benzea has send them the information (benzea, 20:22:20)
    3. benzea has also written an email to the KIT SCC with regard to networking (WIFI/Video streaming) (benzea, 20:24:53)

  3. Sponsors (benzea, 20:26:43)
  4. Workshops (benzea, 20:37:47)
    1. ACTION: benzea to ask for titles/descriptions of workshops (benzea, 20:40:58)
    2. no final decision on pricing, more input would be good but there is no strong oppinion against the current plan (benzea, 21:02:16)
    3. we will revisit it in a later meeting (hopefully with a bit more information) (benzea, 21:02:33)
    4. we need badges for workshops to get out the word in blog posts (benzea, 21:11:02)
    5. certificates for attendees are required; companies might pay for this (benzea, 21:13:08)

Meeting ended at 21:18:23 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. benzea to ask for titles/descriptions of workshops

Action items, by person

  1. benzea
    1. benzea to ask for titles/descriptions of workshops

People present (lines said)

  1. benzea (100)
  2. afranke (35)
  3. mms (16)
  4. sils (9)
  5. muelli (8)
  6. dperpeet (6)
  7. GNOMie (2)

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