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20:20:22 <benzea> it works!
20:20:28 <benzea> #topic Video
20:20:47 <afranke> Of course it works.
20:20:57 <benzea> I talked to florolf from the CCC VOC team
20:21:18 <benzea> #info the VOC team may not have people around for GUADEC
20:21:32 <benzea> he isn't sure if he will be still around by then
20:21:54 <benzea> however, I am going to plan with them for now, which means we need to plan in time for setup
20:22:15 <benzea> #info florolf said that 3 hours on the day before would be good for them
20:22:32 <benzea> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Video
20:22:37 <benzea> I added much of the info there
20:22:52 <benzea> basically, someone will need to ping them again in a couple of weeks to see if they can send someone
20:23:17 <benzea> #action CCC VOC team needs to be pinged again later
20:23:32 <benzea> which brings me to the second point
20:23:37 <benzea> #topic core days venue times
20:23:53 <benzea> we need to fix the times for the core days
20:24:12 <benzea> my plan right now was 17:00 to 20:00 on thursday before the core days for setup
20:24:50 <benzea> then something like 9:30 to 19:30 on the other days
20:24:51 <moggi> why do we include thursday again? I thought we came to the conclusion that friday morning would be enough
20:25:21 <benzea> moggi: the trouble is the video people, they have a lot of hardware to set up
20:25:48 <benzea> hmm, you mean we should ask them whether setting up early on friday would work?
20:26:04 <moggi> benzea: did you ask them how much time they need? we need some time on friday anyway for setting up stuff
20:26:18 <moggi> the video parts could be done in parallel
20:26:39 <moggi> so maybe friday 8 to 19:30 and the rest of the days 9:30 to 19:30
20:26:50 <benzea> hm
20:27:01 <afranke> It's good to know the day before if something goes wrong so you can react on the next morning.
20:27:07 <benzea> I could ask florolf if he thinks whether that works
20:27:23 <afranke> For instance we bought the camera on the morning of day 1.
20:27:35 <afranke> In Strasbourg.
20:27:36 <benzea> it is a tight schedule, I would expect they would need to setup the second hall in parallel to the opening
20:28:06 <moggi> afranke: each day is quite expensive so if we can save one day we can get some room in the budget
20:28:33 <afranke> Do they charge the same for a whole day and a couple hours?
20:28:48 <benzea> yeah, it is over 100€ per hour, yes
20:29:05 <benzea> so we would probably spend like 400€ for being able to set up without much hassle
20:29:23 <benzea> maybe a bit more
20:31:21 <benzea> I know it isn't cheap, but it would also safe us a lot of hassle, I expect
20:32:04 <sils_> and possibly the video of the first talk(s)
20:32:31 <benzea> yeah
20:33:02 <benzea> ideally, one could do quite a lot of stuff during the time
20:33:17 <moggi> benzea: maybe check with the video time how much time they need
20:33:19 <benzea> also setting up stuff for coffee and such
20:33:32 <benzea> moggi: I can ask
20:33:38 <moggi> benzea: all of that would easily fit into the friday morning
20:34:05 <benzea> which means we might need to bind quite a lot of volunteer resources for setup while we already have talks going on
20:34:14 <moggi> benzea: getting the rooms on friday already at 8 should be no problem (even if we don't have them officially)
20:34:51 <benzea> sure, at least up to the door is possible anyways
20:35:34 <benzea> ok, what do people think?
20:35:56 <benzea> I mean, I can ask florolf what he thinks, no problem there
20:36:08 <benzea> #action benzea to ask florolf about time for setup
20:36:25 <sils_> Getting in at 8 sounds reasonable IMO.
20:37:06 <benzea> ok, so we say that we wold prefer friday at 8 and no thursday slots
20:37:49 <benzea> #agreed we prefer setting up in the morning if this works for the video team
20:37:57 <benzea> sounds good?
20:38:07 <benzea> so, I guess 9:30 should be good on the other days, assuming the first talk is at 10
20:38:29 <moggi> yeap
20:38:32 <benzea> 19:30 leaving would mean that we have the last event over at 19:00
20:38:34 <benzea> I guess
20:39:10 <benzea> if we don't want to stop a bit earlier on sunday, we might want another hour or so?
20:39:36 <benzea> or, we just also get a 19:30 slot, and then start full teardown mode 18:00 latest or so
20:40:23 <benzea> right now my stance is then: 9:30 - 19:30, except friday 8:00 in the morning
20:40:40 * sils_ agrees
20:41:05 <benzea> okay
20:41:33 <benzea> #agree core days 9:30 to 19:30, except on friday 8:00 (if we can get away without setup time on thursday)
20:41:40 <benzea> anything else?
20:41:56 <benzea> ok
20:41:57 <benzea> #topic contracts
20:42:01 <sils_> so sessions from 10 to 19 I guess
20:42:07 <benzea> yep
20:42:13 <benzea> which is what we had last year
20:42:45 <benzea> except that last year we had to leave at 19:00 sharp
20:43:12 <benzea> #info LinuxTag is reviewing the contractual stuff internally right now
20:43:20 <benzea> #info there will be a telco next wednesday
20:43:48 <benzea> #info we can go ahead and get the university to make the venue contract in their name
20:43:56 <benzea> so, really
20:44:23 <benzea> #action benzea to get contract from the university asap
20:44:28 <afranke> \o/
20:45:10 <benzea> #topic accomodation
20:45:13 <benzea> well, really, just an info
20:45:31 <benzea> moggi was going to look into it, but that will only happen after the 10th of march
20:45:34 <benzea> iirc
20:45:55 <moggi> yes
20:46:03 <benzea> #action moggi to look into accomodation booking for sponsored people (after 10th of march)
20:46:11 <benzea> unless someone else wants to step up ;-)
20:46:19 <benzea> #topic keynotes
20:46:31 <benzea> #info so far we have two suggestions
20:46:50 <benzea> #url https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Keynotes
20:47:02 <benzea> I don't know much about either myself
20:47:23 <benzea> anyways, it would be cool if someone could look into this more
20:47:30 <benzea> or if you have suggestions, then please send them in!
20:47:52 <benzea> but I am fine if this still takes a while
20:48:05 <benzea> oh, I skipped workshops
20:48:08 <benzea> #topic workshops
20:48:22 <benzea> #url https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2016/Workshops
20:48:39 <benzea> as I have already said earlier, the idea was to do workshops on the day before the core days
20:48:42 <benzea> i.e. thursday
20:49:14 <benzea> #info there are 3-4 workshops we can likely offer
20:49:19 <benzea> so, I am quite happy with that
20:49:23 <sils_> Only on one day so, right?
20:49:31 <benzea> yeah
20:49:52 <benzea> which is a bit short for somethings like gstreamer in some ways
20:50:32 <benzea> sils_: makes sense?
20:51:00 <sils_> I'm now doing a commercial workshop about contributing to open source and collaborative team management which is two full days. But we don't need to do it that extreme...
20:51:15 <benzea> a lot of the details are not there yet
20:51:28 <benzea> sils_: the gstreamer workshops often are a full week apparently
20:52:24 <sils_> So our assumption is that on the workshop days people will attend *spontaneously* to workshops they like, or will they *register* in advance and plan their travel days accordingly?
20:52:34 <benzea> sils_: register
20:52:52 <benzea> sils_: the idea was that they are free to student/foundation members, but we might take money from everyone else
20:52:54 <sils_> In the latter case we could take a bit more time for some workshops and just strech the schedule a bit, so people attending a long workshop won't harm anybody else.
20:52:55 <benzea> generating some revenue
20:53:10 <benzea> yeah, that would work
20:54:02 <benzea> so far nobody had asked me to extend it, and the format is new for guadec
20:54:24 <afranke> benzea, isn't "taking money" an issue regarding accounting?
20:54:45 <benzea> afranke: why would that be an issue?
20:54:48 <afranke> I'm referring to the fact that admission to the conference is a donation because of that.
20:55:10 <benzea> yep, it is taxed
20:55:47 <benzea> VAT is hell anyways …
20:57:26 <sils_> Ok concept is a bit fuzzy but we can probably agree on the workshops being able to occupy any amount of time for the mentioned reasoning.
20:57:54 <benzea> yeah, I was planning with thursdays with regard to talking to the faculty about rooms
20:58:42 <benzea> (one idea was that any people attending a beginners workshop might stick around for the conference)
20:58:57 <benzea> also, afterwards it might collide to much mit bofs
20:59:11 <sils_> yes having it before is good indeed IMO
20:59:31 <afranke> German word spotted.
21:00:04 <benzea> so, right now my plan is to follow up on that later
21:00:17 <benzea> main issue I see is registration (and also payment handling)
21:01:07 <benzea> now, if anyone wants to help with this, that would be really appreciated :)
21:01:26 <benzea> as always
21:01:43 <benzea> #info some help is needed for workshop management
21:01:47 <benzea> #info we need a registration system
21:02:23 <benzea> I'll probably look into this again when the cfp or registration is out (I am not sure which one is first)
21:02:29 <sils_> can't we do a donation system like the SF Conservancy? "If you donate more than ... you're free to attend workshops"?
21:02:41 <afranke> benzea, cfp.
21:02:49 <benzea> afranke: ah
21:03:02 <benzea> sils_: hm, never considered that, do you have some references?
21:03:21 <afranke> Oh well, people create an account to send papers, but they don't register for the conference yet.
21:03:37 <benzea> though we probably still want a registration system, just to control the number of people and making sure to fill them up somewhat
21:03:46 <benzea> hehe, yeah
21:03:56 <sils_> benzea, no I just know that you get a t shirt if you donate more than 120. http://sfconservancy.org/supporter/
21:04:19 <benzea> ah
21:04:36 <benzea> well, I don't think you can argue that it is tax free then :)
21:04:48 <benzea> that seems a bit too much of a stretch
21:05:05 <sils_> I don't know, it's a stretch in our case for sure.
21:05:14 * sils_ is not a lawyer
21:05:27 <benzea> well, unless we would also do workshops purely donation based
21:06:26 <benzea> hm, can't really decide right now whether something donation based might be better
21:06:40 <benzea> should we maybe discuss again in one or two weeks?
21:07:03 <afranke> I don't think it would work.
21:07:20 <afranke> To begin with, companies don't like "set your own price".
21:07:32 <sils_> are there many "professionals" around anyway?
21:07:33 <afranke> So if you expect people to be sent by their companies…
21:07:54 <benzea> well, there is a hope that exactly this may happen
21:07:55 <afranke> sils_, depends what the topic and level of workshops is.
21:08:06 * sils_ agrees with afranke if we want to attract professionals.
21:08:09 <benzea> especially if the companies/individuals tell people to go to the workshop and then to guadec
21:08:16 <benzea> i.e. sales pitch for guadec itself too
21:09:02 <benzea> so, I do think that if e.g. collabora or redhat sends an employee to do a workshop, then they are allowed to advertise this fact
21:09:36 <benzea> we will still need to set a price tag obviously
21:10:26 <benzea> #agree general consensus is that it makes sense to have mandatory payments professional attendees
21:10:29 <benzea> is that correct?
21:10:53 <afranke> More or less.
21:11:08 <afranke> You can't have both a fixed price for pros and donation for the others.
21:11:13 <benzea> I am fine with removing it again from the minutes ;-)
21:11:20 <afranke> But you can have various levels of fixed price.
21:11:24 <benzea> well, you can make it free for students and foundation members
21:11:30 <afranke> Yes.
21:11:33 <benzea> or other levels
21:12:04 <benzea> I wouldn't ask for donations in the context of the workshops
21:12:10 <afranke> Cool.
21:12:26 <benzea> instead just mentino that the donations also make those things happen
21:12:31 <benzea> for core guadec
21:12:53 * sils_ agrees. Only professionals should pay for workshop. Especially not beginners.
21:13:39 <benzea> #info we won't ask for donations directly for workshops, even with people attending for free
21:13:49 <benzea> yeah, beginners workshop must be free
21:14:27 <benzea> ok, should we discuss anything else?
21:14:45 <benzea> otherwise I'll top it again later, to fix price and talk about registration, etc.
21:14:59 <benzea> heh, afranke that was german :)
21:15:10 <benzea> s/top it again/put it on the agenda again/
21:15:34 <afranke> benzea, I'm warning you, the GNOME project is transitioning to French, not German.
21:15:55 <benzea> #action benzea to make sure workshops get discussed again later
21:15:56 * puiterwijk opposes to that
21:16:08 <benzea> afranke: are't you forgetting the swedish conspiracy?
21:16:35 <benzea> also, I don't expect that I'll learn french :)
21:16:52 <afranke> There are three French speakers on the board. I don't see that happening for other languages.
21:17:04 <benzea> except, english?
21:17:17 <afranke> Barely!
21:17:20 <benzea> haha
21:17:34 <benzea> alright, now a fun one :-/
21:17:39 <benzea> #topic code of conduct
21:18:05 <sils_> :D good one.
21:18:13 <benzea> so, right now I have what is on https://2016.guadec.org/code-of-conduct/
21:18:27 <benzea> basically, if everyone is fine with this, I would want to just go with it
21:18:35 <benzea> however, I would like to have an agreement
21:18:47 * afranke reads again.
21:19:07 <benzea> though specifically, dperpeet, muelli and moira are not here tonight, so we might need to revisit this again
21:19:23 <afranke> Yeah, I'd rather we postpone.
21:20:12 <benzea> #action everyone please have a look at the coc that is on the website right now and comment on whether they are fine with it
21:20:23 <benzea> or at least read it by next week and attend :)
21:20:44 <benzea> ok
21:21:06 <benzea> I fear that I'll have to skip sponsors, as that is basicaly tobi/moira
21:21:34 <benzea> I have heard there is some good news, but I couldn't even understand all of the update last week on the phone :-/
21:21:39 <benzea> #topic sponsors
21:21:48 <benzea> #info we will need to postpone
21:22:00 <benzea> #info help in writing to sponsors and finding contact information is always needed
21:22:49 <benzea> ok
21:22:55 <benzea> #topic announcement
21:23:09 <benzea> #info benzea has talked to the engagement team
21:23:31 <benzea> so, they have started to do some work
21:23:43 <benzea> including writing up a lot of tweets that we can publish over the next months
21:23:53 <benzea> so that is really nice
21:24:15 <benzea> so here: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_2016_tweets
21:24:26 <benzea> anyone feel free to add ideas there
21:25:19 <benzea> I think it would be nice to get someone else on board to make sure that the twitter feed gets feeds every once in a while
21:25:36 <benzea> #info help with twitter feed would be welcome
21:25:58 <benzea> we have also updated parts of the website
21:26:18 <benzea> https://2016.guadec.org/travel/
21:26:36 <benzea> the map should still be replaced
21:26:57 <benzea> #info website has been mostly updated, should still get some improvements (e.g. map, links to bahn.de search)
21:27:16 <benzea> but as long as it is good enough for sending out the annoucement, then I am happy for now
21:28:03 <benzea> #action embed/link to a better map
21:28:21 <benzea> ok
21:28:30 <benzea> #topic website
21:28:37 <benzea> I assume we are using the same system as last year?
21:28:42 <benzea> regcfp for registration
21:28:56 <afranke> http://wp-osm-plugin.hanblog.net/add-a-map-with-marker-and-html-popup-in-wordpress/
21:29:00 <benzea> nto sure if the call for papers system is the same one or if that is separate?
21:29:12 <afranke> Yes it's part of regcfp.
21:29:17 <benzea> afranke: ah, ok, I'll have a look at that plugin
21:29:19 <afranke> Hence the cfp part of the name.
21:29:25 <benzea> yeah, kinda figured it
21:29:47 <benzea> well, just want to hear that everyone agrees on that really, I don't expect there is an alternative really
21:29:56 <benzea> especially as we have the local support right in the channel ;-)
21:30:14 <afranke> muelli mentionned frab.
21:30:46 * afranke is in favor of sticking to regcfp.
21:30:53 <benzea> I do know about frab, have never used it for anything other than submitting talks
21:31:07 * benzea is really not able to decide on this
21:31:16 <benzea> and it seems that the paper team is happy with regcfp
21:31:29 <afranke> Fact: the guy who writes regcfp is the one taking care of our infra.
21:31:38 <benzea> yep
21:31:44 <benzea> keep him happy :)
21:32:57 <benzea> #agree regcfp will be our software for registration and CfP unless this should be revisited for good reasons next week
21:33:00 <benzea> how about that?
21:33:58 <benzea> I don't really see a reason to consider moving if we don't have anyone who would make sure it all works and knows the other system
21:34:18 <benzea> #topic misc
21:34:19 <afranke> Exactly, I don't see a reason to move either. :)
21:34:37 <benzea> #action andreasn will be doing badges for us soon
21:35:08 <benzea> #info we have some initial information about visa letters on the wiki (german), next step will be making some draft letters
21:35:23 <benzea> anyone has comments?
21:35:29 <benzea> I think I am through with most of what I wanted
21:35:54 <benzea> except some of the sponsor stuff, but I fear that there is no point in discussing this right now
21:37:12 <benzea> #action benzea to put sponsorship perks and student sales pitch on next agenda
21:37:33 <benzea> if no one speaks up I'll close the meeting in a minute ;-)
21:38:44 <benzea> #endmeeting