16:09:04 <andreasn> #startmeeting
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16:09:13 <andreasn> #topic agenda
16:09:18 <andreasn> ok, what do we have today?
16:09:50 <afranke> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_meeting
16:10:31 <andreasn> so:
16:10:34 <andreasn> * events
16:10:36 <andreasn> * venue
16:10:38 <andreasn> * volunteers
16:11:07 <andreasn> anything else?
16:11:26 <andreasn> I have one
16:11:33 <andreasn> * accomondation
16:11:33 <afranke> You tell us. You're the one in the middle of it all. :)
16:12:03 <andreasn> * badges status
16:12:19 <andreasn> * sponsor tables
16:12:19 <bittin> oliverp: not intrested in chairing kinda have to do other stuff in the middle so its better that andreasn took it :)
16:12:56 <andreasn> we can also take some stuff that people figure out during the meeting during open floor at the end
16:13:01 <andreasn> ok, lets start
16:13:07 <andreasn> #topic Events
16:13:53 <kalev-afk> We have football field booked for Sunday evening
16:13:56 <kalev-afk> I hope it won't rain then
16:14:08 <andreasn> rain is also a risk for the friday picnic
16:14:26 <kalev-afk> fmuellner also asked if it's possible if we could come up with an alternative for people who don't want to play football
16:14:40 <kalev-afk> not sure if we should come up with something, but I thought I'd pass it along :)
16:14:41 <afranke> Oh so picnic and football are not happening at the same time?
16:14:47 <oliverp> <kalev-afk: ok good to know
16:14:52 <andreasn> no, different dates I think
16:15:00 <bittin> http://www.yr.no/sted/Sverige/V%C3%A4stra_G%C3%B6taland/G%C3%B6teborg/langtidsvarsel.html
16:15:02 <afranke> Any activity planned for picnic?
16:15:04 <andreasn> picnic is on Friday and Football on Sunday
16:15:05 <kalev-afk> I think picnic was on Saturday?
16:15:08 <kalev-afk> ahh
16:15:12 <bittin> seems nice so far
16:15:32 * afranke guesses Søndag is Sunday.
16:15:40 <oliverp> bittin: yeah also had look at that page before
16:15:41 <bittin> andreasn: yeah it is
16:15:44 <andreasn> do we have a list of these things somewhere?
16:15:52 <andreasn> I can only find https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Events
16:16:18 <oliverp> yes well I been waiting on a conformation for the event(s)
16:16:19 <Csvan> How about Volleyball for the alternative sport?
16:16:28 <Csvan> Not sure if there are nets available on-site
16:16:38 <Csvan> I can bring a ball in that case
16:16:52 <andreasn> mattiasb and fabiana was involved in a lot of the planning of the events
16:16:59 <andreasn> and Csvan'
16:17:20 <bittin> fotball is on Sunday atleast
16:17:35 <andreasn> Csvan: excellent
16:18:09 <andreasn> mattiasb: ?
16:18:14 <oliverp> but we are having a picnic right?
16:18:27 <oliverp> can we confirm it?
16:18:32 <bittin> as far i understood yeah
16:18:58 <andreasn> the weather looks a bit bad, but I hope so
16:19:40 <Csvan> There's a slight risk of earthquakes as well
16:19:49 <oliverp> should we wait with buying stuff for a picnic until the day before?
16:20:19 <Csvan> @Oliver I think its better to buy it on the same day, there will be a lot of logistics involved in storing it
16:20:25 <oliverp> ok
16:20:36 <andreasn> sounds good
16:20:41 <oliverp> yeah sure
16:20:50 <Csvan> Though we will need some vols to prepare it all on-site
16:21:10 <andreasn> ok, so shopping on Thursday
16:21:11 <oliverp> then I think we write something on the wiki about it. are happy to do it this weekend
16:21:27 <afranke> Same day might be difficult because the conference will have started and people will be otherwise busy.
16:21:28 <oliverp> *we can write something on the wiki about it
16:21:28 <andreasn> and we'll need a backup plan if the weather ends up being shit
16:22:03 <andreasn> sure
16:22:39 <andreasn> Csvan: can you come up with a shopping list and a estimated price?
16:22:39 <Csvan> I think the weather is also a good reason to wait until the same day, just so we can skip the whole buying part in case the heavens burst
16:22:45 <oliverp> #action oliverp to add a note about the picnic to the event wiki page
16:23:03 <andreasn> skyman said that FFKP has a Axfood card, so we can use that
16:23:06 <Csvan> @Andreas - yep, spoke with Oliver about it earlier, will throw upp a gdoc
16:23:30 <andreasn> #action oliverp to write down the events on the event wiki
16:23:34 <afranke> andreasn, how difficult is it to find the place for the picnic if I'm not a local?
16:23:44 <bittin> FFKP has an Axfood card that we can borrow to go shopping at the Partihallarna wholesale. Jonas doesn't know where it is at the moment, but will get back to us during the weekend.
16:23:46 <andreasn> #action csvan to prepare a shopping list
16:23:47 <bittin> :: etherpad
16:23:55 <Csvan> Nothing is hard to find in Gothenburg, trust me.
16:24:01 <oliverp> +1
16:24:13 <bittin> good :)
16:24:16 <andreasn> afranke: we make directions. It's not too far from the conference
16:24:17 <Csvan> We have ultra-advanced apps and stuff.
16:24:21 <afranke> Names can be hard to get for foreigners.
16:24:31 <afranke> You people use funny words and letters. :)
16:24:45 <Csvan> Don't worry, all you need is the dream. Vässtrafik will do the rest.
16:24:46 <afranke> andreasn, so you already prepared directions?
16:24:49 <andreasn> afranke: you more or less walk up the street Linnegatan
16:24:53 <andreasn> afranke: no
16:24:53 <Csvan> Västtrafik*
16:25:03 <andreasn> #action andreasn to prepare directions to the picnic
16:25:04 <afranke> andreasn, then #action? :)
16:25:11 <afranke> Cool, that was my point.
16:26:04 <andreasn> and we have a soccer ball for Sunday
16:26:11 <andreasn> and a booked field
16:26:25 <andreasn> for saturday, we'll go to a place that is very close to the conference venue
16:26:48 <andreasn> ok, next topic?
16:26:54 <oliverp> wait
16:26:59 <andreasn> sure
16:27:03 <bittin> yeah i think Csvan checked out places :)
16:27:16 <Csvan> Umm no
16:27:34 <oliverp> Csvan: you had shopping list for the picnic to share right?
16:27:46 <Csvan> Yea @Oliver, coming right up
16:27:51 <oliverp> want to share that here: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_meeting
16:27:52 <oliverp> ok
16:28:01 <oliverp> one more thing I want to mention
16:29:44 <oliverp> beside the events mentioned now. Zana is organizing a Woman's dinner: https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/WomensDinner
16:29:54 <kalev-afk> when is that?
16:30:21 <oliverp> https://twitter.com/annasor/status/626477623783374848
16:30:21 <kalev-afk> aha, Saturday
16:30:40 <Csvan> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jb-I558S6qJkt477qRBdo7UOjU5qLiHLg-3c_AxSZJw/edit#
16:30:56 <afranke> That shouldn't impact anything else.
16:31:04 <andreasn> indeed
16:31:18 <afranke> Just because there's an event for a dozen people doesn't mean the rest of the 200 attendees can't have a party elsewhere.
16:31:34 <oliverp> hm just wanted to mention it
16:31:54 <andreasn> she's looking for a place that is close to the Saturday party place
16:32:03 <Csvan> hmm
16:32:04 <andreasn> so we'll all meet up there in the end
16:32:22 <Csvan> Does she need help? Might be hard to find a reservation for a large company in the center.
16:32:32 <oliverp> yup. I think help is appreciated here
16:32:47 <andreasn> she's been in contact with Fabiana and got a list of restaurants
16:32:56 <oliverp> ok great to know
16:32:59 <andreasn> so it's being taken care of I think
16:33:09 <oliverp> cool
16:33:12 <Csvan> Does she have an estimate of how many women will be attending?
16:33:30 <andreasn> no idea
16:33:33 <afranke> It's usually under 15 at the dinner.
16:34:11 <afranke> (There might be more female attendees, but not all of them want to go to the dinner)
16:34:12 <andreasn> anything else on that topic?
16:34:50 <oliverp> there will be some events after sunday :)
16:35:15 <andreasn> #info https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Events
16:35:30 <andreasn> ok, next up
16:35:44 <andreasn> #topic venue
16:36:08 <andreasn> so first was about the aspect ratio
16:36:16 <andreasn> I have no idea, but I can e-mail them and check
16:36:27 <afranke> Please do.
16:36:36 <andreasn> #action andreasn to e-mail the venue and check aspect ration of projector
16:36:48 <bittin> also about the sound/audio system guess you can mail them and ask
16:36:53 <bittin> if you don't know that by hand :p
16:37:11 <andreasn> so we need to hook up the cameras to the sound system?
16:37:11 <Csvan> Will we be recording the talks?
16:37:16 <afranke> Yes.
16:37:29 <andreasn> yes, Gregoir will be bringing the cameras that are usually used for FSCONS
16:37:39 <bittin> Nice :)
16:37:47 <andreasn> oliverp: do you just hook those up to the sound system?
16:37:50 <Csvan> awesome
16:38:03 <andreasn> or how does it work?
16:38:15 <oliverp> andreasn: don't know
16:38:34 <oliverp> andreasn: guess we have to ask someone
16:38:45 <Csvan> Can we ask the people at the venue to go through it maybe next week?
16:38:45 <afranke> That's why I asked about the output.
16:39:02 <andreasn> ok, I'll ask gregoir about that, and then get in touch with folkets hus and check
16:39:06 <bittin> guess asking the people recording and the venue is the best :p
16:39:16 <afranke> andreasn, does gregoir have experience with the venue also?
16:39:19 <andreasn> #action andreasn to figure out the sound recording situation with gregoir and folkets hus
16:39:29 <andreasn> no, but he knows the inputs on the camera
16:39:39 <afranke> Well the input is not the isse.
16:39:41 <afranke> issue.
16:39:48 <afranke> :)
16:39:58 <andreasn> eh, ok
16:40:14 <andreasn> what do you want me to ask the venue specifically? how do you want to do it?
16:40:43 <andreasn> if there is a output?
16:41:02 <afranke> "Is it possible to plug something to the sound system to get a sound recording?"
16:41:07 <andreasn> ah, ok
16:41:10 <afranke> "What kind of output do you have?"
16:41:10 <oliverp> andreasn: have you got any reply about the water supply?
16:41:10 <andreasn> yes, I can ask that
16:41:20 <afranke> andreasn, thanks.
16:41:23 <andreasn> no, so here is the thing with the water
16:41:35 <andreasn> 1. it says water is included in the contract
16:41:49 <andreasn> 2. they said we are not allowed to bring our own water
16:42:05 <bittin> so you have to get a more expensive contract to have water?
16:42:14 <andreasn> no, we get water in the contract we have
16:42:21 <bittin> ah sorry i was only guessing
16:42:23 <oliverp> ok that's great
16:42:43 <oliverp> and we can use tapwater?
16:43:30 <andreasn> yes
16:43:36 <oliverp> cool
16:43:51 <Csvan> Not allowed to bring our own water? Why?
16:44:00 <oliverp> then I guess water will not be much of an issue really
16:44:07 <andreasn> no, hopefully not
16:44:10 <oliverp> not at Folkets Hus at least
16:44:20 <andreasn> I wish skyman was here, he would know more about the booking
16:44:23 <andreasn> :(
16:44:42 <oliverp> I'm sure we will have access to tapwater at the ITU also
16:45:11 <andreasn> I'll call folkets hus on monday to make sure
16:45:53 <andreasn> we might as well talk sponsorship tables on this topic since it's related to the venue
16:46:00 <andreasn> so what's the status on that?
16:46:00 <oliverp> sure
16:46:20 <oliverp> openSuse will have one
16:46:49 <oliverp> have no other conformation
16:47:03 <andreasn> ok, so at least one table
16:47:19 <oliverp> as I understand it yes
16:47:28 <andreasn> and bastianilso made a big banner we can hang
16:47:38 <oliverp> yeah cool
16:48:14 <andreasn> ok, so we won't run out of tables at least
16:48:15 <andreasn> it seems
16:48:23 <andreasn> ok, anything else on venue?
16:48:34 <afranke> Do you have pics?
16:48:52 <afranke> Would be a good idea to publish them online so that people know where they have to go.
16:48:54 <andreasn> oliverp had some photos I think
16:49:14 <afranke> Just from the outside, so that people recognize the building.
16:49:58 <andreasn> oh, ok
16:50:01 <oliverp> one sec
16:51:00 <andreasn> http://folketshusgoteborg.se/content/uploads/olofpalmesplats3gooteborg.jpg
16:51:30 <kalev-afk> nice
16:51:33 <oliverp> we put link to the images somewhere
16:52:03 <oliverp> and I could possibly take some cc licensed in the beginning of next week
16:52:17 <oliverp> have a decent camera
16:52:23 <andreasn> #action oliverp to provide photos of the venue
16:52:27 <bittin> should be in the ownCloud somewhere maybe or naah that was the pics of the Bof venue
16:53:03 <andreasn> ok, next up volunteers
16:53:05 <andreasn> #topic volunteers
16:53:39 <afranke> Yep.
16:53:56 <afranke> I need a place and time for the briefing at the start of the first day.
16:53:59 <afranke> Before the talks.
16:54:15 <oliverp> afranke: I guess the lobby would make sense
16:54:18 <andreasn> we have access to the venue from 09:00 on Friday
16:54:20 <bittin> afranke: as i said before i will come 1 day late, can i get a quick briefing by someone the 8th :p
16:54:32 <bittin> just a quick 5-10 minute one
16:54:34 <andreasn> either in the lobby or upstairs if the lobby is too busy
16:54:38 <afranke> andreasn, how big is the welcome desk?
16:54:47 <afranke> bittin, of course.
16:54:52 <andreasn> afranke: 4 meters I think
16:55:06 <afranke> andreasn, 4 square meters?
16:55:18 <andreasn> no, 4x1.5 meters
16:55:33 <andreasn> should be in oliverp's photos as well I think
16:55:46 <oliverp> hm
16:55:47 <afranke> That's just the desk itself. Is it in a room?
16:56:10 <oliverp> afranke: yes the lobby
16:56:11 <andreasn> there are several of them in the big hall, and we can use them as we please
16:56:19 <afranke> Ok.
16:56:36 <afranke> So 9am in the lobby.
16:56:40 <andreasn> yep!
16:56:43 <afranke> Thanks.
16:57:05 <andreasn> the volunteer t-shirts are in my hallway right now
16:57:19 <oliverp> :)
16:57:24 <andreasn> and those are for free for all volunteers
16:57:33 <bittin> will snatch one of you the 8th August =)
16:57:40 <afranke> Is the welcome desk part of the lobby in the way to the conference rooms?
16:57:45 <bittin> and help with stuff
16:58:00 <afranke> There might be a queue at times and we don't want to get traffic jams.
16:58:18 <andreasn> afranke: I see. I wish I had a map of the place
16:58:18 <oliverp> afranke: the conference room is upstairs
16:58:37 <afranke> oliverp, and how do you get to the stairs?
16:58:43 <andreasn> so there is a big lobby, to the right as you enter is one of the rooms
16:58:48 <afranke> If you have to pass by the welcome desk, that might be an issue.
16:58:58 <kalev-afk> it's a bit out of the way, should be fine
16:59:04 <afranke> Ok.
16:59:07 <andreasn> from the lobby goes a pair of stairs, and those lead to upstairs with the second room
16:59:15 <andreasn> I'll try and fix you a map and some measurement
16:59:18 <andreasn> s
16:59:28 <andreasn> and should be possible to see from the photos
17:00:06 <bittin> brb in 5-7 min gonna throw some clothes into the washing machine
17:00:19 <andreasn> very bad photo of the lobby http://folketshusgoteborg.se/content/uploads/FH-Aspero%C3%8C%CB%86_0207.jpg
17:00:43 <afranke> bittin, the beauty of IRC is that you can go away for a few minutes and we won't notice. :)
17:01:29 <afranke> andreasn, where are we leaving stuff at night?
17:01:45 <kalev-afk> it's Sweden, nobody steals!
17:02:04 <andreasn> afranke: good question. Not sure.
17:02:10 <andreasn> I think we could store it there if needed
17:02:27 <andreasn> else there is the office of Jeremiah's employer not far from there
17:02:32 <oliverp> well the venue will be locked at night
17:02:34 <kalev-afk> we have long days and I am pretty sure they are going to lock up straight after us
17:02:36 <andreasn> and in worst case we can drop it at my place
17:02:42 <kalev-afk> so the venue is going to be locked all the time while we aren't there
17:03:26 <oliverp> <kalev-afk: yeah
17:03:33 <afranke> Do you have (at least) a computer for the onsite registration?
17:03:34 <andreasn> I can ask if we can store it there to be on the safe side
17:03:38 <afranke> And a printer?
17:03:58 <andreasn> we'll have to arrange that
17:04:06 <andreasn> who wants that item?
17:04:44 <oliverp> andreasn: maybe you can ask Greg if FSCONS have any we can borrow
17:05:03 <andreasn> I have 200 action items already
17:05:09 <bittin> .
17:05:17 <andreasn> but what the fuck, I can do it
17:05:26 <andreasn> #action andreas to arrange computer and printer
17:05:34 <kalev-afk> I can help carry them!
17:05:46 <Csvan> I can bring a comp
17:05:56 <Csvan> It's running Grnome and all.
17:06:02 <oliverp> :)
17:06:05 * afranke thinks local people should take some weight off the shoulders of andreasn.
17:06:26 <Csvan> I take weights off Andreas shoulders everytime he goes to the gym
17:06:28 <andreasn> Csvan: would you be able to arrange a printer as well?
17:06:42 <Csvan> How much do we expect to print?
17:07:01 <Csvan> (I was joking aboud the gym)
17:07:07 <andreasn> puiterwijk: how does the system work now again?
17:07:08 <Csvan> (really)
17:07:15 <andreasn> kittykat1: ^
17:07:41 <andreasn> we print the templates beforehand, and then the names on demand with our own printer?
17:08:14 <afranke> Yes.
17:08:20 <Csvan> Sorry if I a missing something, but can't we just write the names manually if we already have the templates?
17:08:29 <Csvan> Or just print some blank ones for that?
17:08:49 <afranke> The sheets will have everything but the names on them already.
17:09:02 <andreasn> right
17:09:07 <bittin> guess its more easy to print, then if someone should sit with a pen a whole day
17:09:08 <bittin> :p
17:09:19 <afranke> We print the names because 1) it's faster than handwriting (and you can do something else while it's printing) and 2) it's cleaner, more readable.
17:10:15 <andreasn> a printer at a local shop is fairly cheap, but in worst case I can bring mine from home
17:10:17 <afranke> Also you may have some other things to print at times.
17:10:28 <Csvan> hm
17:10:32 <andreasn> me and Csvan can figure it out outside the meeting
17:10:33 <Csvan> oh well, guess I can bring mine.
17:10:45 <Csvan> Anyway we can get a cartridge sponsored though?
17:10:53 <andreasn> Csvan: yes, certainly
17:10:58 <Csvan> Awesome
17:11:17 <andreasn> and possibly an extra pack to be on the safe side if the first runs out
17:11:43 <oliverp> afranke: I have a question for you if you don't mind?
17:11:44 <andreasn> #action Csvan to arrange computer and printer for badges printing at the venue
17:11:58 <afranke> One thing I did last year as well that proved usefull was print the GUADEC logo with some free space on several sheets, to be able to hang them with handwritten notes when required.
17:12:07 <afranke> Like "→ this way"
17:12:22 <afranke> "← registration desk          → conference rooms"
17:12:26 <andreasn> bastianilso: would you be able to provide such template?
17:12:40 <oliverp> yeah we should probably start thinking about signs...
17:12:46 <Csvan> Btw, will we only need the comp and printer for the first day?
17:13:01 <afranke> The thing being that you don't necessarily know in advance what you might need, hence the handwritten text/arrows.
17:13:04 <bittin> andreasn: great idea
17:13:09 <bittin> afranke*
17:13:09 <bittin> even
17:13:10 <oliverp> I want to one with #GUADEC2015 (twitter hashtag)
17:13:18 <afranke> Csvan, no for the whole event.
17:13:22 <Csvan> ok
17:13:22 <kalev-afk> Csvan: some people might arrive a day later
17:13:38 <kalev-afk> and then later when they are leaving they might need some random stuff printed, like plane tickets or what not
17:13:46 <Csvan> But I can store it somewhere during the event, right?
17:14:00 <kalev-afk> we have two rooms for us, I am sure we can put things in there
17:14:04 <Csvan> awesome
17:14:33 <Csvan> The comp will have to come with me at the end of each day though, not leaving it at the venue.
17:14:51 <afranke> Sure, we don't need it at night.
17:14:52 <andreasn> bastianilso: do you mind if I just assign you this task? I'll do it myself as backup
17:14:53 <afranke> andreasn, probably a good idea to move on to the next topic or this meeting will never end.
17:14:57 <Csvan> (won't leave it unattended during the day either)
17:14:59 <andreasn> yup
17:15:05 <andreasn> ok, next up accomondation
17:15:08 <oliverp> maybe we should start a thread on the list about signs
17:15:09 <oliverp> wait
17:15:12 <andreasn> so we have a place booked and all
17:15:23 <andreasn> but I have no idea what's needed from us
17:15:28 <andreasn> I sent a mail to skyman and kittykat1
17:15:41 <andreasn> if the hostel needs a list, where such list exists etc
17:16:14 <andreasn> so this is a big unknown right now, we'll see on Thursday if nothing else :)
17:16:21 <oliverp> yup
17:16:34 <andreasn> hopefully nobody will have to sleep outside
17:17:11 <andreasn> so I think that was all
17:17:21 <andreasn> probably forgot 30 other things
17:17:27 <bittin> i asked Ekaterina so i guess she knows something about this, but i asked a friends otherwise so i am sleeping in his sofa, better to give hotels to the real forigneers
17:17:35 <andreasn> but we'll figure it out along the way
17:18:22 <andreasn> right, we covered this a bit already
17:18:27 <bittin> but thats only my guess
17:18:29 <andreasn> but lets make it a proper topic
17:18:32 <andreasn> #topic badges
17:18:41 <andreasn> so, I think kittykat1 are doing these
17:18:49 <afranke> Yes.
17:18:55 <andreasn> and we need to print the templates somewhere
17:19:13 <andreasn> at a proper printing house
17:19:17 <afranke> puiterwijk said he could print them if he got them not too late.
17:19:18 <andreasn> house/shop
17:19:32 <andreasn> oh, I see
17:19:45 <andreasn> I think kittykat1 has all the info needed, so lets see if that works out
17:19:47 <afranke> But you should find a printing shop as a backup plan.
17:19:55 <andreasn> otherwise we'll print them in town
17:20:19 <afranke> And ask about the required time.
17:20:25 <andreasn> yes
17:20:31 <afranke> It shouldn't be more than a couple hours, but it's good to be sure.
17:20:37 <andreasn> who wants that action item?
17:21:10 <afranke> Come on guys.
17:21:23 <Csvan> How many templates all in all?
17:21:30 <Csvan> Might be cheaper to just do it the old fashioned way
17:21:39 <afranke> I'd say 125 A4 sheets.
17:21:46 <Csvan> Most print shops here are unreasonably priced
17:21:47 <afranke> (Two badges per sheet)
17:21:52 <andreasn> we have 125 registrations already
17:21:53 <Csvan> Ok, give me the goods and I will do it
17:22:23 <andreasn> #action Csvan to check printing prices with printers for badge templates as a backup if puiterwijk doesn't print them
17:22:27 <andreasn> thanks!
17:22:34 <afranke> Csvan, we just need to get info at the moment.
17:22:37 <Csvan> Why don't you let me be the backup plan?
17:22:44 <Csvan> AM I NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH
17:22:54 <Csvan> MY PRINTER IS MAGICAL
17:23:05 <afranke> We don't want to kill your toner.
17:23:15 <Csvan> MY TONER IS MAGIC
17:23:17 <andreasn> hehe
17:23:20 <Csvan> Seriously it can handle it
17:23:30 <Csvan> Just need an extra cartridge and paper.
17:23:49 <afranke> A printing shop will probably be more efficient and cheaper.
17:23:49 <Csvan> But if you really need a shop
17:23:58 <Csvan> I know a place my student org used to work with
17:24:02 <Csvan> will check if they still exist
17:24:06 <andreasn> excellent
17:24:20 <bittin> in worse case you can print at a libary :D
17:24:26 <andreasn> haha
17:24:52 <Csvan> Or if anyone has Chalmers print credit to spend
17:24:58 <Csvan> I think mine expired
17:25:05 <bittin> i don't as i am stockholmian
17:25:07 <kalev-afk> I might have some
17:25:24 <Csvan> Kalev - how much is it to buy extra credits these days?
17:25:31 <kalev-afk> I don't remember
17:25:31 <Csvan> Maybe that would be a better option.
17:25:36 <Csvan> hmm
17:25:56 <Csvan> When I was an employee we could print for free, don't think that card still works though
17:26:12 <andreasn> Deindre: oh, hi
17:26:21 <andreasn> how did it go with the speaker interviews?
17:26:21 <bittin> i guess in worst case you can buy a printer at Elgiganten or something :p
17:26:21 <Deindre> hi andreasn :)
17:27:13 <andreasn> ok, I think that's all for the meeting
17:27:16 <andreasn> ok to end?
17:27:19 <andreasn> I need to eat
17:27:27 <bittin> okay for me
17:27:36 <bittin> cya all the 8th Aug
17:27:39 <andreasn> #endmeeting