16:30:07 <bittin> #startmeeting
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16:30:14 <andreasn> hello
16:30:19 <bittin> hi
16:30:28 <andreasn> who else is here?
16:30:34 <bittin> i am not really sure how to run a meeting tough :p
16:30:54 <puiterwijk> I'm here if it's any useful
16:30:57 <bittin> but guess everyone can use the commands
16:31:14 <andreasn> bittin: if you want to lead the meeting, that would be great
16:31:19 <puiterwijk> bittin: no, only the meeting starter and chairs. You can appoint those with the #chair command
16:31:27 <bittin> ah
16:31:32 <andreasn> do we have an agenda?
16:31:46 <andreasn> bastianilso: around?
16:31:47 <bittin> andreasn: sure i can try there was a list of topics in fabianas email
16:32:10 <andreasn> ok, lets rehash the agenda as the first agenda point then
16:32:15 * afranke is there too.
16:32:20 <bittin> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/guadec-list/2015-July/msg00031.html
16:32:34 <bittin> #action agenda
16:32:40 <andreasn> * social events
16:32:44 <andreasn> * schedule for BoFs
16:32:48 <andreasn> * registration
16:32:53 <andreasn> * hack night for FOSS GBG group
16:33:03 <puiterwijk> bittin: I think you meant #topic agenda
16:33:08 <bittin> #topic agenda
16:33:18 <andreasn> anything else we need to cover during this meeting?
16:33:22 <bittin> puiterwijk: yeah
16:33:36 <oliverp> volonteers?
16:33:46 <bittin> i remember now action is when someone need to do something :)
16:33:49 <andreasn> * volunteers
16:34:08 <andreasn> * sponsor banner
16:34:42 <andreasn> kittykat: here as well?
16:34:44 <andreasn> skymandr: ?
16:34:53 <skymandr> yes
16:35:08 <andreasn> excellent
16:35:17 <andreasn> what's chistophers irc nick?
16:35:21 <andreasn> mattiasb: around?
16:35:29 <andreasn> jonasdn: around?
16:35:37 <andreasn> that reminds me
16:35:41 <andreasn> * Code of Conduct
16:36:47 <bittin> all written down here now
16:37:02 <jonasdn> a bit
16:37:16 <fabiana> (I'm wrapping up a meeting at work, I'll be here in a bit)
16:37:20 <andreasn> jonasdn: if you need to run soon we can start with code of conduct
16:37:30 <bittin> are we waiting for more people or should we continue to the first topic ?
16:37:32 <jonasdn> sure
16:37:55 <bittin> #topic code of conduct
16:38:17 <oliverp> have a general question about this
16:38:24 <skymandr> no meetbot today?
16:38:42 <fabiana> oh yeah, let's use meetbot
16:38:43 <oliverp> should we put the the code of conduct on the website?
16:38:52 <skymandr> of course!
16:38:55 <andreasn> I think so, yes
16:39:06 <fabiana> +1
16:39:15 <bittin> +1
16:39:24 <oliverp> guess we should decide on where to then
16:39:27 <afranke> fabiana, Meetbot is already in use.
16:39:37 <jonasdn> There is already a link from the wiki, a link that is broken
16:39:59 <jonasdn> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/CodeOfConduct
16:40:10 <jonasdn> have a link to: https://2015.guadec.org/conduct/index.html
16:40:27 <bittin> maybe could be a good idea to upload it there then
16:41:35 <oliverp> maybe
16:41:57 <andreasn> sounds good
16:41:58 <fabiana> yeah, we should have it in the wiki, and then link to the wiki in the site
16:42:13 <fabiana> jonasdn, can you update the wiki, once you have the missing details you need?
16:42:18 <fabiana> then I can link to it in the site
16:42:19 <jonasdn> Ok, so I feel the CoC is ready to be uploaded when we have enough people willing to be on the support team / act as contact people
16:42:24 <oliverp> where should we be put the link to the wiki
16:42:30 <oliverp> ?
16:42:32 <jonasdn> fabiana: Yes, I will update the wiki when we have it.
16:42:33 <fabiana> menu
16:42:40 <oliverp> ok
16:42:43 <fabiana> jonasdn, sounds cool. ping me when you're ready
16:42:52 <oliverp> one more question
16:43:02 <jonasdn> Sure, I would appreciate some gentle help from people since I know less GNOME people than you guys
16:43:03 <andreasn> Christopher and ebassi singed up as far as I could see from the list
16:43:32 <jonasdn> And I would appreciate some non-males as well as the things that one might want to bring up with a support team / contact people
16:43:43 <oliverp> we everyone fine with that we post a notice about it on twitter?
16:43:44 <jonasdn> might be sensitive and one might want to talk to someone of the same gender
16:43:47 <Csvan_> Hey guys, sorry for being a bit late.
16:43:53 <oliverp> *is everyone fine
16:43:59 <andreasn> Csvan_: no worries
16:44:30 <fabiana> jonasdn, sure, feel free to add me in the support team
16:44:37 <oliverp> jonasdn: would you be cool with that we attribute the work to you (on twitter)?
16:44:43 <fabiana> I'm not very good with that stuff, but happy to help
16:45:01 <fabiana> oliverp, not sure I see the benefit in talking about the code on twitter
16:45:12 <oliverp> ok sure, we can skip it
16:45:18 <bittin> same as fabiana
16:45:39 <jonasdn> jonasdn: no
16:45:42 <jonasdn> oliverp: no
16:45:56 <andreasn> jonasdn: how many do you need in total? As ebassi mentioned on the list, board candidates might be good
16:45:57 <oliverp> jonasd: ok
16:45:59 <jonasdn> I would not and I would like it to be said that it is the CoC that is something that is a product from GNOME
16:46:01 <bittin> don't really need to announce we have an CoC on twitter
16:46:03 <jonasdn> not an individuals crusade
16:46:21 <skymandr> good point
16:46:21 <jonasdn> bittin: I think we should, yes. It might be what triggers that someone feels safe to go or not
16:46:21 <afranke> zana just said by email she's happy to be on the support team.
16:46:27 <oliverp> that was every question I had about this
16:46:42 <andreasn> afranke: excellent. So that's 5 in total
16:46:43 <Csvan_> If you need another dude on the team I'm free
16:46:55 <jonasdn> Csvan_: I think we do not
16:47:09 <Csvan_> cool
16:47:24 <jonasdn> I can send a mail tomorrow updateded with people, and we can publish, and then maybe add more people to support team later if need be
16:47:33 <andreasn> sure
16:47:36 <jonasdn> and I can update the wiki as well
16:47:38 <andreasn> sounds good, thanks jonasdn!
16:47:39 <oliverp> sounds great
16:47:39 <fabiana> sounds great
16:47:42 <jonasdn> np
16:47:47 <bittin> sounds good
16:47:55 <bittin> next topic?
16:48:00 <andreasn> sure
16:48:01 <oliverp> yes please
16:48:10 <bittin> then i go from top to bottom - CoC
16:48:18 <bittin> #topic social events
16:48:38 <oliverp> want to state something first here
16:49:33 <fabiana> I can go ahead and give an update on social events
16:49:33 <oliverp> think social events should go here Events once they have been decided https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Events
16:49:43 <fabiana> yep, they haven't yet though
16:50:00 <bittin> +1
16:50:01 <fabiana> right now, Csvan_ is working on a shopping list for the picnic
16:50:28 <fabiana> once that's done, we need to decided where to buy stuff. I think Csvan_ mentioned he has a car we could use for that
16:50:44 <andreasn> Csvan_: let me know once you have a estimate number so I can add it to the budget
16:50:45 <fabiana> after that, we have the sports event.
16:51:10 <fabiana> Kalev has booked a football field at Heden, on Sunday 20:00
16:51:20 <Csvan_> Will do
16:51:21 <bittin> i am not sure what stores there is in Gothenburg, but i guess Willys or ÖB or LIDL or something is not that expensive
16:51:25 <bittin> of any of those exist in GBG :p
16:51:28 <bittin> if*
16:51:33 <fabiana> the field cost 358 kr
16:51:42 <fabiana> andreasn, that should be added to the budget
16:51:44 <Csvan_> For the list - how many people are we expecting in total for the picnic?
16:51:53 <oliverp> got a question about fotboll
16:51:58 <fabiana> afranke, do you know how many joined last year?
16:52:01 <fabiana> the picnic?
16:52:14 <andreasn> fabiana: sure, I'll add it
16:52:41 <afranke> fabiana, as I said earlier to oliverp <afranke> a lot. I'd say at least 50, could be more.
16:53:13 <fabiana> bittin, yup, we have some of these. that's an option, but we're also looking into larger warehouses, where we can buy in bulk
16:53:27 <bittin> ah i see
16:53:33 <oliverp> afranke: and I also understand most people wanted to eat something during the picnic
16:53:34 <andreasn> skymandr, oliverp: for the picknick, I know FFKP have a card for Snabbgross, would it be possible for us to use that?
16:53:39 <afranke> You definitely want to look into buying bulk.
16:53:41 <Csvan_> I think Andreas mentioned Axfoods earlier
16:53:52 <andreasn> skymandr, oliverp: or would that just complicate things?
16:53:58 <fabiana> Csvan_, maybe we can plan for 50 for now, and then adapt closer to the date?
16:54:00 <andreasn> yes, Axfood Snabbgross
16:54:04 <fabiana> depending on how registration is going
16:54:09 <Csvan_> @Fabiana sure
16:54:13 <fabiana> awesome
16:54:23 <afranke> I went to something called Metro.
16:54:29 <skymandr> andreasn: I'm sure it would be possible to use it.
16:54:43 <fabiana> for the football, I need to check with Kalev if we get any balls with the field
16:54:54 <fabiana> we might want to bring some for the picnic as well
16:54:55 <andreasn> skymandr: could you take an action to look into that?
16:54:59 <skymandr> the only thing with snabbgross is, that you basically need a car to get there, even though its central
16:54:59 <Csvan_> Do we have Metro in Sweden?
16:55:09 <fabiana> we don't have any here, but if you do, it'd be great if you volunteered them :)
16:55:12 <oliverp> can we ask if Kalev wants to be responsible for the fotboll?
16:55:14 <andreasn> skymandr: the car Csvan_ has
16:55:22 <skymandr> sure
16:55:32 <Csvan_> It's a very small car though
16:55:41 <skymandr> #action skymandr to contact ffkp about using their axfood card.
16:55:57 <Csvan_> So will see if we can fit food for 50 people in it
16:55:58 <afranke> Csvan_, seems not http://www.metrogroup.de/en/metro-cash-and-carry
16:55:59 <skymandr> its mostly for actually getting there, Csvan_
16:56:18 <bittin> #action skymandr to contact ffkp about using their axfood card.
16:56:35 <Csvan_> @Afranke thought so. They had it in Croatia, was pretty awesome.
16:56:50 <Csvan_> @Skymandr - getting there? So how do we get it back?
16:57:00 <skymandr> we swim!
16:57:05 <andreasn> tsss
16:57:10 <skymandr> säveån goes by just outside
16:57:19 <Csvan_> We can build rafts
16:57:20 <bittin> :p
16:57:24 <skymandr> +1
16:57:28 <Csvan_> Brilliant
16:57:34 <andreasn> ok, so the picknick is on track
16:57:41 <fabiana> yup
16:57:44 <andreasn> and so is the soccer
16:57:48 <fabiana> and for the football we just need to arrange the balls
16:57:49 <skymandr> or on the river, as it were.
16:57:59 <fabiana> then we have the party at Rio Rio
16:58:20 <fabiana> Csvan_ called them, and they're still available for booking on all three days of the conference
16:58:31 <fabiana> they did ask us to book asap, because of high season
16:58:39 <Csvan_> yup that's what they told me too
16:58:44 <oliverp> think we need a  schedule for the fotboll on the wiki as well
16:58:56 <fabiana> right now, we can't afford any drinks or food, in addition to the rent
16:58:57 <Csvan_> So I guess if we can get that done no later than tomorrow it would be good
16:59:06 <oliverp> and maybe a notice about it on the event wiki page
16:59:13 <fabiana> nekohayo seems to be looking into some last-minute sponsors, but sounds unlikely
16:59:43 <fabiana> so what I've been wondering is: is it worth renting the place (as opposed to just going to some other place, like Pustervik), if we can't afford drinks/food?
16:59:46 <bittin> fabiana: could be fun anyways but then people have to buy their own drinks / food if we are not getting anyone to sponsor it, and we don't force people to join
17:00:13 <bittin> could be fun to join for some afterparty thing, but we could aswell go to some other place thats closer i suppose
17:00:17 <fabiana> bittin, yup... just wondering if it's worth paying the rent (~360 USD) instead of just trying to go somewhere else
17:00:21 <afranke> fabiana, what would this place offer that a random bar wouldn't if we rent it but don't buy food/drinks?
17:00:25 <Csvan_> We can introduce them to the timeless Swedish tradition of Förkrök.
17:00:31 <Csvan_> No drinks will be necessary.
17:00:46 <fabiana> afranke, maybe Csvan_ can answer, but I think not much
17:00:47 <bittin> tough then there might be other people talking loud etc depending on the place
17:01:13 <bittin> afranke: my guess is a more gnome only calm place
17:01:21 <bittin> but depending on the time any other place is fine too
17:01:31 <afranke> bittin, that can be achieved without paying for a place.
17:01:33 <Csvan_> Afranke - mostly getting the place to ourselves and sufficient space. We won't have much luck fitting 50+ people into a regular Swedish bar and still have space for mingling.
17:01:49 <bittin> as Csvan_ said
17:01:55 <afranke> We had two bar nights in Strasbourg and on both occasions we had the bars pretty much to ourselves.
17:02:07 <afranke> Total budget: zero. :)
17:02:19 <Csvan_> ...because you killed the competition? :p
17:02:33 <fabiana> haha
17:02:45 <oliverp> afranke: here people like to go out on the weekend
17:02:55 <fabiana> I don't have a lot of experience with Swedish bars, so I have no idea if it'd be possible to find a similar thing here
17:02:55 <afranke> Actually we even made a benefit in a sense because one of the bars offered me a drink for bringing so many customers in. :)
17:03:17 <andreasn> here is the full budget btw https://cloud.gnome.org/index.php/s/Y1R8PzhxtsS9Fuj
17:03:36 <afranke> fabiana, I'd try going into a bar and simply telling them that you intend to bring 150 people and check if that's ok.
17:04:05 <Csvan_> I want to film the reaction :p
17:04:09 <fabiana> haha
17:04:20 <Csvan_> Most of the bars here are pretty small, just keep that in mind
17:04:40 <Csvan_> There are clubs as well, but then we have to pay admission
17:04:42 <andreasn> there is a pool place about the size of the pool place we went to last year
17:04:53 <afranke> \o/
17:04:54 <andreasn> on ekelundsgatan
17:05:04 <fabiana> do you know any bars we could try and do that?
17:05:05 <Csvan_> There is one pool place in Majorna actually which is pretty big, can't remember the name
17:05:09 <andreasn> but maybe we could continue brainstorming after the meeting?
17:05:12 <fabiana> I think most places in Andra långgatan are pretty crowded usually
17:05:28 <Csvan_> Yea 2a Lång is a no-go for big crowds.
17:05:51 <oliverp> it would be the foundation who is paying the rent?
17:05:53 <Csvan_> 30% of attendees will be abducted by carnivorous hipsters before the night is over.
17:06:09 <fabiana> oliverp, the Foundation would sponsor it
17:06:14 <bittin> only bar i been to in GBG is Kville Biljard and Hard Rock Café :p
17:06:14 <oliverp> ok
17:06:20 <fabiana> but let's do it like this
17:06:29 <fabiana> I'll start a thread in guadec-local, where we can brainstorm this
17:06:39 <fabiana> and then let's try and have this sorted out by next Wednesday
17:06:48 <fabiana> we can reach out to people over the weekend
17:07:09 <oliverp> sounds good
17:07:21 <fabiana> I think Mattias B might be able to help, he knows a lot of places
17:07:34 <fabiana> #action Fabiana to email guadec-local to brainstorm bars for a party
17:07:57 <bittin> yeah i guess someone from GBG would know better then me as i live in Stockholm
17:08:14 <andreasn> for meetbot, does bittin need to add the action?
17:08:16 <andreasn> ^ puiterwijk
17:08:22 <andreasn> just so it gets recorded
17:08:25 <fabiana> bittin, feel free to chip in though, if you've been to any nice places here or feels like googling :)
17:08:28 <bittin> #action Fabiana to email guadec-local to brainstorm bars for a party
17:08:42 <andreasn> next topic then I guess
17:08:46 <puiterwijk> andreasn: for #action, everyone can do it, for #topic etc only bittin can
17:08:55 <bittin> #topic schedule for BoFs
17:08:58 <puiterwijk> but #action and #info are free for all
17:09:01 <andreasn> puiterwijk: ah, thanks
17:09:17 <bittin> puiterwijk: ah thanks, then i don't need to do an extra everytime someone does an action
17:09:17 <fabiana> so we finally have a schedule for BoFs
17:09:33 <fabiana> I've asked andreasn to convert it to HTML, so we can put it on the website
17:09:45 <andreasn> #action andreasn to put the BOF schedule on the website
17:09:52 <fabiana> oliverp said we might actually have one more room available
17:09:55 <oliverp> well I'm not looking forward to maybe having to spend two days in Dot() but other that that I think its ok
17:09:58 <oliverp> yeah
17:10:13 <Csvan_> I have an extra bed if necessary
17:10:20 <fabiana> we managed to fit all BoFs in the schedule, and we can use any other free space as a common hacking area
17:11:00 <fabiana> one thing that's pending with regards to BoFs is Wifi
17:11:09 <bittin> i will go back to Stockholm then as my dayjob starts so will leave at 18:00 the 9th
17:11:14 <bittin> so i will not comment anything on this
17:11:25 <fabiana> seems we have access via ethernet, but we don't have guest access to their Wifi network
17:11:37 <fabiana> oliverp mentioned we might be able to borrow some equipment from FSCONS
17:11:42 <andreasn> I have an extra router here at home as well
17:11:51 <Csvan_> I have an extra router as well
17:11:51 <fabiana> oliverp have you looked into that?
17:12:03 <oliverp> fabiana: no
17:12:05 <fabiana> Csvan_, andreasn: awesome! those will help a lot
17:12:29 <fabiana> #action oliverp to check if we can borrow FSCONS's Wifi equipment
17:12:55 <bittin> just a comment from a guy working in IT in a school, i guess you have to ask the IT guys at Lindholmen IT University if you will setup another wifi to get another subnet or something
17:13:09 <bittin> so you won't get their splash page etc and ruin for the students and stuff afterwards
17:13:12 <fabiana> hm, good reminder bittin
17:13:15 <bittin> if you put up a random open network
17:13:16 <fabiana> I bet they have some security concerns
17:13:31 <oliverp> they from my understanding on vacation right now
17:13:32 <fabiana> oliverp can you double check with your contact that this is OK?
17:13:34 <Csvan_> We will just use standard encryption and router-bound subnets
17:13:41 <oliverp> they are from my understanding on vacation right now
17:13:43 <Csvan_> Don't see why they would have an issue with that
17:13:57 <oliverp> I'm sure if he can answer that
17:14:07 <fabiana> doesn't hurt asking
17:14:14 <oliverp> *I'm not sure
17:14:20 <andreasn> we might need to use the routers at the main venue as well, will reach out to the technician there and ask about it
17:14:22 <oliverp> can ask yes
17:14:47 <bittin> andreasn: yeah i tough its still their ISP and setup and stuff if you don't setup 3g or 4g
17:14:47 <andreasn> #action andreasn to contact the technician at Folkets Hus about setting up our own routers
17:15:12 <fabiana> #action oliverp to reach out to his contact in ITU about setting up our own WiFi equipment
17:15:44 <andreasn> bittin: lets talk more about this after the meeting
17:15:48 <bittin> people don't really like if you fiddle around with their network stuff without asking
17:15:52 <andreasn> bittin: to try and figure something out
17:16:03 <bittin> andreasn: sure
17:16:14 <fabiana> cool
17:16:21 <fabiana> I think that's it with regards to BoFs
17:16:31 <oliverp> ok
17:16:36 <bittin> i guess i will go to the next topic as i/we got far offtopic
17:16:42 <bittin> #topic registration
17:16:47 <andreasn> one last thing is that Pulseaudio developers wanted a table during the conference
17:16:56 <andreasn> but that's a paratesis
17:17:10 <andreasn> sorry for breaking topics, now registration indeed
17:17:17 <andreasn> so registration is moving along
17:17:18 <oliverp> have sent a notice on twitter, forward the reminder fabiana wrote to foundation to desk-devl & GSoC list
17:17:20 <bittin> yeah Ford_Prefect talked about that but not to registration
17:17:32 <bittin> now*
17:17:45 <andreasn> we have about 90 registration
17:17:48 <andreasn> s
17:17:51 <fabiana> the email to the lists really helped
17:17:56 <oliverp> ok, seems as is getting better
17:18:02 <fabiana> we have 80 people registered
17:18:02 <afranke> That's good.
17:18:07 <fabiana> 20+ from last time I checked
17:18:28 <andreasn> small but nice, lets hope more people register in the end
17:18:32 <oliverp> I think its more a question of actully get pepole who is planning to attend to actually register
17:18:38 <fabiana> we should try and keep pushing people to register before the conference
17:18:43 <oliverp> yup
17:18:44 <puiterwijk> fabiana: 90 in the database actually
17:18:48 <bittin> i know a friend of mine want to go aswell, but not sure if he signed up yet or not, just a question are there on site registration allowed or only pre reg ?
17:18:57 <fabiana> if you know anyone that's coming, please remind them to register
17:19:00 <andreasn> there was a internal mail at my employer today, so some more coming from there
17:19:01 <Csvan_> Do we have anything posted on Facebook about the registration?
17:19:12 <andreasn> Csvan_: no, and nothing on G+
17:19:13 <fabiana> bittin, there will be on site registration (if we haven't gone over capacity)
17:19:18 <andreasn> as far as I recall
17:19:25 <bittin> fabiana: alright
17:19:25 <Csvan_> ....do we even have a Facebook page?
17:19:26 <fabiana> but we do prefer people to register in advance
17:19:34 <Csvan_> I can't seem to find it
17:19:37 <bittin> i understand
17:19:45 <oliverp> GNOME have Facebook, GUADEC don't
17:19:51 <andreasn> Csvan_: yes https://www.facebook.com/GNOMEDesktop
17:19:57 <fabiana> we could surely use the GNOME account
17:20:00 <bittin> GUADEC has a standard page created via Wikipedia :p
17:20:04 <bittin> https://www.facebook.com/pages/GNOME-Users-And-Developers-European-Conference/129726940402099?fref=ts
17:20:04 <fabiana> and create Facebook and G+ events
17:20:04 <oliverp> yes we could
17:20:17 <Csvan_> I know GNOME has one, could be good to have a separate one for GUADEC though
17:20:25 <bittin> +1 for facebook and g+ events
17:20:25 <Csvan_> anyone opposed to me setting one up?
17:20:25 <fabiana> oh, there we go... a page for GUADEC. GNOME probably has more impact though
17:20:53 <bittin> fabiana: yeah but thats a wikipedia autogenerated one so not sure if you can take over those or not
17:20:57 <fabiana> Csvan_, I'm fine with that. Can you just ping the folks in #engagement first?
17:21:05 <Csvan_> Sure
17:21:06 <fabiana> sri and aday specifically
17:21:09 <bittin> but a facebook event on the Gnome page would be neat
17:21:32 <aday> oliverp has mostly been doing facebook of late
17:21:34 <andreasn> 85577 page likes on the facebook page, so that would get some reach
17:21:49 <andreasn> I can volunteer to set up a Google Plus event
17:21:50 <aday> but maybe i could look into it
17:21:59 <fabiana> #action Andreas to set up a Google+ event
17:22:06 <bittin> andreasn: yeah that was exactly my thinking
17:22:11 * aday is terrified by facebook
17:22:24 <andreasn> aday: do you want the action?
17:22:44 <andreasn> not like want want, more are you OK with getting it?
17:22:50 <fabiana> :P
17:22:51 <andreasn> :)
17:23:10 <oliverp> otherwise I can do it
17:23:20 <fabiana> #action oliverp to set up a Facebook event
17:23:24 <fabiana> deal
17:23:25 <aday> andreasn, oliverp: i'm doing it now
17:23:29 <aday> beat that!
17:23:30 <oliverp> ok great
17:23:34 <bittin> heh
17:23:36 <fabiana> oooh, great
17:23:37 <fabiana> thanks aday
17:23:53 <andreasn> #action aday to create facebook event
17:23:58 <bittin> anything more on registration or next topic ?
17:24:09 <fabiana> next :)
17:24:16 <andreasn> make sure to register if you haven't yet everyone!
17:24:17 <bittin> #topic hack night for FOSS GBG group
17:24:28 <Csvan_> So Aday, are you cool with me making a page for the event?
17:24:37 <bittin> andreasn: already done as #8
17:25:04 <andreasn> so Johan Thelin from FOSSGBG contacted me and said they wanted to do a hack night on the 11th
17:25:09 <bittin> saw on the foss-gbg website they wanted something the 11th Aug: http://foss-gbg.se/kalender/
17:25:12 <andreasn> for locals and visitors
17:25:36 <andreasn> and they wanted 3 speakers or so
17:26:10 <oliverp> ok. should we make a call on a mailing list?
17:26:14 <andreasn> so we should find volunteers
17:26:17 <aday> andreasn, oliverp: is there an image we should use for the event
17:26:19 <aday> ?
17:26:44 <andreasn> aday: what image reqierments?
17:26:46 <afranke> There is a badge.
17:27:01 <afranke> https://2015.guadec.org/media/
17:27:04 <andreasn> I'll send out a call to the list for speakers and ask them to contact me
17:27:12 <oliverp> great
17:27:38 <andreasn> #action andreasn to send a mail to guadec-list asking for speakers for FOSSGB hacknight on the 11th
17:27:50 <bittin> #action andreasn to send a mail to guadec-list asking for speakers
17:27:50 <bittin> for FOSSGB hacknight on the 11th
17:28:05 <bittin> #action andreasn to send an mail to guadec-list asking for speaker for FOSS-GBG hacknight the 11th
17:28:08 <bittin> there
17:28:10 <oliverp> <andreasn: let me know if you have ideas of how we should communicate it
17:28:22 <andreasn> oliverp: just a mail I was thinking
17:28:31 <oliverp> ok
17:28:45 <andreasn> ok, next one?
17:28:50 <oliverp> a maybe a notice en event wiki page as well?
17:28:54 <bittin> yeah an email to the guadec-list and foss-gbg list sounds like a good idea
17:29:02 <bittin> next topic
17:29:05 <oliverp> *on the event wiki page
17:29:11 <bittin> #topic volunteers
17:29:16 <aday> andreasn: for this https://www.facebook.com/events/1027935037247413/
17:29:19 <andreasn> oliverp: I'll add it to the wiki
17:29:24 <oliverp> great
17:29:40 <andreasn> aday: at the top? I'll whip something up
17:29:53 <bittin> aday: nice :)
17:30:00 <aday> andreasn: maybe a nice picture of gothenburg?
17:30:12 <afranke> Ok, so I guess I'm up?
17:30:15 <oliverp> #action andreasn to add a notice about FOSSGB hacknight on the event wiki
17:30:46 <oliverp> have one thing I want to state here
17:31:13 <oliverp> from my understanding volunteers should also register right?
17:31:18 <afranke> Yes.
17:31:44 <afranke> I have quite a long list of volunteers at https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Volunteers
17:31:48 <oliverp> afranke: then it would be great if you could send a reminder to them about it
17:31:49 <afranke> I made sure it's up to date.
17:31:59 <afranke> I'll send a reminder, indeed.
17:32:00 <andreasn> quite a list!
17:32:13 <oliverp> anfranke: great thanks
17:32:22 <bittin> i can say i only will help the 8th and 9th August
17:32:46 <afranke> bittin, you contacted me via the form, right?
17:32:49 <oliverp> #action anfranke to remind volunteers to register
17:32:57 <afranke> And you said that in your message?
17:33:06 <bittin> afranke: yeah i think so and talked to oliverp i am on the list :)
17:33:10 <bittin> afranke: don't remember if i did or not
17:33:12 <afranke> oliverp, works better if you don't make spelling mistakes.
17:33:28 <oliverp> ok I see
17:33:28 <afranke> #action afranke to remind volunteers to register
17:33:42 <afranke> Otherwise meetbot doesn't recognize nicknames.
17:33:53 <oliverp> right
17:34:01 <afranke> bittin, anyway don't worry, we'll have a flexible schedule.
17:34:26 <bittin> afranke: yeah my day job starts the day of BoFhs and stuff and i will get late to GBG the 7th
17:34:29 <bittin> but atleast helping 2 days
17:34:30 <bittin> :)
17:34:47 <afranke> For next year, I think we need to find a better way to handle volunteers, the form and the wiki are not scaling too well.
17:35:09 <andreasn> afranke: lets take a note of that
17:35:30 <afranke> I'll need a time slot, preferably at the beginning of day 1, for a briefing.
17:35:31 <Csvan_> Why don't we write a conference managment system and put it on GitHub?
17:35:33 <Csvan_> For next year, ofc
17:35:41 <afranke> (And that's when we'll talk about the CoC too)
17:35:54 <bittin> #info try to find a better scaling system for volunteers for next years GUADEC
17:35:54 <afranke> Who do I need to coordinate with for that time slot?
17:36:16 <andreasn> afranke: we have access to the building from 09:00 on Friday
17:36:23 <andreasn> so you can coordinate with me
17:36:34 <andreasn> before we open at 10:00
17:36:38 <afranke> andreasn, ok, just give me a time and place. :)
17:37:03 <afranke> andreasn, also, I guess we'll have a HQ/welcome desk?
17:37:17 <andreasn> afranke: the sponsor tables will be downstairs, so maybe upstairs would be good
17:37:22 <andreasn> yes, we will
17:37:28 <andreasn> I can send you a map
17:37:36 <afranke> Would be nice.
17:38:02 <bittin> more volunteers talk or goto banners?
17:38:45 <andreasn> yep, I think this point is sorted, afranke?
17:39:11 <afranke> Yep, I'm done. :)
17:39:19 <andreasn> thanks!
17:39:24 <bittin> last topic for this meeting
17:39:26 <bittin> #sponsor banners
17:39:41 <bittin> #topic sponsor banners
17:39:58 <andreasn> bastianilso: is looking into some sort of banner with the conference logo and sponsor banners
17:40:08 <oliverp> cool
17:40:14 <andreasn> I unfortunatley forgot the prices he sent
17:41:16 <andreasn> banner in conference rooms are for gold
17:41:18 <bittin> my irc backlog says 175 euro
17:41:28 <bittin> 15:05 < bastianilso> andreasn: a sponsor mesh banner of 2,5x5 meters is 175â¬, let me know if I should get that printed. :)
17:41:31 <bittin> 15:05 < bastianilso> (that's the price in denmark)
17:41:31 <andreasn> according to https://github.com/gnome-design-team/gnome-marketing/raw/master/guadec/2015/sponsorship-brochure.pdf
17:41:35 <bittin> 15:05 <@andreasn> 175 euros?
17:42:11 <andreasn> and for silver it's in the reception area (also for gold)
17:42:21 <andreasn> but does those sponsors bring those?
17:42:27 <andreasn> or do we need to do a custom print?
17:43:54 <fabiana> the sponsors should bring their own banners
17:44:03 <fabiana> the brochure means they have the "right" to place a banner
17:44:08 <fabiana> but they should bring their own
17:44:28 <fabiana> what we could do is have a general GUADEC banner, with the logos of the sponsors, to place in the entrance
17:44:37 <fabiana> so people know their at GUADEC
17:44:40 <fabiana> *they're
17:44:47 <bittin> +1
17:44:47 <andreasn> ah, I see
17:45:33 <fabiana> andreasn, can you see if we can fit that in the budget, and if so coordinate with bastian?
17:45:40 <andreasn> yep, I'll do that
17:45:44 <andreasn> I think it fits the budget
17:45:46 <fabiana> cool,thanks
17:45:50 <afranke> fabiana, even better would be a big banner for GUADEC with a blank area to can be covered with logos for current edition.
17:45:58 <afranke> This banner could then be reused.
17:46:13 * afranke has seen that for another conference but can't remember where.
17:46:14 <andreasn> #action to coordinate with bastianilso about the banner
17:46:17 <fabiana> oh, nice
17:46:21 <fabiana> looks like a good idea
17:46:24 <andreasn> afranke: do they do stickers?
17:46:26 <bittin> afranke: +1
17:46:30 <fabiana> maybe bastianilso can look into this a bit
17:46:35 <fabiana> see the options
17:46:35 <andreasn> yeah
17:47:02 <andreasn> cool, that's that
17:47:09 <afranke> andreasn, stickers or maybe a disposable banner that's smaller and costs less that making a large one every year.
17:47:14 <andreasn> open floor as a last item maybe?
17:47:21 <bittin> lets end the meeting and continue the rest offline and on mailinglist etc
17:47:34 <bittin> any other question before i close the meeting?
17:48:16 <bittin> #endmeeting