16:10:05 <andreasn> #startmeeting
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16:10:17 <andreasn> #topic registration
16:11:13 <andreasn> so, puiterwijk has done some great work here. I've done some small layout fixes
16:11:17 <andreasn> I think we're pretty much ready to go
16:11:22 <andreasn> puiterwijk: ?
16:11:23 <puiterwijk> A registration system status summary: as of last night I know which Paypal API to use (depended on the currency we're using, I heard we're doing EUR for the registration fee), will fix that up tonight and then push the code, and then we can test with some people and open it up.
16:11:36 <oliverp> cool
16:11:39 <andreasn> excellent
16:11:56 <oliverp> can aim to open it by let's say next Tuesday?
16:12:02 <oliverp> *we can aim
16:12:07 <andreasn> or Monday?
16:12:16 <puiterwijk> I'm aiming to open it tonight, but sure, let's say monday or tuesday official opening
16:12:21 <puiterwijk> s/open/finish/
16:12:24 <oliverp> sounds great
16:12:32 <andreasn> good
16:12:47 <oliverp> thanks puiterwijk for all your efforts
16:13:09 <andreasn> anything more on that topic?
16:13:37 <puiterwijk> Nothing from me for the moment
16:14:26 <andreasn> excellent
16:14:32 <puiterwijk> well, other then that the talk approval/rejection email notification system is in this same code push
16:15:00 <andreasn> just a note that afranke said it would be useful with Country data yesterday, so we're asking for that, Name and irc nickname
16:15:11 <andreasn> all right, next topic
16:15:21 <andreasn> #topic talk notifications
16:15:48 <andreasn> if it's in the same push, that's great
16:16:10 <andreasn> so will also be online pretty soon
16:16:21 <jonasdn> awesome
16:16:24 <kalev> puiterwijk is a rockstar :)
16:16:38 <andreasn> should I leave a note on the website about it? I think currently it says that we'll notify speakers on the 25th of May
16:16:45 <andreasn> (or something like that)
16:16:53 <jonasdn> yeah, something like that
16:16:58 <andreasn> I'll add a note
16:17:04 <oliverp> great
16:17:10 <andreasn> anything else on that topic?
16:18:09 <andreasn> all right. next topic then
16:18:17 <andreasn> #topic Code of Conduct
16:18:34 <jonasdn> so, hi, I am Jonas. I live in Sweden.
16:18:45 <jonasdn> Andreas asked me to look into the CoC
16:19:13 <jonasdn> I have looked at the 2014 one, I have researched what other confs have done and what is recommended.
16:19:31 <jonasdn> I feel that the 2014 version of the CoC is a good one. I would like to re-use it with some minor updates.
16:19:45 <jonasdn> I would also like to talk to all volunteers at some point before the conference starts
16:19:53 <jonasdn> In some sort of setting
16:20:00 <jonasdn> To talk about why a coc is needed
16:20:13 <jonasdn> what to do when someone reports something, and general stuff like that
16:20:17 <jonasdn> could that be arranged?
16:20:22 <oliverp> talk to volunteers before the conference sounds a great idea
16:20:38 <oliverp> *as a great idea
16:20:52 * teuf still disagrees with some part of last year's CoC, but is probably not attending this year
16:21:18 <jonasdn> I would also like to know the timeline to when a CoC needs to be in place.
16:21:21 <oliverp> jonasdn: I'm sure it can be arranged. Do you plan to arrive a or two the conference starts?
16:21:43 <teuf> I'd argue this should be in place as soon as possible, and before registration opens
16:21:48 <oliverp> *arrive a two or two before the conference starts?
16:21:51 <jonasdn> And if it is the organizing comittees opinion  that we should debate the code of conduct more.
16:22:01 <pterjan> also, some volunteers may not arrive before the start
16:22:19 <oliverp> that is a valid point
16:23:45 <andreasn> I think most people on the local team was OK with last years CoC
16:23:57 <andreasn> in general
16:24:05 <teuf> andreasn: uh ? afranke strongly disagreed with it
16:24:18 <andreasn> teuf: local team, in gothenburg
16:24:27 <teuf> andreasn: oh sorry :)
16:25:26 <andreasn> but if jonasdn's revised version addresses some of the pain points from last years CoC, that's great
16:25:38 <oliverp> +1
16:25:44 <fabiana> jonasdn, you should talk to afranke about this since he's coordinating the volunteers
16:25:44 <jonasdn> well, ok. I would like to talk to volunteers in some way, if there exists a time when a lot of them are in the same location that would be awesome.
16:25:53 <jonasdn> fabiana: gotcha
16:26:05 <fabiana> last year we had a meeting for volunteers before the conference started
16:26:25 <fabiana> Marina went through the main points and gave volunteers intructions to how to deal with incidents
16:26:30 <fabiana> i.e. who to talk to etc
16:26:57 <jonasdn> well, I agree with the notion that a CoC should include at the minimum a) what is unacceptable behavior, b) how it will be enforced and c) how and to whom do you report to
16:27:12 <jonasdn> fabiana: that is what I envisioned
16:27:20 <fabiana> as for when the code should be out there, I agree with teuf: it should be available once registration is open
16:27:23 <andreasn> we would also need that "who to talk to"-list before the conference starts, if it needs to go into the badge or so
16:27:25 <jonasdn> agreed
16:27:31 <fabiana> it doesn't have to be part of registration, but it should be available
16:28:19 <fabiana> jonasdn, I think what we need to do now is share your version with the team and the board
16:28:25 <fabiana> so we get approval on it from both ends
16:28:31 <andreasn> yup
16:28:33 <jonasdn> Is there a mailing-list for thie local team to where I can send a proposal?
16:28:39 <jonasdn> I'll try to get it out tomorrow
16:28:40 <andreasn> guadec-local
16:28:41 <fabiana> guadec-local and board
16:28:48 <jonasdn> am I allowed to send there?
16:28:51 <fabiana> or is it board-list, andreasn?
16:28:52 <andreasn> https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/guadec-local
16:28:54 <jonasdn> thx
16:28:57 <andreasn> board@gnome.org
16:29:01 <fabiana> there :)
16:29:20 <jonasdn> then I take the actions of sending out a proposal and talking to afranke about where and when a talk to the volunteers would be possible.
16:29:27 <jonasdn> acceptable?
16:29:28 <andreasn> thank you!
16:29:28 <fabiana> sounds great
16:29:34 <fabiana> thanks for wrangling this, jonasdn
16:29:53 <jonasdn> very little wrangling, quite a bit of railroading, but thanks
16:29:56 <andreasn> #action Jonas to send out a proposal and talking to afranke about where and when a talk to the volunteers would be possible
16:31:11 <andreasn> all right, next topic?
16:31:46 <andreasn> #topic Keynotes
16:32:39 <andreasn> so after wrangling a lot of names and searching, the local team have finally gotten confirmation on 3 keynotes
16:33:23 <jonasdn> (o/
16:33:36 <andreasn> some final travel arrangement and accomondation to sort out for them, but apart from that, the situation is under control
16:34:46 <andreasn> not sure when we should start announcing them. I guess as soon as possible?
16:35:36 <andreasn> earlier years we've done interviews with them, leading up to the conference
16:35:58 <oliverp> andreasn: maybe we can do a bit of research here
16:36:13 <andreasn> what kind of research?
16:36:13 <oliverp> when to announce them
16:36:18 <andreasn> oh, sure
16:36:25 <fabiana> I think that's overthinking it
16:36:26 <oliverp> cool
16:36:38 <fabiana> it'd be fine to announce them before or once registration opens
16:36:44 <fabiana> might attract more attendees
16:37:03 <fabiana> I think we should start creating some buzz around the conference, to get us going with registration
16:37:04 <oliverp> we're not talking major research project here...
16:37:27 <fabiana> well, you really didn't say what you want to research, so...
16:37:38 <oliverp> I think also we want at least a little bit of time to think how we communicate it
16:37:47 <fabiana> why?
16:38:14 <andreasn> I agree that driving registration is a key value that the keynote announcers give
16:38:51 <fabiana> oliverp, you did a great job with the interviews last year I think that's good material
16:39:05 <fabiana> we can announce the keynoters and then follow up with that to keep momentum going
16:39:13 <andreasn> and spreading them out a couple of days or so will allow for different blips for grabbing attention
16:39:22 <fabiana> I would rather not block on this, and get the word out as soon as possible
16:39:29 <fabiana> yup, agreed
16:39:32 <oliverp> thanks for the kind words fabiana but I did not do any of the GUADEC 2014 interviews hehe
16:39:42 <fabiana> ha, who did those?
16:39:44 <fabiana> anyway
16:39:47 <andreasn> who did them last year? aday_?
16:40:07 <fabiana> whoever is doing them, can do it shortly after the announcement via Twitter or something
16:40:15 <aday_> andreasn: i think that Deindre did some of them
16:40:23 <fabiana> nice
16:40:23 <aday_> or could have been oliverp
16:40:43 <afranke> fabiana, I know *you* were the one interviewing me.
16:40:50 <fabiana> that I did :)
16:41:08 <andreasn> I vagley recalling doing a Brno interview
16:41:23 <fabiana> anyway, I don't think it makes sense for us to spend time now digging this
16:41:23 <andreasn> or provided a photo only possible :)
16:41:27 <andreasn> right
16:41:33 <fabiana> I bet we can find someone to do that
16:41:48 <fabiana> the main thing is to get the word out there, and follow up with registration shortly after
16:42:00 <andreasn> yup
16:42:08 <fabiana> that's something to drive people to attend, since we'll need a little more time with the full schedule
16:42:35 <andreasn> sorry for drifting a bit off the topic, but the schedule will take a bit more time?
16:42:51 <fabiana> that was my understanding, aday_? ^
16:43:21 <aday_> andreasn, fabiana: i've drafted a skeleton; let me share that with you
16:43:28 <fabiana> thanks!
16:43:44 <aday_> i'm hoping to help send out emails to speakers, once i'm done with my current design task
16:43:57 <fabiana> cool, that's great
16:44:07 <aday_> does this look ok to you? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dVx0Ft6YsTh4aLIIL7aJlFgOE98LnOUrr6bF7sy4i_Y/edit?usp=sharing
16:44:14 <aday_> i wanted to check...
16:44:33 <aday_> lunch is only 1:30
16:45:10 <andreasn> need to double check that with the venue opening times
16:45:15 <aday_> i was also wondering whether there's a preference for keynotes before or after lunch
16:45:16 <andreasn> too
16:45:32 <fabiana> we have the venus 10-19
16:45:36 <fabiana> but we can change that
16:45:45 <fabiana> the main thing is we have it for 8h/day
16:45:49 <andreasn> can we move schedule to the end of the meeting, as a separate topic?
16:45:53 <afranke> 10 seems late
16:45:53 <oliverp> hm
16:46:01 <andreasn> just making sure we can get through all the other topics
16:46:03 <fabiana> aday_, I told ebassi keynotes after lunch would be better
16:46:09 <fabiana> to make sure people come back in time
16:46:19 <fabiana> we won't provide lunch, so people will have to chase restaurants
16:46:29 <oliverp> the conference runs until 18:30, that's kind of late
16:46:38 <aday_> fabiana: ok. we had some positive comments about having keynotes before lunch last year, but i don't have a strong preference
16:46:58 <aday_> andreasn: i'll try to hang around if you want to discuss the schedule later
16:47:11 <oliverp> is that the usual time the conference closes?
16:47:15 <andreasn> just two quick topics in between
16:47:20 <oliverp> aday_: ok got you
16:47:26 <andreasn> so in maybe 5-10 minutes, tops
16:47:32 <andreasn> #topic t-shirts
16:48:12 <andreasn> Bastian Ilso are responsible for these
16:48:24 <fabiana> bastian rocks!
16:48:29 <fabiana> :D
16:48:56 <andreasn> he put together a design and got a price from a printer
16:49:30 <andreasn> he said he would double check the quantities with kittykat
16:49:36 <andreasn> so that's all underway
16:49:42 <fabiana> nice
16:49:53 <kalev> awesome
16:49:53 <oliverp> yeah cool
16:49:57 <fabiana> andreasn, speaking swag, did you have a chance to talk to kittykat about stickers?
16:50:00 <andreasn> it will be a more generic print, so we can easier sell any leftovers at other events, such as fosdem
16:50:19 <andreasn> fabiana: no, I did not yet, sorry
16:50:30 <fabiana> # action that :P
16:50:31 <andreasn> but I think we have some older designs we can reuse
16:50:44 <andreasn> #action andreasn to sync up printing of stickers with kittykat
16:51:20 <andreasn> all right, next up
16:51:36 <andreasn> #topic sponsors
16:51:55 <andreasn> we have two new sponsors, Endocode and Friprogramvarusyndikatet
16:52:13 <andreasn> I didn't recieve a logo from Endocode yet
16:52:27 <andreasn> but I think I got one from Friprogramvarusyndikatet
16:52:28 <oliverp> at what level is Endocode sponsoring at?
16:52:34 <andreasn> Supporting
16:53:00 <oliverp> andreasn: one is available in the GUADEC WordPress
16:53:05 <andreasn> excellent
16:53:11 <fabiana> I'm also chasing some sponsors for a picnic
16:53:22 <fabiana> if you know someone willing to put around 400 EUR at it, let me know
16:53:25 <andreasn> I just haven't gotten around to putting anything up due to crazy-hours at work
16:53:49 <aday_> https://www.gnome.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/endocode1.png < endocode
16:53:57 <oliverp> there is also one for our partner Gothenburg & CO
16:54:09 <andreasn> aday_: ah, excellent. Thanls
16:54:11 <oliverp> would want to see that one website as well
16:54:12 <andreasn> thanks
16:54:33 <oliverp> *on the website
16:54:56 <andreasn> all right
16:55:10 <andreasn> all right, running short on time, so moving to next topic
16:55:16 <fabiana> sounds good
16:55:28 <andreasn> #topic social events
16:56:05 <andreasn> apart from the picnic, how are things looking?
16:56:12 <oliverp> I have plans I I'm ready to present at a local physical meeting
16:56:20 <fabiana> so I asked Chris to reach out to Rio Rio about a party
16:56:50 <fabiana> he found out it'd cost 3000 SEK to rent the place for a night
16:57:01 <fabiana> and we could have food for 120 SEK / person
16:57:26 <fabiana> I email the board about these prices, asking if we'd have anyone willing to sponsor (including the Foundation)
16:57:31 <oliverp> Emily have suggested that we have  a after conference day trip, think that is a good idea
16:57:37 <fabiana> still waiting on a reply
16:57:43 <andreasn> fabiana: sounds good
16:57:49 <oliverp> +1
16:57:55 <andreasn> oliverp: during the BOF days?
16:57:56 <fabiana> oliverp, is there any reason why you can't share your plans here?
16:58:10 <fabiana> re Emily's idea, maybe during BoF days, too tricky during conference days
16:58:23 <oliverp> not practical
16:58:34 <fabiana> er, ok... if you say.
16:58:35 <fabiana> anyway...
16:58:43 <fabiana> the other pending thing is the football
16:58:55 <fabiana> kalev, would you be OK booking the field? andreasn can give you details
16:59:02 <kalev> sure
16:59:06 <fabiana> awesome!
16:59:13 <fabiana> #action kalev to book football field
16:59:29 <fabiana> #action kalev to ask details to andreasn about football
16:59:48 <andreasn> yep, I have them bookmarked
16:59:53 <andreasn> somewhere
16:59:58 <fabiana> I'll email guadec-list in case I have any updates on the picnic and the party
17:00:03 <andreasn> great!
17:00:10 <fabiana> but those would fill the two event slots we have for the conference days
17:00:13 <fabiana> so, yay!
17:00:21 <fabiana> hopefully :)
17:00:25 <andreasn> (o/
17:00:38 <andreasn> and lets hope for no rain :)
17:00:56 <fabiana> don't jinx it
17:00:59 <andreasn> sorry
17:01:07 <fabiana> haha
17:01:14 <andreasn> so last topic would be schedule
17:01:17 <andreasn> #topic schedule
17:01:38 <andreasn> I have to run quite soon, since I'm meeting some family members in town
17:01:45 <andreasn> apparently also my cousin
17:01:48 <andreasn> and alexl
17:01:57 <fabiana> a party!
17:02:15 <fabiana> aday_ already gave some updates on the schedule
17:02:27 <fabiana> maybe we can all take a look at it and then discuss it over guadec-list?
17:02:34 <andreasn> yeah, sounds good
17:02:34 <fabiana> if there's anything to be discussed :)
17:02:35 <oliverp> sounds good to me
17:02:43 <andreasn> I can double check the venue details
17:02:58 <aday_> the schedule is tight this year
17:03:10 <andreasn> tight how?
17:03:19 <andreasn> as in good, or little time between talks?
17:03:20 <fabiana> we only have 8h/day e need 2h for lunch
17:03:23 <aday_> hard to fit in the required number of talk slots
17:03:35 <fabiana> if we want to add breaks, we need at least 30m so people can buy coffee outside
17:03:41 <fabiana> that leaves, er, 5h/day
17:03:51 <aday_> if anything is going to impact the number of talks we can have, the papers committee needs to know asap
17:04:00 <fabiana> at least we don't need more than 5m between talks
17:04:23 <fabiana> aday_, I did share these details with ebassi already (I think guadec-papers was in cc)
17:04:23 <aday_> fabiana: i included some 30 minute breaks, but i could only find 1:30 for lunch
17:04:29 <andreasn> the coffee places are pretty much across the street
17:04:38 <aday_> fabiana: yep, i went through your notes
17:04:38 <andreasn> so it might be possble to shave off 15 mins maybe?
17:04:46 <fabiana> maybe we can make it 15/20m for break and add to lunch
17:05:11 <aday_> i can try than
17:05:14 <andreasn> I have to run off now unfortunatley
17:05:15 <aday_> *that
17:05:17 <fabiana> aday_, if you need us to open the venue a little earlier or later, just let me know
17:05:18 <aday_> it will make lunch earlier, of course
17:05:25 <aday_> maybe 11:45
17:05:30 <andreasn> please continue to discuss :)
17:05:34 <fabiana> it's fine, good to avoid queues
17:05:35 <aday_> andreasn: have fun!
17:05:38 <andreasn> thanks!
17:05:41 <oliverp> +1
17:05:51 <andreasn> thanks for attending everyone!
17:05:55 <andreasn> #endmeeting