17:09:39 <andreasn> #startmeeting
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17:09:58 <jeremiah> Agenda: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_meeting
17:10:04 <jeremiah> :-)
17:10:08 <skymandr> I'm here.
17:10:16 * kalev waves.
17:10:22 * kittykat is here
17:10:28 <skymandr> (Intermittently: tvättstugan today...)
17:10:45 <andreasn> always this laundry
17:10:57 <fabiana> haha
17:10:59 <andreasn> ok, lets start from the top
17:11:07 <andreasn> #topic Visa letters and FFKP
17:11:37 <oliverp> hm might want to remove some of the agenda items we spoke of yesterday...
17:11:37 <andreasn> we touched upon this briefly in the local face to face meeting yesterday
17:11:55 <andreasn> we can just do a quick update on what we talked about yesterday
17:12:15 <andreasn> basically, FFKP is happy to sign the letters as the local organization
17:12:51 <fabiana> how can we coordinate the process now?
17:12:52 <andreasn> and as for generally using FFKP, there were no real concerns, so I would recommend to move forward with them
17:12:57 <oliverp> right we have a motion about FFKP
17:13:33 <oliverp> should deiced on that during this meeting?
17:13:45 <andreasn> I have a draft of the contract that I can forward to the guadec-list
17:13:48 <oliverp> *should we deiced on that
17:14:25 <skymandr> I say yes, let's decide that.
17:15:19 <skymandr> "that" == "accept FFKP's offer"
17:15:20 <andreasn> e-mail forwarded
17:16:22 <andreasn> if anyone want to peek through it during the meeting, then we can reach a consensus at the end of the meeting perhaps?
17:16:35 <andreasn> (it)
17:16:50 <andreasn> (it's a one page thing, so pretty straight forward stuff)
17:17:43 <oliverp> yeah looks pretty straight forward to me
17:18:08 <andreasn> kittykat: as this needs to be signed by the GNOME Foundation board, I guess the decision is up them in the end
17:18:17 <andreasn> not a decision the local team can take
17:18:32 <andreasn> but at least we're all OK with it
17:18:51 <skymandr> I think we're more than ok with it, I think we want this.
17:18:59 <oliverp> +1
17:19:07 <skymandr> But let's have a vote on that at the end, perhaps?
17:19:22 <andreasn> sure
17:19:25 <andreasn> ok, next topic
17:19:26 <oliverp> sure
17:19:38 <andreasn> #topic Venue
17:19:54 <andreasn> as mentioned last meeting, Humanisten is out of the picture
17:20:03 <andreasn> so we're going for the venue Folkets Hus
17:21:10 <oliverp> yup
17:21:37 <oliverp> and are still investigating venues for BOF's
17:21:54 <andreasn> hopefully more updates on that soon
17:21:59 <oliverp> yes
17:22:04 <andreasn> ok, next
17:22:14 <andreasn> #topic Acommodation
17:23:01 <andreasn> skymandr have been in contact with various hostels and gotten prices from them
17:23:16 <andreasn> skymandr: did you get any number of how many beds they have avaiable?
17:24:09 <andreasn> maybe he's in the laundry room
17:24:27 <skymandr> I forwarded som info (in Swedish, sorry!) to the local list.
17:25:13 <skymandr> One place has 50 beds, another 30 and one has yet to reply on their avialability, but seemed to think it would be no problem.
17:25:33 <andreasn> the cheapest one was  21 Euro per bed per night
17:25:54 <andreasn> so total we have many 100 beds or so?
17:26:24 <skymandr> €26 including breakfast.
17:26:30 <skymandr> €21 without.
17:27:38 <skymandr> The other two places were more expensive, €34--€42/night, breakfast included.
17:28:07 <andreasn> and those had 4 beds per room, right?
17:28:12 <skymandr> different.
17:28:33 <andreasn> someone asked if we could put the prices on the website
17:28:39 <skymandr> some 2, some 3, some 5, some 6.
17:28:44 <andreasn> for the hotels too
17:28:50 <andreasn> so I'll take a todo to do that
17:29:00 <andreasn> #action put prices for rooms on the website
17:29:43 <andreasn> anything else on that topic?
17:30:15 <skymandr> onyl that we probably need to tell them if we want to book the rooms pretty soon.
17:30:34 <andreasn> right
17:30:49 <andreasn> I think attendees are starting to book travels very shortly
17:31:06 <oliverp> I think some already have
17:31:21 <oliverp> Christian for example
17:31:26 <oliverp> :)
17:31:37 <andreasn> so next topic
17:31:41 <andreasn> #topic Sponsorships
17:31:50 <andreasn> anything new to report?
17:32:19 <fabiana> is there anyone else we didn't reach out to?
17:32:44 <skymandr> Stena Line.
17:32:51 <andreasn> ???
17:33:04 <skymandr> We didn't reach out to them, as far as I know.
17:33:31 <oliverp> skymandr: you are very welcome to do so if you want ;)
17:33:41 <skymandr> thank's I think I'll pass.
17:33:51 <oliverp> ok me to
17:34:27 <andreasn> jeremiah, nekohayo: is everything settled with regards to the board meeting dates? If so, we should add Pelagicore under partners
17:34:41 <jeremiah> Did anyone speak with Chalmers Innovation?
17:34:59 <jeremiah> On our end we've got the room approved for use by the board
17:35:00 <andreasn> what's Chalmers Innovation?
17:35:13 <oliverp> have not spoken to Chalmers Innovation
17:35:18 <jeremiah> Just need to confirm the dates so I can reserve the room in our Calendar
17:35:28 <skymandr> Chalmers Innovation is an incubator.
17:35:43 <jeremiah> Chalmers Innovation is responsible for moving any IP invented at Chalmers out into industry
17:35:49 <jeremiah> They have a *ton* of money
17:35:50 <oliverp> know from experience they are not very interested in sponsoring conferences
17:36:20 <jeremiah> oliverp: That is likely still the case, however, they've recently consolidated a number of Chalmers orgs into one
17:36:28 <jeremiah> So it might be worth a try?
17:36:50 <andreasn> jeremiah: do you have any contacts there?
17:36:51 <oliverp> jeremiah: ok  sure
17:37:13 <jeremiah> I don't have a direct contact, no, but I might have an indirect one
17:37:24 <oliverp> jeremiah: could try, but are not very optimistic
17:37:51 <jeremiah> Okay. Its up to you oliverp. If you think they're just going to say no perhaps we skip that one
17:37:57 <andreasn> jeremiah: it's worth a shot if you want to pursue that
17:38:02 <jeremiah> I've never asked them for money
17:38:05 <jeremiah> I just know that have it
17:38:18 <jeremiah> I'm happy to try, at least to ask my indirect contact.
17:38:25 <oliverp> jeremiah: yeah they have plenty
17:38:27 <skymandr> If nothing else, perhaps they have a hackfestroom or something else.
17:38:35 <andreasn> could be
17:38:38 <jeremiah> I asked Volvo and they pretty much said no immediately.
17:38:38 <oliverp> jeremiah: sure sounds good
17:39:09 <oliverp> ok
17:39:09 <nekohayo> andreasn, yeah I think I was just waiting for you folks to confirm with pelagicore about the dates for the two days before the core days
17:39:26 <nekohayo> or, well, what was in the latest mail thread :)
17:39:34 <jeremiah> nekohayo: What are the dates for those days?
17:39:59 <nekohayo> august 5 and 6th
17:40:01 <andreasn> nekohayo: hups. Must have missed that
17:40:10 <andreasn> sorry if I was blocking somehow
17:40:24 <jeremiah> nekohayo: Okay, I will reserve the conference room for those two days. :-)
17:40:34 <andreasn> and I'll put the logo up tomorrow
17:40:38 <nekohayo> thanks!
17:40:41 <oliverp> great
17:40:44 <andreasn> all right, next up is Registration
17:40:49 <andreasn> #topic Registration
17:40:54 <oliverp> defer this agenda item to the next meeting
17:40:55 <jeremiah> Thanks andreasn
17:41:06 <oliverp> I suggest we defer this agenda item to the next meeting
17:41:23 <nekohayo> (I think there was the question of whether the board meeting is split across two days or just one full day, in that mail thread, for the record)
17:41:24 <andreasn> how come? Short on info or out of time?
17:41:31 <oliverp> think it will take a while to discuss
17:41:51 <andreasn> we have about 20 more minutes, 30 if we consither we started a bit late
17:41:57 <oliverp> ok
17:42:04 <oliverp> sure, maybe if anyone have some general input
17:42:13 <skymandr> And I have no opinions on the matter, so we should be fine =)
17:42:21 <andreasn> so does this usually go up after all the talks are out?
17:42:31 <andreasn> or should we just make it happen as soon as possible?
17:42:33 <oliverp> ok sure goahed
17:42:39 <skymandr> asap
17:42:48 <skymandr> (sorry, seems I have an oppinion...)
17:43:04 <andreasn> so we have the Event Espresso option that cswan put up
17:43:06 <oliverp> hm good question
17:43:29 <andreasn> but there is also the system by puiterwijk that is already deployed
17:43:53 <andreasn> AND, do we need accomondation included in that form?
17:44:14 <oliverp> can the system puiterwijk made, accept payments?
17:44:19 <afranke> Yes.
17:44:32 <fabiana> I'm not sure
17:44:36 <fabiana> it depends on the board's plans
17:44:38 <oliverp> I mean if we decide that the conference should have a fees.
17:44:41 <afranke> Only Paypal though if I remember well.
17:44:56 <fabiana> if we're only booking accommodation for sponsored attendees, we don't need to add it to the registration
17:44:58 <oliverp> afranke: ok thanks for the info
17:45:26 <afranke> oliverp, but we had an admin option to "mark as paid" for people paying cash on site.
17:46:14 <andreasn> is there some demo of the system up somewhere? apart from the talk registration?
17:47:07 <andreasn> puiterwijk: ?
17:48:17 <oliverp> maybe we can ask for a demo in mail to puiterwijk?
17:48:27 <oliverp> *in a mail
17:48:34 <andreasn> yeah, I'll send him a mail
17:48:47 <oliverp> andreasn: cool
17:49:07 <oliverp> I guess we want to make it as an action point
17:49:39 <andreasn> #action andreasn to send puiterwijk and e-mail asking for a registration demo
17:49:45 <oliverp> :)
17:49:59 <andreasn> I guess that was it about that
17:50:06 <andreasn> #open floor
17:50:14 <andreasn> so I was looking at the contract from FFKP
17:50:23 <oliverp> no was more agenda item
17:50:33 <andreasn> what was that?
17:50:35 <oliverp> Call for participation
17:50:44 <andreasn> oh, right
17:50:46 <andreasn> #undo
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17:51:01 <andreasn> #action Call for Participation
17:51:07 <andreasn> #undo
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17:51:14 <andreasn> #topic Call for Participation
17:51:15 <andreasn> there
17:51:25 <oliverp> ebassi suggested to me a while back that we extend the CFP, can do we as team agree that is a good idea?
17:51:41 <oliverp> *can we  as team agree that is a good idea?
17:51:55 <andreasn> what is the general status of the talks? are we missing talks? do people need more time?
17:52:05 <oliverp> what new deadline should be suggest (current deadline is May 4)
17:52:17 <andreasn> what does he think is needed?
17:52:23 <afranke> andreasn, news about a bank account? Pretty please?
17:52:31 <skymandr> June 1st?
17:52:34 <andreasn> afranke: blocking on the FFKP contract
17:52:42 <afranke> andreasn, ETA?
17:52:51 <oliverp> andreasn: good question. mailed him about it two days ago, no reply yet
17:52:56 <andreasn> afranke: a week? two weeks?
17:53:01 <afranke> Ok, thanks.
17:53:14 <andreasn> I don
17:53:28 <andreasn> I don't mind pushing the deadline
17:53:34 <andreasn> but I need to know by how much
17:53:54 <andreasn> and I guess the papers commitee would be able to provide that
17:53:55 <oliverp> can try to get in touch with about this
17:53:58 <andreasn> thanks
17:53:59 <oliverp> ok
17:54:13 <andreasn> #action oliverp to contact ebassi|afk to get a new date for CFP deadline
17:54:20 <oliverp> :)
17:54:26 <skymandr> I suggest June 1st, and that if possible we start publishing confirmed speakers as they are confirmed.
17:54:46 <andreasn> a whole month?
17:54:59 <skymandr> SUre, why not.
17:55:12 <andreasn> I'm lacking any data to know how much more time is needed
17:55:28 <andreasn> if we had zero talks so far, I would also say a month
17:55:34 <skymandr> But I also thinkg the people who actually do the work shoudl set their own deadlines, so.
17:56:03 <andreasn> if we're 2-3 talks short, maybe 2 more weeks, but yes, up to the commitee
17:56:09 <skymandr> agreed.
17:56:17 <andreasn> open floor next?
17:56:37 <oliverp> I guess
17:57:14 <andreasn> so I was looking at the FFKP contract. Am I reading it wrong, or do they want 5% of everything we get from sponsors?
17:57:37 <andreasn> I mean, maybe that's OK, but I just want to make sure I read it right
17:58:19 <skymandr> seems likely yes.
17:58:56 <andreasn> I see
17:59:05 <andreasn> that's a bunch of money
17:59:08 <andreasn> fun
17:59:54 <andreasn> thoughts on that?
18:00:46 <nekohayo> does that include any administrative and wiring/transfer/banking/credit fees?
18:01:09 <nekohayo> (which are often around 3% I think?)
18:01:27 <andreasn> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/guadec-list/2015-April/msg00044.html
18:01:37 <skymandr> I say go for it. We don't have any real alternative, and we've more or less been planning (this is at least my impression) as if we've said yes already, and it's not a bad idea.
18:01:59 <jeremiah> andreasn: It is a buunch of money.
18:02:04 <jeremiah> But,
18:02:14 <jeremiah> When I asked our accountant at work
18:02:33 <jeremiah> he thought that it was reasonable and if we were to hire and outside accountant
18:02:36 <skymandr> The way I read the contract, it seems to cover that kind of expenses, nekohayo
18:02:40 <jeremiah> they might take ten percent.
18:02:51 <skymandr> But we could of course as for clarification.
18:02:59 <jeremiah> I was skeptical about FFKP's fees, but I think in the end they're pretty reasonable.
18:03:01 <nekohayo> skymandr, clarify to the absolute
18:03:13 <nekohayo> there is some doubt in me when reading that contract
18:03:14 <jeremiah> Sweden has some pretty tough regulation when it comes to bookkeeping
18:03:27 <jeremiah> So there is some risk being taken by FFKP
18:03:29 <fabiana> would they take 5% of all the income? even the stuff they're not handling
18:03:29 <nekohayo> you don't want to end up in that kind of misunderstanding
18:03:40 <fabiana> (for example, from sponsors in the US and China?)
18:03:45 <nekohayo> it happened with pitivi's fundraiser :)
18:03:56 <andreasn> it's up to the board to decide in the end
18:04:45 <nekohayo> make sure to clarify in writing with FFKP that external transaction fees (ex: paypal's) are not charged in addition to their 5% admin fee
18:05:37 <nekohayo> because for example the definition of "income" lends to this sort of confusion
18:05:44 <andreasn> right
18:06:07 <andreasn> I'll finish up the budget before the end of this week
18:06:09 <nekohayo> (maybe I'm being over-lawyery on this one :)
18:06:20 <andreasn> so we know what kind of sums we're talking about here
18:06:32 <nekohayo> thanks
18:06:42 <jeremiah> nekohayo: I don't think you're being over lawyery
18:07:52 <andreasn> ok, anything else for the meeting?
18:08:00 <andreasn> we're up at an hour of active meeting
18:08:29 <nekohayo> and /me gotta run off, LGM starting soon and I haven't eaten for the entire day :)
18:08:34 <skymandr> fabiana: as I read it any funds that reach FFKP, that are not left overs from previous years.
18:08:44 <andreasn> nekohayo: have fun!
18:09:35 <skymandr> which I take it means, that if the foundation pays expenses (plane tickets or whatnot) out of its on purse, the FFKP have no claim on the money used to do that.
18:09:48 <fabiana> I think it'd be worth clarifying that with FFKP
18:10:01 <andreasn> "however, apply to funding received by the FFKP both by the FFKP directly and indirectly through the GNOME Foundation, as it relates to GUADEC 2015."
18:10:10 <andreasn> that's the part I don't understand
18:10:56 <andreasn> but maybe it was his understanding that sponsorships would go via FFKP, since he asked about that
18:10:59 <skymandr> I think it means this: there may be money coming directly to FFKP (tickets, maybe some Swedish sponsors), this FFKP wants 5% of.
18:11:11 <andreasn> ah, ok
18:11:17 <andreasn> I'll try and clear that up with him
18:11:34 <andreasn> all right, thanks for a good meeting everyone!
18:11:44 <skymandr> There is also money coming from GNOME to FFKP. IF this money is from sponsors, tickets etc this year, FFKP want 5%, if it is money from previous years, they don't.
18:11:52 <skymandr> But yes, let's get that cleared up.
18:11:57 <andreasn> sure
18:12:03 <andreasn> #endmeeting