14:05:37 <andreasn> #startmeeting
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14:05:54 <andreasn> #topic attendees
14:05:58 <andreasn> I'm here
14:06:06 <kittykat> ditto
14:06:41 <andreasn> fabiana is halfway here, since it collides with work
14:06:51 * pterjan here if that matters :)
14:07:02 <oliverp> oliverp is here
14:07:03 <andreasn> it does!
14:07:15 <Csvan> Present
14:07:26 <Csvan> Sorry, had some trouble connecting
14:07:53 <fabiana> hello, Chris :)
14:07:56 * kittykat stops replying to Csvan
14:08:09 <andreasn> kalev is coming in about one minute
14:08:22 <oliverp> just a note that the connection here at the library is a bit shaky
14:08:51 <andreasn> #info attendees andreasn, kittykat, fabiana, oliverp, csvan, pterjan, kalev
14:09:03 <andreasn> (I hope I didn't miss anyone just now)
14:09:23 <andreasn> #topic agenda
14:09:30 <teuf> just going to keep an idle look andreasn  ;)
14:09:59 <andreasn> teuf: crap, I knew I missed a name
14:10:12 <andreasn> #info attendees andreasn, kittykat, fabiana, oliverp, csvan, pterjan, kalev, teuf
14:10:24 <andreasn> all right, lets what we have today
14:10:31 <oliverp> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_meeting
14:10:53 <andreasn> #info https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/GUADEC_meeting
14:11:14 <andreasn> does anyone have anything to add to the agenda?
14:11:24 <andreasn> anything more than what's at the above url
14:11:42 <andreasn> currently it's:
14:11:50 <andreasn> * VISA letters and FFKP
14:11:52 <andreasn> * Venue
14:11:57 <andreasn> * Accomondation
14:12:05 <andreasn> * Sponsorship
14:12:16 <Csvan> Nothing on my end
14:12:25 <fabiana> sounds good to me
14:12:33 <oliverp> me to
14:12:35 <andreasn> we can add an open floor at the end
14:12:50 <andreasn> ok, lets start with VISA letters and FFKP
14:13:07 <andreasn> so I guess this is almost two items
14:13:32 <andreasn> since we also need to clear up some ends on FFKP with regards to the economic agreement
14:13:38 <andreasn> outside of the VISAs
14:13:42 <fabiana> did anyone ask FFKP if they'd be willing to sign the visa letters?
14:13:46 <andreasn> but lets start with the VISAs
14:14:14 <fabiana> that's the main blocker right now, finding someone in Sweden to sign them
14:14:50 <andreasn> how have the signing procedure worked previous years?
14:15:13 <fabiana> kittykat would know more
14:15:25 <andreasn> last year, was afranke signing as the GUADEC organizer, or as the contact on the french organization? (who's name I forgot)
14:15:26 <fabiana> or afranke
14:15:40 <teuf> (french org was lilo iirc)
14:15:50 <andreasn> right! that's the name
14:15:56 <teuf> but I don't remember who was signing
14:16:15 <afranke> andreasn, I was representing lilo.
14:16:24 <kittykat> andreasn: didn't you do the signing last year?
14:16:39 <andreasn> as a board representative, yes
14:16:58 <Csvan> Signing the letter creates no legal obligation, right? Can it be done by a physical person?
14:17:07 <Csvan> Letters
14:17:08 <kittykat> so nekohayo can do it this year on behalf of the board
14:17:17 <kittykat> Csvan: depends on the local law
14:17:25 <kittykat> in UK, they have no legal standing
14:17:31 <Csvan> Hmm
14:17:38 <andreasn> I would be surprised if they had legal standing in Sweden
14:17:47 <oliverp> me to
14:18:35 <fabiana> didn't oliverp ask the migration office about this?
14:18:54 <fabiana> I understood there was no legal implications to whoever signs the letter, it's just an invitation
14:18:55 <Csvan> And it has to be signed by a Swedish irg
14:19:02 <fabiana> yep, that's correct
14:19:10 <Csvan> Ok
14:19:16 <fabiana> http://www.swedenabroad.com/en-GB/Embassies/Islamabad/Visit-Sweden/Visa-for-visiting-Sweden-sys/Conference-visa-sys/
14:20:02 <fabiana> so kittykat: the goal is to have the Foundation sign it as well, even though it isn't required?
14:20:31 <kittykat> fabiana: not really a goal because the less that has to be signed, the better
14:20:53 <kittykat> but some people are likely to ask for letters from the Foundation in which case nekohayo is the appropriate person to do it
14:20:53 <fabiana> agreed :)
14:21:06 <fabiana> right...
14:21:42 <fabiana> so, yeah, the thing is the letter has to be signed by a Swedish organization/individual
14:22:08 <fabiana> so whoever is in touch with FFKP, should check if they're willing to do that
14:22:23 <andreasn> oliverp: can you take an action to check with Jonas regarding this?
14:22:28 <oliverp> yes
14:22:31 <andreasn> cool, thanks
14:22:41 <oliverp> of course
14:22:50 <andreasn> #action oliver to check with Jonas if FFKP are able to sign visa letters
14:23:07 <Csvan> When is the deadline to have their signed?
14:23:11 <Csvan> These
14:23:16 <andreasn> if not, I guess one of us local organizers can do it
14:23:25 <andreasn> if that would be sufficent
14:23:43 <kittykat> Csvan: the invitation letters? usually the visa application process takes 2-6 weeks so as soon as possible
14:23:56 <kittykat> it can take a lot longer in some countries
14:24:09 <kittykat> I know some people have missed events in the past because it took too long
14:24:30 <Csvan> Yea, we had that issue in my student organisation as well.
14:25:04 <Csvan> What are the odds we can have it done this coming week? If nothing else, I can pressure AIESEC about it.
14:25:21 <andreasn> who's AIESEC?
14:26:09 <Csvan> Organisation I used to bring in a lot of interns with. Students.
14:26:27 <Csvan> I'm not involved anymore, but still know the leadership.
14:26:30 <kittykat> Csvan: potential interns won't know if they're accepted or not for a few more weeks so they won't know if they're coming to the conference yet
14:26:52 <kittykat> and in my experience, it takes them a little while to get themselves sorted
14:26:58 <andreasn> Csvan: if you can check with them, that would be great
14:27:05 <Csvan> Will do
14:27:10 <andreasn> thanks
14:27:16 <andreasn> ok, lets move on
14:28:03 <andreasn> so the other part of the FFKP item is the contract with them for having local economic stuff go through them
14:29:12 <andreasn> one thing Jonas from FFKP wanted to know, was what money (and how much) that would go through their organization
14:29:25 <andreasn> how have things been previous years? How much was it with LILO?
14:31:01 <Csvan> I'm sorry if I am not in the know about everything yet, but isn't there an organisation formally behind GUADEC as organiser? Why can't they sign?
14:31:42 <kittykat> we didn't really use LiLo much in the end last year
14:31:45 <teuf> ah I was wondering as well about what is 'revenue'
14:31:56 <teuf> (ie sponsor money ? registration money ?)
14:32:30 <andreasn> so travel sponsorships goes through the Foundation, right?
14:32:31 <kittykat> the conference turnover is generally around €10-50k which goes through the local organisers
14:32:47 <kittykat> there is much more (like big sponsors and travel sponsorship) which goes only through the Foundation
14:32:56 <andreasn> right
14:33:17 <kalev> ahh, does some of the big sponsor money get used for travel sponsorship?
14:33:27 <andreasn> yes
14:33:41 <kittykat> kalev: all of the travel sponsorship comes out of the conference budget :)
14:34:28 <andreasn> so since we owe kittykat and the board a budget anyway, it might be best to start with that
14:34:39 <andreasn> and then I can get back to Jonas with more specific numbers
14:34:40 <kittykat> I would appreciate that
14:34:41 <oliverp> yup
14:34:48 <oliverp> good idea
14:35:03 <kittykat> we need to announce travel sponsorship soon anyway
14:35:13 <kalev> do we need to do two separate budgets, one that goes through the local organization and another one for travel sponsorships?
14:35:31 <andreasn> we can indicate that in the same document
14:35:59 <andreasn> #action Andreas to put together a budget based on the current numbers and estimates for the board
14:36:07 <teuf> andreasn: if needed, I have a gnucash file with last year expenses/incomes (dunno if that's fine if I share it with you)
14:36:20 <andreasn> #action Andreas to send those numbers to Jonas afterwards
14:36:27 <andreasn> teuf: that would be super-helpful!
14:37:02 <andreasn> all right, 25 more minutes of meeting left give or take. OK to move on?
14:37:14 <teuf> kittykat: afranke: any objections that I share last year gnucash file with this year organizers ?
14:37:28 <kittykat> teuf: yeah, it's fine to share it with andreasn
14:37:58 <andreasn> all right, next item
14:38:03 <andreasn> #topic Venue
14:38:24 <oliverp> right
14:38:28 <andreasn> so I reached out to Leif-Jöran at Humanisten, but he haven't replied to my e-mail
14:38:46 <andreasn> but I've learned from several people he's not very good at replying to e-mail sometimes :)
14:38:49 <oliverp> I meet him this Wednesday, so I have some updates
14:39:00 <andreasn> oh, excellent
14:39:17 <kalev> oliverp rocks :)
14:39:27 <oliverp> #info Leif-Jöran had no news about the availability of Hummanisten
14:39:46 <oliverp> #info Leif Jöran plan to have vacation when GUADEC is and he can not guarantee to present in Gothenburg during that period. He wanted to be present if he booked Humanisten for us.
14:40:11 <oliverp> #info Because of this Leif Jöran suggested us to drop the plans around Humanisten, he will not be able to help more with this at least.
14:40:28 <andreasn> ah, that's unfortunate
14:40:31 <andreasn> but that's how it is
14:40:36 <oliverp> yeah
14:40:53 <oliverp> #info No updates about IT-university as a possible venue for Hackfests , will do some efforts around this next week
14:41:11 <andreasn> thanks
14:41:16 <oliverp> :)
14:41:19 <afranke> teuf, no objection.
14:41:23 <andreasn> ok, so Folkets Hus it is then
14:41:33 <oliverp> yes I think so
14:41:45 <andreasn> it's a great venue, so it's worth the money that we unfortunatley have to pay for it
14:42:26 <andreasn> and the booking on that is done already, but it's possible to unbook 30 days before the conference
14:42:38 <oliverp> ok
14:42:50 <andreasn> so if we happen to suddently run into a free venue a month before, we are able to unbook
14:43:13 <andreasn> ok, next up I guess
14:43:14 <oliverp> ok good to know
14:44:09 <andreasn> #topic accommodation
14:44:17 <andreasn> (I hope I spelled that one correctly)
14:44:33 <andreasn> so last meeting skymandr got an action item to look into hostels
14:44:43 <andreasn> unfortunatley he's not around
14:45:08 <oliverp> #info I plan to mail idrottsförvaltningen the revised application for sleeping quarters, early next week.
14:45:24 <oliverp> want to thank skymandr for helping me with the application
14:45:53 <andreasn> did you want to send a mail to foundation-list to check how much interest there was for sleeping in sleeping bags in a gym hall?
14:45:54 <oliverp> I can it as an action item to mail idrottsförvaltningen
14:46:17 <oliverp> andreasn: no, do you want me to do that?
14:46:33 <andreasn> that would be great. Just to get an idea of how popular it would be
14:47:00 <oliverp> I'm not just sure that the foundation list is the right place to ask that question
14:47:34 <andreasn> I usually appreciate more privacy and comfort when sleeping, but I'm only one person, so I don't know how others feel
14:48:00 <andreasn> foundation-list is the one with most potential attendees onit
14:48:01 <oliverp> I'm interested if afranke or kittykat have input in this
14:48:03 <andreasn> it
14:48:16 <oliverp> *input on this
14:48:27 <andreasn> and it's a nontechnical issue, so desktop-devel-list feels like a worse option
14:48:37 <andreasn> and very few people are on guadec-list
14:48:51 <teuf> wasn't it done/considered for a guadec several years ago ?
14:49:08 <oliverp> andreasn: ok will consider to mail the foundation list about it
14:49:11 <kittykat> oliverp/andreasn: I want somewhere safe to leave my valuables while I sleep and during the day
14:49:49 <afranke> +1
14:50:07 <oliverp> kittykat, afranke: do you think its a option worth investigating?
14:50:18 <kalev> kittykat: in a bag under your head? :)
14:50:41 <kittykat> kalev: my camera is too solid for that :P
14:50:45 <afranke> oliverp, I would only if I was stuck with no other choice.
14:51:00 <kittykat> oliverp: same here, but maybe I'm too snobby
14:51:12 <oliverp> well the choice is to pay for a hostel
14:51:41 <oliverp> or AirBnB
14:51:56 <afranke> And why do you want to consider the gym hall if you have the hostel option?
14:52:16 <fabiana> yeah, I'm not really sure the gym hall is worth pursuing
14:52:24 * kalev nods.
14:52:30 <fabiana> if we can't provide somewhere safe for people to store their belongings
14:52:33 <oliverp> afranke: because it could be cheaper
14:52:42 <fabiana> it's certainly cheaper :P
14:52:47 <afranke> Not worth it though.
14:52:52 <fabiana> yep, my point
14:53:19 <teuf> gym hall, I'd expect there are some lockers too ?
14:53:26 <oliverp> fabiana: ok if reach consensus around that I'm fine with not pursing it.
14:53:48 <fabiana> also we wouldn't be able to provide the gear for people, would we? people would have to bring their own sleeping bags
14:53:56 <fabiana> not super convenient when flying
14:54:21 <oliverp> or we would to rent them or ask someone if we could borrow some
14:54:30 <oliverp> *would have to rent them
14:54:38 <fabiana> then it's more work for us
14:54:45 <fabiana> and I guess we have enough in our plates already
14:54:53 <oliverp> yeah maybe
14:55:18 <oliverp> as I said, I'm fine with let this pass
14:55:22 <andreasn> lets hope skymandr can provide some more info about the hostel option soon
14:55:41 <andreasn> ok, 5 more minutes of meeting (+5 since we started late maybe)
14:55:47 <andreasn> #topic sponsorships
14:56:09 <oliverp> #info, Purple Scout declined to sponsor the conference, for now at least. They have my contact details if they change their mind.
14:56:28 <oliverp> #info No updates from Ericsson, needs to call them again next week
14:56:31 <andreasn> we just got another sponsor, SeaFile
14:56:43 <andreasn> so lets put that one the website ASAP
14:56:59 <oliverp> yeah cool they want to sponsor the conference
14:57:16 <oliverp> I plan to write a mail and thanking them for sponsoring the conference
14:57:33 <oliverp> others can of course it to
14:57:41 <andreasn> kittykat is in contact with Igalia, and I'm in contact with Red Hat. Both look likley to sponsor, but numbers are still unknown
14:57:43 <Csvan> Regarding the conference app, I could ask my company to sponsor that. That way I can develop it on company hours.  It might not be a big package, but it's something.
14:57:54 <andreasn> Csvan: nice!
14:57:57 <oliverp> andreasn:ok
14:58:08 <afranke> What's your plan for coffee break?
14:58:12 <kittykat> igalia will do a silver sponsorship
14:58:14 <fabiana> that would be very cool, Csvan :)
14:58:17 <oliverp> #info Leif Jöran's company is interested in sponsoring the conference with 2000sek  ~200€EE
14:58:27 <oliverp> #question can we accept his company as a supporting sponsor for that amount?
14:58:38 <oliverp> My personal opinion is that we should, it would be our first confirmed local sponsor, its great to be able to show that the conference have good local support.
14:58:47 <Csvan> Ok, I will put it across to them :-)
14:58:59 <andreasn> it would be silly to say no to money :)
14:59:08 <fabiana> that's a big difference, not fair to other supporting sponsors
14:59:11 <andreasn> sounds enough to cover coffee for example
14:59:22 <fabiana> we can list them as partners
14:59:42 <afranke> Coffee + tea was about 250€ for the week if I remember well.
15:00:00 <afranke> Pastries were about 400€ for conference days.
15:00:13 <andreasn> we got a price list from the venue, I'll try and dig that up
15:00:46 <andreasn> I'll also get in touch with all the adboard companies again, individually
15:00:59 <andreasn> + canonical, who's been sponsoring in the past
15:01:19 <afranke> fabiana, the company that paid for pastries last year doesn't have their logo on the website for instance, but they were mentionned in the break room and in the opening speech.
15:01:42 <fabiana> afranke: yep, that makes sense to me
15:01:44 <andreasn> hups, canonical is on the adboard of course
15:01:54 <andreasn> so everyone on the adboard basically
15:03:13 <andreasn> oh, and Pelagicore is sponsoring with rooms for the board and adboard meetings
15:03:36 <andreasn> so I would list them as partners as well, if that sounds good
15:03:49 <afranke> It does.
15:04:11 <fabiana> good to me as well
15:04:22 <oliverp> hm connectivity issues
15:04:55 <andreasn> anything else with regards to sponsors?
15:06:34 <andreasn> sounds not
15:06:40 <andreasn> #topic Open Floor
15:07:19 <afranke> Suggestion: get in touch with sports companies (shops, equipment/clothing brands…) to get them to sponsor the sport event.
15:08:14 <Csvan> We doing sports? The nerd in me disapproves. :-P
15:08:17 <andreasn> what do we need for the sports event?
15:08:26 <afranke> Drinks at a minimum.
15:08:35 <andreasn> Csvan: traditional yearly soccer game
15:08:37 <afranke> You don't want someone to be dehydrated.
15:08:45 <andreasn> some people take it more seriosly than others
15:08:52 <oliverp> hm
15:08:53 <andreasn> mostly hadess
15:09:04 <afranke> Especially since a proportion of the attendees might not be used to doing sports and would be more subject to it.
15:09:13 <andreasn> haha
15:09:31 <oliverp> connection
15:09:33 <afranke> Snacks would be nice too.
15:09:50 <andreasn> we can look into it
15:09:53 <andreasn> not sure how to pitch it
15:09:56 <andreasn> but sounds doable
15:10:15 <oliverp> I will look into the notes for portion of the meeting I missed
15:10:33 <andreasn> does people still have a couple of minutes to spare
15:10:35 <afranke> And if you do get a sport company involved, they can provide shirts.
15:10:36 <kalev> we could play kubb at the sports event!
15:10:40 <oliverp> have to go now, see you around, if there is anything just mail me, we keep in touch
15:10:51 <andreasn> all right, later
15:10:56 <oliverp> have a great weekend everybody btw
15:11:03 <afranke> kalev, I have no idea what that is and I look forward to it!
15:11:12 <kalev> that's the spirit :)
15:12:11 <andreasn> I can send a mail about the keynoters
15:12:20 <andreasn> ok, that's it
15:12:22 <andreasn> #endmeeting