18:02:02 <skymandr> #startmeeting
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18:02:09 <andreasn> karen: are you around? we're going to hold a guadec meeting if you want to participate from the board side of thing
18:02:13 <skymandr> And we're live!
18:02:13 <andreasn> things
18:02:20 <andreasn> excellent, what the agenda?
18:02:28 <skymandr> So, welcome everyone!
18:02:33 <karen> hi andreasn!
18:02:54 <karen> I am in the middle of a few things but will try to keep an eye here. thanks for the ping :)
18:03:02 <skymandr> the agenda for todays meeting was sent out in an email to guadec local last week.
18:03:05 <skymandr> I will review it now.
18:03:28 <skymandr> 1 Finances
18:03:33 <skymandr> 2 Call for papers
18:03:37 <skymandr> 3 Visa letters
18:03:42 <skymandr> 4 Venue for BoFs
18:03:48 <skymandr> 5 SPonsors
18:03:53 <skymandr> 6 Other questions
18:04:07 <skymandr> Are there any items that anyone wishes to add to teh agenda?
18:04:22 <fabiana> sounds good to me
18:04:28 <oliverp> me to
18:04:42 <skymandr> If that is the case....
18:05:41 <andreasn> ok, lets start with finances then
18:05:46 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 -- 1 Finances
18:06:12 <skymandr> First, is Mattias here?
18:06:20 <andreasn> mattiasb: ping
18:06:56 <andreasn> seems not
18:07:00 <skymandr> #info mattiasb was asked to contact Skatteverket, the Swedish tax authorities, regarding taxes for guadec.
18:07:08 <skymandr> any news on this, mattiasb ?
18:07:31 <andreasn> I can take an action to check this up with him
18:07:46 <skymandr> anyone opposed?
18:08:15 <skymandr> #action andreasn will coordinate with mattiasb regarding taxes.
18:08:26 <skymandr> moving on to the next point under finances.
18:08:56 <andreasn> if I recall correctly, when we checked with Leif-Jöran from FSCONS regarding that he said it should be ok
18:09:12 <skymandr> #info We need to decide whether to use the services of FFKP or to manage finances ourselves.
18:09:14 <andreasn> but good to check with the tax office to be on the safe side
18:09:22 <skymandr> feel free to put that as an info, andreasn.
18:10:04 <andreasn> #info according to Leif-Jöran, organizer of FSCONS, taxes shouldn't be a problem
18:10:05 <skymandr> So, FFKP.
18:10:13 <skymandr> Thank you, andreasn
18:10:41 <skymandr> FFKP: does anyone want reminding on what this issue is about, before the discussion?
18:11:38 <skymandr> I'll take that as a no. Are there any arguments pro/ or con that anyone wants to put forth?
18:12:15 <andreasn> depends on what we get really. It's a bit of a fee, and if we can form a local association and open a bank account it should be ok
18:12:33 <andreasn> a Swedish "förening"
18:13:16 <andreasn> but I don't have any strong preferences
18:13:39 <andreasn> but I think we need to decide soon, since afranke has some money that was left since last year
18:13:45 <andreasn> that he wants to transfer
18:13:56 <andreasn> 3000 Euro I think it was
18:14:01 <skymandr> I agree that it probably isn't that much of a hassle, but we should be aware, that that would mean that the persons who form the board of the formed association take the financial risk.
18:14:14 <andreasn> right, and that's no fun
18:14:14 <skymandr> legally.
18:14:31 <skymandr> it is probably not a great risk, but it is a lot of money.
18:15:16 <andreasn> travel sponsorships goes via the foundation, not sure what money would be handled via this local organization
18:15:20 <andreasn> venue rent?
18:15:22 <skymandr> it also involves more labour, not least to mention emotional labour, for the organisers.
18:15:34 <skymandr> venue rent and liabilities.
18:16:07 <skymandr> What is FFKPs offer for us? Do we have it in convrete terms?
18:16:17 <andreasn> I don't quite recall
18:16:20 <andreasn> maybe oliverp knows?
18:16:57 <oliverp> andreasn: I think we need to check this again
18:17:00 <skymandr> if not, and if as andreasn suggests there is no rush, then I suggest that we make an action point of getting that from them until the next meeting.
18:17:00 <andreasn> bank account, taxes filing and card terminals I recall
18:17:09 <oliverp> I'm happy to take it as an action item
18:17:15 <andreasn> sounds good
18:17:33 <oliverp> andreasn: cool
18:17:47 <andreasn> esp good if they have IBAN/SWIFT and stuff already
18:18:06 <oliverp> #action oliverp to check the terms with FFKP
18:18:18 <skymandr> #action oliverp will coordinate with FFKP and ask them for a concrete offer on what services they can provice and what that would cost us until next meeting.
18:18:24 <teuf> make sure they are responsive enough also
18:18:25 <andreasn> cool, 40 minutes meeting left
18:18:29 <skymandr> hehe... great minds think alike, oliverp
18:18:30 <karen> the local entity would ideally take some of the EU based sponsorships which is better for the sponsors
18:18:41 <oliverp> skymandr: :)
18:18:55 <karen> and then pay out the local expenses on venue etc
18:18:59 <skymandr> andreasn: the enxt item is about the money from Alexander
18:19:02 <oliverp> karen: ok
18:19:07 <skymandr> did you have anything to add to that?
18:19:09 <karen> usually there are a lot of "local" expenses
18:19:38 <skymandr> thank you for clearing that up, karen!
18:19:41 <karen> :)
18:20:09 <andreasn> so I spoke to afranke briefly. It's not a great hurry, but since the organization that hold that money right now is a bit slow, the sooner we can get details for what bank account to transfer the money to, the better
18:20:21 <afranke> Indeed.
18:20:36 <skymandr> suggested action?
18:20:45 <teuf> last year we had pic nic, accommodation, tshirts, lanyard, printing (badges, annual report), tea/coffee, ... in local expenses
18:20:51 <afranke> (And by the way part of the money belongs to me so I'd be happy to get it back as well :) )
18:20:53 <teuf> and lunch
18:21:31 <andreasn> skymandr: it depends a bit on if we open our own bank account or do it via FFKP
18:21:41 <skymandr> in that case we let it rest.
18:21:45 <andreasn> so as soon as that is sorted out, we can move on with it
18:22:21 <skymandr> #info There is money coming in to the organisation, but we need to sort ut bank details before they can get all teh way.
18:22:27 <skymandr> movinb on
18:22:32 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 -- 2 Call for papers
18:22:43 <skymandr> Patrick and Andreas have a system for submissions ready. Is the system ready for reviewers too?
18:22:49 <skymandr> So say my notes.
18:22:56 <skymandr> Comments from andreas or patrick?
18:23:04 <puiterwijk> Almost, I'm finishing it up now, and planning to put it in prod tomorrow or the day after
18:23:14 <andreasn> excellent news!
18:23:19 <skymandr> huzzah!
18:23:19 <oliverp> puiterwijk: cool
18:23:27 <puiterwijk> there's a dev instance running though
18:23:39 <puiterwijk> http://guadecregcfp-patrick.rhcloud.com/  <-- comments welcome
18:23:54 <skymandr> #link http://guadecregcfp-patrick.rhcloud.com/  <-- comments  welcome
18:24:23 <andreasn> puiterwijk: is there a way for the person who organizes the talks to get a overview?
18:24:26 <skymandr> #info puiterwijk says the system for paper submissions is all but ready.
18:25:04 <puiterwijk> andreasn: yes, and a voting system is also pretty much in
18:25:11 <andreasn> great
18:25:19 <fabiana> so much greatness!
18:25:22 <fabiana> thanks puiterwijk
18:25:23 <andreasn> thank you so much for working on this puiterwijk
18:25:35 <puiterwijk> you're welcome
18:25:43 <skymandr> if there is no more on that, let us move on to coordination of papers.
18:25:59 <skymandr> My notes say: During FOSDEM, Kat volunteered to coordinate papers
18:26:05 <andreasn> correct
18:26:11 <skymandr> We need volunteers this year as well.
18:26:19 <skymandr> or a volunteer.
18:26:41 <skymandr> ah
18:26:44 <skymandr> sorry.
18:26:45 <skymandr> haha
18:26:59 <skymandr> so. thanks Kat! :)
18:27:03 <fabiana> haha
18:27:12 <andreasn> afranke: who selected the talks last year?
18:27:31 <fabiana> that was a committee led by ebassi, no?
18:27:48 <skymandr> #info During FOSDEM, Kat volunteered to coordinate papers. Thank you Kat!
18:27:50 <afranke> Yep.
18:28:02 <afranke> ebassi and aday were in it if I remember well.
18:28:02 * pterjan can help
18:28:08 <oliverp> did not ebassi lead the coordination this year as well?
18:28:21 <fabiana> Kat is filling the role this year, oliverp
18:28:39 <afranke> What do you call coordination?
18:28:47 <skymandr> Suggested action? That those interested in helping out contact Kat?
18:28:53 <oliverp> fabiana: ok
18:29:01 <andreasn> skymandr: yeah
18:29:42 <fabiana> I was hoping Kat would join today, so we could discuss a timeline for announcing and selecting talks
18:29:52 <fabiana> but since she's not around, I guess we can move this to the mailing list
18:29:59 <skymandr> #action People interested in volunteering with coordinating papers are asked to contact Kat.
18:30:00 <andreasn> yeah
18:30:08 <skymandr> Good. Moving on.
18:30:10 <fabiana> puiterwijk: do you know when we'd be good to go with the system?
18:30:14 <andreasn> fabiana: do you want to send a mail regarding that?
18:30:21 <fabiana> just so we have a starting point for the discussion?
18:30:23 <fabiana> andreasn: sure
18:30:30 <skymandr> #info Kat planned on announcing the call for papers soon. This discussion is deferred to the mailing list.
18:30:30 <andreasn> yeah
18:30:31 <fabiana> action me!
18:30:32 <andreasn> thanks
18:31:10 <skymandr> #action fabiana will send an email regarding call for paper timelines discussion.
18:31:17 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 -- 3 Visa letters
18:31:28 <skymandr> Let me share my notes
18:31:38 <skymandr> Oliver went to Migrationsverket. Apparently the specifics depend on each country's embassies. This sounds weird, as the embassies don't represent Sweden and have nothing to do with students entry in the country.
18:31:45 <skymandr> His email didn't say if it's OK if the Foundation signs the letter
18:31:51 <skymandr> He also said there's apparently no liabilities to whoever signs the letter.
18:32:08 <skymandr> Anything to add to that oliverp?
18:32:21 <oliverp> that what was the person I spoke to at Migrationsverket said yes
18:32:35 <skymandr> any questions for oliverp?
18:33:02 <skymandr> If not, then>
18:33:04 <skymandr> We need someone to volunteer to write a template for the letter and to coordinate the approval of those with the Travel committee (if we are to mention sponsorship details). If the Foundation is signing things, they need to be involved as well.
18:33:08 <fabiana> oliverp: yes = the Foundation would sign it?
18:33:14 <skymandr> An appeal for a volunteer.
18:33:21 <andreasn> each country's embassy = the Swedish Embassy in eg. Japan
18:33:30 <andreasn> ?
18:33:49 <pterjan> I was wondering that, it would then make sense
18:34:10 <oliverp> 1 sec please
18:34:13 <skymandr> That's how I read it too. Care to clarify, oliverp?
18:34:38 <skymandr> While oliverp checks, are there any volunteers for writing a template?
18:34:42 <oliverp> yes that is correct and in some cases a specif consulate, that is the case for example Hong Kong
18:34:59 <andreasn> ok
18:35:10 <skymandr> Sveriges konsul kapten Fredrik Adelborgh.
18:35:19 <andreasn> haha
18:35:33 <oliverp> I have a question
18:35:37 <skymandr> please.
18:35:38 <andreasn> oh, that's actually real name maybe
18:36:03 <oliverp> is there not any temples that have been used in the past we can modify?
18:36:04 <skymandr> go ahead oliverp.
18:36:18 <oliverp> is this something we can investigate?
18:36:28 <fabiana> there is a template on the wiki
18:36:39 <andreasn> the ones from last year is probably fine
18:36:54 <skymandr> #info there is a template for invitation letters for visa purposes on the wiki.
18:36:54 <fabiana> https://wiki.gnome.org/Travel/Invitations
18:37:05 <skymandr> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/Travel/Invitations
18:37:18 <fabiana> the main thing we discussed previously in this channel was inclusing or not sponsorship information
18:37:24 <skymandr> So I ask again: volunteers?
18:37:35 <fabiana> as that involves bridging thing not only with the Foundation
18:37:41 <fabiana> but also with the travel committee
18:37:56 <fabiana> so it's likely to delay things for a questionable benefit
18:38:17 <oliverp> I can take a closer look at for the next meeting yes if no one else wants to do it
18:38:18 <skymandr> what does sponsorship mean in this context, fabi?
18:38:39 <oliverp> * a closer look at it
18:38:42 <andreasn> that the Foundation is paying for the travel
18:39:03 <skymandr> I don't see how that would affect the visa application in any major way.
18:39:03 <fabiana> some contributors have their flights and/or accommodation sponsored by the Foundation
18:39:30 <fabiana> skymandr: yeah, some would even argue that doesn't help at all, but people have asked for this to be added to the letter in the past
18:39:54 <skymandr> my suggestion then, is to deal with it on a case to case basis.
18:40:00 <fabiana> it does pose an extra load on whoever will wrangle the letters
18:40:18 <fabiana> as the letter goes first to the Travel committee and then to the Foundation, and those things take time
18:40:32 <afranke> In many cases this information actually leads to rejected visas.
18:40:43 <skymandr> my counter suggestion is that we decide today to not do this.
18:40:53 <afranke> As the people will appear as unable to sustain themselves.
18:41:02 <andreasn> we only have 20 minutes left of the meeting
18:41:09 <andreasn> so we're running short on time
18:41:10 <skymandr> do you have data to support that, afranke ?
18:41:31 <fabiana> skymandr: you mean to not add sponsorship details as a general policy?
18:41:34 <skymandr> thank you, andreasn.
18:41:39 <oliverp> +1
18:41:43 <afranke> Only from speaking about it with kittykat (who's on the travel committee).
18:41:44 <skymandr> yes.
18:41:56 <fabiana> skymandr: I'd back that
18:42:44 <andreasn> move to the mailing list?
18:42:46 <fabiana> anyone is absolutely opposed to not involving the travel committee in the visa letters process?
18:42:47 <skymandr> PRoposal: letters of support/invitation will not mention financing or sponsorship of travel and/or accomodation this year.
18:43:13 <oliverp> skymander: +1
18:43:34 <skymandr> +1
18:43:38 <fabiana> +1
18:43:47 <skymandr> andreasn?
18:44:00 <skymandr> #agreed letters of support/invitation will not mention  financing or sponsorship of travel and/or accomodation this  year.
18:44:08 <andreasn> not sure, travel commitee will know who's legit or not
18:44:14 <skymandr> oops. sorry. pressed enter too quickly.
18:44:22 <skymandr> or rather, irssi did it for me.
18:44:37 <fabiana> andreasn: if we don't mention travel details, we don't need to involve the travel committee
18:44:51 <fabiana> their role was basically to confirm sponsorship details
18:44:59 <andreasn> right
18:45:11 <skymandr> I find that we have a decision.
18:45:13 <skymandr> ,oving on.
18:45:15 <fabiana> if we skip that, letters go straight to the Foundation
18:45:19 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 -- 4 Venue and BoFs
18:45:20 <fabiana> to be digned
18:45:26 <andreasn> I guess we can still coordinate in general to make sure they are in the loop
18:45:34 <skymandr> #info Do we have any updates on Humanisten?
18:45:38 <skymandr> do we?
18:45:41 <andreasn> and kat is on both board and travel commitee anyway
18:45:52 <andreasn> sorry, new topic of course
18:45:55 <andreasn> no, not yet
18:46:07 <fabiana> would anyone take an item to reach out to them?
18:46:09 <andreasn> but I can reach out to Leif-Jöran this week and check
18:46:10 <fabiana> it's March already :)
18:46:11 <skymandr> ok. no reason for an action I think.
18:46:15 <skymandr> ah, yes.
18:46:20 <skymandr> so it is. time flies.
18:46:36 <andreasn> give him the dates etc
18:46:41 <andreasn> I'll send a mail
18:46:42 <fabiana> so andreasn will contact Leif Jöran
18:46:46 <fabiana> cool, thanks!
18:46:48 <skymandr> good.
18:46:53 <oliverp> yes great
18:46:57 <oliverp> :)
18:46:58 <skymandr> #action andreasn will email ljo
18:47:06 <skymandr> Seems Mattias has some information on a cheap place we can rent for BoFs? How cheap? How many rooms?
18:47:35 <fabiana> there was an email to guadec-local about this?
18:47:35 <skymandr> So, me MAttiasb and oliverp was at Falken to look at cheap or free rooms.
18:47:42 <fabiana> oh, cool!
18:47:50 <skymandr> There was, as fabiana says an email to guadec local about this.
18:47:59 <oliverp> yes
18:48:31 <andreasn> so the room are either cheap of for free. The free option will involve some administritiva, but that should be ok
18:48:33 <skymandr> they seem good for bofs, and we think the poor wifiquality can be fixed, because friendly ppl ahve offered us to borrow repeaters.
18:48:46 <andreasn> yeah, that should be fine
18:48:49 <skymandr> we have said to meet with them again to discuss.
18:48:56 <skymandr> can we move on?
18:49:11 <andreasn> skymandr: lets coordinate a time to meet them after the meeting
18:49:20 <skymandr> perfect.
18:49:21 <andreasn> yeah, lets move on
18:49:23 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 -- 5 Sponsors
18:49:32 <oliverp> #info Google sponsorship confirmed.
18:49:42 <skymandr> good!
18:49:45 <oliverp> #info Karen are the contact for the Google sponsorship and have details about it
18:49:46 <fabiana> what level?
18:50:25 <skymandr> good news, but can we defer the deails to the list since we're running short on time, pleas?
18:50:29 <oliverp> karen: do you want to elaborate here?
18:50:30 <fabiana> sure
18:50:52 <oliverp> skymandr: sounds good
18:50:52 <skymandr> karen: if you please, do so on guadec-local.
18:50:54 <andreasn> we sent a mail to the board to reach out to the adboard
18:51:00 <andreasn> but no reply yet
18:51:07 <skymandr> #info OwnCloud is our first sponsor.
18:51:14 <skymandr> nothing to add to that I guess.
18:51:21 <fabiana> yay? :D
18:51:21 <karen> so is there a private email address I could use for the details?
18:51:31 <skymandr> #info We need to confirm Leif Jöran's sponsorship.
18:51:32 <karen> there are various things that should be considered
18:51:39 <andreasn> sponsors@guadec.org ?
18:51:40 <oliverp> I think Google was confirmed first
18:51:50 <karen> yeah google is confirmed
18:51:57 <andreasn> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Sponsors
18:52:04 <andreasn> #info https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Sponsors
18:52:13 <skymandr> I think the order is irrelevant. would fabiana or andreasn coordinate with karen please?
18:52:20 <skymandr> regarding email.
18:52:38 <fabiana> I'll check with afranke about that
18:53:02 <skymandr> andreasn, will you confirm with ljo if you email him?
18:53:12 <andreasn> about a sponsorship?
18:53:15 <skymandr> yes.
18:53:15 <andreasn> sure
18:53:18 <skymandr> good.
18:53:35 <skymandr> #action andreasn will ask ljo about his sponsoring guadec.
18:53:43 <skymandr> #info We need a plan to reach out to local sponsors. Basically have one or two people be responsible for sending a email template + brochure to potential sponsors.
18:53:57 <oliverp> skymandr: +1
18:54:03 <skymandr> any volunteers?
18:54:29 <oliverp> I understand that andreasn have begun to that already
18:54:39 <oliverp> *begun to do that
18:54:49 <fabiana> I can help writing the template, but I wouldn't be the best to lead this
18:54:55 <fabiana> since I'm not familiar with local companies
18:55:02 <oliverp> #info I'm ready to start contact potential local sponsors
18:55:07 <skymandr> I have a suggestion, if we feel that getting sponsors is slow going, namely to ask for sponsoring specific things, such as "the saturday lunch" or "coffee for the weekend" or "tram cards for the participants"
18:55:11 <andreasn> I don't have many local contacts, but I've begun reaching out to some sponsors
18:55:21 <andreasn> skymandr: good call
18:55:50 <oliverp> I'm happy to that start reach out to local companies
18:55:51 <fabiana> makes sense
18:55:59 <afranke> Something that should be explored is things like having a sports clothing company sponsor the sports event.
18:56:27 <oliverp> I also think we should start use social media for asking about sponsors
18:56:39 <skymandr> should we defer the discussion of the particulars to the list?
18:56:45 <andreasn> sure
18:56:51 <oliverp> or a future meeting
18:57:29 <skymandr> any actions?
18:57:58 <andreasn> oliverp has an action to reach out to local sponsors on the list
18:58:11 <andreasn> I can take care of the pelagicore one, since I have a contact there
18:58:12 <oliverp> on the list?
18:58:22 <andreasn> https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2015/Sponsors
18:58:23 <skymandr> #action oliverp and andreasn will start reacing out to local sponsors
18:58:29 <oliverp> +1
18:58:34 <andreasn> but Southpole, PurpleScout etc
18:58:43 <oliverp> oh that list yes
18:59:12 <skymandr> #action fabiana will help with writing a template. skymandr is happy to help with helping.
18:59:23 <oliverp> always think that "list" as the wiki
18:59:27 <skymandr> ok. then we have less than 1 minute and one more item.
18:59:36 <oliverp> *think about that "list"
18:59:48 <skymandr> #info We should start adding confirmed logos to the site.
18:59:51 <skymandr> yes we should.
18:59:57 <oliverp> +1
19:00:02 <fabiana> andreasn: can you do that?
19:00:11 <andreasn> yes
19:00:17 <fabiana> great! next :)
19:00:28 <andreasn> next is Other
19:00:35 <skymandr> #action andreas will start using the confirmed logos for great justice.
19:00:42 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 --  6 Other
19:00:47 <andreasn> Great Justice?
19:00:52 <skymandr> any outstanding issues.
19:00:54 <skymandr> ?
19:00:59 <fabiana> not from my end
19:01:10 <oliverp> no not for this meeting
19:01:25 <skymandr> andreasn? (its a quote, btw. ddg it)
19:01:28 <andreasn> next meeting maybe?
19:01:34 <oliverp> good one
19:01:36 <skymandr> good point.
19:01:42 <andreasn> in two weeks?
19:01:46 <skymandr> #topic GUADEC Meeting 11 March 2015 --  7 Next meeting.
19:01:51 <oliverp> sure sounds good
19:02:03 <skymandr> wednesday the 25?
19:02:15 <oliverp> works for me
19:02:20 <fabiana> same time?
19:02:31 <skymandr> the likelyhood is high that I won't be able to attend, but I can try.
19:02:36 <oliverp> works for me
19:02:50 <skymandr> can we decide that?
19:02:52 <fabiana> skymandr: would a different date work better?
19:03:02 <skymandr> yes, but not that week.
19:03:20 <skymandr> I'll try to make it.
19:03:26 <skymandr> all for?
19:03:28 <fabiana> maybe on the 30th?
19:03:50 <fabiana> I just realizes I can't make it on the 25th as well
19:03:53 <fabiana> I'll be abroad for work
19:04:03 <andreasn> sure, 30th should work
19:04:09 <oliverp> yes for me to
19:04:23 <skymandr> should work, yes
19:04:25 <fabiana> so 30th, 18 UTC
19:04:34 <oliverp> sounds good
19:04:48 <skymandr> #agreed next meeting 30th MArch, 18 UTC
19:04:59 <skymandr> if there are no other points, then
19:05:09 <andreasn> thanks for your time everyone!
19:05:17 <skymandr> all that remains is to point out, that
19:05:34 <skymandr> #info today Douglas Adams would have turned 63.
19:05:34 <oliverp> yeah thanks everyone good, great that we kept the time
19:05:36 <fabiana> thanks everyone!
19:05:43 <oliverp> :)
19:05:45 <fabiana> haha thanks skymandr!
19:06:04 <skymandr> and here is a birthday treat, dug out of the archives by his brther:
19:06:07 <skymandr> #link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdOoJmDCV64
19:06:16 <skymandr> thank you for the meeting everyone!
19:06:26 <oliverp> skymander: thanks for charing the meeting!
19:06:30 <skymandr> #endmeeting