13:02:40 <afranke> #startmeeting
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13:03:21 <afranke> #meetingtopic GUADEC 2014 organization meeting for June 16th 2014
13:03:53 <afranke> #topic Status update
13:04:18 <afranke> I'll try to cover everything I can think of.
13:04:30 <afranke> In no particular order.
13:04:52 <afranke> Don't hesitate to ask related questions as I cover a topic.
13:05:11 <afranke> Accommodation:
13:05:59 <afranke> Our plan a year ago was to book rooms at CIARUS, a "luxury youth hostel", but it turns out it's too expensive.
13:06:09 <afranke> (about 40€ a night)
13:06:38 <afranke> So we later decided to book rooms at FEC, who told us they can provide ~100 beds, and some more throught CROUS.
13:07:06 <afranke> But recently I got numbers that showed that it was not needed to have more beds.
13:07:18 <afranke> So now we're only booking rooms at FEC.
13:07:50 <teuf> what kind of numbers ?
13:07:52 <afranke> This week I'm giving them more details about what we really need and when we need it.
13:07:59 <afranke> teuf, from A Coruña.
13:08:45 <teuf> ah, past year numbers, ok
13:08:48 <afranke> By the way CROUS was demanding a firm engagement and precise numbers very early, too soon for us.
13:09:09 <afranke> #action afranke to contact FEC with detailed needs for accommodation
13:09:51 <afranke> We don't know the exact prices yet, we just know it'll be under 25€.
13:10:03 <pterjan> how many rooms can they provide in addition to sponsored ones?
13:10:36 <afranke> It's 100 in total.
13:10:48 <afranke> 60 in single rooms, 40 in double rooms.
13:11:01 <afranke> The double rooms are all taken by sponsored people.
13:11:07 <afranke> With a couple of single rooms.
13:11:15 <pterjan> ok so over 50, thanks
13:11:27 <afranke> So we have 58-ish single rooms available to sell.
13:11:36 <afranke> I'm tempted to decide the final price for attendees is 25€, and open booking at that price.
13:11:52 <pterjan> sounds fine to me
13:12:01 <afranke> The price difference won't be too big and would be a (minor) source of revenue.
13:12:47 <afranke> Anyone else wants to express agreement/disagreement?
13:13:31 <afranke> BTW for people joining us along the way (hey liberforce and andreasn), an uptodate log is available at https://meetbot.gnome.org/guadec/2014/guadec.2014-06-16-13.02.log.txt
13:13:43 <liberforce> thanks
13:13:50 <andreasn> hi!
13:14:04 <andreasn> sorry for coming a couple of minutes late
13:17:05 <afranke> #agreed 55 rooms will be sold at 25€ a night
13:17:38 <afranke> #info The legal entity is Linux Logistique
13:18:32 <afranke> #link http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/lilo/index information about Linux Logistique (LiLo)
13:19:02 <afranke> They will be providing us with their bank account, I should receive the details today or tomorrow.
13:19:50 <afranke> The contract between the foundation and LiLo is in the hands of the president, we should receive the signed copy anytime soon.
13:20:16 <afranke> We need to look for an insurance.
13:20:24 <rtcm> afranke: as soon as you get it let me know so that we can finally transfer last year's remaining funds
13:20:33 <afranke> rtcm, I will.
13:21:05 <kittykat> (sorry I'm late, got into some traffic
13:21:19 <afranke> For the insurance, I think we should take the same we had for RMLL. We need someone who can read French to dig the RMLL wiki to find out what company it was.
13:21:23 <muelli_> FWIW: if you need to get rid of that money quickly, we can transfer it to my account and I'll wire it as soon as LiLo is ready.
13:21:50 <afranke> kittykat, agenda and log available at https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2014/Meetings/20140616
13:22:21 <kittykat> thanks afranke
13:22:53 <afranke> Hmmm. Any question about LiLo and anything related?
13:23:32 <kittykat> afranke: contract? is it done yet?
13:24:01 <pterjan> <afranke> The contract between the foundation and LiLo is in the hands of the president, we should receive the signed copy anytime soon.
13:24:28 <andreasn> president of LiLo?
13:24:39 <kittykat> great
13:24:45 <kittykat> andreasn: marc simon
13:24:54 <kittykat> he was the counter signatory
13:25:10 <andreasn> right
13:26:07 <afranke> Let me check my notes to see if anything else belongs to "status update"
13:26:43 <afranke> Sports.
13:26:53 <afranke> We have a sport hall from a high school.
13:27:11 <afranke> The rent should be low, I'm waiting for a precise figure.
13:27:36 <afranke> Given it's size, it can only host one game of football at a time.
13:27:39 <afranke> *its
13:28:26 <liberforce> afranke: are there other sports planned ? like volley ball
13:28:36 <afranke> To offer more choice, I would like to go to the parc de la citadelle where they have two basket-ball courts.
13:29:06 <afranke> And it's a park, so people go in the grass and play freesbee or whatever…
13:29:17 <afranke> people *can
13:29:32 <liberforce> depends more on the weather, but would definitely be nice
13:29:39 <afranke> The only issue is that there's a ~1km distance between the building and the park.
13:29:53 <afranke> Or 3 tram stations.
13:30:16 <afranke> You can actually check it on google maps. The high school is "lycée Jean Rostand".
13:30:30 <pterjan> I belive most people can walk 1Km :)
13:30:35 <pterjan> (if the weather is nice)
13:30:50 <fredp> I agree, 1km shouldn't be a problem.
13:30:52 <pterjan> but if people want to do sports, walking 1Km is a good warmup
13:31:15 <liberforce> and a guadec without volley ball isn't really a guadec ;)
13:31:25 <afranke> It's 1.3km according to Google maps. I also think it's reasonable.
13:31:59 <afranke> Oh BTW we can borrow basket balls and volley balls from the high school.
13:32:20 <afranke> We just need someone to get them, bring them to the park, and look after them.
13:32:45 <afranke> So I take all this as an agreement that this is the way to go. :)
13:32:56 <liberforce> #agreed
13:33:11 <fredp> I'll even volunteer to bring the balls if nobody else wants it.
13:33:13 <afranke> #agreed Lycée Jean Rostand for football, parc de la citadelle for basket-ball
13:33:19 <afranke> fredp, great. :)
13:34:12 <afranke> Last item for status update: we're trying to reach out to Diamond editions (who publish Linux Mag and other FLOSS related magazines) .
13:34:32 <afranke> We'd like them to advertise the event one way or another.
13:35:04 <afranke> They usually publish something for free when it's a volunteer FLOSS event like GUADEC.
13:35:30 <afranke> Especially when it's in Alsace as they are in Sélestat (~40km south of Strasbourg).
13:35:52 <afranke> Unless anyone has questions on anything I covered so far, we can move on.
13:36:04 * afranke goes to the kitchen grab a glass of water.
13:37:07 <afranke> #topic Talks schedule
13:37:13 <pterjan> would be great to gen something posted but should be very soon
13:37:21 <pterjan> I guess July editions are ~ready
13:37:26 <pterjan> get
13:37:28 <kittykat> anyone from the papers committee here?
13:37:40 <afranke> ebassi is present but might be away. :(
13:37:50 <afranke> Same for vuntz.
13:38:03 <afranke> aday and amigadave are not here.
13:38:11 <kittykat> amigadave is downstairs having breakfst
13:38:19 <kittykat> (we're at a hackfest)
13:38:23 <afranke> Yeah, no need to rush him.
13:38:32 <afranke> Let's postpone the topic
13:38:40 <kittykat> I can give a small update
13:38:46 <afranke> Oh alright.
13:39:01 <kittykat> what I've heard is that most talks are accepted and 5 people still need to confirm
13:39:34 <kittykat> there's a question as to whether there should be another 45 minutes of lightning talks
13:39:44 <afranke> I've seen aday update a wiki page with a draft letter that says "we have some more slots available, would you like to present?"
13:39:44 <kittykat> but the committee should hopefully decide on that soon
13:40:04 <kittykat> it's an option, but they haven't decided for sure yet
13:40:09 <afranke> #info Talks schedule almost done, should be posted soon
13:40:42 <kittykat> the schedule is done for talks to start at 10am and finish at 6pm (if I remember correctly)
13:41:06 <afranke> Sounds about right.
13:41:07 <kittykat> it takes into account the lunch hours and when we need to be at the canteen
13:41:39 <kittykat> I think that's pretty much it from the papers committee
13:41:46 <afranke> While we're on that topic, we can discuss keynotes a bit.
13:42:02 <afranke> #info Nathan Willis has been confirmed as a keynoter
13:42:25 <afranke> We also wanted to have Matthew Garrett, but I don't remember who was in touch with him.
13:43:22 <afranke> On the local side, we're trying to get a female "UX" specialist (from the University if I remember well) to do a keynote.
13:44:13 <afranke> There's a fourth slot.
13:44:29 <afranke> There are lots of suggestions on the mailing list.
13:45:07 <afranke> I'm already pushing for the first three slots, it would be nice if there was someone else besides me taking the decision for the fourth slot. :)
13:45:27 <kittykat> I would personally not be especially unhappy if we only had 3 keynotes and gave over the other slot to something else
13:45:36 <afranke> Maybe set up a vote or have a group of people agreeing that one of the suggestions is indeed what we want.
13:46:00 <afranke> kittykat, that would be fine by me, but again I don't want to be the one taking all decisions.
13:46:18 <andreasn> didn't we just have 3 keynotes last year?
13:46:23 <kittykat> probably
13:46:33 <kittykat> afranke: I'm happy to make that decision :)
13:46:38 <afranke> 3 keynotes + AGM?
13:46:49 <afranke> (For last year)
13:47:01 <kittykat> indeed, the AGM was in the morning
13:47:06 <andreasn> the zareason woman, the game porter and the endless guy
13:47:11 <afranke> Indeed.
13:47:26 <afranke> #agreed We're only doing three keynotes.
13:47:30 <kittykat> about the schedule, I would very much like for the AGM to be on Saturday, if possible, or Sunday during the day otherwise
13:47:52 <afranke> Who wants to report this decision to the list?
13:48:02 * kittykat will do it
13:48:20 <afranke> #action kittykat to post to the list about having only 3 keynotes
13:48:37 <afranke> kittykat, have you expressed that desire to the committee?
13:49:17 <afranke> kittykat, also you mentionned having "something else" on the fourth slot. Did you have something in mind?
13:49:47 <kittykat> afranke: by proxy, I can follow up more directly unless someone else also has strong opinions
13:50:18 <kittykat> afranke: maybe finish early one day or have the AGM there or the foundation presentations
13:51:29 <afranke> Ok, let's just suggest that to the committee and see what comes out of it.
13:51:48 <afranke> #action kittykat to discuss options for the fourth slot with the committee
13:51:56 <afranke> I got an email 1 minute ago from my contact at the high school, he wants to know the exact arrival/departure times.
13:52:12 <afranke> Shall we say from 1800 to 2200?
13:52:40 <afranke> fredp, from your experience as a football player and GUADEC attendee, is that long enough?
13:53:09 * fredp tries to stop laughing first.
13:53:17 <afranke> (The talks stop at 1800 so that would mean the place would be ours from 1800 but we would actually start a bit later)
13:53:18 <rtcm> more than enough, I don't think anyone has the stamina to play for more than 1 hour :-)
13:53:20 <fredp> but yeah, 4 hours is certianly fine.
13:53:52 <afranke> rtcm, actually I was wondering if we have enough people to make several teams and kind of a tournament.
13:54:18 <afranke> So ok, 1800 to 2200 it is. :)
13:54:21 <fredp> rtcm: there's only one field, given enough people we'll have teams so we will need time to have everybody playing.
13:54:23 <pterjan> is it a problem if finishing early? I guess there will be someone to handover the keys at all time
13:54:30 <rtcm> afranke: last year it was only enough for 2 teams with a couple of replacements that we rotated
13:54:49 <kittykat> afranke: can we get nike or reebok to sponsor some drinks and snacks? for the football, so people don't have to go off for dinner?
13:55:02 <afranke> pterjan, no it won't be a problem.
13:55:37 <pterjan> Le coq sportif ? :)
13:55:55 <afranke> kittykat, that's a nice idea. There's "Le Coq Sportif" who is a "local brand" as it was created and has its HQ near Strasbourg.
13:56:15 <afranke> I don't have contacts there though. I'll see what I can do.
13:56:55 <kittykat> afranke: awesome :D
13:57:03 <afranke> #action afranke to try to reach out to Le Coq Sportif to get them to sponsor the sport event.
13:58:00 <afranke> marina is not here, so I'm skipping the invitation letters
13:58:11 <afranke> #topic Volunteers coordination.
13:58:38 <afranke> kittykat, would you be able to sum up what that job means?
13:59:05 <andreasn> (I might run out of battery any second here, if I suddently dissapear)
13:59:08 <afranke> Do we need someone local (who knows where to get what)? I would think so but you seemed to imply it's not the case
13:59:35 <afranke> andreasn, we need you for a later topic, will you be able to come back?
14:00:02 <andreasn> according to my system, I have 30 more minutes
14:00:04 <kittykat> it involves scheduling their efforts and organising them
14:00:18 <andreasn> I forgot my charger at home, it's about 10 minutes tram ride away
14:00:23 <afranke> andreasn, should be enough.
14:00:27 <kittykat> getting all of their contact details and making sure that they're where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be
14:01:25 <afranke> kittykat, ok, so that's more like scheduling than actually being the one that has all the answers.
14:01:38 <pterjan> is there already a list of tasks?
14:01:49 <kittykat> and they need to know where to get all the answers
14:01:58 <afranke> kittykat, we should, as you suggested earlier, ask the student that volunteered for visas. She can do that I think.
14:02:55 <afranke> I'll try to get someone from the local LUG to be present and be the go-to person.
14:03:48 <afranke> #action afranke to ask Shivani if she wants to be the coordinator.
14:03:52 <kittykat> that would help as the coordinator will need to know things like "where's the closest shop that sells water", "where's the closest shop for power extension leads"
14:04:08 <afranke> #action afranke to get someone from the LUG to help with volunteer coordination
14:04:34 <afranke> #topic Website
14:04:49 <afranke> I have a minor annoyance about that.
14:04:50 <kittykat> we need a volunteer to keep the website up-to-date
14:04:59 <afranke> We're starting to have information in two places
14:05:08 <afranke> The website and the wiki.
14:05:24 <afranke> For instance travel info, or visa information, are in both places.
14:05:32 <afranke> And they don't say the same thing.
14:05:33 <kittykat> the wiki is only for organisers with the exception of the lightning talk and BoF pages
14:05:33 <andreasn> I can volunteer for that in case nobody else wants to take it on
14:06:24 <fabiana> kittykat: andreasn ran out of battery
14:06:29 <fabiana> we're going back home soon
14:06:45 <kittykat> fabiana: would  be great if he could coordinate the website efforts
14:07:01 <kittykat> I think that people were pointed to the wiki because the website did not have the right information on it
14:07:12 <afranke> fabiana, should we do a "meeting part two" later today to discuss website related issues?
14:07:15 <liberforce> looks like the remaining power estimation needs some fixing :p
14:08:03 <fabiana> kittykat: afranke: he'll be back in 20min
14:08:08 <afranke> #info andreas found someone to help with the PHP.
14:08:18 <fabiana> the website stuff is kinda tricky right now, we're both short on time
14:08:24 <fabiana> and the payment stuff is way above our league
14:08:35 <fabiana> but hopefully dvd will be able to take care of it all
14:08:55 <fabiana> (though she's also apprehensive about the payment thingies)
14:09:10 <afranke> fabiana, thanks for the info.
14:09:34 <afranke> fabiana, let's move on to something else and get back to it later when andreasn is back?
14:09:43 <pterjan> I can try to help if needed, even if I haven't touched PHP for over 10 years
14:10:12 <afranke> pterjan, the bank is Credit mutuel, I've tried to find docs about their API but couldn't find much and it's all in French.
14:10:22 <afranke> And I know close to nothing when it comes to web.
14:10:32 <afranke> So maybe you can indeed help with this.
14:10:50 <pterjan> ok
14:11:14 <afranke> #action pterjan to give a hand with payment setup on the website.
14:11:22 <fabiana> pterjan: awesome! I
14:11:29 <fabiana> * I'll let andreasn know :)
14:11:36 <afranke> #topic Sponsors
14:11:39 <fabiana> we're running home now, we'll be back in 20min or so.
14:11:44 <afranke> fabiana, see you.
14:12:08 <afranke> kittykat, any news about the Asian sponsors?
14:14:17 <kittykat> afranke: not yet, last I heard was same as you did on the mailing list
14:14:32 <afranke> Ok.
14:14:33 <afranke> I've had some news from software engineers at Archos that told me "Nop, we're not using any GNOME piece as far as I can see".
14:14:57 <afranke> Apart from that, no recent news from any sponsor.
14:15:27 <kittykat> we've got four confirmed: red hat, google, igalia and suse
14:15:42 <kittykat> afranke: maybe make a call for ideas on foundation-list?
14:15:50 <afranke> I asked for an appointment with someone working for the city of Strasbourg.
14:15:56 <kittykat> I like the idea of offering smaller custom sponsorships to small companies
14:16:39 <kittykat> it would be interesting to see if maybe collabora, codethink or canonical would be interested in something smaller than bronze
14:16:45 <afranke> kittykat, oh yes I forgot to tell that maybe I have a sponsor for the morning break pastries.
14:16:52 <kittykat> awesome :)
14:16:59 <pterjan> great :)
14:17:13 <pterjan> anything for parties?
14:17:21 <afranke> For the afternoon, rather than pastries, I was thinking we should buy fruits.
14:17:30 <afranke> pterjan, sadly no, but it's not the same price.
14:17:44 <afranke> pterjan, a party is ~20€/attendee.
14:17:47 <kittykat> afranke: also could ask geekthreads and o'reilly if they want to have stands in exchange for a donation from the sales
14:17:48 <pterjan> collabora is good at parties :P
14:19:03 <afranke> kittykat, O'Reilly used to have someone who was attending European events with a stand and huge discounts, but she's left recently and so far nobody is replacing her.
14:19:19 * afranke doesn't know geekthreads
14:20:54 <afranke> kittykat, do you know who contacted Collabora (or any other of the companies listed as contacted on the wiki page with no recent status update) ?
14:22:36 <afranke> Hey muelli_, any idea of German companies to contact for sponsorship? :)
14:23:18 <muelli_> afranke: unfortunately, not. I guess one could just open the yellow pages and find some IT companies in the area and just hit them up.
14:24:05 <kittykat> afranke: no idea, sorry
14:24:21 <muelli_> I don't think there is any German GNOME company left :-/
14:24:55 <afranke> Well there sure aren't many GNOME companies to begin with. :(
14:25:09 <afranke> Ok, next topic.
14:25:17 <afranke> #topic Merchandise
14:25:34 <afranke> #info We requested a quote from GraphyWest
14:25:59 <afranke> We've made business with them for past local events and it was good.
14:26:58 <afranke> #info afranke is waiting for a quote for lanyards and bagde holders from a local company
14:27:25 <kittykat> afranke: both of those might be cheaper online
14:27:39 <kittykat> afranke: do you know what size badge holders you need?
14:28:12 <afranke> My request to the company was "same size as this one" showing the one from A Coruña.
14:28:14 <kittykat> and you will need three colours of lanyards: press, volunteer/organiser and attendee… although you can drop press, if you prefer
14:28:33 <afranke> Do we usually do this?
14:28:38 <kittykat> afranke: sure, also ok to have one that's twice as big
14:28:47 <afranke> Volunteers should already have a shirt.
14:31:23 <pterjan> I think having it visible on the badge (colored banner?) could be more visible and cheaper than different lanyards
14:32:05 <afranke> pterjan, note that for shirts for instance, you can have number of sizes and colors, it doesn't change the price.
14:32:19 <afranke> The only thing that changes the price is the total number of shirts.
14:32:37 <kittykat> afranke: yes, although you could drop the press ones
14:32:49 <kittykat> but we used to have a press room where press can go to work in quet
14:32:49 <afranke> You can even have 499 blue shirts and one pink. It's the same price as 500 yellow shirts.
14:32:52 <kittykat> quiet, even
14:32:57 <kittykat> sorry, gotta go to hackfest
14:33:04 <afranke> kittykat, thanks, see you.
14:33:17 <pterjan> afranke: I believe it also depends on printable surface
14:33:19 <afranke> pterjan, I'll see if the color changes anything for lanyards.
14:33:33 <pterjan> (for the shirts)
14:34:14 * pterjan remembers having to pay extra because the thing to print wouldn't fit at the same size on small female ones
14:35:23 <pterjan> for lanyards I have no idea how it works :)
14:36:28 <afranke> We'll see.
14:36:29 <afranke> Anything else besides shirts and lanyards?
14:37:19 <afranke> We don't really have any extra budget for cool stuff to give away, so I don't think there's anything else.
14:37:52 <afranke> #topic Visas
14:38:30 <afranke> #info marina finished the letter templates and got them signed
14:38:54 <afranke> #info marina and two volunteers are working on gathering the details and sending invitations
14:39:04 <afranke> #topic Open floor
14:39:49 <afranke> If anyone has anything to add about any topic… :)
14:40:27 <liberforce> the music band maybe ?
14:40:44 <liberforce> do we have a list of people willing to play ?
14:41:29 <liberforce> is the place and instruments renting confirmed ?
14:41:56 <afranke> liberforce, good question.
14:42:13 <afranke> Originally the plan was to have the jam session during the museum party.
14:42:33 <afranke> But since we don't have a sponsor the party is cancelled (until further notice).
14:42:51 <liberforce> ok
14:42:55 <afranke> Plan B for the event is to go to a bar, have a not-sponsored party.
14:43:04 <afranke> I.e. no free food, no free beverages.
14:43:14 <afranke> We haven't started looking for the bar yet.
14:43:38 <afranke> But depending on the bar, we can have the jam session there.
14:43:42 <liberforce> going to a bar to eat and drink is what people will end up doing anyway
14:44:13 <afranke> I'll check with the association who organises jam sessions to see if they have any habits.
14:44:45 <afranke> liberforce, yeah, the trick is we would 1) recommend a bar so that most of the people end up at the same place and 2) make sure the bar has enough room for all of us. :)
14:44:51 <andreasn> back, sorry for the delay
14:45:48 <liberforce> afranke: maybe a chance to meet non-geeks :p
14:46:01 <afranke> Hehe.
14:46:02 <bastianilso> afranke: what was the status on volunteer shirts again? did you say all registerd volunteers have shirts? Im not sure thats the case (at least for me, im new)
14:46:26 <afranke> bastianilso, we're giving a volunteer shirt to volunteers.
14:46:35 <bastianilso> okay, thanks for the clarification
14:46:40 <afranke> This shirt is the same as the one you can buy, but a different color.
14:47:02 <afranke> bastianilso, maybe you remember the Brno shirts we were selling at FOSDEM?
14:47:15 <afranke> Some were blue (regular), some were red (volunteer).
14:48:11 <bastianilso> ah
14:49:42 <liberforce> about user outreach, if anyone has ideas, please contact me
14:50:10 <liberforce> haven't found ideas to have the "U" of GUADEC have reasons to come
14:51:13 <afranke> liberforce, I will give you an email address and phone number from someone from Desclicks http://desclicks.net/
14:51:36 <afranke> If we give them exact details of what we want, they can prep demo computers for us.
14:51:54 <liberforce> local association ?
14:52:04 <afranke> So for instance you can ask them for 4 demo computers with Fedora and the latest GNOME…
14:52:07 <afranke> liberforce, yep.
14:52:25 <afranke> Also they can advertise the event a bit.
14:52:35 <liberforce> not sure if that's what we really want
14:52:54 <liberforce> people that don't know GNOME will have no reason to come during the hollidays
14:53:11 <liberforce> the university is closed at that time, isn't it ?
14:53:17 <afranke> Yes it is.
14:53:19 <bastianilso> liberforce: have you talked to #engagement about user outreach?
14:53:26 <bastianilso> for guadec that is
14:53:26 <liberforce> i'd like to have real users
14:53:37 <bastianilso> maybe we can have some coordination with marketing materials etc
14:53:41 <afranke> Desclicks is selling refurbished computers and giving lessons using free software.
14:53:55 <afranke> So the audience they could bring is interesting for us.
14:53:58 <liberforce> bastianilso: nope, been AWOL these days
14:54:04 <liberforce> bastianilso: i'll do that
14:55:32 <liberforce> afranke: my idea behind the user outreach was more to give a speach area for people that already use GNOME
14:55:53 <liberforce> becaus of this long term trolling about GNOME not listenig to the community and its user base
14:55:59 <fidencio> afranke: any hackerspace in the city? maybe they can help with the "users"
14:55:59 <pterjan> are there such people ? /o\
14:56:48 <afranke> liberforce, so people that use XFCE for instance can't come and say what they dislike about GNOME or see the new version and get maybe an interest in changing desktops?
14:57:08 <afranke> fidencio, nop, it's being created and it way too small for now.
14:58:04 <liberforce> afranke: if they dislike something about GNOME, they are or were GNOME users
14:58:46 <afranke> liberforce, so maybe having the demo computers is not a bad idea after all?
14:59:42 <liberforce> afranke: I was not saying it's a bad idea. Even for me, as I often am 1 or 2 releases behind
14:59:47 <afranke> Also reaching out to people not knowing a thing about GNU/Linux or GNOME is also one of the missions of the engagement team, so maybe they will be interested in that.
14:59:54 <liberforce> so seeing the newest version is nice
15:00:14 <bastianilso> definitely
15:00:16 <afranke> Anyway the details could be discussed with the engagement team.
15:00:21 <liberforce> ok
15:00:30 <afranke> liberforce, can I assign you this task?
15:00:35 <liberforce> yep
15:00:46 <afranke> #action liberforce to talk to the engagement team about bring back the U in GUADEC
15:01:19 <afranke> I think we covered everything for today, didn't we?
15:03:08 <andreasn> anything specific I missed regarding the website during the time my computer died?
15:03:29 <afranke> No, we stopped discussing it after fabiana and you got away.
15:03:50 <afranke> andreasn, I have a couple requests, we can discuss that after the meeting.
15:03:54 <andreasn> ok.
15:04:10 <andreasn> did you see the event expresso link in my mail?
15:04:27 <afranke> I had a look, I'm not sure what it does.
15:04:51 <afranke> Is that something you integrate like a plugin or is it outsourcing registration?
15:05:09 <andreasn> it's a plugin
15:05:46 <fabiana> yep,  a plugin for WordPress especifically
15:06:17 <fabiana> should handle custom forms, and all the payment trickery
15:06:32 <andreasn> http://eventespresso.com/features/event-registration/
15:06:35 <afranke> So the question is whether we can allocate budget to buy the plugin that solves our trouble?
15:07:55 <andreasn> it's 100 usd, if budget is an issue I can buy it as a donation to the foundation
15:10:03 <afranke> Ok, then I'm not sure if you're expecting an answer or decision from anyone. :)
15:10:45 <afranke> If you think it's worth using it, then I think it's worth using it and you have my approval.
15:11:05 <andreasn> cool!
15:11:30 <afranke> From a budget perspective, we're currently at an estimated -5k, so I can't say if we can pay for it. Maybe ask the board?
15:12:07 <andreasn> -5K? It looks like it's 50 usd, so I'll take it from my own pocket
15:12:38 <liberforce> BTW how much is missing to finance the parties ?
15:14:17 <afranke> liberforce, either find one company that specifically wants to pay for a party (about 5k), or two that want to split, or get enough general sponsors so that the general balance is at +5k.
15:15:28 <afranke> liberforce, by the way if we want to do the party at the museum, even if we find funding, we need to make a reservation soon or else the place may not be available anymore.
15:15:38 <liberforce> :(
15:16:48 <afranke> #endmeeting