14:06:17 <afranke> #startmeeting
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14:06:27 <afranke> #meetingtopic Weekly GUADEC meeting
14:06:37 <afranke> #chair rishi
14:06:37 <Services> Current chairs: afranke rishi
14:06:39 <rishi> sesivany: karenesq: pmkovar: andreasn: kittykat: afranke: muelli: tpopela: andre: ebassi: rtcm: Lets go.
14:06:43 <pmkovar> - registration - film night - second party - budget for refreshments -
14:06:43 <pmkovar> volunteers - open floor
14:06:49 <karenesq> great!
14:06:53 <rishi> Thanks pmkovar !
14:06:57 <pmkovar> np :-)
14:07:17 <rishi> rtcm: tpopela: Do you have any updates for the registration?
14:08:14 <afranke> rishi, make sure you use #topic when you move to a new one. :)
14:08:18 <tpopela> I think all the news has Rui..
14:08:37 <rishi> #topic Registration
14:08:47 <rtcm> hey, yes, there were some issues with gopay.cz
14:09:08 <rtcm> but it's fixed now
14:09:22 <fnudged> sorry for being late
14:09:27 <sesivany> rtcm: great to hear that
14:09:27 <rtcm> so I'm waiting for them to flip the switch
14:09:30 * rishi waves to fnudged
14:09:38 <karenesq> hi fnudged!
14:09:46 <sesivany> rtcm: any idea when they will do it?
14:09:54 <rishi> #info Encountered issues with gopay.cz, that have now been fixed.
14:10:14 <rtcm> sesivany: they are not the most responsive types... I'm crossing my fingers for today still but can't promise
14:10:40 <rishi> Ok. Thanks for pushing this through, rtcm !
14:11:04 <rishi> #topic Schedule
14:11:06 <sesivany> rtcm: yes, my fingers are also crossed :)
14:11:18 <rishi> Ok. So the schedule is now up on the website.
14:11:26 <rishi> andreasn: Looks really nice.
14:11:35 <fnudged> excellent
14:11:37 <rtcm> indeed
14:11:37 <rishi> ebassi: Thanks for preparing it in the first place!
14:11:52 <rishi> Is anyone planning to blog about it?
14:11:53 <rtcm> we still need to decide on which keynotes will be on which day
14:12:21 <rishi> karenesq: Did we decide on whom to invite for the  GNOME Keynote?
14:12:25 <sesivany> looks like things have moved forward today.
14:12:26 <rishi> ie. the 4th one.
14:12:29 <andreasn> saumya is working on hooking up the schedule to the actual talks still
14:12:35 <karenesq> rishi: n, we should decide here
14:12:38 <rtcm> also, I think we should include the official social activities (aka parties :-) in there somewhere
14:12:42 <rishi> saumya: Oh, great!
14:12:50 <rishi> saumya: By the way, hi!
14:12:58 <rishi> rtcm: True.
14:13:07 <rishi> I don't know how it was done in earlier years.
14:13:17 <karenesq> I sent a few suggestions to the list...
14:13:33 <rishi> karenesq: Do you think we should add the parties to the schedule on the website as rtcm suggested?
14:13:38 <rishi> fnudged: ^^^
14:13:47 <karenesq> rtcm: I agree with that it would be great to include the events in the schedule
14:13:53 <rtcm> I think making it part of the schedule makes it likely for people to find them, also including them in the badges
14:13:56 <karenesq> rishi: definitely
14:14:02 <fnudged> sure
14:14:12 <rishi> #info Social events should be added to the schedule on the website.
14:14:14 <rishi> Ok.
14:14:21 <sesivany> btw I'd like to propose a new activity...
14:14:22 <fnudged> or have a serate page
14:14:28 <rishi> sesivany: ?
14:14:52 <sesivany> a guided tour around Brno for spouses, family members etc. We've got a great guide.
14:15:11 <karenesq> sesivany: thats a great idea
14:15:12 <sesivany> a Canadian historian who's been living in Brno for 40 years.
14:15:14 <fnudged> sesivany: sounds marvelous
14:15:15 <karenesq> wow
14:15:19 <rishi> Yeah, I remember that we spoke about this once or twice in the past. But we never decided on something.
14:15:21 <karenesq> is it expensive?
14:15:34 <rishi> sesivany: Sounds great. How much will it cost?
14:15:51 <sesivany> karenesq: it would be for free because he works for Expat Center and Red Hat is their golden partner.
14:16:16 <rishi> Awesome! So lets do it? fnudged , rtcm what do you think?
14:16:18 <fnudged> thst would be neat
14:16:20 <sesivany> i will talk to Tyler who was supposed to contact him in this regard.
14:16:57 <rtcm> sure, sounds great
14:16:59 <sesivany> what day do you think would be the best for it?
14:17:02 <rishi> #topic Guided Tour for spouses and kids
14:17:14 <fnudged> Talking of the expaat center, they have a lot of interesting tours
14:17:15 <rtcm> I've heard this sir speaking a couple of times and he's fun :-)
14:17:36 <fnudged> maybe we could link to them and other Brno expat sites
14:17:42 <rishi> #info Brno Expat Center can offer a Canadian historian staying in Brno for 40 years as a guide.
14:17:48 <rishi> rtcm: Interesting. :-)
14:18:06 <rishi> Ok. So lets do it.
14:18:16 <rishi> Moving on to the 4th keynote.
14:18:25 * shivani says sorry for interrupting, but the above sounds super awesome :D p.s. hi everyone :)
14:18:29 <karenesq> wow! we like free! :D
14:18:32 <rishi> #topic 4th Keynote
14:18:34 <rtcm> sesivany: please take care of that, ok?
14:18:51 <karenesq> that does sound really awesome
14:18:53 <sesivany> rtcm: I will
14:18:59 <rtcm> thanks
14:19:06 <rtcm> we need a 4th keynoter ASAP
14:19:10 <karenesq> thanks sesivany!
14:19:18 <karenesq> rtcm: agreed!
14:19:32 <karenesq> did any of the suggestions I made sound good? do others have any better suggestions?
14:19:44 <andreasn> I didn't do much on the schedule actually, it was all fabiana
14:19:55 <rishi> andreasn: :-)
14:19:57 <rtcm> and should probably be someone from the GNOME community
14:19:58 <rishi> fabiana: Thanks!
14:20:10 * andre recommends reading last year's AGM feedback at https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2012-August/msg00011.html with regard to "Foundation Annual General Meeting" in the schedule
14:20:30 <karenesq> I suggested a joint keynote between guy from collabora and jjsanchez from igalia
14:20:46 <karenesq> andre: yeah! andreasn and i were just talking about that yesterday :)
14:20:50 <fnudged> interesting
14:20:52 <andre> alright
14:21:03 <karenesq> andre thanks for reminding us!
14:21:06 <rtcm> karenesq: I like that idea fwiw
14:21:18 <karenesq> I also suggested me and marina jointly talking about OPW
14:21:38 <karenesq> or joanie, API and jjmarin talking about accessibility
14:21:50 <rtcm> so many possibilities :-)
14:21:56 <karenesq> i don't know why all of my ideas are for joint talks :)
14:22:07 <rtcm> karenesq: have you approached any of them?
14:22:14 <rishi> karenesq: What would the joint Collabora / Igalia keynote be about?
14:22:20 <karenesq> rtcm; nope,but they are all attending, I believe
14:22:21 <fabiana> rishi: yw!
14:22:54 <karenesq> rishi; maybe ask them to do a survey of where we are in the industry and where we should be going?
14:23:04 <afranke> karenesq, isn't there already a talk about outreach?
14:23:55 <karenesq> afranke: not a keynote.
14:24:14 <andreasn> does lightning talks and agm actually have a break in the middle? a leg stretcher?
14:24:29 <ebassi> andreasn: no
14:24:45 <ebassi> andreasn: the LT is the last session of the regular days
14:24:53 <karenesq> afranke: and we'd want the keynote to be more about GNOME as a leader, about diversity in communities and how we've changed the ideas of outreach to improve things for everyone
14:24:55 <andreasn> ebassi, ok, thanks! then it's correct on the website
14:25:05 <ebassi> andreasn: and both the AGM and the LT come after the afternoon break
14:27:10 <rishi> karenesq: I like the idea of a a11y talk too.
14:27:47 <karenesq> yeah rishi
14:27:57 <karenesq> the only thing is that they turned us down last year
14:27:57 <rishi> karenesq: I have a feelingthat the industry angle is already covered to some extent.
14:27:58 <rtcm> sounds good to me too
14:28:13 <rishi> karenesq: Because we have Matt & zareason.
14:28:19 <karenesq> so we can ask and see what they say
14:28:25 <karenesq> yeah that's true rishi
14:28:34 <rtcm> ok, who asks them?
14:28:35 <rishi> karenesq: Oh, the a11y guys turned us down before!
14:28:39 <rishi> Didn't know that.
14:28:42 <karenesq> the did
14:28:57 <karenesq> they didn't want to seem like they were outside our community by having a keynoe
14:29:00 <karenesq> keynote
14:29:22 <rishi> karenesq: I see, but this time we want someone from inside the community so ... :-)
14:29:24 <karenesq> but I think we've now got an established record of having one keynote from our innermost folks :
14:29:26 <karenesq> :)
14:29:31 <rishi> *nod*
14:29:31 <karenesq> right!
14:29:38 <karenesq> if everyone agrees, I can ask
14:29:46 <karenesq> and we'll see what they say
14:29:49 * rtcm agrees
14:29:53 * rishi agrees
14:32:01 <rtcm> so it's decided!
14:32:22 <rishi> #info Ask the A11y team if they want to do a keynote.
14:32:39 <rishi> karenesq: There you go. :-P
14:32:42 <karenesq> great!
14:32:44 * rtcm loves this descision making process
14:32:48 <karenesq> hahaha
14:32:55 <afranke> rishi, note that there's #action too.
14:33:23 <rishi> afranke: Ah, right. #action was more appropriate here.
14:33:34 <rishi> #action Karen will ask a11y team about a keynote.
14:33:38 <karenesq> :)
14:33:53 <rishi> #action Jiri will ask Brno Expat Centre about a guided tour from their Canadian historian
14:34:00 <rishi> Moving on to the film night.
14:34:08 <rishi> This is fnudged 's brainchild.
14:34:30 <rishi> A member of the Czech Pirate Party has been helping us with the licensing, etc..
14:34:43 <rishi> fnudged: sesivany: Do you have anything to add / update ?
14:35:00 <sesivany> rishi: no
14:35:12 <fnudged> rishi: my brainchild?
14:35:22 <sesivany> maybe one thing...
14:36:03 <sesivany> Marcel says that if it's limited to GUADEC participants who have to pay for a conference fee, then it's considered a commercial event.
14:36:05 <fnudged> well, I talked to Marcel yesterday and hope that he will join us at our local meetinh
14:36:14 <sesivany> which would have some implications.
14:36:39 <sesivany> so maybe we should make it a formally open event, but advertize it only among GUADEC attendees.
14:36:40 <fnudged> right, so lets not limit to them
14:36:56 <fnudged> we've fot enough space
14:37:11 <rishi> fnudged: Do we have a shortlist of films?
14:37:21 <fnudged> not yet,
14:37:36 <fnudged> Hope to talk to Marcel tonight
14:37:41 <andreasn> easy, Transformers 1, 2, 3
14:37:47 <andreasn> ;)
14:37:52 <fnudged> hmm
14:37:58 <sesivany> rishi: not yet, Marcel will choose them based on character of the event because some movies have licenses only for non-commercial use.
14:37:58 <rishi> andreasn: I think the idea is to have CC licensed  stuff.
14:38:26 <rishi> sesivany: Ok. Sounds reasonable.
14:38:32 <andreasn> rishi, sounds good, I do not watch the transformers movies
14:38:39 <andreasn> only when I'm sick
14:38:44 <rishi> #topic Movie night
14:39:06 <rishi> #action Nature of the conference (commercial vs. non-commercial) needs to be decided.
14:39:29 <rishi> sesivany: fnudged: Anything else?
14:39:53 <sesivany> sesivany: not from me
14:39:54 <fnudged> rishi: the nature must be non-comercial otherwise we loose the venue
14:40:04 <fnudged> it's part of the contract
14:40:18 <karenesq> sita sings the blues? it's actually freely licensed (sorry andreasn)
14:40:19 <sesivany> let's simply make it open to anyone.
14:40:28 <karenesq> and it's a great movie
14:40:43 <karenesq> highlights the importance of free culture
14:40:47 <karenesq> and sharing generally
14:41:08 <fnudged> for the purpose of the movie night I would simply say open to public
14:42:00 <sesivany> http://karl-tux-stadt.de/ktuxs/?p=3555 - we had those movies at free movie night at DevConf last year.
14:42:02 <fnudged> well, lets collect ideas for cc licensed movies
14:42:15 <rishi> #info Sita Sings the Blues (http://www.sitasingstheblues.com/) was proposed by Karen.
14:42:59 <rishi> #info Freely licensed movies shown at DevConf: http://karl-tux-stadt.de/ktuxs/?p=3555
14:43:00 <sesivany> but I think it should be Marcel's job, we can just tell him our suggestions. He knows much more about the matter than at least I do.
14:43:10 <rishi> sesivany: Yes, true.
14:43:16 <rishi> karenesq: Thanks for the suggestion.
14:43:24 <karenesq> also, Girl Walk is nonommercial, so nonfree but very fun
14:43:49 <karenesq> s/nonommercial/noncommercial
14:44:37 <rishi> #info Girl Walk (http://girlwalkallday.com/) was proposed by Karen.
14:44:38 <karenesq> (and my friends made it :)  )
14:44:48 <rishi> Moving on to the next topic now.
14:45:03 <rishi> #2nd party + Networking Event
14:45:13 <rishi> #topic 2nd party + Networking Event
14:45:19 <rishi> Sorry about that!
14:45:24 * rishi looks at vbenes
14:45:46 <rishi> karenesq: vbenes wanted to know how we are doing w.r.t. to the budget, and how much can we afford for this.
14:45:51 <rishi> fnudged: ^^^^
14:46:07 <rtcm> we need at least read access to the purse basically
14:46:13 <rishi> Otherwise it is hard to talk to prospective venues and settle on a price.
14:46:19 <rishi> rtcm: :-)
14:46:42 <rtcm> also, the dorms want to be paid in advance for the sponsored people
14:47:19 <fnudged> Well, I think we had a sponsor for the second party giving 40,000 CZK or 2,000 USD
14:47:38 <vbenes> fnudged: I think is not enough for me
14:48:04 <fnudged> how much do you think you need fro the brewery
14:48:07 <fnudged> ?
14:48:15 <karenesq> we're fairly tight budgetwise, as you've seen in emails. I'm still waiting to hear back from some potential sponsors but both igalia and collabora came in at lower levels
14:48:46 <fnudged> vbenes: ^^^
14:48:56 <vbenes> I need to know if I can prepare contract for those amounts I asked for
14:49:24 <fnudged> vbenes: how much do you need for the b rewery?
14:49:26 <karenesq> I've been seeking out more sponsorship too
14:49:28 <vbenes> I haven't received anything and those owners are starting to think I am crazy asking for something and then postponing week by week
14:49:42 <karenesq> vbenes: you can work with zana for the funds
14:49:57 <rtcm> yeah, we need action on deciding this, and for that we really need a balance spreadsheet
14:49:58 <rishi> karenesq: Currently we have 45000 USD from sponsors, right?
14:50:00 <karenesq> also, liberix should invoice the EU companies directly
14:50:19 <karenesq> rtcm: agreed a balance spreadsheet would be helpful
14:50:40 <fnudged> good but meanwhile we need some money to pay advances for the social events
14:50:41 <sesivany> if we start the registration, I think we can have several thousand $$ in a couple of days this way, too.
14:51:14 <vbenes> karenesq: can you send me back what is approved from the mail i sent to you? Can I start with Fleda's catering and rent?
14:51:20 <karenesq> the foundation can front funds if necessaray as I said before
14:51:32 <karenesq> you just need to work with zana
14:51:39 <sesivany> AFAIK Liberix still has around 33k CZK from the money GF sent them.
14:51:44 <vbenes> karenesq: aha.. that was a bit of misunderstanding
14:52:11 <vbenes> karenesq: I've not sent anything to her.. is she here?
14:52:39 <karenesq> she's not online right now
14:52:40 <rtcm> ok, so we'll set up a spreadsheet later during the local meeting and do an expenses column
14:52:51 <karenesq> zana@gnome.org, and cc me
14:52:58 <vbenes> karenesq: ok
14:52:58 <karenesq> cool rtcm
14:53:01 <rtcm> karenesq: we'll then confirm with you the income column
14:53:25 <karenesq> cool!
14:53:42 <vbenes> sesivany: can you send me some address of Liberix to add into contracts?
14:54:15 <vbenes> I will then ask Fleda owner to prepare contract
14:54:29 <vbenes> We can then send it to Liberix to get it signed
14:54:45 <sesivany> vbenes: just look them up on justice.cz, you've got all info about them including ICO, DIC etc.
14:56:15 <sesivany> speaking of such formalities, rtcm, will the registration generate tax documents as I proposed?
14:56:25 <rtcm> sesivany: yes
14:57:02 <fnudged> vbenes: contact details and IDs: http://liberix.cz/o-spolecnosti/kontakty/
14:57:08 <rtcm> ok, we'll end this topic later on the local meeting I suppose
14:57:14 <sesivany> rtcm: great, back it up on some location please, so that we can easily give it to Liberix's accountant.
14:57:34 <rtcm> sesivany: it's saved into the DB and sent as email to the participants
14:57:34 <sesivany> let's move one then.
14:57:59 <sesivany> s/one/on
14:58:24 <vbenes> rtcm: have to go to another meeting.. let's meet in an hour down there
14:59:19 <rishi> vbenes: Ok.
14:59:21 <rishi> vbenes: Thanks!
15:00:13 <karenesq> thanks vbenes!
15:00:31 <rtcm> any other topics?
15:00:39 <rishi> #action vbenes will talk to zana and prepare contract with Fleda
15:00:41 <rishi> Moving on to "budget for refreshments".
15:00:58 <rtcm> that's sort of covered already?
15:01:01 <rishi> fnudged: Did you have something in mind?
15:01:19 <rishi> If not then I can give an update on the welcome party.
15:02:16 <fnudged> rishi: sure
15:02:25 <rtcm> I mean, budget details isn't something for an IRC meeting, we can do that later
15:02:29 <fnudged> some coffee, tea
15:02:32 <rtcm> IMO anyway
15:03:06 <fnudged> nope, iti isn't but we need one and it is not yet covered
15:03:33 <rtcm> I think quite a few things aren't covered because no-one is keeping track...
15:03:42 <rtcm> that's what we'll fix on today's local meeting
15:04:10 <rtcm> after we have a spreadsheet we can decide on what to cover and what not to cover
15:04:23 <rtcm> in principle everything would be nice to cover :-)
15:04:35 * rtcm wants a pink poney
15:05:33 <rtcm> rishi: what about that meeting about the reception?
15:05:41 <fnudged> right
15:05:46 <rishi> #topic Welcome Party
15:06:04 <fnudged> rishi: do you mean budget wise?
15:06:05 <rishi> Me and tpopela|mtg met with the cafe at the university on Monday about the welcome party.
15:06:58 <rishi> It is this place: http://www.ventanacafe.cz/
15:07:52 <rishi> We are planning to have it from 16:00 to 21:00 on 31st of July.
15:08:35 <rishi> The initial plan was to sponsor 2 drinks for each person and have 3 options: wine, beer and something non-alcoholic (eg., juice).
15:08:45 <rtcm> sounds good to me
15:09:17 <sesivany> good to me too
15:09:21 <rishi> We expect to have around 150 people there -- assuming that there will 200 odd participants at GUADEC and some people might arrive too late for the party, etc..
15:09:40 <rishi> They will charge 30 CZK for each drink.
15:09:44 <rishi> ie. 60 CZK per person.
15:09:56 <rishi> That makes it 9000 CZK for the whole thing.
15:10:05 <rtcm> it's not really a party btw
15:10:17 <rtcm> we'll just be delivering badges
15:10:21 <rishi> rtcm: Yeah, true.
15:10:24 <rtcm> and I expect people to hang around
15:10:26 <sesivany> the price is sweat
15:10:34 <pmkovar> welcome event then?
15:10:40 <rishi> The cafe owner offered to set up a table with some snacks for another 3000 CZK.
15:10:41 <rtcm> pmkovar: yes
15:11:36 <rishi> He said that if people started asking for sandwiches, etc. at the bar then it would be problematic because they might run out of food.
15:11:39 <karenesq> last year the registration party was pretty popular, except for the fact that it was really hot in that location
15:12:00 <rishi> So he thought it would be better if we went for the table.
15:12:18 <rtcm> karenesq: this is outside mostly
15:12:27 <rishi> Other than that, he doesn't want a contract or any advance payments.
15:13:09 <rishi> He asked for the conference schedule so that the cafe knows when the coffee breaks are, which would let them be prepared.
15:13:20 <rtcm> good point
15:13:34 <rishi> Now that the schedule is out, I or tpopela|mtg will take care of it.
15:14:12 <sesivany> I think we can include the table, 12000 CZK for the whole thing is still a nice price.
15:14:26 <rishi> sesivany: Yeah, I think so too.
15:14:36 <rishi> vbenes said that he knew of a cimbal player / band who could play some Moravian music if asked.
15:14:48 <rishi> I don't know how much that will cost, though.
15:14:49 <rtcm> I'd rather not to be honest
15:14:57 <rishi> rtcm: The cimbal or the table?
15:14:57 <rtcm> not for this thing at least
15:15:02 <rtcm> the cimbal
15:15:04 <rishi> *nod*
15:15:10 <rtcm> I mean, people are arriving, they want to talk
15:15:20 <pmkovar> you don't like cimbal?!?! :-)
15:15:47 <rtcm> and I'm not sure if having music in that area would be ok with the university
15:16:02 <rtcm> they're already touchy with high heels on the grass according to Tomas :-)
15:16:07 <rtcm> ladies ^
15:16:10 <fnudged> rtcm: the music wold be 30 minutes top
15:16:37 <rtcm> fnudged: this is a long thing, from 16:00 to  21:00 and I expect people to come and go...
15:16:51 <rtcm> I mean, hang around for 1 or 2 hours perhaps but...
15:16:54 <karenesq> rtcm: ha, we don't usually have a lot of high heels, though we're doing better in getting women to GUADEC :)
15:17:08 <rtcm> :-)
15:17:12 <pmkovar> how about if we have the music at the brewery / networking event then?
15:17:27 <rtcm> pmkovar: sure, that sounds good
15:17:28 <fnudged> rtcm: right, to keep them stay to the end we thought of this
15:17:28 <pmkovar> i like cimbal, personally :-)
15:17:55 <rtcm> fnudged: we can discuss it later anyway
15:18:21 <fnudged> pmkovar: the brewery is too big for it
15:18:30 <fnudged> without amplifiers
15:18:53 <pmkovar> i remember there was the music  at the last rh event at the brewery
15:19:01 <pmkovar> maybe the had amplifiers
15:19:02 <rishi> fnudged: What about the table full of snacks for another 3000 CZK?
15:19:04 <rishi> You ok with that?
15:19:06 <pmkovar> they, rather
15:19:21 <fnudged> the table sounds quite reasonable
15:19:27 <sesivany> I'm for the table.
15:19:41 <rtcm> rishi: sounding like a broken record here but, I think we need to have a spreadsheet in front of us to decide those things
15:20:02 <rishi> True. :-)
15:20:25 <rishi> This is all tentative without knowing the actual money situation.
15:20:38 <fnudged> rishi: sure
15:20:41 <rishi> Lets draw up a list of payments that we need to make and send it to zana and karenesq
15:20:41 <rishi> #info 9000 CZK for drinks and 3000 CZK for snacks
15:20:46 <rtcm> right, it's good to know people opinions sure
15:21:00 <fnudged> plus vbenes will ask about band
15:21:11 <rishi> Next on the agenda is volunteers.
15:21:17 <rishi> kittykat: ?
15:21:20 <fnudged> right
15:21:21 <rishi> #topic Volunteers
15:21:33 <rishi> fnudged: We need to buy that prepaid SIM card.
15:21:38 <rishi> Otherwise we can't print badges.
15:21:51 <rtcm> we also need to know people's sizes for the tshirts
15:21:55 <rishi> Will you buy it? Or shall I buy it? Or is someone else doing it?
15:22:01 <fnudged> sure, I thought you already did?
15:22:01 <rtcm> so we need a list soon rather than later
15:22:23 <fnudged> rtcm: list?
15:22:40 <rishi> fnudged: You originally wanted to , but then you fell sick and I sent an email asking if I should but didn't get a reply. :-)
15:22:46 <rtcm> list of volunteers and their thshirt preferences
15:22:48 <rishi> fnudged: Ok, I will buy it then.
15:22:57 <rishi> fnudged: Do you have any preferred providers?
15:23:05 <sesivany> rishi: talking about badges?
15:23:06 <fnudged> rtcm: list of volunteers is up and runing on gnome wiki
15:23:22 <rishi> fnudged: I guess if we stick to one that is used by most of us, then it could be cheaper?
15:23:36 <fnudged> I already asked whether we can have a page on guadec.org linking to it
15:23:49 <rishi> sesivany: Yeah, the badges need to have an emergency contact number, and we need to buy the SIM card for that.
15:24:05 <fnudged> this page has been started a few months ago, moving it is a bad idea
15:24:25 <sesivany> rishi: ah ok, buy some prepaid stuff, Tesco Mobile or something like that.
15:24:48 <rtcm> fnudged: I know, but it still says TODO
15:25:46 <rishi> sesivany: And do I just buy it in my name?
15:26:23 <sesivany> rishi: yes, but keep the receipt.
15:26:29 <rtcm> rishi: prepaid doesn't have a name I think
15:26:42 <fnudged> that's right
15:26:50 <rtcm> oh the receipt, probably doesn't have a name either though
15:26:52 <fnudged> ask for an invoice
15:27:04 <sesivany> receipt should be enough
15:27:13 <fnudged> okay
15:27:36 <rishi> #acion Rishi will buy a prepaid SIM card for the emergency contact
15:28:02 <rishi> We can decide the T-shirt sizes for volunteers at  the local team meeting.
15:28:05 <rishi> sesivany: Ok?
15:28:10 <rishi> ie. today
15:28:23 <sesivany> that would be welcome :)
15:28:39 <rtcm> hmm, but we need the real sizes from people on that page, no?
15:28:52 <rtcm> we can guess though
15:29:13 <rishi> What next?
15:29:14 <rtcm> sesivany: you already ordered something right?
15:29:30 <rtcm> sesivany: how many and when do they want to be paid?
15:29:32 <sesivany> rtcm: yes, I ordered the first batch of t-shirts for participants.
15:29:49 <sesivany> based on numbers kittykat posted here last time.
15:30:50 <rishi> Right.
15:31:09 <sesivany> it will be pretty difficult to come up with the exact number.
15:31:17 * rishi notes that we have been running for 1:30 hr now
15:31:41 <sesivany> because we will need a different number of volunteers every day, we have no idea about the local volunteers yet,...
15:32:16 <sesivany> whatever we will come up with, I will happily order, but I need to know the number by the next week.
15:33:03 <rishi> sesivany: Lets get some of our own sizes today.
15:33:18 <rtcm> sesivany: when do they want to be paid?
15:33:43 <sesivany> rtcm: they can wait for us, so after the event takes place.
15:34:25 <sesivany> I order a lot of stuff from them, so I've got special conditions. Otherwise, we'd have to pay in advance probably.
15:34:34 <rtcm> ok, thanks!
15:34:52 <rishi> Ok.
15:35:08 <rishi> #info We can pay the T-shirt vendor after the event.
15:36:01 <rishi> Anything else?
15:36:07 <rishi> Or we can call it a day.
15:38:19 <sesivany> rishi, rtcm: will you need me at the local meeting? I'm not in Brno, but I can be on phone if necessary.
15:38:48 <rishi> sesivany: Ok. That should be fine.
15:39:23 <rishi> So, see you next week everybody.
15:39:26 <rishi> Thanks for attending.
15:39:29 <rishi> #endmeeting