14:07:27 <afranke> #startmeeting
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14:07:38 <afranke> #meetingtopic Weekly GUADEC meeting
14:07:44 <rishi> sesivany: vbenes1: pmkovar1: kittykat: xmlich02|rh: tpopela: ebassi: rtcm: afranke: Lets go.
14:07:56 <afranke> #chair rishi
14:07:56 <Services> Current chairs: afranke rishi
14:08:05 <pmkovar1> have a couple of minutes now, will have to go to another meeting soon :-)
14:08:19 <rishi> pmkovar1: Ok. No problem. :-)
14:08:24 * rishi looks at the agenda
14:08:44 <rishi> Registration. I think rtcm has some updates on it.
14:09:01 <afranke> #topic Registration
14:10:06 <rtcm> hi
14:10:26 <vbenes1> rtcm: do we plan to have the local one today?
14:10:56 <rtcm> vbenes1: I think we should, need to discuss tshirts
14:11:08 <rtcm> swag, parties/events
14:11:56 <rtcm> and more stuff that I forget I'm sure
14:12:34 <rtcm> about the registration:
14:12:51 <rtcm> it's really really almost done now™
14:12:55 <rtcm> :-)
14:13:10 <pmkovar1> that's cool :-)
14:13:13 <rishi> :-)
14:13:14 <tpopela> rtcm, and we should do it from 5 p.m.
14:13:21 <sesivany> rtcm: based on tears and blood :)
14:13:31 <rtcm> I got the gopay.cz user account details some hours ago, so I'm going to do the final integration tests with them today
14:14:00 <rtcm> then we'll ask them to flip the switch and we should be good
14:14:58 <rtcm> vbenes: as tpopela says, we could do it at 5pm if you don't mind
14:15:23 <rtcm> anyone has questions about the registration?
14:15:23 <rishi> rtcm: That sounds good.
14:15:39 <afranke> #info rtcm got the gopay user account details and just needs to do the final integration
14:15:46 <rishi> kittykat: You around?
14:16:09 <rishi> Ok. So, next topic.
14:16:16 <rishi> Visa Requirements.
14:16:24 <afranke> #topic Visa requirements
14:16:51 <rtcm> not much to talk about that
14:16:54 <rishi> I guess it is a bit tied to the registration, right? Some people probably want a confirmation of the registration.
14:16:57 <afranke> rishi, you should be able to do that too. Next topic just prefix it with #topic as I did.
14:17:04 <rishi> afranke: Ok.
14:17:36 <vbenes> rtcm: no i don't.. even better for me
14:17:37 <rtcm> rishi: I'm actually going to send a signed letter to all who requested it
14:18:04 <rishi> #info rtcm will send signed letter to all those who asked for it
14:18:13 <rishi> Ok
14:18:19 <rtcm> this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I00SlldI1v7alPxX-wSQzwjtzn7B2dlDOkB-gOSQsl8/edit?usp=sharing
14:18:51 <rtcm> apparently it makes it easier to get a visa if you have a proof of where you are staying
14:19:06 <sesivany> rtcm: one thing to this...
14:19:30 <sesivany> rtcm: from my experience, they usually require a letter in Czech.
14:19:50 <sesivany> rtcm: so it'd be better if someone translated it.
14:20:01 <rtcm> sesivany: ugh
14:20:26 <rtcm> I'm actually a bit pissed how this process is going
14:20:30 <tpopela> rtcm, no problem:)
14:20:54 <rtcm> I wonder why these people don't go/call the embassy and *ask* what they need
14:20:57 <afranke> rtcm, pissed by who?
14:21:08 <sesivany> i remember that when we provided a letter in English, the officer in the embassy in Lima, Peru, returned it.
14:21:11 <rtcm> anyway
14:21:16 <rtcm> </rant?
14:21:19 <rtcm> >
14:21:25 <rishi> :-)
14:21:35 <rishi> sesivany: Yes, you are right.
14:21:36 <sesivany> it may be different officer from officer.
14:21:54 <rishi> Usually the CZ embassies ask you to translate your documents into Czech.
14:22:04 <rishi> So it might be a good idea.
14:23:05 <rtcm> yeah, well, I'll ask Eliska to send them in czech then
14:23:13 <sesivany> it also looks a bit more trusted, a letter in English can be written by anyone, if it's in Czech, they know that the person at least know someone from the Czech Republic. It's stupid, but it's how they think.
14:23:45 <rtcm> but there have been letters sent out already in english
14:24:21 <rishi> rtcm: Can't help it if the applicants were not precise enough. :-)
14:24:32 <rtcm> *sigh*
14:24:35 <rtcm> next topic?
14:25:10 <rishi> Ok.
14:25:24 <rishi> Lets skip volunteers since kittykat and fnadge are not around.
14:25:45 <rishi> Maybe xmlich02|rh has an update about the students.
14:25:45 <rishi> ?
14:25:54 <rishi> #topic Volunteers
14:26:52 * kittykat just got back
14:27:17 <xmlich02|rh> There is nothing new in student union. They promised support.
14:27:33 <rtcm> they will need tshirts
14:27:37 <rtcm> we should know their sizes
14:27:41 <rtcm> and genders
14:27:44 <rtcm> to do the order
14:28:01 <xmlich02|rh> Ok, I will ask them.
14:28:10 <rishi> rtcm: Good point.
14:28:14 <rtcm> this applies to all volunteers ofc
14:28:48 <rtcm> although since we're going to order a big number we can estimate
14:28:55 <rtcm> and still have enough
14:29:10 <kittykat> rtcm: (for why people don't call the embassy) because the embassy will tell them one thing, which will be different from what the website says, and will ask for something completely different when the person travels 1000 miles to turn up for their interview. it's the embassy paradox ;)
14:30:00 <rishi> Anything else? We will be buying the SIM card and arranging a phone for co-ordinating the volunteers this week.
14:30:09 <rishi> Because that number needs to go on the badges.
14:30:40 <rtcm> kittykat: hey, sure, we do our best but can't promise miracles
14:30:55 <sesivany> speaking of volunteers: I need to know numbers and sizes ASAP to order it. That's something we can know earlier than GUADEC t-shirts which need to wait for the registraion.
14:30:56 <kittykat> rtcm: I'll see if I can get t-shirt sizes for volutneers for you
14:31:07 <kittykat> or for sesivany
14:31:22 <rtcm> you may just send it to the list
14:31:35 <kittykat> is everyone ok to go for 200 t-shirts?
14:31:37 <sesivany> kittykat: we don't need to know exact numbers, I guess we will order some more as a reserve.
14:31:46 <kittykat> that's one per day per person + some extras
14:31:58 <kittykat> how many people are on the local team?
14:32:01 <sesivany> simply some estimation based on last year's numbers and volunteers who have already signed up.
14:32:36 <kittykat> sesivany: I couldn't track down last year's local team to find out the numbers
14:33:01 <sesivany> kittykat: I'll ask Chema, we spoke with him yesterday.
14:33:33 <rtcm> I suppose we're about 10 but we'll likely get some more among students
14:33:49 <sesivany> kittykat: I think 6 t-shirts per person should be more than enough. We will need all volunteers for the core part which is 4 days, for the rest, we'll need maybe half of them on duty.
14:33:54 <kittykat> sesivany: cool, although I did ask him a few weeks ago and got redirected to some other people where the trail ended :)
14:34:21 <rishi> Since we are talking T-shirts ...
14:34:35 <rishi> What about the number of sizes ofor the stock T-shirt?
14:34:42 <kittykat> sesivany: I was calculating based on number of volunteers per day, not number of volunteers as I hope that the latter will be much higher than the first!
14:35:31 <kittykat> rishi: lemme just get my records from FOSDEM and DS
14:35:34 <sesivany> rishi: yes, I'd like to get some figures from last year's organizers, too.
14:35:46 <sesivany> rishi: to at least estimate the first order.
14:36:07 <rishi> sesivany: Last year they were too conservative in their estimates.
14:36:28 <rishi> So they had run out of T-shirts in the middle of the conference and had to order more in a hurry.
14:37:38 <sesivany> my plan is to make several orders, first ones will be based on rough estimations and the last one will reflect last orders via the online form. We should also buy some extra.
14:38:00 <rishi> Ok.
14:38:05 <sesivany> rishi: did they accept orders during the conference registration or it was only sold on site?
14:38:30 <rishi> sesivany: I *think* you could buy at the venue. I don't remember clearly.
14:38:43 <kittykat> in terms of ratio:
14:38:43 <kittykat> mens: 2.5 S : 5 M : 7 L : 4 XL : 1.5 XXL
14:38:43 <kittykat> womens: 1.5 S : 3 M : 1.5 L : 0.5 XL
14:38:45 <rtcm> sesivany: check your mail
14:39:05 <rishi> kittykat: Ok.
14:39:22 <rtcm> sesivany: just realized that for some reason you got dropped from cc:
14:39:36 <sesivany> rishi: then it should be easier for us this year because people will order them in advance. Then we can just maintain some extra if someone wants to buy extra for a girlfriend etc.
14:39:41 <kittykat> we *always* run out of larger womens' t-shirt sizes, so I upped it a tiny bit from the last event
14:40:01 <kittykat> sesivany: are the t-shirts included in the registration?
14:40:09 <rishi> kittykat: yes
14:40:42 <kittykat> cool, that will solve the too-many-t-shrits problem
14:41:47 <sesivany> rtcm: tmuller had a good point, we should state in the registration that t-shirts will be available for purchase on site, but only ordering it online guarantees you we will have the size etc.
14:42:57 <rishi> #topic T-shirts
14:43:28 <rtcm> sesivany: I can a subtext with that, sure
14:44:07 <sesivany> kittykat: we need a new design by andreas, right? the one he provided wasn't somehow suitable.
14:44:17 <rishi> #info suggested ratios from kittykat: mens: 2.5 S : 5 M : 7 L : 4 XL : 1.5 XXL ; womens: 1.5 S : 3 M : 1.5 L : 0.5 XL
14:45:03 <kittykat> sesivany: he'll probably change it so that the outline is solid and the inside is not. poke him and he should finish them today
14:45:14 <sesivany> rishi: I'm afraid the vendor doesn't have women's XL, just L :-/
14:45:40 <sesivany> rishi: last time we checked, it was XS->L
14:45:55 <sesivany> unisex: S->XXL
14:46:20 * rishi looks at kittykat
14:46:30 <kittykat> sesivany: what brand are the t-shirts? for reference, the sizes I mentioned are as produced by fruit of the loom and american apparel
14:46:50 <kittykat> czech manufacturers may have the letter sizes meaning other physical sizes
14:47:01 <sesivany> kittykat: R&C
14:47:20 <rtcm> sesivany: can you find a size chart in their website?
14:47:25 <rtcm> I couldn't yesterday
14:47:32 <sesivany> kittykat: it's not a Czech manufacturer, it's a global company like Fruit of the loom.
14:48:19 <sesivany> my bad, they've got XL: http://www.reklamnytextil.sk/index.cfm?module=Catalog&page=Product&ProductID=83145
14:48:27 <sesivany> why didn't I see it yesterday...
14:48:44 <kittykat> :)
14:49:45 * kittykat has to go now
14:50:29 <sesivany> rtcm: I'm not sure if we have women's XL in the form. If not, please add it.
14:50:38 <rishi> kittykat: Thanks for your input.
14:51:04 <kittykat> rishi: no problem, I've been meaning to put it on the wiki as it comes up regularly
14:52:02 <kittykat> if possible, it would be great if we could have a count of all sold t-shirts at the end of the event
14:53:27 <kittykat> who is receiving old t-shirts for on-site sales? I think Toby has all of them right now
14:53:41 <sesivany> kittykat: I have them.
14:53:49 <kittykat> sesivany: great ^_^
14:53:59 <sesivany> I've been asked to send 50 of them to Greece for some event.
14:54:23 <kittykat> the pricing is usually €10 for foundation members, €15 for non-members
14:57:24 <vrutkovs> fyi http://idsjmk.cz/aktuality/vlakvylukybrno.pdf Brno hlani nadrazi will be closed till Aug 11
14:58:12 <rishi> vrutkovs: Oh.
14:58:17 <rtcm> w00t?
14:58:24 <sesivany> that's not good...
14:58:47 <fidencio> that's *really* not good
14:58:58 <vrutkovs> we should recommend people to use tram 2 from Zidenice to get to main station
14:58:59 <rishi> Is there a replacement? Kralovo Pole Nadrazi for example?
14:59:53 <vbenes1> vrutkovs: I think you can use 44 to go to kralovo pole
14:59:58 <sesivany> rishi:  Brno-Židenice
15:00:10 <vbenes1> rishi: and yes, you can use train to krpole
15:00:33 <vrutkovs> replacement will be Brno-dolni nadrazi, but EC trains don't pass Kralovo pole
15:01:01 <vrutkovs> there are trains from Prague to KrPole, but they take like 4 hours instead of two
15:01:04 <rishi> sesivany: Ok. Ok.
15:01:17 <rishi> vrutkovs: I see.
15:01:44 <rtcm> pmkovar1: ^^
15:01:47 <vbenes> vrutkovs: you have to switch to Kralovo pole or use 44 or use two trains
15:01:51 <vbenes> I mean trams
15:02:32 <rtcm> pmkovar1: please take a look at this train issue later when workign on the "getting around Brno" page
15:03:09 <vrutkovs> vbenes: Zidenice 78 to Stara Osada then 44 to Kr Pole? looks complicated
15:03:24 <rtcm> ok, shall we switch to the local cabal^Wmeeting now?
15:03:40 <vbenes> rtcm: yup
15:03:47 * rishi notes that karen is here
15:03:48 <vbenes> rtcm at your place down there?
15:04:00 <rishi> rtcm: You might want to talk to her about the taxes / VAT issue.
15:04:06 <rtcm> vbenes: could be, or near the entrance
15:04:10 <vbenes> vrutkovs: S3 train directly to kralovo pole
15:04:15 <rtcm> karenesq: are you there?
15:04:20 <karenesq> hi rishi - I'm on a plane, and it took time to get online
15:04:22 <karenesq> hi rtcm
15:04:34 <vbenes> vrutkovs: 10 minutes, even shorter than with tram from main station :-)
15:04:54 <rtcm> karenesq: hey, we recently found out that we'll have to pay VAT on basically everything (including registration fees)
15:04:56 <vrutkovs> vbenes: right, looking for other options
15:05:16 <karenesq> oh wow rtcm, how much is VAT?
15:05:16 <rishi> #topic Taxes and/or VAT
15:05:21 <sesivany> I wouldn't send anyone to Kralovo Pole station, it's the ugliest train station I've ever seen :)
15:05:37 <rtcm> karenesq: we are currently planning on paying the VAT from "inside" the prices we have now
15:05:42 <rtcm> karenesq: it's 21%
15:05:49 <karenesq> and can we take any of the registration fees outside of Europe?
15:05:52 <karenesq> wow that's a lot
15:06:09 <karenesq> how are we doing on budget?
15:06:14 <sesivany> karenesq: but it's going to be offset by costs we have here.
15:06:41 <sesivany> karenesq: you pay VAT only from the difference between revenue and expenses.
15:06:51 <vbenes> karenesq: have you received my mail with invoices and pre paying for venues yesterday?
15:06:55 <karenesq> oh! ok only on profit?
15:07:07 <sesivany> karenesq: so the final VAT we will have to pay won't be 21 % of our revenues, much less.
15:08:12 <sesivany> the La Coruna guys had the same experience last year, the tax they had to pay was small in the end.
15:09:06 <rtcm> karenesq: I think that even for non-EU people, the VAT applies the same because it's service that's "consumed" here
15:09:06 <karenesq> vbenes: yes I got your email but I was confused by it
15:09:09 <sesivany> karenesq: the final tax = 21% x revenues - 21% x costs
15:09:25 <karenesq> sesivany: yeah it wasn't too bad for last year
15:09:32 <karenesq> that makes a lot of sense
15:09:47 <afranke> karenesq, how much is VAT in the US?
15:10:00 <rtcm> afranke: 0% :-)
15:10:02 <karenesq> vbenes, rtcm, did we every send out a list of event possibilities to our sponsors?
15:10:13 <sesivany> rtcm: yes, I consulted it with my friend who is a tax advisor in KPMG and he says the VAT applies to everyone since the services are consumed here.
15:10:19 <karenesq> we've already gotten some funds for an event from red hat
15:10:43 <rtcm> karenesq: I didn't send anything regarding events
15:10:59 <karenesq> afranke: yeah we don't have VAT  in the same way, and since we are a nonprofit, we don't pay tax on profit
15:11:08 <sesivany> afranke: in the US, they have a sales tax which is a bit different than VAT. And it's usually between 0-10%.
15:11:23 <karenesq> rtcm: I haven't asked any of our sponsors to fund events
15:11:38 <karenesq> yeah that can be high, but nonprofits can get exempt from a lot of sales tax too
15:11:49 <karenesq> in the US :)
15:12:32 <rtcm> karenesq: so we should send out something...
15:12:33 <karenesq> I was going to say that not *everything* about governmental policy is bad here, but then I remembered how much these tax exeptions get abused  :/
15:12:49 <karenesq> rtcm: yes, I thought someone was preparing something, can't remember who
15:12:55 <vbenes> karenesq: we need to pay some amounts for venues and catering and we need to decide what to do and when :-)
15:12:58 <vbenes> rtcm: ^
15:13:01 <karenesq> I'm sorry I should have followed up on this, but folks sounded  on it
15:13:08 <karenesq> yeah vbenes
15:13:10 <rishi> karenesq: vbenes has a list.
15:13:21 <karenesq> can you send a list to me and zana?
15:13:26 <karenesq> and we'll figure out how best to pay
15:13:54 <vbenes> karenesq: which one? I have several options for first night/networking meeting and some for that second party if we want any
15:14:03 <karenesq> rishi: RH and Google are paying in the US but we can invoice canonical and igalia locally
15:14:15 <rishi> #info All prices are inclusive of VAT
15:14:21 <rishi> #topic Social Events
15:14:25 <karenesq> vbenes: we need to see what we can get sponsors for
15:14:35 <karenesq> and what fits in our budget
15:14:54 <karenesq> last year, we just went with cheaper options since we couldn't get sponsors to step up for events
15:14:59 <vbenes> karenesq: I will sum everything up into one mail and will send it your way
15:15:08 <karenesq> ok, thanks
15:15:33 <rishi> vbenes: Did fnadge tell you something about the 2nd party -- the one with the networking events?
15:15:42 <karenesq> vbenes: weren't you going to prepare a little promo material to distribute to our sponsors?
15:15:45 <rishi> Just asking because we spoke about it last week.
15:15:49 <vbenes> karenesq: can we count with the first night party? I think that one is quite clear, isn't it?
15:16:19 <karenesq> vbenes: please bring me up to speed
15:16:21 <rishi> "first night party" == "Party at Fleda"
15:16:25 <vbenes> rishi: we talked but decided to speak more today, sadly
15:17:30 <rishi> karenesq: These are the social events that we have lined up at the moment:
15:17:37 <vbenes> karenesq: no I wasn't asked to prepare anything for sponsors, guys told me just to find out prices
15:18:10 <rishi> 1) Venue: Fleda, for everyone <-- this one was pretty much decided.
15:18:27 <rishi> 2) A movie night with CC-licensed movies at the university.
15:19:09 <vbenes> and: 0) registration event
15:19:13 <rishi> 3) A networking event for "professionals" with another event on the side for the others. vbenes has a few options lined upfor this one.
15:19:22 <rishi> vbenes: Yeah, that too. :-)
15:19:30 <karenesq> cool
15:20:05 <rishi> fnadge, me and rtcm had a chat about (3) last week.
15:20:06 <vbenes> I've found really cheap vine cellar next to university for 15 000 CZK for 20 - 40 people
15:20:28 <rishi> We thought it might be good to keep the networking event close to the one for the others so that people can get together afterwards.
15:20:44 <rishi> Don't know what others think.
15:20:56 <karenesq> that's great - that worked out really well last year
15:21:24 <karenesq> we need to make sure that the networking event is pretty nice)
15:21:25 <karenesq> :)
15:21:47 <karenesq> thank you guys for doing so much work on this - I know how much effort it takes to scout places out
15:22:06 <vbenes> karenesq: do we need super representative place to be in? that one close to university is a bit underground :-)
15:22:20 <sesivany> karenesq: we like checking such places out ;-)
15:22:24 <karenesq> :)
15:22:29 <rishi> vbenes: Didn't you have another option closer to the brewery?
15:22:31 <karenesq> super representative?
15:22:39 <karenesq> I'm not sure what you mean vbenes
15:22:40 <vbenes> rishi: that is sooo far away
15:23:02 <vbenes> karenesq: I just don't know how you expect that networking place to look like
15:24:15 <vbenes> karenesq: now I saw guy that can nicely talk about 4 main vine areas here and give us some samples (30 bottles or so). The part is outside and second part inside .. really tine for maximum of 40 people
15:24:23 <karenesq> vbenes: I don't really have expectations, just that it be pretty nice :)
15:24:28 <karenesq> that sounds nice :D
15:24:40 <karenesq> I think we're more than 40 people for that event though
15:25:00 <rishi> vbenes: I thought the brewery is where the non-professionals will be partying.
15:25:12 <vbenes> karenesq: ah.. I think he told once there was 55 but people were passing bottles over their heads :-)
15:25:27 <sesivany> that's what I see a problem. If the place can't take more than 40 people... I don't really want to squeeze people somewhere for such an event.
15:25:30 <vbenes> karenesq: if we are looking for something bigger then I need to search more
15:25:45 <karenesq> I think that's the case, when we open up registration we'll have a better idea
15:25:47 <vbenes> ok.. this is important information
15:25:53 <vbenes> florian told me 30 -50
15:25:58 <vbenes> or 20 -50
15:25:59 <vbenes> :-)
15:26:24 <karenesq> how many did we have last year? :)
15:26:28 <sesivany> vbenes: rvokal recommended me this today: http://www.kolkovna.cz/index.php?place=16&show=hot
15:26:40 <rtcm> karenesq: btw, this is the current subtext I have for the registration fees: http://fpaste.org/21061/72260376/
15:27:03 <rtcm> karenesq: we can still change it!
15:27:06 <vbenes> yeah, or baroko :  http://www.baroko.org/cs/
15:28:33 * afranke has to run.
15:28:38 <karenesq> ok, rtcm, I would add something like: if the registration fee is a hardship for you, please contact us. We don't want anyone to be excluded due to registration fees.
15:28:49 <afranke> rishi, when the meeting is done just use #endmeeting
15:29:01 <rtcm> karenesq: as 3rd point?
15:29:09 <karenesq> yeah rtcm
15:29:12 <rtcm> ok
15:29:21 <karenesq> we have a 15 euro or something like that hobbyist fee
15:29:22 <karenesq> ?
15:29:29 <rtcm> yes, it's 10
15:29:32 <rishi> afranke: Ok
15:29:39 <karenesq> I will edit your text to reflect that
15:30:00 <karenesq> oh it's not editable
15:30:03 <rtcm> well, we have 20 eur for 'hobbyist' and 10 eur for 'student'
15:30:03 <karenesq> will paste here:
15:30:05 <sesivany> rtcm: the hobbyist is AFAIK €20, student one is €10, right?
15:31:35 <karenesq> We have included hobbyist and student levels of registration fees to make GUADEC more affordable for those who need it. If even these fees are a hardship for you, please contact us. We don't want anyone to be excluded due to registration fees.
15:32:07 <rtcm> karenesq: ok, will add it, thanks!
15:32:13 <karenesq> we put something like that in last time,and I don't think anyone took us up on it
15:32:23 <karenesq> but I feel a lot better with it in
15:32:31 * rtcm agrees
15:34:30 <rishi> Is there anything else that we need to talk about?
15:34:36 <rishi> Or shall we call it a day?
15:35:51 <sesivany> i'd like to discuss the swag.
15:36:01 <sesivany> if we want to produce something or not.
15:36:02 <karenesq> I'm sorry I was late and I'm glad I was able to catch you guys. I guess we have to add Igalia to the silver sponsors
15:37:29 <rishi> sesivany: Ok.
15:37:37 <rishi> karenesq: No problem. :-)
15:37:42 <sesivany> I've sent some examples to the mailing list.
15:37:47 <karenesq> :)
15:37:48 <rishi> karenesq: Are they already confirmed as sponsors?
15:37:50 <rtcm> karenesq: yeah I guess I'll get the logo from their website and put it there
15:37:53 <rishi> #topic Swag
15:38:08 <karenesq> rishi: we haven't gotten their signed page yet - let me follow up about that now
15:39:28 <sesivany> so any thoughts on swag?
15:40:06 <sesivany> as I said I've got good vendors for all kinds of swag: buttons, stickers, t-shirts, mugs, hats, pillows,...
15:40:40 <karenesq> I wouldn't overdo it on swag, personally
15:40:46 <karenesq> do we have any stats on last year?
15:41:07 <karenesq> if there's something really cool people will buy it but it's very hard to know whether something will be actually cool :)
15:41:09 <rishi> There was some feedback on the mailing list.
15:41:33 <gpoo> hats does not sell that good. ~10 at the most in 2010
15:41:38 * karenesq wonders if she has a lot of lag in her connection
15:42:36 <vbenes> rishi: are we gonna meet downstairs?
15:43:36 * rtcm doesn't comment on swag as he usually avoids like the plague :-P
15:43:38 <rishi> vbenes: Yes. We are still at the "desktop area".
15:43:43 <rtcm> *it
15:44:07 <karen> did you guys see what I wrote at all?
15:44:19 <karen> my connection dropped
15:44:38 * vbenes heading downstairs
15:45:05 <karen> bye vbenes thanks for all your work!
15:45:07 <karen> everyone else too!
15:45:44 <sesivany> karen: last post from you: karenesqwonders if she has a lot of lag in her connection
15:46:52 <karen> oh cool. I didnt see anything after that
15:46:55 <karen> thanks sesivany
15:47:07 <karen> that is the last thing I typed though :)
15:47:40 <rishi> karen: I can't dig it up at the moment, but someone said that pillows didn't do too well last year.
15:48:14 <karen> yeah I understand that - what would you do with them? plus they take up a lot of space in the suitcase :)
15:48:20 <sesivany> rishi: we can also invite FSF like last year.
15:48:32 <sesivany> to have a booth and sell some stuff.
15:48:39 <rishi> It was kittykat
15:48:59 <rishi> And she said that baby clothing was popular.
15:49:12 <karen> yeah I'll be buying some this time :)
15:49:26 <rishi> sesivany: We can. Will FSF Europe have a business license?
15:50:03 <sesivany> rishi: one guy from Brno was there as an intern, I will ask him.
15:50:24 <karen> cool, thanks sesivany
15:57:02 <kittykat> aye, baby clothing of all sizes, from stuff for newborns to t-shirts for 12 year olds all tends to do well
15:57:28 <kittykat> karen would be able to give you a better idea of what works and what doesn't as she has an interest in it ;)
15:57:54 <karen> :D
15:58:23 <karen> I only know that I want there to be at least one thing for a one year old :D
15:58:39 <rtcm> andre: there?
15:59:13 <rishi> sesivany: There you go. :-)
15:59:14 <andre> rtcm, kind of
15:59:28 <rtcm> andre: jsut replied to your mail
15:59:30 <andre> I cannot help with baby clothes though :P
15:59:32 <andre> rtcm, thanks
15:59:40 <rtcm> andre: want to join ue then?
15:59:41 <rtcm> *us
15:59:51 <andre> yeah, but need 5 more min
16:00:17 <rtcm> ok, will send you the invite in a bit
16:01:12 <rishi> Ok. So lets end the IRC meeting here. People in the local team have started to gather for our clandestine cabal meeting.
16:01:13 <rishi> :-)
16:01:16 <rishi> #endmeeting