14:02:54 <rtcm> #startmeeting
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14:03:04 <rtcm> what are the topics?
14:03:20 <andreasn_> hello
14:03:23 * rishi is here
14:03:29 * xmlich02 is here
14:03:33 <fnudged> topics:
14:03:44 <fnudged> update from Uni
14:04:36 <rtcm> #topic University contract / related issues
14:04:40 <fnudged> general discussion
14:04:44 <xmlich02> I have sent the updates of contract to faculty lawyer (mainly list of rooms, contact details of liberix)
14:05:02 <rishi> Ok
14:05:18 <fnudged> great, so that's done
14:05:20 <rtcm> xmlich02: do you know when it will be signed?
14:05:20 <xmlich02> The lawyer need some time (but not much).
14:06:03 <xmlich02> rtcm, we need to do this.
14:06:50 <rtcm> xmlich02: just asking if you have an idea of when it will be signed?
14:07:05 <rtcm> hmm, no robert
14:07:47 <fnudged> yup, need to write him
14:07:49 <xmlich02> In my opinion it could be done during next week. Depend on Robert Kratky and Dean free time.
14:08:11 <rishi> Ok
14:09:13 <fnudged> I think, we really have to be patient now. But some feedback from Liberix would be good
14:09:33 <fnudged> next topic?
14:09:51 <fnudged> canteen (menza)
14:09:59 <rishi> Sure, go ahead.
14:10:02 <rtcm> #topci Canteen deal
14:10:04 <fnudged> tpopela: ^
14:10:08 <rtcm> #topic Canteen deal
14:10:14 <tpopela> so..
14:10:40 <tpopela> Menza can't do vegan food.. Vegetarian is not a problem..
14:11:22 <tpopela> People from menza can collect "meal tickets" from visitors for us..
14:11:32 <fnudged> great
14:11:39 <rishi> And they will send the menu for approval after few weeks.
14:11:42 <tpopela> They will send me menu for approval in about month..
14:12:09 <fnudged> and the prices are as discussed? CZK110?
14:12:22 <rtcm> tpopela: so, we can print pieces of paper with the guadec logo (or whatever) and they will accept it as payment, right?
14:12:28 <fnudged> ca. 5,50USD
14:12:33 <tpopela> After that we should decide the percentage of each kind of meals (czech, international, vegetarian)..
14:12:37 <tpopela> fnudged, yes 110CZK
14:12:47 <fnudged> about the voucheers,
14:13:00 <fnudged> we should probably stamp them
14:13:05 <tpopela> rtcm, yes..
14:13:18 <tpopela> fnudged, Yes we should..
14:13:23 <fnudged> otherwise, some joker will sell his own production
14:14:06 <rishi> fnudged: Yes, we should stamp them.
14:14:15 <rtcm> makes sense
14:14:23 <rtcm> need to find a stamp then :-)
14:14:32 <rishi> Anything else about Menza?
14:14:47 <tpopela> rishi, from my side nothing..
14:14:51 <fnudged> am sure we will find some maybe even with dates
14:15:16 <fnudged> okay, open floor
14:15:21 <fnudged> ?
14:15:55 <fnudged> I will talk/write robert about the contract
14:16:09 <fnudged> anything else we need from him
14:16:25 <rtcm> we should probably tell the world that we have a design for the tshirts now
14:16:30 <fnudged> gues, it would be best if we could talk to him on irc
14:16:32 <rtcm> thanks andreasn!
14:16:39 <andreasn> rtcm, np
14:17:02 <fnudged> rtcm: Yes, we should and great designs
14:17:15 <rishi> fnudged: What about the venue for the networking event for professionals?
14:17:18 <fnudged> thanks andreasn
14:17:35 <rishi> I guess we need to have it now. :-)
14:17:49 <fnudged> vbenes is looking into a couble of wine bars/celllars
14:18:22 <fnudged> one is near the venue so that might be good during or before the film night
14:18:50 <fnudged> the others are close to the brewery so maybe before or during the second party
14:19:18 <fnudged> couble=couple
14:19:32 <fnudged> all very cozy
14:19:36 <rishi> Yes. If we have a thing for "professionals" then we need an accompanying gig for the rest.
14:19:42 <fnudged> let me see if I find the links
14:19:53 <rishi> I have them in an email.
14:19:55 * rishi digs
14:21:00 <fnudged> here is the one close to the venue:
14:21:02 <fnudged> http://www.moravska-vinoteka.cz/vinarna-s-galerii
14:21:17 <fnudged> all in Czech but the pictures will help
14:22:19 <rishi> http://www.baroko.org was another.
14:23:11 <fnudged> thanks
14:23:33 <fnudged> can\t find the third, rishi do you remember
14:24:27 <fnudged> okay, anything else?
14:24:48 <rishi> No.
14:24:58 <rishi> But the thing is ...
14:24:58 <rtcm> not really, no
14:25:09 <rishi> ... do we want to have an accompanying gig for the others or not?
14:25:23 <rishi> Because then we would need to have 2 coinciding parties.
14:25:29 <fnudged> I think that would be good
14:25:41 <rishi> Ok
14:25:45 <fnudged> and both should be in walking distance
14:25:49 <rishi> So we end up with:
14:25:52 <rishi> - party at Fleda
14:25:56 <rishi> - movie night
14:26:00 <fnudged> right
14:26:08 <fnudged> video night
14:26:20 <rishi> - professional networking + others
14:26:28 <rishi> - soccer, etc..
14:26:28 <fnudged> secon event at brewery
14:26:44 <rishi> Ok
14:26:51 <fnudged> sorry fat-finger syndrom due to
14:26:57 <fnudged> oops
14:27:53 <fnudged> so networking either during video night at Moravska Vinoteka or during Brewery event at Baroko
14:28:37 <rtcm> the latter sounds more fitting
14:28:51 <fnudged> okay
14:29:02 <fnudged> So can we call it a day and finish
14:29:05 <rishi> Ok.
14:29:21 <fnudged> nazdar v Brne
14:29:26 <rtcm> sure
14:32:35 <rtcm> #endmeeting