14:04:23 <afranke> #startmeeting
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14:04:32 <afranke> #meetingtopic Weekly GUADEC meeting
14:04:44 <afranke> #chairs karenesq rtcm fnadge__
14:04:58 <rtcm> hey, let's go
14:05:09 <afranke> Agenda?
14:05:23 <fnadge__> rtcm do you have the topics handy?
14:05:53 <rtcm> topics:
14:05:53 <rtcm> - update on canteen (menza)
14:05:53 <rtcm> - update on social events (tpopela, vbenes)
14:05:53 <rtcm> - update on registration (rui)
14:05:53 <rtcm> - update on sponsorship (karen)
14:05:55 <rtcm> - other topics to be suggested ?
14:06:01 <fnadge__> thanks
14:06:04 <afranke> #topic Sponsorship
14:06:16 <afranke> (karenesq must leave early)
14:07:04 <karenesq> so canonical is officially a silver sponsor
14:07:08 <afranke> \o/
14:07:11 <rishi> \m/
14:07:12 <fnadge__> huray
14:07:15 <karenesq> i'm still waiting to hear back from others
14:07:23 <afranke> #info Canonical Ltd. is officially a silver sponsor
14:07:27 <karenesq> I sent another round of followups over the last few days
14:07:30 <fnadge__> any news on collabra
14:07:50 <karenesq> not yet, I spoke to Guy at linuxcon japan, and he said he'd look at the levels soon
14:08:07 <fnadge__> hmm, okay
14:08:10 <karenesq> so I emailed him to follow up yesterday (or maybe the day before, I can't remember)
14:09:02 <rtcm> sounds good
14:09:32 <rishi> Ok
14:09:52 <rtcm> next?
14:10:08 <fnadge__> Well, not precisely about sponsorship but we started about media parntership
14:10:27 <fnadge__> partnership
14:10:30 <afranke> #topic Media partnership
14:11:18 <fnadge__> Right, seems robert is not around
14:11:34 <fnadge__> sorry let's skip, will email him for an update
14:12:38 <rtcm> fnadge__: but basically, the idea is to have liberix advertised as a 'media partner'?
14:12:49 * rtcm saw an email fly by
14:13:02 <fnadge__> no, liberix is an organizing partner
14:13:08 <afranke> #undo
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14:13:20 <fnadge__> media partners are news servers like root.cz
14:13:23 <fnadge__> anad others
14:13:28 <fnadge__> and others
14:13:28 <rtcm> ah ok
14:13:45 <fnadge__> about partners
14:14:23 <fnadge__> org partners are Liberix, VUT and Linux v Brne (Linux in Brno)
14:14:56 <fnadge__> contacted them earlier to send the logos for the website
14:15:32 <karenesq> super cool. I was talking on the board list about how much Red Hat is doing for this year's GUADEC, and there was a suggestion from the list to have a "hosting organization" special recognition too
14:15:44 <fnadge__> rtcm: They'll get in touch with you if they have questions I cc'd you
14:16:06 <afranke> karenesq, would that be applied to universities providing the place too?
14:16:24 <karenesq> every year the hosting org/company does a ton of work, it would be good to give them as much credit as possible
14:16:30 <fnadge__> hmm, that's a great idea, I was thinking about it as well
14:16:54 <fnadge__> and thought to bump up Red Hat's sponsorship by one level
14:16:56 <karenesq> hee, the whole discussion is due to a nudge by fnadge__ I should mention
14:17:15 <fnadge__> what pun on words
14:17:38 <karenesq> yeah fnadge__: I'm not sure that makes sense, but the board is discussion
14:17:43 <karenesq> fnadge__: credit?
14:17:52 <fnadge__> but karenesq is right, this would be good too
14:17:56 <karenesq> s/discussion/discussing
14:19:20 <rtcm> ok, let's move on?
14:19:24 <karenesq> ok
14:19:39 <rtcm> thanks for the updates karenesq
14:19:49 <karenesq> :)
14:19:58 <fnadge__> tpopela is not around?
14:20:02 <afranke> #idea Create a new sponsorship level for those deeply involved in the organisation and not necessarily paying
14:20:07 * tpopela is here...
14:20:17 <afranke> #topic Social events
14:20:23 <karenesq> oh, we should also discuss keynotes
14:20:43 <karenesq> after social events :)
14:20:45 <fnadge__> Right, I thought we talk about the canteen first
14:21:07 <tpopela> So regarding to registration party nothing new.. still waiting for response from Ventana guys..
14:21:11 <fnadge__> or is vbenes around?
14:21:22 <fnadge__> cna't see him
14:21:40 <tpopela> last time it took about a week.. so probably tomorrow..
14:22:26 <fnadge__> right, so let's talk about the canteen.
14:22:45 <fnadge__> afranke: can you move the bot?
14:22:50 <afranke> #topic Canteen
14:22:54 <fnadge__> thanks
14:23:00 <tpopela> I'm repeating but regarding to canteen (menza) nothing new.. Still waiting for response from menza people..
14:23:21 <fnadge__> tpopela: Any news on the canteen
14:23:22 <fnadge__> ?
14:23:45 <tpopela> fnadge__, ^^
14:24:11 <fnadge__> sorry, bad screen
14:24:39 <tpopela> np.. Hopefully next week will be everything sorted out..
14:24:56 <afranke> #topic Keynotes
14:25:00 <fnadge__> tpopela; I talked to robert and karenesq earlier to get the payments done
14:25:09 <fnadge__> seems this is on track
14:25:38 <karenesq> Cathy Malmose confirms she will keynote!
14:25:48 <karenesq> so that's 3
14:25:52 <fnadge__> Robert wnated to email Rosanna
14:26:04 <fnadge__> to arange payment
14:26:36 <afranke> #info Cathy Malmose (ZaReason) confirmed she will keynote
14:26:48 <afranke> #info We now have 3 confirmed keynotes
14:27:46 <fnadge__> \o/
14:28:11 <karenesq> so for the 4th if we still need someone, we could do one from within our community
14:28:19 <fnadge__> I would really like to see a local person
14:28:21 <karenesq> that's been somewhat tradition
14:28:40 <karenesq> fnadge__: do you mean a red hat person?
14:29:17 <fnadge__> hmm, that would ber another idea, but I think there is enough Red Hat
14:29:28 <fnadge__> no, somebody else
14:29:34 <karenesq> ok, I just wasn't sure what you meant
14:30:00 <karenesq> you know what might be interesting - a joint collabora/igalia keynote
14:30:22 <fnadge__> hmm, that sounds fun
14:30:22 <karenesq> like guy and jjsanchez
14:30:31 <karenesq> have we given up on all of our other invites?
14:31:23 <karenesq> though I guess we are somewhat missing a high concept or nonprofit keynote
14:32:50 <fnadge__> can we move on?
14:32:51 <afranke> #idea Have a joint Collabora/Igalia keynote
14:33:10 <rtcm> might be a good idea yeah
14:33:21 <afranke> #topic Registration
14:33:26 <afranke> rtcm ?
14:33:43 <fnadge__> rtcm: any news on registration?
14:34:00 <rtcm> yeah, I've got it mostly working with the gopay.cz test server
14:34:13 <fnadge__> rtcm: cool
14:34:31 <fnadge__> so, when can we set up registration?
14:34:42 <rtcm> now I need some info from them which I alreadu requested from robert
14:35:06 <fnadge__> do you want me to help?
14:35:24 <rtcm> and I intend to use today's local meeting to go over the web form with more people to nail down those details
14:35:28 <fnadge__> rtcm:  I can write them or call them up
14:35:55 <rtcm> fnadge__: let's give them at least a full day to reply :-)
14:36:03 <fnadge__> okay, seems we are almost done with that
14:36:20 <rtcm> I don't think we can put this online before the next weekend though
14:36:39 <rtcm> I'm sorry for taking so long
14:37:15 <afranke> #topic Open floor
14:37:30 <rtcm> afranke: for you guys next year, make sure to sort this thing well in advance
14:37:42 <fnadge__> other points we missed?
14:37:45 <karenesq> another possible keynote idea is a joint OPW keynote by marina and me
14:37:50 <karenesq> :)
14:38:05 <rtcm> also a very good idea
14:38:21 <karenesq> it's always so much easier when you've got 3 exciting ones down
14:38:23 <fnadge__> sounds good
14:38:28 <rtcm> we're still waiting for Lea Verou's reply by now
14:38:33 <karenesq> yep
14:39:04 <fnadge__> I met Lea lasst year and I think it would be a pitty if she wouldn't come
14:39:48 <fnadge__> at OpenHelp
14:40:30 <fnadge__> okay. kittykat: anything about volunteers?
14:40:34 <afranke> rtcm, noted.
14:42:30 <fnadge__> hmm, seems not to be the case
14:42:40 <fnadge__> are we finished?
14:43:56 <fnadge__> okay, let's finish for today.
14:44:05 <fnadge__> See you next week
14:44:08 <rtcm> cool
14:44:15 * rtcm likes quicker meetings
14:44:27 <fnadge__> :-)
14:44:28 <rtcm> #endmeeting
14:44:32 <fnadge__> so does my boss
14:44:40 <karenesq> yay!
14:44:42 <fnadge__> the one in my back
14:44:43 <karenesq> thanks guys!
14:44:59 <fnadge__> bye
14:45:00 <karenesq> and I didn't need to leave early :)
14:45:03 <karenesq> bye!
14:51:19 <afranke> #endmeeting