14:03:48 <afranke> #startmeeting
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14:03:53 <rtcm> ups
14:03:55 <afranke> Heh.
14:03:56 <afranke> :)
14:03:57 <rishi> :)
14:04:03 <rishi> Can I go first?
14:04:12 <rtcm> go go go
14:04:12 <fnadged> rishi, since you have to leave early can you give us an update on the registration issue
14:04:17 <afranke> #meetingtopic Regular GUADEC coordination meeting.
14:04:22 <rishi> I have to run an errand, so have to go AFK in a few minutes.
14:04:25 <rishi> fnadged: Right.
14:04:46 <rishi> xmlich02 , tpopela and I met with the students at the university today.
14:05:01 <afranke> #topic Registration
14:05:16 <rishi> afranke: Topic: "volunteers".
14:05:22 <rishi> fnadged: I am rishi not rtcm :-)
14:05:24 <afranke> #topic Volunteers.
14:05:28 <fnadged> rishi: can you please let us know about the registration
14:05:33 <afranke> rishi, note that you can change that too.
14:05:34 <rishi> *sigh*
14:05:36 <fnadged> not volunteers
14:05:38 <rishi> I am not rtcm :)
14:05:50 <fnadged> sorry
14:06:14 <fnadged> oops;)
14:06:15 <rishi> So, they will provide us the names of people who will be volunteering.
14:06:27 <rishi> At any point in time, we will have 5 students from the university.
14:06:42 * rtcm will bbiab
14:06:44 <rishi> They can't offer more than 5 because it is hard to convince to stay back during the vacations.
14:06:58 * kittykat is here
14:07:03 <rishi> We will have this list in 2 weeks.
14:07:10 <fnadged> cool, thanks
14:07:43 <rishi> fnadged: You can ask xmlich02 and d tpopela for more details.
14:07:50 <rishi> Much of the conversation was in Czech. :-)
14:07:52 <fnadged> okay
14:08:11 <fnadged> yup, was surprised that you wanted to go there
14:08:39 <rishi> fnadged: I like a lazy stroll in the rain, you know.
14:08:44 <rishi> Especially during work hours.
14:08:58 <fnadged> right,
14:09:47 <fnadged> tpopela: any news from the canteen?
14:10:24 <tpopela> yes.. I will have personal meeting with them in the beginning of next week..
14:10:38 * rtcm back
14:10:49 <afranke> #chair fnadged rtcm
14:10:49 <Services> Current chairs: afranke fnadged rtcm
14:10:51 <tpopela> Also I found, that they already send some papers to Liberix.. Don't know about it..
14:11:13 <plastique> tpopela: what exactly do you mean?
14:11:22 <tpopela> So I will have more news on the meeting next week..
14:11:23 <kittykat> so what is the conclusion with the volunteers? the university will provide 5 people and there is no need for GNOME community members who would normally help out?
14:11:38 <fnadged> okay, I am not sure about that, but will find out
14:11:50 <tpopela> plastique, Something related to money.. Don't know nothing special..
14:12:18 <plastique> I've signed a contract few months ago... related to accommodation
14:12:23 <afranke> kittykat, any idea how many volunteers we need at any given time at a minimum?
14:12:26 <fnadged> kittykat: sorry, we haven't finished yournt
14:12:47 <tpopela> plastique, we are talking about menza (meals)..
14:12:57 <fnadged> yes, I think we would need more people at least during the first 4 days
14:13:24 <tpopela> fnadged, But sadly, the student union don't have enough people..
14:13:25 <plastique> tpopela: yes, understand - so I have no idea about "some papers" :-)
14:13:50 <kittykat> afranke: this is exactly what I would like to know :) I don't know the layout of the venue, nor exactly what needs doing. I suspect around 10 given that there are only two rooms + extra for evening events, set up and break down
14:13:57 <plastique> tpopela: (I'm the one who should sign it)
14:13:58 <fnadged> kittykat, tpopela: I am pretty sure that we can find more people without much effort
14:14:35 <tpopela> plastique, Grabarczyková Helena : "následně jsem psala potvrzení objednávky panu Ottovi (Liberix, o.p.s. z Olomouce)"
14:14:44 <fnadged> right
14:15:00 <tpopela> plastique, but I was not saying nothing about signing..
14:15:29 <fnadged> plastique: could you please forward the mail to me and tpopela, please?
14:15:30 <plastique> tpopela: ok,  that was about accom.
14:15:50 <fnadged> So we know what is going on
14:15:52 <tpopela> plastique, No that should be about menza (meals)...
14:15:55 <fnadged> thanks
14:16:38 <kittykat> fnadged: we really *should* use community members, not only locals :) we had in the region of 50+ volunteers at DS and there were at least 20 last year, so we should not have problems finding enough. the only point is that they need to know that they are needed and when, really
14:16:48 <plastique> tpopela: I'll check it fnadged - mail in progress
14:17:12 <tpopela> fnadged, Also I have response from Vista and Avanti hotels.. They will give us some discount.. We will put it on web page..
14:17:36 <fnadged> kittykat: I agrree, we will create a page asap
14:17:59 <fnadged> tpopela: can we first finish volunteers, please
14:18:14 <robert> Hi everybody. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it, but figured it out in the end.
14:18:15 <tpopela> kittykat, But locals have to be there too, because of knowledge of Czech and English..
14:18:38 <kittykat> fnadged: page is created, now we need to know how many people are needed when :) https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/2013/Volunteers
14:19:17 <fnadged> I think 10 - 12 would be good
14:19:18 <kittykat> tpopela: definitely, we need a good mix of both (locals get bonus points for speaking Czech, volunteers for speaking other languages)
14:19:59 <tpopela> kittykat, yes..
14:20:14 <kittykat> fnadged: ok, that's a good start, 4 session chairs, 4 info desk people, 2 runners
14:20:25 <fnadged> rtcm: wouldn't it be better to have the page on our guadec.org
14:21:21 <fnadged> Let's aim for 12 - 13 per day
14:21:38 <afranke> #info We will constantly have 5 students from the university as volunteers.
14:22:04 <kittykat> fnadged, rtcm: at the very least an info page would be good, is there infrastructure for a group-editable wiki or similar? this is useful for timetabling volunteers
14:22:07 <rtcm> fnadged: you tell me. last year's didn't have a page about volunteers, besides I think a wiki is better for such a thing
14:22:35 * kittykat prefers to see the wiki used as the info will be preserved for future years as reference
14:22:53 <rtcm> we can add a news entry with the call for volunteers of course
14:22:55 <fnadged> rtcm: well, at least an info page
14:23:12 <rtcm> fnadged: write it up, then we'll see
14:23:19 <fnadged> let\s talk about it later today
14:23:47 <xmlich02> afranke, In my opinion we will have 5 students from the university altogether, not constantly
14:23:55 <afranke> Ah.
14:24:22 <xmlich02> They know, it is necessary to be there during main sessions
14:24:23 <afranke> <rishi> At any point in time, we will have 5 students from the university.
14:24:41 <fnadged> hmm, I guess we need to see what we get. And don\t count only students
14:24:49 <afranke> "Constantly" was my interpretation of "At any point in time".
14:25:47 <fnadged> okay, more on volunteers?
14:26:04 <rtcm> xmlich02: I hope this didn't come out as a "task" for them, they're supposed to be volunteers and help out of good will
14:26:19 <rtcm> if they don't feel like doing it, they shouldn't
14:26:56 <rtcm> I'm sure there will be people willing to help out among the conference participants
14:26:59 <rtcm> anyway
14:27:23 <tpopela> rtcm, I think they looked like they want to do it..
14:27:29 <rtcm> 25 mins on a single topic, let's move
14:27:33 <rtcm> tpopela: ok, cool then
14:27:36 <fnadged> this is what we should use as core, am sure we will find plenty of people willing to help
14:27:45 <kittykat> fnadged: what will need to be done *before* the conference? I already know that a few people plan to turn up earlier anyway and in some cases, GNOME is paying for them, so we may as well use them
14:28:10 <rtcm> kittykat: heh, I don't think there's a plan for that yet :-)
14:28:12 <kittykat> rtcm: ok, this will need to be discussed through guadec-list then
14:28:25 <fnadged> right, I have not seen any info on that
14:28:33 <afranke> kittykat, will you start the thread?
14:28:36 <kittykat> rtcm: there needs to be one now as quite a few people already have their travel booked and the rest will be booking shortly :)
14:29:19 <kittykat> afranke: I thought I already had, will do if I haven't!
14:29:26 <fnadged> kittykat: do you have a list of people arriving early?
14:29:26 <rtcm> sure, I guess one of the things will be preparing badges and stuff
14:29:40 <afranke> #action kittykat will start (or revive) a discussion on the list about volunteer schedule before the conference
14:29:52 <fnadged> There are a lot of things before hand
14:29:57 * karenesq loves kittykat's badges
14:30:42 <kittykat> fnadged: I know of some of them, yes, I can put a list together
14:30:57 <fnadged> okay, anything else agreataokay
14:31:13 <fnadged> sorry, anythig else on volunteers
14:31:15 <fnadged> ?
14:31:38 <fnadged> kittykat: just a rough number would help
14:31:40 <rtcm> don't think so
14:31:44 <rtcm> let's move
14:31:52 <fnadged> okay, let's move
14:31:53 <kittykat> fnadged: 5-10ish from memory
14:32:12 <fnadged> kittykat: Thanks
14:32:26 <fnadged> how many days before?
14:33:25 <kittykat> fnadged: varies, but we're asking everyone to arrive on the 31st and the "early" ones will be on the 29-30th. I know one wants to be there earlier still
14:33:41 * kittykat will either be around from the morning on the 30th or 31st
14:34:07 <fnadged> okay, that's good, now officially, next topic
14:34:38 <fnadged> rtcm: any updates on the registration
14:34:41 <fnadged> ?
14:35:13 <afranke> #topic Registration
14:35:20 <rtcm> fnadged: still hacking on it, aiming to finish it next weekend
14:35:39 <fnadged> this weekend or the next one?
14:35:48 <rtcm> this next one
14:35:54 <fnadged> june 7-8?
14:35:56 <rtcm> yes
14:36:08 <fnadged> good,
14:36:10 <rtcm> 8-9 but yes
14:36:41 <fnadged> sorry am using another calendar ;-)
14:36:57 <afranke> #info Registration will hopefully be ready by june 9th.
14:37:24 <fnadged> afranke: can you give us details?
14:37:49 <rtcm> ??
14:38:05 <rtcm> fnadged: that to me?
14:38:17 <afranke> rtcm, I hope so. :)
14:38:19 <rtcm> fnadged: and which kind of details?
14:38:27 <karenesq> bbiab, going to do in person marketing hackfest things....
14:41:23 <kittykat> rtcm: like what the problem is in a bit more detail maybe :)
14:42:36 <rtcm> heh, no problem, just needs doing and I'm not really a web developer, i.e. it's going slowly as I learn php and wordpress stuff along the way :-)
14:43:23 <fnadged> rtcm: no worries, you are doing a great job, just let us know what you are doing and what needs to be done next
14:43:56 <rtcm> fnadged: entirely on my side, when it's ready I'll let you know and we'll put in online
14:44:18 <rtcm> i.e. there's no next I don't think
14:45:45 <fnadged> great, so what are you working on right now?
14:46:37 <rtcm> fnadged: dude, I've said that already
14:47:50 <rtcm> unless someone has a specific question we can move forward to the next topic
14:48:17 <fnadged> rtcm: several people where wondering what exactly you are doing with the registration
14:48:26 <rtcm> "still hacking on it"
14:48:45 <fnadged> :-)
14:49:12 <fnadged> that's not really what I meant by update
14:50:02 <fnadged> okay, I guess, we will have to move to the next topic
14:51:16 <fnadged> Can sum up what is going on with the canteen/menza
14:51:17 <fnadged> ?
14:51:28 <rtcm> tpopela: ^
14:51:34 <fnadged> I know we talked about parts of it before
14:51:35 <afranke> #topic Canteen/menza
14:51:46 <tpopela> I've already written it as you previously asked..
14:52:19 <fnadged> yes, can you just sum it up, please?
14:52:23 <tpopela> I will have personal meeting with them in the beginning of next week..
14:52:36 <tpopela> So more info next week..
14:52:51 <fnadged> okay great, thanks
14:54:01 <afranke> #info tpopela will have a meeting with the people at the canteen next week
14:54:09 <fnadged> Any questions about canteen?
14:54:58 <fnadged> Right, I guess we can move on
14:54:59 <afranke> Estimated price for a meal?
14:55:20 <fnadged> huh, I think it was about 110 CZK
14:55:48 <fnadged> or 4,50 EUR
14:56:26 <afranke> Great, thanks.
14:56:44 <afranke> #info Meals should be about 4.5€
14:56:45 <fnadged> It should include soup, main dish (3 choices, one of them vegiterian) and desert or salad
14:57:10 <afranke> #info Meals should include soup, main dish (3 choices, one of them vegiterian) and desert or salad
14:57:23 <afranke> Next topic?
14:58:03 <fnadged> Collabra sponsorship
14:58:20 <afranke> rishi, already said on the list there's nothing to be said about it.
14:58:47 <fnadged> I think Karen wanted to talk to them last week
14:59:05 <afranke> She's away.
14:59:06 <fnadged> karenesq: any updates?
14:59:15 <afranke> Let's postpone this topic.
14:59:22 <fnadged> right
14:59:34 * kittykat is leaving
14:59:50 <afranke> See you kittykat.
15:00:38 <fnadged> I guess it's open floor now
15:01:40 <rtcm> nothing on my side, I'll see the locals later in the face-to-face meeting
15:01:45 <fnadged> Any issues?
15:01:52 <afranke> rishi, wanted to talk about free passes.
15:02:11 <afranke> #topic Free passes to the university
15:03:02 <fnadged> for the number of free passes for university we probably need karenesq
15:03:02 <tpopela> Yes the question is how many free passes we give to university..
15:04:20 <fnadged> I would like to give either a large number or in general VUT students for free,
15:05:50 <fnadged> tpopela: Any ideas
15:06:02 <fnadged> 50?
15:06:25 <tpopela> fnadged, 100..
15:06:32 <tpopela> xmlich02, ^^
15:06:40 <fnadged> that sounds even better
15:07:11 <fnadged> However, am not sure that there will be that much interest
15:07:30 <fnadged> it's over the summer holidays
15:08:38 <tpopela> you're right..
15:09:26 <fnadged> okay, will email karenesq and ask her views on it
15:10:02 <xmlich02> 100 sounds good
15:10:03 <afranke> #action fnadged will send an email to karenesq to discuss free passes.
15:10:36 <fnadged> can we move on?
15:10:48 <karenesq> do we think we'd really have that many people?
15:11:18 <fnadged> karenesq: you are back, great
15:11:30 <afranke> #undo
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15:11:35 <karenesq> I agree that we want to encourage student participation
15:11:39 <karenesq> :D
15:11:44 <karenesq> sorry for beingaway
15:11:48 <karenesq> I talked to Guy
15:11:48 <fnadged> I would be surprised, 50 sounds a lot already
15:12:19 <karenesq> he said he'd be looking into the brochure to decide on collabora sponsorship
15:12:21 <rtcm> afranke: there's a bug there :-)
15:12:51 <fnadged> good news
15:13:45 <fnadged> karenesq: so waht would be an acceptable number for you?
15:14:21 <afranke> rtcm, we'll see after the meeting what happens in the minutes.
15:14:29 <karenesq> fnadged: I'm not sure
15:14:38 <karenesq> I think 50 sounds reasonable
15:15:01 <karenesq> why don't we do that and in the unlikely event that they're all taken we can release more?
15:15:19 <fnadged> okay, let's say 50 and if there is more interest we may revisit this isssue
15:15:54 <afranke> #agreed We'll give 50 free passes to the university (and more afterwards if needed)
15:15:55 <fnadged> talking of free passes, is
15:16:14 <fnadged> oops sorry did not mean to push the last sentence
15:17:13 <karenesq> :)
15:18:08 <fnadged> okay, I guess we can move on, right?
15:19:21 <fnadged> well, I think we've got everything covered for today
15:20:40 <fnadged> okay, if this is all I have to leave now
15:20:52 <fnadged> thanks
15:21:59 <afranke> #endmeeting