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14:06:24 <fnadge> Topics:
14:06:24 <fnadge> - update on accomodation options (fnadged)
14:06:24 <fnadge> - canteen during the conference days (tpopella)
14:06:24 <fnadge> - news: collabra  sponsorship
14:06:24 <fnadge> - web presentation , missing content (discussion)
14:06:25 <fnadge> - reception party at the Taufer dorm? (discussion)
14:06:27 <fnadge> - volunteers (discussion)
14:06:29 <fnadge> - open floor
14:06:31 <fnadge> - Billing during the conference (robert?)
14:06:59 <fnadge> Let's start with accomdation
14:07:01 <xmlich02> rtcm, i am here
14:07:26 <rtcm> #topic accommodation
14:07:33 <fnadge> Seems, the only affordable hotel with air condition in town is too far away from thev venue
14:07:47 <fnadge> about 30 minute by tram
14:07:50 <pmkovar> holiday inn?
14:07:56 <fnadge> yup
14:08:11 <rtcm> surely other hotels have air conditioning?
14:08:41 <fnadge> Air condationed hotel was one of the requests during last year's board presentation
14:08:57 <fnadge> no, sorry, they don't
14:09:18 <fnadge> Typical central european situation
14:09:50 <fnadge> Most places where build in the seventies and eighties
14:09:57 <andreasn> ah, right, almost missed the meeting :)
14:10:08 <pmkovar> let's hope it will not get too hot at guadec then :-)
14:10:09 <fnadge> and retro fitting is usually too expensive
14:10:23 <fnadge> I guess so.
14:10:59 <fnadge> Anyway, anybody willing to call Avanti?
14:11:33 <fnadge> I just don't want to take the hotel reservation on ourselfes.
14:11:52 <tpopela> I can do it..
14:12:09 <fnadge> great, thanks
14:12:21 <rtcm> avanti seems to have air conditioning
14:12:28 <rtcm> that's what they say in the website at least
14:12:29 <fnadge> do they
14:12:51 <rtcm> "fully-equipped rooms (TV, Internet, air-conditioning, minibar…) and above-standard suites"
14:12:53 <tpopela> I think they definitely have it..
14:12:54 <fnadge> I have asked when I aranged for the last hackfest and they said no
14:13:00 <rtcm> hehe
14:13:01 <robert> how about hotel vista? it's new, comfy, air-conditioned, and very affordable. been there.
14:13:03 <fnadge> okay
14:13:08 <fnadge> excellent.
14:13:18 <rtcm> robert: we have been discussing vista
14:13:34 <rtcm> my major gripe with it is that it's too far
14:13:43 <rtcm> it's even far from the city center
14:14:06 <rtcm> my take: I'm not completely opposed to advertise on the website
14:14:15 <robert> it certainly isn't more than 30 mins by tram
14:14:17 <rtcm> but we should make that issue very clear
14:14:30 <rtcm> robert: yeah, but trams stop at 11pm
14:14:50 <tpopela> but after that bus every one hour (or less)..
14:15:05 <robert> rtcm: ok, i was just echoing the comment about holiday inn
14:15:26 <rtcm> I just don't want a situation where someone books there because we have it on the website thinking "oh they have it here so it must be a good place" and then end up disapointed because it's far
14:15:40 <fnadge> right, can we move on?
14:15:48 <rtcm> oh wait, vista?! heh, I was thinking holiday inn
14:16:16 <karenesq> I think listing a couple of options on hotels with their pluses and minuses isn't a bad idea :)
14:16:23 <tpopela> Vista is about 1.5 - 2km from university..
14:16:38 <fnadge> Vista is supposed to be close to Masaryk University,
14:16:55 <tpopela> https://maps.google.cz/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=hotel+vista+brno&fb=1&gl=cz&hq=hotel+vista&hnear=0x4712943ac03f5111:0x400af0f6614b1b0,Brno&cid=0,0,5525440140764305365&ei=Cw2mUen9H-Tm7AbXs4HYCQ&ved=0CLIBEPwSMAA
14:17:06 <fnadge> http://www.vista-hotel.cz/
14:17:09 <fnadge> http://www.vista-hotel.cz/
14:17:10 <rtcm> ah yes, vista seems nice
14:17:18 <rtcm> no air cond, though
14:17:28 <rtcm> I wonder hhow strong of a requirement that is...
14:17:29 <robert> rtcm: told ya :-)
14:18:21 <rtcm> tpopela: you can ask avanti then?
14:18:28 <robert> rtcm: it is air-conditioned. i've stayed there. unless they have fake control units...
14:18:38 <tpopela> so should I call them too? (if they have free spaces during conference)
14:18:44 <tpopela> rtcm, np :)
14:18:56 <fnadge> right, action point: tpopela calls Avanti and Vista about prices and discount codes
14:19:09 <rtcm> #action tpopela calls Avanti and Vista about prices and discount codes
14:19:46 <fnadge> rokay, let's move on
14:19:51 <rtcm> tpopela: cool, thank you
14:20:20 <rtcm> #action rtcm to add hotel info to the website - being clear about pros/cons
14:21:05 <fnadge> okay, next point
14:21:23 <fnadge> rtcm: do you need to move the bot?
14:21:56 <rtcm> #topic canteen
14:22:32 <fnadge> Well, we need to taalk to them slowly about menues and payment
14:22:48 <rtcm> "slowly" ? :_)
14:22:57 <fnadge> Best if rishi and a Czech speaker do it together
14:23:16 <fnadge> rtcm: like this week or next
14:23:53 <tpopela> If you want Czech speaker I can volunteer, but not this friday..
14:24:17 <fnadge> tpopela: you are a star
14:24:19 <rtcm> we don't want tpopela to volunteer for everything :-)
14:24:34 <fnadge> just talk to rishi and agree on a time
14:24:35 <karenesq> yay tpopela!
14:25:56 <tpopela> ok:)
14:25:59 <fnadge> the idea is to have at least one vegetarian meal a day. They have problems with glutten-free diets
14:26:52 <fnadge> The menu should include a soup, main meal, desert or salad, and soda
14:27:21 <fnadge> the price was someehting about 115 - 120
14:27:36 <rtcm> seems fine
14:27:40 <karenesq> fnadge: will the vegetarian meal accommodate the vegans?
14:28:01 <rtcm> we need to know how they want to get payed too
14:28:10 <fnadge> almost certainly it will contain cheese or eggs
14:28:44 <fnadge> There are two places in town that cater to vegans but are far away
14:29:12 <fnadge> we might be able to organize some delivery
14:29:31 <fnadge> The REbio place used to deliver
14:30:10 <karenesq> I think we should just be very clear that vegans should contact organizers in advance
14:30:17 <rtcm> we need to be careful with how many things we can actually manage though
14:30:17 <pmkovar> http://www.rebio.cz/Velky-Spalicek/Rozvoz/Denni-nabidka-rozvozu-jidel/4-b4-bm.article.aspx
14:30:23 <pmkovar> in czech only, though
14:30:24 <fnadge> People just need mention this when registering
14:31:05 <fnadge> Yes and Rebio is also at thev technology park were they actually prepare the food
14:31:16 <pmkovar> right
14:31:31 <fnadge> so, too far to go there for lunch but close enough to deliver
14:31:53 <karenesq> so we couldn't arrange a vegan meal from the canteen?
14:32:09 <rtcm> we can ask
14:32:18 <fnadge> tpopela: can you ask whether it is okay for a small group of vegans to bring their own food to the canteen?
14:32:35 <tpopela> fnadge, sure
14:32:54 <rtcm> or if they can actually do the food there
14:33:01 <fnadge> If not we need to set up a special lunch table for vegans somewhere
14:33:02 <rtcm> I mean the canteen
14:33:11 <fnadge> xmlich02: ^
14:33:28 <karenesq> I'm not sure how many vegans we even have
14:34:08 <fnadge> let's see.
14:34:42 <fnadge> We might create a special veggy page where we list places and tips
14:34:57 <fnadge> rtcm: okay?
14:35:08 <rtcm> sure
14:35:24 <fnadge> Will do something over the weekend
14:35:42 <fnadge> can we move on?
14:35:43 <rtcm> #action rtcm and fnadge to create a page about vegan places in brno
14:35:45 <rtcm> sure
14:36:00 <rtcm> tpopela: you sure you also want to do this talking with the canteen?
14:36:08 <xmlich02> In my opinion, the canteen should be able to prepare vegan food as well
14:36:33 <rtcm> xmlich02: could you perhaps speak with them? I mean you're usually close to it :-)
14:36:44 <fnadge> they normally bedlieve that chicken is okay vegetarian food
14:37:01 <rtcm> fnadge: well, we can be explicit when we ask
14:37:02 <karenesq> haha
14:37:06 <tpopela> rtcm, yes..
14:37:17 <rtcm> really this thing just needs clear talking with them
14:37:33 <fnadge> rtcm: they don't do vegan
14:37:36 <rtcm> if they say 'no' that's fine too, we'll let people know where they can go
14:37:48 <rtcm> fnadge: how are you so sure?
14:38:01 <fnadge> well, we can order from Rebio, no problem
14:38:11 <rtcm> anyway, let's move
14:38:13 <fnadge> I talked to them
14:38:24 <fnadge> let's move
14:39:03 <xmlich02> I am not sure who exactly canteen is. There is a "mensa" (kam.vutbr.cz), "restaurace" (kam.vutbr.cz) and "kavarna" (ventanacafe.cz). In first and second case, the place is here, but its supervisor is at kolejni
14:39:23 <fnadge> mensa
14:39:23 <xmlich02> definitely not close to my workplace
14:39:30 <fnadge> xmlich02^
14:40:18 <rtcm> I see
14:40:27 <rtcm> tpopela: do you know who to speak to? :-)
14:40:46 <tpopela> I will find it on website..
14:40:46 <fnadge> there is only one lady respoinsible
14:40:55 <fnadge> great
14:41:08 <fnadge> next point
14:41:19 <fnadge> just as a bit of news
14:41:38 <fnadge> rishi talked to collabra
14:41:49 <fnadge> and they will sponsor
14:42:01 <fnadge> rtcm: have got any details?
14:42:12 <rtcm> #action tpopela to ask details about the canteen, vegan meals possibility, prices, how will people pay, etc.
14:42:33 <karenesq> fnadge, rishi,: Guy is here at LinuxCon Tokyo so I was planning to corner him
14:42:40 <karenesq> who did you talk to? and at what level?
14:42:52 <rtcm> #topic sponsors
14:42:55 <karenesq> he never responded to my request email
14:43:04 <fnadge> rishi is unfortunatelly not here
14:43:13 <karenesq> ah yes
14:43:14 <fnadge> will mail yo uwith details later
14:43:20 <rtcm> yeah, rishi isn't here today
14:43:37 <fnadge> but I think it was on guadec list
14:43:41 <karenesq> I guess I'll just ask Guy tomorrow
14:43:46 <rtcm> but are you refering to their offer about sponsoring infrastructure?
14:43:52 <fnadge> yup
14:43:56 <fnadge> thanks
14:44:08 <fnadge> do you know any details
14:44:17 <rtcm> that was settled, we thanked them but told them we have no need for it
14:44:39 <karenesq> oh, that!
14:45:03 <fnadge> no, sorry, they wanted to pay for,  I think, video processing,
14:45:17 <fnadge> but can't find the mail
14:45:41 <karenesq> fnadge: is this instead of regular sponsorship?
14:45:45 <karenesq> if so this is bad news
14:46:03 <fnadge> I guess so. Need to find the mail
14:46:16 <rtcm> fnadge: yeah, also spoke with Jeff Fortin on IRC about video processing
14:46:25 <rtcm> also explained that we've got it covered
14:46:56 <rtcm> if they want to pay for it as regular sponsors that would be awesome ofcourse
14:47:14 <rtcm> but I think karenesq can inquire about that
14:47:20 <karenesq> yeah
14:47:33 <karenesq> that is on my list of things for tomorrow here :)
14:47:38 <rtcm> cool
14:47:52 <karenesq> I almost got the chance today, but we were interrupted
14:49:07 <rtcm> karenesq: we don't have other sponsors yet, right?
14:49:23 <fnadge> that was what I understood from rishi
14:49:34 <fnadge> nope
14:50:11 <rtcm> ok, anything else about this?
14:50:16 <karenesq> rtcm: other than Google and RH I have no other news
14:50:21 <rtcm> ok
14:51:03 <rtcm> fnadge: let's go on?
14:51:15 <fnadge> yup. let's move
14:52:17 <fnadge> web presentation
14:52:28 <rtcm> #topic website
14:52:48 <fnadge> basically, we need a lot more content
14:52:48 <rtcm> feel free to suggest things to add
14:53:21 <fnadge> If oyu have any suggestions or want to write something let us know
14:53:59 <fnadge> rtcm: are you taking lead on this
14:54:00 <fnadge> ?
14:54:21 <karenesq> wow the website looks so much better!!
14:54:32 <rtcm> sure, as I say please tell what to add
14:54:37 <karenesq> great work rtcm, andreasn and fabiana!
14:54:51 <andreasn> karenesq, rtcm was saying "karen will be so proud"
14:55:00 <andreasn> ;)
14:55:00 <karenesq> :D
14:55:05 <rtcm> atm I'm only thinking of adding the hotels info and eventually I'd like to have a map there with interesting stuff
14:55:12 <rtcm> :-)
14:55:44 <fnadge> well, a list with tips would be good
14:55:44 <rtcm> and I've got to work on the registration/payments
14:55:56 <fnadge> also special interest stuff
14:56:12 <fnadge> like vegetarian/vegan places
14:56:20 <fnadge> the hacker space in Brno
14:56:22 <pmkovar> rtcm: we an surely reuse a map from the devconf site
14:56:26 <pmkovar> * can
14:56:51 <fnadge> and other topics people might want to know about
14:56:58 <rtcm> pmkovar: sure
14:57:01 <pmkovar> only the venue has changed, basically
14:57:02 <karenesq> I really love that photo from last year. aday and I both used it in our GNOME.Asia summit keynotes
14:57:38 <fnadge> I think fabiana did some brilliant research for the clock at Svobodny nam.
14:57:57 <fnadge> any other ideas
14:58:31 <pmkovar> a page with basic czech vocabulary? :-)
14:58:41 <fnadge> great.
14:58:41 <karenesq> oo great idea pmkovar
14:58:50 <andreasn> pmkovar, that goes into the badge usually
14:58:57 <fnadge> pmkovar: is this something you can do
14:58:59 <fnadge> ?
14:59:03 <pmkovar> pivo, jeste jedno, platit, nemam :-)
14:59:05 <pmkovar> sur
14:59:06 <pmkovar> e
14:59:10 <fnadge> pmkovar: I will help
14:59:22 <fnadge> at least with a couple of beers
14:59:51 <pmkovar> right
14:59:57 <fnadge> you forgot: sorry vole, error
14:59:58 <pmkovar> great
15:00:02 <pmkovar> :-)
15:00:05 <tpopela> fnadge,  :D
15:00:18 <rtcm> btw, I think we should have another local meeting soon to actually *do* some of this stuff
15:00:48 <rtcm> also, we haven't finalized the list of rooms we want and the contract with the VUT is blocking on that
15:01:10 <fnadge> excellent idea Thursday or Friday after 5 p.m. CEST (UTC+2)
15:01:15 <fnadge> ?
15:01:15 <rtcm> and for that we really need to have a face to face meeting including xmlich02
15:01:58 <pmkovar> rtcm: agreed
15:02:01 <rtcm> we can setup that by mail, let's move on now
15:02:26 <fnadge> sure
15:02:44 <fnadge> kittykat: ping
15:03:11 <xmlich02> rtcm, for me both days are good.
15:03:39 <fnadge> Let's skip reception party for now and talk about volunteers
15:03:59 <rtcm> ok
15:04:06 <rtcm> #topic volunteers
15:04:22 <fnadge> kittykat 's around?
15:04:36 <kittykat> fnadge: pong, I need to head out right now, but will be back in about half an hour (this is what I meant when I said that this it the worst time of day for meetings for me :) )
15:04:49 <kittykat> please come up with a list of volunteer tasks
15:04:54 <fnadge> outch
15:05:03 <fnadge> never mind
15:05:42 <fnadge> kittykat basically asked:
15:05:42 <fnadge> Hi, does anyone have any idea when the call for volunteers will happen?
15:05:43 <fnadge> GSoC and OPW will be announcing accepted interns today and I will be sending a followup email to them about travel sponsorship for GUADEC. In the same email, I would very much like to encourage them to volunteer to help out at the conference. For this, I need some link or information about who they need to contact to volunteer.
15:06:22 <kittykat> I already set up a page on the wiki after talking to rishi about it: https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/2013/Volunteers
15:06:23 <fnadge> I would hope we get some Rede Hatters to help out
15:06:27 <karenesq> excellent. We actually built in $500 per intern from our OPW sponsors for travel
15:06:34 <fnadge> Who can look into that?
15:07:07 <kittykat> fnadge: I think it would be more appropriate for volunteers to be from the community rather than people who do it as part of their job
15:07:28 <rtcm> fnadge: we're quite a few already :-)
15:08:08 <fnadge> I think we are talking about the conference days
15:08:28 <fnadge> getting tables ready, counting t-shirts, making tea
15:08:30 <kittykat> apart from a list of tasks, we also need to decide which mailing list to use. last year, it was guadec-list
15:08:56 <fnadge> this is what we use this year as well
15:09:15 <kittykat> fnadge: it is not uncommon for some volunteers to turn up around a week earlier to help with the setup as well (mainly badges)
15:09:49 <fnadge> sure, I am sure we can handle that:-)
15:10:11 <fnadge> let's talk about details when you have more time
15:11:08 <fnadge> xmlich02 said he would look after volunteer issues and I cna help
15:11:09 <rtcm> anything else?
15:11:13 <fnadge> cna=can
15:11:27 <fnadge> xmlich02 ^
15:12:05 <fnadge> Okay, I guess we can move on
15:12:36 <fnadge> Any ideas or comments on any of the open issues
15:13:00 <fnadge> social events, accomodation, others?
15:13:07 <kittykat> fnadge: I need some program outline to start on badges
15:13:13 <xmlich02> I am currently not sure about if I can do it. But I would like to.
15:13:34 <fnadge> that will have to wait a few days, I think
15:13:50 <fnadge> could you ping ebassi
15:13:59 <fnadge> kittykat ^
15:14:10 <rtcm> fnadge: what's "open floor" on the meeting topics list?
15:14:28 <fnadge> hehe
15:14:40 <fnadge> rtcm:ideas or comments on any of the open issues
15:14:47 <rtcm> ah ok
15:14:57 <rtcm> so let's move to billing
15:15:15 <rtcm> robert: hi, still around?
15:15:19 <fnadge> we haven't really talked much about s day
15:15:32 <fnadge> s day
15:15:39 <fnadge> = sports day
15:16:01 <karenesq> also, are we getting a gnome band together?
15:16:15 <robert> rtcm: yes
15:16:20 <karenesq> :D
15:16:31 <rtcm> robert: we'll likely need to accept registration at the venue (I think?)
15:17:00 <fnadge> karenesq: hmm, karaoke would be fun
15:17:13 <rtcm> for registrations on the website you'll be able to send an invoice by email, right?
15:17:19 <rtcm> robert: ^
15:17:33 <fidencio> karenesq: gnome band? actually. if there is a place opened to jam sessions, i'm pretty sure some people could do a nice concert :-)
15:17:39 <robert> rtcm: yes
15:17:56 <karenesq> heh don't tell him I told you but apparently aday used to play drums...
15:18:15 <fnadge> robert, rtcm: let's talk after the meeting
15:18:24 <fidencio> karenesq: brunocardoso plays guitar, cosimo plays bass. oops. we have a band.
15:19:01 <fnadge> I guess, we cna find a place that rents instruements
15:19:05 <fnadge> cool idea
15:19:37 <fnadge> karaoke is a no-go?
15:20:20 <rtcm> robert: what about people registering on site and/or tshirts that we sell?
15:20:44 <rtcm> do we need to do something about that? it's money that's going through liberix I think
15:21:15 <fidencio> fnadge: karenesq: we could talk about this, seriously, in the next meeting
15:21:29 <karenesq> heh ok
15:21:47 <fnadge> fidencio:, will put it on the topics for next time
15:21:59 <fidencio> fnadge: please, do it
15:22:04 <fnadge> done
15:22:44 <fnadge> no karaoke?
15:23:28 <robert> rtcm: people registering on site will pay to whoever it will be you have posted at the door. the money then needs to be deposited to liberix's account.
15:23:55 <rtcm> robert: right, and how do we send invoices?
15:24:01 <robert> rtcm: same thing for t-shirts and other stuff you sell during the event.
15:24:22 <robert> i'm not sure i understand. invoices for what?
15:24:32 <rtcm> btw, all this things are covered in the contract with the foundation?
15:24:49 <fnadge> for purchases
15:24:59 <rtcm> robert: like for the registration fee or a tshirt... I don't know if it's neeeded, I'm just asking
15:25:12 <fnadge> I guess on site we issue paper invoices
15:25:37 <robert> you mean receipts, not invoices, right?
15:25:58 <fnadge> they sell the blocks in stationaries around here, liberex will surely have a nice stemp
15:26:02 <rtcm> maybe, I can hardly do my taxes!
15:26:14 <fnadge> robert: yup
15:26:28 <fnadge> just getting everything mixed up
15:27:05 <fnadge> robert: is this something you can take care of?
15:28:06 <robert> well, liberix cannot really issue any receipts as it won't be selling anything. if you guys want to sell stuff at the event, we can handle the money for you, but we can't take care of receipts, warranties or what not.
15:28:27 <fnadge> outch
15:28:30 <fnadge> no good
15:28:57 <fnadge> that was one of the first things we talked about
15:29:08 <rtcm> heh, so no registrations on site, right?
15:29:30 <fnadge> I think registration is okay
15:29:37 <rtcm> karenesq: is this a problem? ^ do people even usually show up without registering and register on sight usually?
15:29:46 <fnadge> sellling stuff is the problem
15:29:46 <rtcm> *site
15:30:46 <fnadge> Liberex might not wnat to take over waranty and am not even sure whether liberix has a licence to do so
15:31:12 <robert> yeah, we said we can arrange for t-shirts to be sold, but that would mean that we are the party that does the selling. then we can give warranties and receipts etc. because we would have our own chain of suppliers. but if you're going to sell stuff, we can't assume responsibility for the transactions.
15:31:21 <fnadge> Well, the solution is, that we do not sell but ask for donations
15:32:21 <fnadge> Hmm, does taht mean we should get the t-shirts through you?
15:33:00 <karenesq> hmmm
15:33:11 <karenesq> rtcm: my husband registered on site last year :)
15:33:25 <karenesq> I don't know if others did, it might be worth finding out
15:33:30 <fnadge> I think it was understood that you were the entity selling the goods
15:34:13 <rtcm> karenesq: and he got a receipt?
15:34:22 <robert> yes, if you want us to handle the receipts etc. -- i'm sure you understand we can't just issue receipts for random stuff
15:34:43 <karenesq> rtcm: I don't remember, but I know he got the packet of conference materials, etc
15:35:14 <fnadge> robert: what do you mean by this
15:35:16 <fnadge> ?
15:36:03 <robert> as for registration on site, i don't see it as a problem. you're going to have a bunch of volunteers who can take care of the billing, or no? there is no problem with receipts for just money because there is no further responsobility (such as warranty) involved.
15:36:27 <robert> fnadge: by what?
15:36:31 <fnadge> robert: we need to solve this issue first
15:37:47 <fnadge> robert: do you mean to say that we have to buy confernece t-shirts and other GNOMe stuff through liberix, otherwise we can not sell?
15:38:19 <rtcm> I have to leave for a while
15:38:43 <rtcm> it might be better to do a conf call with robert about this
15:38:51 <rtcm> (I'm not even sure how big an issue it is...)
15:39:23 <fnadge> Well, karenesq should be there as well
15:40:23 <robert> fnadge: i'm not saying anything of the sort. you can sell whatever you wish, and liberix will be there to provide you with an account to safely store the proceeds. however, liberix cannot issue receipts for you for the stuff that you sell. we can only issue receipts for the stuff that we sell. just like any other "business".
15:41:00 <fnadge> robert: for us this means that we can not sell goods
15:41:23 <fnadge> since we cannot issue receipts
15:41:54 <rtcm> can we through money into a box and hand it over to karenesq ? ;-D
15:42:14 <robert> i can't see why you couldn't. the only thing is that you cannot offer warranty through liberix.
15:43:10 <fnadge> well, the mooney needs to be taxed, which without receipts does not work, Gnome would need to become a legal entity in the Czech Republic
15:43:34 <fnadge> robert: what do you suggest
15:43:37 <fnadge> ?
15:44:32 <fnadge> If it is just the warranty, we surely can have an agreement about that
15:45:01 <robert> you can always say that whatever money people choose to put in your hat is a donation in exchange for which they will receive a gift.
15:45:17 <fnadge> right
15:45:44 <fnadge> this is really an unleasant surprise
15:45:53 <robert> i sense there's still a bit of misunderstanding: let me clear it up.
15:46:15 <fnadge> okay
15:46:35 <rtcm> fnadge: really need to go now, please send an email invite for a local meeting to whom you see fit
15:47:17 <fnadge> rtcm: sure, are you posting the meeting?
15:47:36 <robert> fnadge: ok
15:47:48 <fnadge> rtcm: thanks
15:48:47 <kittykat> fnadge: I'm free now if you're not busy
15:48:51 <fnadge> robert: I will arange for a meeting in the next few days
15:49:48 <robert> fnadge: i won't be available for a face to face meeting in the next few days. i can do a conf. call though.
15:50:26 <fnadge> irc or conf call will be fine.
15:50:50 <robert> fnadge: anyway, i'm sending an email with clarification. let's decide on a meeting after that. cc'ing karen et al.
15:51:08 <fnadge> robert: sure
15:52:14 <fnadge> kittykat: will ping in a while
15:52:39 <fnadge> okay, is this all or can we close the meeting?
15:55:11 <fnadge> okay meeting closed
16:02:34 <ebassi> I guess somebody needs to close the bot
16:28:07 <gpoo> anybody available to share the log of the meeting?
16:28:21 <gpoo> or upload it to https://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/, if possible
16:55:00 <pmkovar> http://meetbot.gnome.org/guadec/2013/guadec.2013-05-29-14.06.log.txt seems to be the log
16:55:12 <pmkovar> will link it from that wiki page
16:55:51 <pmkovar> rtcm: you around? can you close the bot?
16:55:55 <gpoo> pmkovar: thanks
16:58:18 <pmkovar> done
17:01:05 <gpoo> a question we received (and probably it will be repeated in the future): how much does it cost a day in Brno or in the venue in average? (meals)
17:01:24 <gpoo> just to give an idea to people how much they should expect to spend
17:04:48 <ingu> 600 CZK?
17:05:04 <ingu> so I was told by kittykat sometime back in Feb, have the prices increased?
17:05:45 <gpoo> ok, thanks.  kittykat confirmed that in #travel, too.
17:05:59 <gpoo> 400-600 a day
17:06:27 * ingu nods
17:20:19 * gpoo realizes the prices are in the logs
18:04:18 <rtcm> #endmeeting