14:08:11 <rtcm> #startmeeting
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14:08:49 <rishi> Lets start with the keynotes.
14:08:57 <rtcm> #topic keynotes
14:09:46 <rtcm> so, we still need 2 speakers
14:09:52 <rishi> Yes.
14:10:04 <rishi> The 2 people that were in line has both declined.
14:10:40 <rtcm> I think it would be good to have a broad range of topics in the keynotes
14:11:03 <rtcm> the ones we have cover the ISV and distributor/system integrator angles
14:11:37 <rishi> I am not sure how we are doing with finances.
14:11:58 <rishi> Asking people from North America would obviously be more expensive.
14:12:11 <rtcm> I think if we decide which topics we want here today that'd be good enough to narrow down the candidates that have been suggested on the list
14:12:16 <rishi> Having said that, I would go for Cathy Malmrose as one of them.
14:12:54 <rtcm> and yes, we'd like to also keep costs for the foundation down by having people from europe is possible
14:13:03 <rtcm> *if possible
14:13:07 <andreasn> Cathy seems very interesting. We know our distributors quite well, but not our OEMs
14:13:19 <rishi> And having someone cover "the web" would be good.
14:13:33 * rishi wonders where Lea Verou is from
14:14:11 <fabiana> afaik, Lea is from Greece
14:14:12 <rishi> She is from Greece.
14:14:23 <rishi> fabiana: Yes. :-)
14:14:24 <rishi> http://lea.verou.me/about/
14:14:41 <rtcm> I think someone from the "web" perspective would be very welcome
14:15:00 <rtcm> mostly to tell us how badly we're losing ;-)
14:15:10 <rishi> So, yeah, either Lea or someone from Mozilla or WebKit.
14:15:49 <andreasn> Stormy's at Mozilla, but also US
14:16:09 <rtcm> fabiana: David Eaves seems to be from vancouver which is a really long way :-/
14:16:51 <andreasn> we should have him do a quick talk in Montreal :)
14:17:26 <fabiana> rtcm: unfortunately... I think Angela Byron is also from near Vancouver
14:17:27 <rishi> andreasn: I would go for Lea over Stormy because 1) distance 2) Stormy has been with GNOME for some time, while Lea would bring in some fresh air.
14:17:36 <andreasn> who's Jaroslav Reznik?
14:18:05 <rtcm> andreasn: fedora's release manager, works here in RH brno
14:18:09 <rishi> andreasn: Fedora Program Manager. I remember that some people (mclasen?) suggested that we cover the Fedora angle.
14:18:23 <andreasn> pretty cheap travel on that one then :)
14:18:26 <rishi> Or more generally, the downstream angle.
14:19:08 <xmlich02> andreasn, Jarsolav Reznik is fedora ambasador
14:19:34 <rtcm> but again, I think focusing on the topics we'd like to have will help us nail down the candidates
14:19:37 <xmlich02> he is more KDE guy than gnome ..
14:19:49 <rishi> xmlich02: He is now the Fedora Program Manager too. The one that keeps the release schedule on time.
14:19:58 <rishi> So he is pretty central to Fedora these days.
14:20:25 <rtcm> pmkovar: fnadge: care to share your opinion?
14:21:37 <pmkovar> he is even on our organizational team team according to the bid ;-)
14:23:24 <andreasn> we'll have a pretty strong Red Hat presence even without the keynoter, so maybe good to go for something else due to that
14:23:35 <rishi> Any opinion on Mike Milinkovich or Adobe or VMWare?
14:23:40 <andreasn> also, how hard would Flock collide for him?
14:24:06 <rtcm> rishi: I'd say that those are in the ISV camp which we've got covered already
14:24:20 <rishi> rtcm: Ok.
14:24:43 <rishi> So, shall we give Cathy and Lea a shot? I am assuming Karen and Liam can invite them respectively.
14:25:27 <andreasn> outside the angle a bit, but any communityish talks would be interesting?
14:25:29 <rtcm> I think Lea sounds good for the web perspective yes (I don't know her though)
14:25:44 <andreasn> like, "how to not piss everyone off all the time"
14:25:45 <rtcm> andreasn: I think so
14:25:47 <andreasn> :)
14:26:07 <rtcm> andreasn: got any good suggestions? :-)
14:26:33 <pmkovar> having somebody from w3 sounds like a good idea, yes
14:27:11 <andreasn> rtcm, not right now, unfortunately, except Eaves then
14:27:30 <rtcm> andreasn: what about someone in the gnome marketing team?
14:27:36 <rtcm> like sri perhaps? :-)
14:27:43 <rtcm> I know he already has 1 or 2 talks accepted
14:28:00 <fabiana> do you guys know anyone from the Mozilla community management team?
14:28:17 <rtcm> but that would mean we could open another slot for a talk that didn't get in initially
14:28:38 <rtcm> yeah, other communities would be good as well
14:29:55 <rishi> rtcm: Sri would be a good idea, actually.
14:30:11 <rishi> And since he is already coming, it would help with the travel.
14:30:14 <fabiana> Quim Gil from Wikimedia?
14:30:48 <andreasn> he lives on the US west coast these days I think
14:32:33 <rtcm> I'm looking at one of Sri's talk submissions which would be good keynote material
14:32:38 <fabiana> there's Brian King from Mozilla
14:32:55 <fabiana> European Community Manager for Mozilla
14:33:09 <rishi> Interesting.
14:33:25 <andreasn> http://brian.kingsonline.net/talk/about/
14:34:04 <rtcm> yeah interesting, Brian King seems to live in slovenia which is close enough :-)
14:34:23 <andreasn> sounds cool
14:35:45 <rishi> fabiana: Sounds good.
14:35:55 <rtcm> are we converging on Brian King and Lea Verou then?
14:36:06 <rtcm> (sri being a good fallback :-)
14:36:31 <rishi> We could, but then both Brian and Lea are from "the web".
14:36:35 <andreasn> still think Cathy is good to ask too
14:37:01 <rishi> Yeah, I think Cathy opens up a very interesting angle.
14:37:09 <fabiana> perhaps Brian and Cathy?
14:37:28 <ebassi> rtcm: sri already has 2 talks approved
14:37:38 <ebassi> rtcm: getting a keynote would be... unfair
14:37:47 <rishi> fabiana: Yeah, could be.
14:38:02 <rtcm> ebassi: I was thinking he could do one the outreach talk in a keynote
14:38:03 <fabiana> I guess this will also maximize the chances of acceptance, since afaik Lea is *highly* requested
14:38:16 <ebassi> rtcm: he'd have to step up his game considerably ;-)
14:38:20 <rishi> Somehow Liam's email looked to me as if Lea has a high chance of accepting.
14:38:40 <ebassi> rtcm: but yes, if we need somebody to fall back to, it would be an option to consider
14:38:44 <rishi> fabiana: Oh, ok.
14:38:55 <rishi> fabiana: Ok, then Brian. :-)
14:39:04 <rtcm> ebassi: I think he'd be up to it, but yeah let's try something else first
14:39:28 <rtcm> s/something/someone/ !
14:39:56 <fabiana> rishi: that's what I've heard, but if Liam is able to get her, then great :D
14:41:02 <rishi> So, lets ask Lea (via Liam). If she rejects we fallback to Brian.
14:41:17 <rishi> What do you think?
14:41:28 <rishi> I just hope that Lea doesn't keep us hanging for too long.
14:42:30 <fabiana> I'd favour Community over Web, but that's just my opinion
14:42:35 <fabiana> I think Lea would be good regardless
14:44:05 <pmkovar> yes, let's ask lea so we can move on ;-)
14:46:24 <rishi> Oh, damn. It slipped through my mind.
14:46:35 <rishi> andreasn: Cathy might not be a good choice, actually.
14:46:46 <rishi> We already have the system integrator angle covered.
14:46:47 <fnadge> Might not hace followed but do we still have any Czech keynotes speaker?
14:47:12 <rtcm> fnadge: Vlastismil said he couldn't do it
14:47:29 <rishi> Right, ebassi ?
14:47:52 <pmkovar> that's what robert said, yes
14:47:53 <fnadge> right, what about Radek Vokal or or Reza
14:47:57 <rishi> So, asking Cathy at the same time might lead to a "collision".
14:48:27 <fnadge> hmm, okay, so who do we ask first
14:48:29 <fnadge> ?
14:49:22 <ebassi> rishi: ?
14:50:28 <rtcm> fnadge: we're mostly speaking about Lea Verou, Brian King and Cathy Malmrose at this point
14:52:23 <fnadge> right
14:52:56 <fabiana> what would Lea talk about? the latest talks on her page have been mostly on CSS standards
14:53:58 * rishi has a quick chat with ebassi about our Mysterious Keynoter
14:55:43 <rtcm> fabiana: how the web is taking over and things like GNOME are doomed ;-)
14:56:33 <rtcm> ok, we need to move on
14:56:59 <rishi> What is next?
14:57:10 <ebassi> I think it would be good to have more people talking about using our platform in a commercial setting; so I don't really have any objection about Cathy
14:57:28 <rtcm> we're going to do the final decision from those 3 names locally (perk of being organizers!) and send out the invites
14:57:49 <rtcm> some of them will probably turn us down anyway
14:57:58 <rishi> #agreed Ask Cathy Mamlrose and Lea Verou, keeping Brian King as fallback, for keynotes.
14:57:59 <ebassi> we're trying to get people on board — OEMs, OSVs, ISVs; it's easier to do if we show that there's a future in GNOME :-)
14:58:44 <rtcm> #agreed Ask Cathy Mamlrose and Lea Verou, keeping Brian King as fallback, for keynotes.
14:59:43 <rtcm> robert: are you around?
15:00:27 <robert> yes
15:00:54 <rtcm> #topic payments
15:01:13 <rtcm> robert: can you give us an update about the payments?
15:03:32 <robert> alternatives to the WP plugin are no go so far. amazon payments is for US-only org's. google checkout is discontinued - last registration was possible a few days ago, service shuts down in november. suggested third party payment processing services do not accept events/ticketing/lodging payments or are US-only.
15:04:10 <rtcm> ugh
15:04:23 <rtcm> so what are our options?
15:05:16 <robert> i'm still trying to get those plugin people to cooperate but no luck so far. i'm actually starting to think that something out of the ordinary has happened to that company becauise they were very quick to respond before, but just when i told them "we're buying", they went silent.
15:06:16 <fnadge> Do you have a phone number, can we call them up?
15:06:53 <robert> options: 1) implement payments through our paygate manually. according to vlastimil it's doable, but a pain in the butt. 2) haven't thought about number two as yet.
15:07:21 <robert> fnadge: i tried calling, of course. no answer.
15:07:48 <fnadge> robert: sorry to hear that
15:08:51 <rtcm> andreasn: would it be possible for the foundation to get the money directly through its paypal account?
15:09:50 <rtcm> robert: isn't your paygate the same company? i.e. gopay.cz ?
15:10:08 <andreasn> rtcm, possibly, I can check
15:10:28 <ebassi> rtcm: paypal is not universally loved
15:10:34 <robert> rtcm: it is gopay, but same as what?
15:10:53 <ebassi> rtcm: and has some geo-based restrictions as well
15:11:46 <rtcm> well, we need to have something up... if paypal ends up being the only option I'll gladly go with it
15:12:05 <rtcm> (never had any problem with it personally fwiw)
15:12:09 <ebassi> we should have multiple payment systems, if at all possible; for linux.conf.au you could choose various options, and you were supposed to set a specific string in the description
15:12:26 <ebassi> I guess for automated parsing
15:12:59 <rtcm> robert: so who was going to provide the WP plugin? wasn't it gopay?
15:13:09 <andreasn> last year bank transfers were possible, right?
15:13:09 <robert> we'd gladly go with paypal, but they refuse to let us use our account. if the gnome found. has one, it should work.
15:13:12 <rtcm> robert: I might have misunderstood something there
15:13:33 <robert> rtcm: no, gopay does not provide the plugin. it's a third party solution.
15:13:40 <rtcm> the problem with routing the money through the foundation is basically the lag
15:13:49 <rtcm> I think
15:14:45 <robert> rtcm: gopay only provides plugins for a limited number of eshops. WP integration is supposed to be handled by that company that is playing dead now
15:14:48 <rtcm> robert: ah ok, can you put me in contact with Vlastimil so that we can discuss the technicalities then?
15:15:07 <rtcm> this can't be rocket science
15:15:17 <robert> rtcm: sure, i'll send you an email
15:15:34 <rtcm> the amazon payments thing just needs a bit of JS from what I can tell...
15:15:46 <fabiana> if we go with paypal, there's a number of plugins that should do it easily
15:15:59 <rtcm> robert: thanks
15:16:16 <robert> amazon payments won't even let us set up an account because we're not based in the US.
15:16:48 <rtcm> sure that sucks, I was just looking at their devel docs
15:17:05 <rishi> If implementing Amazon is easy, then GoPay.cz can't be *that* hard. Or is it?
15:18:53 <robert> it shouldn't. vlastimil told me it shouldn't require a lot of coding. but unfortunately, we don't have the time to do it, and their docs are in Czech only
15:23:26 <pmkovar> do you have a link?
15:23:31 <pmkovar> to the czech docs?
15:23:38 <rishi> pmkovar: Yay!
15:23:54 <rtcm> pmkovar: somewhere in https://www.gopay.cz/
15:24:04 <pmkovar> looking
15:24:17 <robert> https://www.gopay.cz/download/GoPay-integracni-manual_v_2_3.pdf
15:24:25 <pmkovar> i can help with translation if that makes sense in this case
15:24:31 <pmkovar> ty
15:24:46 <pmkovar> not exactly a short doc
15:25:03 <rtcm> pmkovar: that would be awesome
15:26:20 <pmkovar> well, we can at least try looking into it
15:27:06 <rtcm> ok, so I don't think there's anything else in the topics list today
15:27:19 <rtcm> anyone?
15:27:20 <andreasn> do we need to do any changes to the website?
15:27:33 * pmkovar has another meeting in 3 mins
15:27:57 <rtcm> andreasn: yes, we need to add the sponsors sidebar at least
15:28:10 <andreasn> rtcm, do we have sponsors already?
15:28:23 <rtcm> andreasn: yes, google and RH
15:28:32 <andreasn> cool, yeah, we should add those
15:29:05 <rtcm> pmkovar: thanks, I'll speak with you later about that documentation
15:29:09 <rishi> rtcm: andreasn: And we should put in the figures for the accommodation.
15:29:31 <rishi> Some people who need to apply for sponsorship have been asking about the rates.
15:29:54 <rtcm> rishi: oh yeah, but that's just adding content - no fighting with css or WP apis
15:30:40 <rtcm> #action rtcm and rishi will put up an accomodation info page in the website
15:31:16 <rtcm> ok, let's wrap this up ?
15:32:46 <rishi> rtcm: Yeah, lets wrap it up for this week.
15:33:05 <rtcm> ok, thanks everyone!
15:33:09 <rtcm> #endmeeting